It is often the case that our representation of the gospel has been falsely presented, especially in this age of social media culture.

The gospel of the kingdom is not a picture-perfect image. It is, however, the lifestyle of believers that is captured in every aspect of their challenges, particularly in their daily navigation of domestic, community, and socioeconomic challenges and development. For example, how they deal with everyday problems, their interactions with others, and their approach to personal growth and achievement.

There is no doubt that the fundamental goal of the gospel of the kingdom is to provide testimony of how the indwelling Spirit of Christ produces the knowledge, understanding, and wisdom a follower of Christ needs in making those prompt decisions. If neglected, they can set the whole house on fire with words of anger, or blaze with the heat of pride and unforgiveness.

The way we manage our daily lives, living through the guidance of the Spirit and bearing the fruit of righteousness, becomes a profound testimony that attracts many people to follow Christ. How do Christ and his kingdom government play a role in your economic and domestic challenges?

Who is currently winning the battle in front of your domestic relationships and other social economic realities? Is the life you are currently displaying a result of a soul-management philosophy you call spirituality, or is it the fruit of the tree of life you have in Christ?

Friends, we are not called to be domesticated, rather, we are given the divine power and authority to win every sublime domestic battle. Keep your spirit alive in hope and faith in what and where the Spirit is leading you.

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