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2010 Apostolic School of Reformation

Christ Regency Apostolic Leadership Academy

Apostolic Reformation

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We seize this great moment to express our warm appreciation to you who is seeking to advance in your spiritual journey to maturity. Bringing to Christ Body the reason for the fivefold ascended ministry. our aim through this program is to expose you to some of the key concepts of coming into the reality of the ministry of Sonship, which paves the way to your {manhood} maturity in Christ.  It takes a different level of spiritual hunger for the undiluted truth from the presence of the Lord to truly lead one out of the present religious ritualism a place where you get spiritual satisfaction in this last day. it takes a new level of apostolic wisdom, revelation and faith to advance in a season where Christians, globally are daily being seduced to accept the compromising humanistic culture in the name of faith in Christ. There is a strong need to address the whole concept of faith in this new day God his introducing the ministry of Sonship.

A faith that only favors your feeling and soulish expectation; anything alien to this mentality, is seen as an act of the enemy.  There is more to God than we’ve ever read, seen or discovered!  there is a call to come to the mountain of the Lord for accurate calibration of sight. To get to the mountain of the Lord you will have to go beyond the accepted level of the present day Church. Your passion for the present reformation must outweigh all religious and denominational position doctrinal of the old order. new wine will only be put in new wine skin.

For you who is already in the ministry but feels dry empty in your fellowship and service don’t give up because the Lord has lead you to the right place of refreshing and nourishing.  As you take time to read through these inspiring words, we pray the Lord will speak to you and also stir you heart toward the present cry of His Spirit of reformation.

Upgrade of spiritual capacity

There is no doubt that humans and the society is undergoing a major ideological and psychological shift that threatens the future stability of the world.  We are presently witnessing a release of satanic imposition against the church of the Lord and the human society in general. This high level strategy attack of the kingdom of darkness is designed to hinder man from accepting the way of redemption and reformation. Almost everything is in opposition to their right pattern or course of their existence.

This ongoing change is as a result of a drift from the core molds and values that holds society from disintegrating.  The scripture says the church is the salt of the world and if she losses her seasoning ability he automatically losses her relevancy in the earth. This directly means that, the present state of the world is to a degree reflect the position and condition of the Church. In that past few decades we have seen trends of entertainment and commercialization of the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ and this has brought weakness to the Church and disrepute to the name of the Lord.

Back to the ancient part

For us to go back to the right pattern of what the Church is and should reflect, there has to be a purging out of the old leaven-wrong religious mentality. We see in Jeremiah chapter 1 that the Lord asked him to pull down, root out and destroy the wrong structure and values system that has defined both the spiritual and mental reality of the People of Israel before he was ordered to build and plant the required standard of God. The ministry of Jeremiah must take precise effect within the core structure of our operating system before we can step into the arena of manifesting the glory of the Lord.

This apostolic prophetic type of men and women called the Jeremiah’s company will finally emerge with high level capacity of the spirit of humility and brokenness of life that will ultimately house and manifest the very authority of global reformation.   This is the core reason why this school of apostolic reformation has been designed by the Lord to train, quip and develop saints willing to become sons who will finally step into their inheritance of divine governance.

Our mission

Our mission is to raise reformers with the right spiritual capacity and a well reformed {healthy} mentality who can advance the course of the King of kings and his dominion within the corrupt state of human existence. The full manifestation of Christ Character with a well balanced theological foundation of the scripture in context to the present emphasis of the Spirit is our outermost pursuit in this school of reformation. Our goal through this development center is not limited to seeing the church get restored back to her place of glory but manifest the light of Christ knowledge to a world given to blindness and corruption.

We do believe that there is a present call out of a remnant type of people who are willing to do the bidding of the Lord without religious or humanistic compromise in their fellowship and service of the Lord’s mandate.  Many are called few are chosen. Those who will be chosen in this season will be those who have not only made themselves available but also went through the fire of the Lord’s purifying process. These men and women will be giving the right of accurate representation and manifestation of the Father’s glory all across the nations.

Pressing toward prophetic fulfillment

There is a stirring of a might wave of the Lord’s  spirit all across the globe calling youths and young professional to invest their time to develop the right spiritual base as men and women are losing their sight and sanity. Systematic studying of the word of God through a well informed and mature teacher of the word cannot be overemphasize.  Certain realm of spiritual functionality requires that we be well trained; this training gives us the right leverage to ministry impact. Act 19 lays the right foundation to the prophetic fulfillment of Joel chapter 2.

Joel 2:28-30

Then afterward I will pour out my spirit on all flesh; your sons and your daughters shall prophesy,

your old men shall dream dreams, and your young men shall see visions.

29 Even on the male and female slaves, in those days, I will pour out my spirit.

30 I will show portents in NRSV

The school will be running from our two satellite centers, one in Southern Johannesburg {Ennerdale} while the other will be inFranschhoek, Western Cape.  We strongly believe the nation of South Africa and the continent of Africa plays a strategic role in the ingathering ministry of the end time harvest. This means that leaders from this part of the world need to be informed, positioned and strategic in their mandate in order not to miss their day of visitation.

Hebrews 4:8-10

8 For if Joshua had given them rest, then He would not afterward have spoken of another day. 9 There remains therefore a rest for the people of God. 10 For he who has entered His rest has himself also ceased from his works as God did from His. NKJV

Pentecost is over, the day of the Lord is appearing

This is the day of the Lord and He is calling us once again to journey out of what is known and have been harvested from the fruit of Pentecost. Brethren, Pentecost is over!  The day of the Lord is here and he’s calling us to press into him in this new day of his ingathering. Father Abram was called out of his father’s house to migrate toward a land he will be shown.

The Lord is bringing us into a new season of revelation, yet this revelation is a key to experiencing the very life and nature of Christ as we allow the revelation to become a true reality within our carnal nature. Revelation that cannot expose the fallen carnal tendencies of our hearts, such that it corrects and reforms us, cannot impact the world for lasting change. This is the day the Lord is zeroing on the structure rather than the message.

Transformation of society is a byproduct of personal human reformation.  When we are not interested in personal commitment to change their wrong mentality it becomes difficult to see change at societal. The priesthood is changing and this change is certainly demanding the priest in order to effectively carry the message.  This is the cry of the Spirit , that you and I leave the realm of mere preaching and teaching a message that has not incarnate into lifestyle. Seeking a message that only sustain the carnal dimension our fallen emotional realm {soul}, without the ability to bring to an end the day of man is obsolete in this season.

preparing for the day of the Lord

The 6th day has passed; the Lord is making is grand appearance known to all who are ready to step into his day- the seventh day.  This is the hour of journeying to the seventh day of the Spirit, a day where Christ and Christ alone is seen and glorified. Not Christ and man, or man and Christ. This is not a partnership like work. Pentecost is partnership not the feast of tabernacle.   We are coming into the holiest place, where fleshly thoughts driven ministry is coming to an end.

You and I have had our share of days and season, like it seen or allowed in the second day of the tabernacle. In this day of the Lord everything we have built or gained in the name of the Lord without the express manifestation of the Lord nature for the world to see and be attracted shall be consumed, why? It is a contaminated ministry that has misrepresented the Lord to the word.

We pray the Lord will grant you an opening to the reality of the seventh trumpet message so you can adequately adjust your position toward the direction of the Spirit. it is my great desire that we can join force and resource in bringing the mandate of nation building according to kingdom philosophy to the communities within the nation of South Africa and in particular in the community of Ennerdale in Johannesburg and Franschhoek in Western Cape. These are the two places we presently run a network satellite fellowship.

To know more about the coordinator vision for this program please click on the ministry profile

Thank you.

From the Coordinator:

Isaiah-Phillips Akintola

Phone: + 0767916036

E-mail: portalsgate.me.com, gatekeepers@live.co.za

Www.portalgate.org or WWW.franschhoekimpact.wordpress.com


9 thoughts on “Apostolic school Profile

  1. Simply desire to say your article is as astonishing. The clarity in your post is simply excellent and i can assume you are an expert on this subject. Well with your permission let me to grab your feed to keep updated with forthcoming post. Thanks a million and please keep up the gratifying work.


  2. Hello there, Are you going to be publishing a follow up piece? My husband and me have squandered some time browsing over your web page and surprisingly enough you touched on some thing we had been discussing only the other week with our accountant. We frequently notice ourselves quarrelling over the smallest of problems, isn’t it childish? At any rate we wish you best wishes from the Usa.


  3. Excellent site. Please keep on sounding the alarm and blow the trumpet until Zion hear the sound and do away with religion.
    Psa 102:12 But you, O LORD, are enthroned forever; you are remembered throughout all generations.
    Psa 102:13 You will arise and have pity on Zion; it is the time to favor her; the appointed time has come.
    God Bless Amen


    1. the gatekeepers

      thanks for the words of encouragement. we are determined to see the knowledge of the excellency glory of God cover the earth {human soul} as the water covers the sea. we shall not stop prophesying. lets keep our eyes open to behold that which is about to unfold.God bless you richly!


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