In the book of Exodus, we are introduced to one of the many characters of Jehovah as a deliverer and redeemer of his people from slavery. The wisdom and sovereignty of the Lord was clearly displayed in a manner that brought one of the most powerful empires and kingdoms on its keens.

For 430 years, the people of God had been held hostage in Egypt. Generations have come and gone without witnessing the power and authority of God in saving his people.

Exodus 8;1 Then the Lord said to Moses, “Go to Pharoah and say to him, This is what the Lord says: Let my people go, so that they may worship me”.

It is undeniable that there are parallels between what happened in Egypt centuries ago, when the Lord raised up a young boy named Moses, who grew and became strong in the spirit of wisdom and meekness as a powerful apostolic leadership character. And the present emergence of a kingdom-oriented, governmental leadership across the globe that would deliver his people from the hands of today’s pharaoh and Egyptian system.

It is a difficult and painful truth to admit that many of the Church gatherings and Christian organizations that we would typically consider part of the Body of Christ are unfortunately today reflecting the spirit and character of ancient Egypt that enslaved the people of God.

However, in this season, the Lord is raising an unformidable and competent Apostolic leader like David and Moses, who will strategically confront the false spirit of these so-called pastors and apostles, bishops and prophets, who have imbibed the nature of Pharaoh, and tell them to let his people go.

This concept of apostolic assignment has been of great burden and concern to me for years, and I believe the Father is also increasing this burden in the hearts of others Saints in this season. And I hope that when this Exodus begins on a large scale, there will be a people who are truly prepared beyond the capacity of Moses to respond accordingly.

To assume that the culture of the false Christ, false religion, false identity, false belief system of worship practiced for decades will disappear like that without a fightback, will be a lie. Note, I never said it was impossible. For with God, nothing shall be impossible. However, it will take the understanding of how the Lord raised the kind of apostolic, leadership spirit, just as we saw with Moses, to make this a reality.

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