Foundation to Socioeconomic Empowerment

Resource for life

By Isaiah-Phillips Akintola

Wisdom for personal and community development

LUKE 4: 18-19
18 “The Spirit of the Lord is on me, because he has anointed me to preach good news to the poor. He has sent me to proclaim freedom for the prisoners and recovery of sight for the blind, to release the oppressed, 19 to proclaim the year of the Lord’s favor.” NIV

To facilitate the realization of the core need objectives for development one needs to carefully consider these issues, vis-à-vis the general vision for social development, both in long term and short term implementation of its objectives. The gradual process of building and integrating a model with a proactive development concept within the core values of the people who have been mentally disenfranchised by a long social inequality.  The vision and objectives of black economical empowerment aught to focus on an overall view of understanding what poverty means to the formerly marginalized community in the present context of the socioeconomic transition.

The cost of dealing with poverty cannot be compared with the cost of dealing with the effect and result of poverty we are daily witnessing all around the world.  A very good example of this is the immediate past social unrest in some part of the country defined to be oxenophobia by the media. When we carefully consider, the underling factor that fueled that barbaric act wears the face of poverty. The Church stands as the right bridge between the social development stakeholders and the people. When the two synergize their capacity what we see in effect is societal transformation.

The study of history has made it clear that for any community, society or nation to have sustainable-shared growth and development it first needs to define and clarify its foundation and structural ideology. Meaning, it is extremely important that an institution or society acknowledges  and clearly comprehends the value and philosophy that will drive and sustain the corporate culture, vision and objectives of their mission to the people they are seeking to lead and guide out of a mentality of perpetual poverty to the accurate place of defining their essence of existence and destiny.

Building on the ideology of a lasting foundation:

The concept of national or global reforms starts and ends with certain undercurrent values that can only be sustained by people who have been schooled in the philosophy of spiritual reformation. The emancipation and advancement of early Christianity began with social transformation; this transformation or if you like reformation brought about the discovery of technologies that enhanced the wide spread of knowledge and information.

Nations are built and sustained by certain ideologies; some of these human philosophies are products of the theories and hypotheses contrary to Gods original concept of shared growth and development. There is absolutely no way the concept of religion and belief systems can be divorced from sustainable politics and governing policy values.

Every time we talk to people, we directly or indirectly refer to the art of politics. Governance and sustainable development ought to be the vision, mission and objective of politics, but then, the values and philosophy that guide our leadership concept is what either destroys or builds the values and policies of our political ideology. People design politics and policies, and we have seen the best of political manifestos, yet the lives of people who ought to drive these wonderful ideologies into reality are completely out of line.

The issue of self-discipline} governance in building and sustaining true social transformation is what is lacking today. Until men begin to understand that it takes more than a good idea or vision to run or build a community, we will not see the much required changed we all are crying for. The scarcity of selfless leadership quality is what has plunged our present generation into what I call perceptual darkness, right within the state of our 21st century accelerated technological growth and advancement.

Understanding global shift

In becoming relevant in the present global shift, the Church, as an individual and corporate institution needs to become more aware of the precise spiritual, mental and social condition, shaping, molding and structuring the values system of the nations of the world.

This ability to be accurately sensitive in discernment only comes with an increased knowledge and wisdom of kingdom influence and governance in our marketplace. The ability to govern in Babylon does not only require that we know and understand the language but also be able to interpret dreams and visions.

Personal and corporate development of our mission statement as the Body of Christ requires increase revelation, competency and full capacity in building the right value system and paradigm of thought, for effective migration from a ‘mediocre type of Christian religious template’, to the order of strategic governmental kingdom pattern of operation in the present personal and global reformation.

The strongholds of religious mind-sets, weak cultural and traditional Christianity, will never allow us to accurately see {understand} in order to make full use of the life and authority of Christ made available to us via the ministry of redemption and regeneration.

Our perverted system of {perception} believing today is one of the greatest enemies hindering and crippling the church institution from being involved and relevant in the ministry of societal restructuring, development, reformation and transformation.

The core basis of our existence here on earth as Christians is to positively change, transform and reform the spiritual and mental perversion caused by the first man in the garden through the new life we now enjoy in Christ as redeemed people. The effect and result of what we are presently witnessing all around today is the result of the pollution and corruption inflicted on the first man and his wife in the garden when they both disobeyed the voice and will of their creator.

Interfacing divine wisdom within human systems

As we continue to witness the growth of blindness, death and destruction of our society caused by this spirit of disobedience, we who have received the grace of regeneration through the implanted seed of Christ ought to allow the ministry of this new life that produces wisdom, understanding and answers to human questions to flow though our lives.

The Lord requires us to know and understand how to strategically interface divine recourse {capacity} with human government in order to help bring equilibrium to the issues of mental liberation, spiritual emancipation, social and economical transformation.

Behind every cause or action are guiding philosophies and ideologies. The footing and foundation Christ came to restore through his death, burial and resurrection was to accurately set the right pattern for human existence, prosperity and advancement.

Unfortunately, many who embraced Christianity did it out of fear or obligation not because they understood the terms and conditions of this way of life called ‘Christianity’. There has to be a redefinition in line with the consistency of scriptural tradition and doctrine of the vision, mission and objective of God’s eternal purpose and counsel for the salvation of humanity via the nature and ministry Christ.

This scripture made it clear that we are the light of the world and if that is true, we then need to understand firstly the ministry of light and the types of darkness we are called to deal with. We know from the definition of scriptures that darkness is the complete lack of divine knowledge and wisdom to access freedom and transformation.

This mean that until the divine illuminating light of Christ is turned on within a soul, such a person will operate in perpetual confusion, frustration and ultimate destruction. Irrespective of how educated, sophisticated, rich and influential a person may be, without the operation of Christ’s light and wisdom guiding and regulating such a life, he or she will end up in destruction.

This principle also applies to the condition of a community or nation. When the truth is corporately rejected within the structure of human government it gives room for immorality and dysfuctionality of such a society or nation.

The prosperity and development of a nation is not defined or limited by her richness in natural mineral resources or technological advancement, but rather, it is in the awareness and corporate promotion of her moral and spiritual balance in helping to build a shared life of freedom, equality and prosperity to all and sundry.

When we pursue national prosperity without building a balance and value system of nationhood, defined by shared community life, prosperity and corporate vision and development in advancing toward moral stability, we have missed the very essence of national reform and development.

The Lord Jesus represents a principle of transformational development and community empowerment. From the scripture below, we see that one of the missions of the Father is to see that towns, villages, cities and nations are free from the power and influence of drug abuse, alcohol abuse, sexual abuse, fears, and all forms of oppression and depression manifested through the ministry of darkness.

This same commission we see Christ carried out has been passed down to the present day Church; it is our duty and responsibility to rise up in accurate governmental capacity in dealing with these societal ills. When we refuse to take responsibility, we indirectly subjugate our authority responsibility to the works and influence of the enemy to destroy our community.

Acts 10:38
38 how God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Spirit and power, and how he went around doing good and healing all who were under the power of the devil, because God was with him. NIV

Upgrading your values system

This transition of mindset and value system places the Church community in a vantage position where she becomes a true model and standard for the world and global change. As we become more broadened in our perception, values and mental capacity for accurate transformation and development within the communities, we eventually become more proficient and proactive in enforcing these new spiritual strategies, ideas and capacity in building and making precise decision for the community and the nation as a whole.

In order to stand and offer right solution to these numerous challenges of global shift, the life and ministry of Christ as an ideology or philosophy needs to be studied and clearly understood as we apply our faith and love to the daily family and societal crises. Christ is the light and wisdom of this world and we must completely allow him to shine his light in and through the avenues of our lives in the midst of the present darkness.

The stage is continually being set for the kings of the earth to ultimately bow the knees to the manifestation of the Father’s wisdom and glory as the wisdom of this world comes to an end. The scripture records how kings and queens of nation sought the wisdom and expertise of men in the kingdom like Solomon, Joseph, Daniel and the patriarchs. The sooner the kings of the earth begin to seek the higher wisdom and knowledge of God for the lasting reformation and transformation of their cities and nations the better for humanity.

However, having said this, until the leaders and saints within Church get their priorities right in accordance to kingdom pattern, principle and authority, the nations will not be drawn to the glory of Christ’s light. It is highly important that we readjust our values and systems of operation as leaders and world changers to a dimension of what I call spiritual flexibility and proactive involvement in social and national affairs.

Preparing for the Queen of Sheba

This means that for us to advance to the place of Lord’s plan, purpose and desire for the nation and our inner cities, we need to accelerate our spiritual capability and competency from a {local} ‘Church down the street to Gods kingdom global embassy’, where the fullness of the Fathers wisdom, glory, authority and power is discharged without limit or interruption by our religious and obsolete traditional and denominational mindsets.

A total re-engineering of our theological philosophy has to change or be upgraded in order to have the right template in the present global shift. Old operating systems and paradigms must be altered or recalibrated completely. The very core purpose of the Church must come into full bearing as the Kings of the earth and their subjects grope in perpetual darkness and confusion due to their refusal to openly acknowledge and accept the wisdom that creates all things.

Proverbs 8:14-22

Counsel is mine, and sound wisdom: I understand; I have strength.

[15] By me king’s reign, and princes decree justice.

[16] By me princes rule, and nobles, even all the judges of the earth.

[17] I love them that love me; and those that seek me early shall find me.

[18] Riches and honour are with me; yea, durable riches and righteousness.

[19] My fruit is better than gold, yea, than fine gold; and my revenue than choice silver.

[20] I lead in the way of righteousness, in the midst of the paths of judgment:

[21] That I may cause those that love me to inherit substance; and I will fill their treasures.

[22] The Lord possessed me in the beginning of his way, before his works of old.

1 Kings 10:1
And when the queen of Sheba heard of the fame of Solomon concerning the name of the Lord, she came to prove him with hard questions.
1 Kings 10:4
And when the queen of Sheba had seen all Solomon’s wisdom, and the house that he had built, How is the Church today getting ready to meet the Sheba’s of this generation coming with their hard questions and problems

The core ministry of prophets

Prophets in both the Old and New Testament functioned in various dimensions and capacities, depending on the jurisdictions of their anointing and calling. One of the core prophetic ministries under the old covenant was known as the court or kings prophets.

These men were appointed and attached to the reigning King, like Nathan and a few others who ministered to the king David in their prophetic office and anointing; the primary ministry of these men was to give sight, direction and clarity to the King in his decision making. These prophets most times helped the King in passing right judgment and in some cases to voice the judgment of God on the king and nation who continually refused to adhere to Gods voice and commandment.

These men and women helped their nation to seek the mind of God concerning the political, military or economical advancement of the nation in their time. This order of prophetic understanding was prominent in the life of Joseph, Samuel, Daniel, Elijah and his successor, Elisha.
2 Kings 2:19-22

And the men of the city said unto Elisha, Behold, I pray thee, the situation of this city is pleasant, as my lord seeth: but the water is naught, and the ground barren. [20] And he said, Bring me a new cruse, and put salt therein. And they bring it to him. [21] And he went forth unto the spring of the waters, and cast the salt in there, and said, thus saith the Lord, I have healed these waters; there shall not be from thence any more death or barren land. [22] So the waters were healed unto this day, according to the saying of Elisha which he spake.

Prophets who were relevant to nation building

• We saw in the scripture how Joseph gave a seven year economic strategy of saving Egypt from the impending famine.
• Daniel was not only able to tell the king the dream but also gave him the interpretation of the future political state of the king and empire
• Agabus informs the Church about the famine coming which of course gave them the opportunity to be prepared.

Beyond infrastructures

Any Leadership that recognizes the need for accurate governance and development always seeks for {competent} men and women with calibrated sight, wisdom and grace for the building and sustainability of their vision and assignment to the people.

Human capital is one of the highest needs in our society day. Investing in social entrepreneurial competency and moral fortitude for the development and sustainability of the infrastructures government is spending millions on is inevitable if we must see true development in our communities.

The critical issues and challenges around the world today shows the need for accurate prophetic input, fashioned and groomed by the hand of a true king-priest governmental wisdom and grace; this is best expressed in the life of king David.

This process cannot be negotiated for mere prophesying and giving people personal prophetic words which is good in a lesser degree of prophetic activation. On the other hand government cannot limit development to mere provision of social and economical infrastructures as her sole assignment or responsibility.

A better way of approaching the issues of our inner cities will be, as government provides infrastructures they must also develop plans on the other hand to integrate people’s mindsets of self worth and patriotism to maintain what is being built or else our story will be like the boy who kept pouring water into a basket. It is high time the true Church starts giving government and all Stakeholders the understanding {sight} to identify the root caurse of issue and also the power solve theissues at every level of governance.

The challenge of psychological depravity

The challenge of psychological depravity and imbalances within our communities has become more of a major threat to shared growth and development than any other dispute. We need to start to invest into the psychological transformation of people’s mindsets; the kind of crimes and indecent acts being committed today proves beyond doubt that the majority of our community are not thinking properly in order to make accurate decisions both for their lives and the general community.

It’s obvious that what we are presently witnessing today in South Africa and some other part of the world seems to be an act of vendetta on a society that has for a long time disenfranchised and marginalized the {colored} people from virtually everything that enhances social coherence and healthy mental development which offers room for respect, love, unity and care for all color and race living within the border the of the nation.

The scripture says whatever seed a man {or society} sows he shall reap. This eternal law affects every part of human life.  Until sound spiritual principle laid on the foundation of well a balanced social justice system we are not going to see much change in human behavioral pattern to one another. white, blacks or colored people all need to have  the right sense of justice and fairness in relating to their fellow brothers. irrespective of who you, what you are or have, you must recognize the law that governs respective for other fellow humans irrespective of their state or stators.

Becoming responsible

Until the Church begins to recognize her full role in bringing complete healing and restoration to our deprived and depraved society, the less the hope of developing the upcoming generation; the scripture says we’re the light of the world; the question is how have we been shining His light to a world filled with darkness and destruction?

The core mission of the Church is to reform and conscientize the society’s Mind-set about the principle and values of embracing the true standard and power of spiritual and mental transformation by systematic teaching. Jesus said I am the way, the truth and the life; without following these three principles of Christ, I am sorry to say that our world and communities will remain in perpetual darkness.

Mission of the 21st century Church

Therefore, the core purpose and mission of the 21st century prophets like in the days of Daniel is to give sight and understanding to community and national leadership concerning how to gain and maintain true peace within and outside their society.

Acts 11:28
And there stood up one of them named Agabus, and signified by the spirit that there should be great dearth throughout all the world: which came to pass in the days of Claudius Caesar.

To become true prophets with capacity to disciple leaders and give direction to nations, we need to ask ourselves these pressing questions

Do we presently have or have we developed the spiritual capacity to give direction and clarity to government concerning the present global crisis?
• Do we have the right apostolic [wisdom] foundation to understand the requirement of God in this present reformation in national and global transformation?

• Do we understand the requirement and sacrifice for reformation in order to move into the next frontier of kingdom productivity and lifestyle?
• Are we ready to sell the old obsolete order of operation in other to buy the new skin of operation? Talking I’m about investing into the new order of kingdom apostolic life that make all things new again
• Do we understand that we cannot jump from one move into the next without taking the rout of accurate transition? We need to go down to the threshing ground in other to be accurately processed for the new wine of the Spirit.
• Are we ready to partner and connect to tribes [Churches] the Lord has given sight to in this present reformation?
Like the house of Issachar who knew what Israel ought to do in time of crisis;

Until we’re able to answer these pressing questions the Lord will not give us the access into divine wisdom needed in this present reformation.


We live in a society that is fast changing in her philosophical perceptions, values and views, cultures and religious persuasions. This trendy change calls for a proactive and calculated measure in governance and leadership development if we must keep pace with shared life of the Spirit in the local and global community.

The need to help our government to accurately re-engineer the ideas and concepts that drive her political and economic policies is highly necessary in salvaging the 21st century community. The need to reinvent and upgrade our obsolete human resource philosophy and strategies calls for urgent attention as the nations of the world face incensed anarchy and civil unrest.

Kingdom sighted leaders and strategists all across the globe need to build lasting value systems and principles workable for national reforms and transformation of human character in every community.

We need to constantly remind ourselves that society is made up of people and not just infrastructures; infrastructures are put in place to help proper functionality and development of humans, and not the other way round.

This simply means that our primary objective is to first see to the need of personal human development in key sectors of the society in general. A blind person does not appreciate the color of your designer shirt because it can’t be seen. Government must learn to keep the main thing the main thing!

Redefining poverty

Therefore, to have any sustainable reforms and transformation in our various communities or the market place, government and various stakeholders must consider and address the psychological definition of the terms POVERTY. Today poverty is seen and defined as the wastage of the mind. The lack or acceptance of the required education for personal development that enhances socioeconomic transformation.

As long as people lack the creative energy, ideas and will to birth into existence that which is locked up on the inside, they will always take advantage of the vulnerability of others around them. This is a major problem in most communities today.

A face value of our community and the global society today tells you that the core crisis threatening human peace and development is edged on the lack of the true knowledge of God and adequate educational opportunity. The absence of these facilities has continually bred the spirit of superiority, racism, injustice, political intolerance, religious fanaticism, gender inequality, tribes and cultural marginalization, youth marginalization and political unrest in almost every part of human life today.

The passion for self and communal destruction is daily increasing without any form of lasting remedy from the government. I can understand that they also draw their strength and wisdom from other weak individuals who are mostly faced with the same challenges in their own families too.

Shared growth is a byproduct of shared opportunity. If government truly desires to succeed in her vision and objectives for sustainable development, she needs not only to involve all stakeholders but must also be willing to develop the right political will via those with the competency and values to lay a lasting foundation for sustainable psychological development and transformation in a true spirit of reconciliation and restoration of those that have been ostracized, dispossessed and disenfranchised from shared life, opportunity and growth In all aspects.

Addressing psychological disparity

The psychological disparity of our people can be traced to the seed of racism and injustice and all other human violations carried out in the past till this present time. Today, apartheid could have been politically abolished, but the effect {fruit} of the seed sown in the past is just beginning to blossom with full destructive capacity in the society!!

The spirit of apartheid and other injustices committed in the past has become a philosophy and a template of reasoning amongst some of our black and colored communities, which have left them vulnerable to depraved and satanic devices. I believe the result of the reaction and action we’re presently witnessing in our society today is a reflection of the evil seed of our past history.

If we must stop this ungodliness in our society then we need to turn to the way of true reconciliation and restoration in the spirit of complete love and integration, which only comes through Christ Jesus. Reconciliation must be holistic and not fragmented in choice.

This is more than just building infrastructures in communities that were left out in the old regime; it is about humility, freedom and respect of all human life irrespective of their status or education in the society.

Where there is no vision the people perish

It is sad to know that in my interview with some of the young folks concerning the issue of identifying their future vision or dream, most of them could not explain or understand what it means to have personal vision or a dream. When people don’t know what it takes to envision and dream in life in order to become prosperous and responsible in the future, to me that is the highest level of poverty.

Churches need to urgently get involved with building adequate perceptions of life skills amongst our youth. Education and psychological proficiency must be relevant in building vision into these lives without a clear picture of their future.

A true sustainable reforms and development program is a byproduct of accurate perception of self worth, which produces right true love, vision, hope and courage in becoming successful irrespective of the external pressures and challenges wanting to limit ones advancement.

The Church must systematically address these issues at government level if we truly desire to have lasting and sustainable development in our communities.

In line with these out lined factors, some key areas have been identified in helping societal reforms and developments

• The rehabilitation of the psychological state of the community or the nation as a whole in dealing with domestic crimes and mental

• Provision and affordable schools of learning to all and sundry

• Provision of psychology and mentoring departments from our human resource institutions for every community even if the people live in shanties

• Investing or reinvesting in institutions that can help in discovering talents in all departments of human education and activities within our community

• Provision of social amenities for all underdeveloped communities for the sole purpose of reduction of crime and social integration

• The establishment of social health care institutions and the
availability of the necessary technology for quick response to all patients.

• Establishment of arts and life skill schools in all communities

• Small scale business needs to be given opportunity to grow in a competitive society by government; provision of funds and mentoring centers in the community for the young business men and women

• Government needs to fund and increase her partnership capacity with some entrepreneurs and human resource managers within communities, to provide basic leadership quality training via monthly workshops, seminars and conferences.

• A better educational system and technology need to be researched and developed for accurate training and developing the youth in order to embrace learning from a more exciting and interactive perspective.

• Schools of security and shared information can become handy for all stakeholders in fighting crime within the communities

• Government and all stakeholders should recognize and award youth and achievers in various local communities as a symbol of challenge and inspiration to their peers.

• Government needs to redefine her moral values and social policies if we must salvage the remains of our growing generation


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