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Lord, teach us how to prayRedefining-the-Ministry-of-Prayer-000


There is no stronger area of Christianity that so influences the outcome of our love, faith and hope in the promises of God than the concept and philosophy we’ve built on praying. How we dialogue and transact spiritual business is solidly built on the orientation and the footing of our prayer and intercessory believe system.

It is a known fact that the general definition of what is known and accepted today as effective prayer are based on the unique socioeconomic and political narratives  faced by individuals in various region of the earth.

While it is true that prayer is the currency of the Spirit of spiritual transaction; it is equally true that if we have no idea of the divine blueprint for effective praying, not only are we going to be disappointed, the larger body of Christ will also remain blind, crippled and weak with regards to their spiritual representation.

The myopic view many in the Church had nursed in terms of the function and authority of prayer has come to an end as the Church enters into a higher dimension of spiritual understanding as the kingdom of God makes its grand appearance.



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