Friends, a Davidic generation, are on the horizon. A spiritually awakened portal who will usher in the glorious reign of Christ and his kingdom within the dysfunctional realities of today’s society. It’s time to join the company of these highly skilled kingdom regents, who are not afraid to face and challenge the false leadership order that has kept the nations imprisoned and impoverished. There’s a voice now crying and groaning in the Spirit to prepare the way of the Lord and make his pathway straight.

King David and King Saul are two of the most important and well-known figures in Israel’s leadership history. God anointed both men to be kings over His people, but their leadership styles and character qualities were so different that it was hard to believe they were chosen for the same purpose.

All leaders are virtually called to execute the vision’s mandate regardless of the nature of the initiative, but the character quality that shapes the values such leaders employ in carrying out such assignments matters to God and his purpose.

There are clear standards and instructions required to serve the purposes of God in the arena of leadership representative, and I am afraid people are no longer guided by those instructions guideline. We today see foreign values and principles imported into the House of God as the correct template in choosing and accepting who the lead God’s people.

Everything King David represents is the opposite we see in King Saul. These two men are not just a template of what we see today in the leadership value system of the Church, but also within society. We need to be careful and watchful as we enter the realm where the enemy seeks to blur the line of these two character leadership values. Hence, we need to highlight and underscore what differentiates these leadership qualities.

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