David is an imagery of a spiritual personality, or a corporate kingdom community, that we need to embody in this season. As we know, David represents various stages of development to maturity. Everything about David is a lesson for spiritual growth unto maturity. This is the hour when the Father is calling his Body unto maturity.

The year 2020 has opened up a new spiritual frontier, which now requires those who are wise at heart to adjust their spiritual wineskin and operating system to walk into all that the Father has ordained for this new day.

According to their use in revelation chapter 3, the word door and key of David are prophetic metaphorical words used to depict and explain the next frontier, which would allow the saints to enter maturity and fullness in kingdom manifestation. This next level would provide access to those who have not yet entered.

There are spiritual doors and access points that allow the Saints to experience divine realities in our Lord Jesus Christ, which we will never experience in this lifetime. However, it is the ministry of the Holy Spirit to help us understand the seasonal unveilings of the glorious wisdom and insight needed in our journey into the Father and his kingdom, particularly in this third day priestly lifestyle.

Without the spirit of wisdom and revelation leading us into this spiritual expedition of the brilliance of light in Christ, there’s absolutely no way we can know or appreciate the prophetic significance of the season we have been ushered in. It is this wisdom and ever-increasing revelation that we all need in our warfare to bring down the wisdom and knowledge of this Age.

The Key of David is an essential tool to gain access to the eternal dimensions of the truth and glorious light within the heart of our Father. As God’s kingdom agendas begin to take on a new level of spiritual importance, the Lord desires his Church to have a keener and deeper understanding and connection to the fulfilled realities of his prophetic counsel and objectives.

In order to gain a complete and thorough understanding of the realities of the kingdom’s life and operation, we must have and use what is known as the keys of the kingdom. David certainly caries and represents one of these essential keys.

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