We should never allow our life and its response to be determined and judged by present circumstances and events, particularly when we know we have followed the path God has laid out for us. There is always the chance for another day where things go as planned, but we must have hope and trust in the Father’s promises before such days come.

The wise and mature at heart understand that the events we experience are there to affirm what has already been prophetically designed and ordained to play out in our journey towards the ultimate end of all things. There are two basic principles to biblical principles: one is what we can control either through our sense of righteousness and prayer, while the other principle is that there are some things which we cannot control regardless of our prayer.

Our prayers and intercessions are designed to align with the Father’s sovereignty. The secrets things belong to God, and they must remain so, and there are those things we are called to search out through our position of priestly spirit and nobility. We have a duty to find these things out, as it is our privilege to do so.

One of the most important things to remember as we gain a deeper understanding of what it means to live according to God’s will is that we cannot judge whether something is good or evil based on our own limited prism of understanding. Even the best among us only see things clearly through a dark lens.

When we truly understand that events and circumstances are designed to test our sense of faith and faithfulness, and that we have developed the resolve to maintain our commitment to the principles and promises of God’s eternal kingdom values, or will capitulate to circumstances that do not express our expected outcome.

We will always find ourselves in situations where what we planned and even believe is the Father’s will might not turn out as we expected. To remain focused and true to God’s word, regardless of how we feel, is the virtue of maturity the Father desires to see, or else, the enemy will capitalize on our disappointment to further poison our emotions in leading us to make wrong decisions.

Just because something turns out to be negative, it doesn’t mean it’s a failure or that you’ve been defeated. There are several factors to consider before we end up concluding on an outcome. The prisms through which we view the world often limit our knowledge and understanding of life.

When we are conditioned to look at ourselves from certain perspectives or ideologies that are not based on reality of heaven’s counsel, we will always judge the idea of right or wrong, truth or lies through those false, ingrained assumptive prisms we accept, as the standard of judging truth.

Only those who have a deep intimate understanding and relationship with their Heavenly Father have a fair sense of direction towards how God intends their lives and events around them to pan out. For anyone else, it is impossible to have such knowledge and understanding. There are many things we do not have control over, and this truth should galvanize us to remain humble and grateful for what we do have control over.

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