leadership resource for spiritual growth

2010 Apostolic School of Reformation




by Isaiah-Phillips Akintola 

This material has been put together in an easy personal or group study use:

introduction: Corinthians 13:11-12, Ephesians 4:10-16

leadership is not a title or position you attained because you have certain influence or have acquired academic knowledge as much a this is highly necessary. t is neither a compensation due to your loyalty of serving man or God; while the principle of reword is also highly important, far above beyond this, you are required as a citizen of God’s kingdom to serve whole heartedly not just God and his kingdom but your entire generation according to the pattern showed by Christ and the elders of old. The word of God said concerning king David that he served his generation. Leadership is the Spirit of Sonship, a position and life you come into when Christ’s life and nature is fully seated in your heart.

The position of leadership is a discovery of your lost spiritual image and identity before the fall. in most case when we talk about leadership we always refer to the attributes and characteristics instead of its very life and nature. Jesus in John 16 told his disciples that when He the Spirit of truth comes He will guide them into all truth.  To me, this is one of the most powerful scriptures in the word of God because it has to do with how we can successfully live life here on earth before Christ returns.

The Spirit of leadership is part of what Christ came to restore back to all who are willing and ready to accept, follow and develop the message of kingdom based leadership.  There’s absolutely no way we can fully experience the life, power and authority of accurate leadership except we’re willing to transit into the reality of kingdom living, which is basically an expression of Christ’s life.  This we will speak more on when we talk about the life and nature of Christ’s leadership character.

Your position of responsibility should be as a result of the quality of your spirituality which obviously affect and impact your entire faculty to see the way God sees and respond to life’s issue  the way He designed and desired it. This was the secrete Christ was revealing to his disciples during his earthly ministry especially his popular sermon on the mount{Matthew chapter 5}.

He never did or say anything without the express approval of his Father. when this is clearly understood, then we have begun the process of attaining the position and authority of leadership. The completion of your obedience to the voice and will of God is the footing to this glorious calling of serving your generation.

Part One


When I was a child, I talked like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. When I became a man, I put childish ways behind me. 12 Now we see but a poor reflection as in a mirror; then we shall see face to face. Now I know in part; then I shall know fully, even as I am fully known. NIV

  • Spiritual growth and maturity is an on going experience that cannot be defined by past or present experience no matter the impact you have made, or may be making at the moment.
  • No matter the level, you might have attained in faith and in the place of manifestation of the gifts and fruits of the Spirit,  we are permitted to stop growing and coming into a higher dimension of the things of God. Maturing is a continual process of spiritual realities!  To grow in God is to be able to discern and understand by the use of your spiritual senses, the seasons and timing of Gods purposes for your life, family ministry and the environment you might find yourself operating at the moment in time.

Mark 4:26-29

26 He also said, “This is what the kingdom of God is like. A man scatters seed on the ground. 27 Night and day, whether he sleeps or gets up, the seed sprouts and grows, though he does not know how. 28 All by itself the soil produces grain-first the stalk, then the head, then the full kernel in the head. 29 As soon as the grain is ripe, he puts the sickle to it, because the harvest has come. “NIV

  • To know that God is saying that you are incapacitated not by the pressure of the moment in time; and that you know what you are expected to do.

This calls for a continual abiding in the Father’s will on a day-to-day basis. {Romans 2:1-3} Your relationship with God enriched constantly with the fresh fire of the word of God on the altar of effective prayer lifestyle.

Spiritual growth must be visible in FIVE levels of development

Spirit, Soul and Body; this growth must gain expression in;






  • A careful study of the word of God clearly proves to us that He is nomadic in nature and revelation (i.e. constantly migrates). Although the scripture tells us that after He finished the work of creation in the garden He rested on the seventh day, in the light of this truth, we will notice that the word is not a passive language but rather is used to express the revelation of His position in the eternal work of creation and redemption of man. God is still at work within us today to both WILL and DO the works of His good pleasure.

  • It is expected of us to know that the principle of migration has always been the tool of advancing our spiritual journey toward God and the possessing of His Kingdom in this present life and in the world to come.
  • It is required of you and I in this present day to understand by revelation our new spiritual position in the Him, lest we lose our inheritance and vision due to the lack of understanding of spiritual transition and migration.
  • Migrating from one level of Christian experience to the next demands spiritual discipline and maturity, in total obedience to God’s VOICE no matter what the situation may be. Change is constant in Kingdom advancement!

To see and understand our required position in Christ Jesus, we are required to trust and be committed to His will, purpose and plan for our lives knowing that His will and purpose for us are good and not evil to bring us to that expected end. Looking at the scripture from Genesis to Revelation, gives a clearer view of this principle of constant migration in the unfolding process of God’s purposes and strategy for every generation.


The very notion of reformation regarding the unfolding true nature of the Church over the past decades defines a constant and continual transformation from one season of foundational truth to another, through the lives of those whose hearts are constantly in tune with the Spirit and prophetic voice of the Lord for their generation.

A study of Church history clearly shows that the Fathers desire is to find a womb that can carry the seed of truth, grow it and birth its fruits for the next generation. The progression and advancement of revelation of God’s ultimate plan for man in the context of His kingdom proves the reality and the need of the principle of migrating from one dimension of maturity to the next.

  • One quick example we can look at from the scripture is the advancement of worship from the tabernacle in the days of Moses to the tents in the days of David then to the temple structure in the days of King Solomon, and then finally to the building of the living temple-body of Christ which represents the final dwelling place of the Spirit of the Father.

The present emphasis of the Spirit is that God is no longer satisfied with mere worship by men in structures fashioned by human hands, His ultimate desire is to have a company of true worshippers who defines the life of Isaac on that altar of sacrifice.

Until we develop the same attitude of Father Abraham, willing to give up all he ever desired from God in one moment of worship; we might not be able to fully understand what Gods temple is all about. John 4:22.

  • A continual upward development and movement of our lives and ministry is expected at every new season brought in by a fresh word of revelation from the Father. As God sends His word anew into our lives and situations, we are expected to respond by adjusting our spiritual sight to the new and fresh wine, coming from the throne of the Father.  This makes it possible for us to be built on the foundation of that fresh word proceeding from the mouth of God which invariably reveals Christ to us in a better and more mature way as we labor in the place of studying, meditating and re-building our broken prayer altar.

{Luke 5:3-4}Then He got into one of the boats, which was Simon’s, and asked him to put out a little from the land. And He sat down and taught the multitudes from the boat. When He had stopped speaking, He said to Simon

“Launch out into the deep and let down your nets for a catch.”

We cannot over-emphasize the power of the working of the Spirit of God within a willing and a prepared heart for the incarnation and manifestation of the word. God seeks his word to become flesh every time we hear him speak.

  • For Peter to experience the power of the word afresh concerning his situation, he had to move away from the old pattern of reasoning to a new level response of his trust and faith in obedience to what Christ is presently saying about his circumstance.

Many times we claim to have the knowledge of what Christ is doing in our lives or within His Body and yet we never find ourselves responding in faith due to past circumstances and disappointments that have formed within us s wrong template of trust in the word of God.

We need to learn to rebuild our faith and love for God and his purpose afresh in order to partake in the present move of His Spirit. And in some case, if we do respond to the move; we try to judge the new move of the Spirit with our old unchanged and inaccurate frames of religious mind. In the spiritual realm, there are no vacuum, you’re either in the active realms of God’s present or in the realm of religion and tradition of men which is a definition of Pharisaic humanistic operation.

This is one of the reasons why you need to constantly and actively involve our minds in the good fight of faith in order to remain on the cutting edge of Kingdom truth and advancement.  To be an on-looker in a move of God could be highly dangerous to your life, family, work and ministry in general. This insecure positioning has always been the problem in the maturing of the Church to that preferred place of the Fathers pleasure

New wine can only be put into a new wine skin. Mentality must constantly be upgraded in the light of advancing truth and revelation!  Once the Father makes His mind clear concerning our faith or our present position in His next phase of his purpose and plan, either in personal dealings or corporate migration into a higher realm of ascended truth, we have the mandate to adjust and define His present will and plan, otherwise we will be left with mere scriptures and methodologies, good ideas and facts without the power of present truth in our activity.

  • To become obsolete in our relationship and attitude, is to be obstinate in the word and other spiritual matters. The secret of walking with God is never to get too familiar or secure with where you are at the moment, or else you will become too fat to move when He comes knocking at the door of your heart for the next journey.

Looking at the profile of Father Abraham from the world standpoint, one might say he was a successful man from the Land of Babylon. But in God’s eyes he was not qualified to birth His plan and purpose for the generation to come until he was asked to leave his familiar territory.  He had to be called out to become a first born generation in the issue of faith. For this generation’s migration to be accurate in her relationship and true faith to God and His kingdom, there must be willingness to sacrifice and forfeit what could be referred to as our father’s house {the place of security, tradition and man made provision} to that place of total truth {faith} and dependency on God’s word and His dealings in our lives.

  • He had to be called out to become a first born generation in the issue of faith. For this generation’s migration to be accurate in her relationship and true faith to God and His kingdom, there must be willingness to sacrifice and forfeit what could be referred to as our father’s house {the place of security, tradition and man made provision} to that place of total truth {faith} and dependency on God’s word and His dealings in our live.


The season of transition is always a time of crisis for most people who have constantly rejected the dealings of God for maturity. Often times we live in self denial of the dealings of God concerning our lives and ministry because we are not secure in God to transit us from where we are presently to the ultimate place he has ordained for us.

The lack of preparation and unwillingness to leave our so-called comfort zone has made it almost impossible for us to respond to our seasons of change when they eventually come. Life is all about dynamism {change}, transitions and transformation. We are either prepared for it or not, change is inevitable. When winter season comes, you can’t but adjust your dress code to something that will keep you warm.

  • You don’t say, “I think I should wear this new miniskirt and top I just got for myself”. Lady; you know that you will freeze to death. Weather has no regard for fashion, it dictates what you wear!  The trend of fashion must blend with the weather in season.

There are lots of things that God desires us to come out of before we can truly become useful in His hands as the master of our lives.  If our desire is to be a worthy and an honorable vessel fit for the Master’s use, then we must be ready to separate ourselves from every sin of the flesh and system of Babylon. Sanctification is the prerequisite for becoming God’s vessel in this season of kingdom harvest.

Whatever the amount of influence and power you might be presently controlling either as a minister of the gospel or as a politician, I can tell you that it is just a matter of time. You will finally realize that only those who carry the ZOE life of God, following their submission to the will and plans of the Father with their whole hearts, will be able to withstand the impending onslaught of satanic attacks, temptation and tribulation which are designed to bring many down from their   haughty and lofty positions. We must quit living in pride and delusion that make us think ‘we have everything under control, we cannot fall; we are in charge’

I have no problem with faith and positive confessions as long as our principles and life experiences align with the ever current, present-truth standard of His word and desire for our generation.

Things might seem right at the moment in your life, relationship, ministry and business, your present confession could sound like this; “our ministry and churches are doing fine; more mission centers are being opened all over the world, more funds are coming in for us…I have just been promoted in my working place, we just moved into our new home built in G.R.A {government reserved area}, my wife has just given birth to twins-a boy and a girl, our Children just got admission into one of the best universities in Europe, etc.

One without understanding might be quick to say “I have come into my day of breakthrough and rest” like the rich fool in the Scripture who said to himself, “I have worked so hard and my barns are overflowing with grains, I will pull down this small barn and build a bigger one.”

But his soul was required of him that same night he thought of his next project without considering the plan of God for his life. It is highly dangerous to assume that all to our Christian faith is to amass material and financial prosperity for ourselves. There is more to our faith and walk with the Father than we can presently see or understand. It takes a selfless life to live a faithful life, totally committed to the plans and work of the Kingdom irrespective of the inconvenience it might cause us.

Though we have reached Canaan it is very important to know that Canaan is not the ultimate place of our rest. The city of Zion is the place of our appointed rest-our Sabbath. The word of the Lord made it so clear to us that the life of a man does not consist in the abundance of things he possesses. We must see obedience and trust as the greatest wealth we can possess in the reality of Kingdom of God advancement.

Now the Lord had said to Abram: Get out of your country from your family and from your father’s house, to a land that I will show you {Genesis 12:1}

Until Abraham took the journey out of the land of Babylon he could not access the true resources of God to fulfill the plans and purposes of the Father for his life and generation. Ability to hear the voice of the Father and also to obey is the very first foundation into the place of building the maturing and finishing faith.

The place God promised for our inheritance is a new ascended position of revelational light coming from a realm we are not used to. Accepting the promise of the Father means journeying in truth and faith to the place of spiritual awareness and discovery of your own inner weakness first, and then accepts his promise of strength and transformation to become what You’ve been ordained to be in life.  Abram had to become Abraham the Father of many nations in order to set in motion the promised inheritance.

This process can be found in the entire life of the patriarchs. Many today have found themselves in a state of disorientation, frustration and dissatisfaction in their ministries, jobs, careers, and even in their relationships with their spouses, due to the lack of the spirit of discernment {understanding} and capacity to transit from the old wine skin structure of operation {mindset of reasoning) to a new wine skin reality of the present season (upgraded level of knowledge of maturity).

The moment you lose the accurate timing of your migration and transition into the next order of God’s agenda for your life and family, frustration and disorientation set in. Nothing done from this perspective brings fulfillment again to you! The issue of walking with God for a meaningful and fulfilling life cannot be over-emphasized in these days of compromise.


The moment God comes calling, we all must have an attitude of instant response to His demands. Failure to do that can and will only breed frustration and regret. Transition is inevitable to the Christian growth and maturity, the impact of your maturity is seen by your ability to constantly move toward fulfilling your reason for living.

It is important to note that transition is not targeted toward disrupting or disorganizing your plans to prosper in life. It is generally assumed that when things move according to the way we have planned it, then all must be well.

In as much as it is highly important for you to have a plan for your life, family and business in general, it is expected of you to commit your life’s plans to Him who knows all things and who has planned all things for His own good pleasure which includes your life and family

{Isaiah 55:8-9}.

Most of the challenges we face in life are due to our lack of response to the voice of God whenever He comes calling on us to relocate to the new season He has planned for us {Genesis 12:1-3}.

Having a wrong perception of the purpose of transition or migration can put us in a position where we continually become depressed and resentful to the will and plans of God for our lives.  Most times when God wants to do something brand new in us or through us, He uses the circumstances, trials, and experiences we are going through to speak to us of His intended purpose; that is if we’ve refused to listen to His inner voice and dealing initially. when we become more sensitive to the voice of the Spirit and learn to accurately respond in time, we shall enjoy the reward of obedience without having to pass through a wilderness expereince to get our attention.

But if we are of them who are insensitive to their transitional season we might have to live our lives in bitterness and resentment both against ourselves, family members and church members (where the one involved is a minister of the gospel). This had happened to me as a pastor of a local assembly, I gave my all to the development of the people spiritually but yet it was difficult for them to cooperate with the vision and leadership direction of the sent man.

It’s like Moses leading the rebellious children of Israel out of Egypt. God used the situation to speak to me about his plan for my next assignment in ministry. It took a series of prayers both from me and some other brethren whom God had positioned for my transition season.   It took the love and the grace of God for me not to live in bitterness with the members of the Church because of what I perceived as their insensitivity to the work of God. It was at this point I began to give myself to what God was saying about the situation and the possible change.

Our vision and calling in life must be defined by a continual journey to becoming more like Christ in all things no matter the bitter pills the world and its system might have given us to swallow. We must never allow pressure of ministry and success to bring us to a place of compromise. The very glory of our ministry and vision on this earth is not really the impact of our gifting and ministry to people, but the very reformation and transformation of our character to becoming more like the Father in nature.

This is the core foundation of the message of the cross and the workings of the Holy Spirit’s ministry in our lives. Jesus’ desire is to see a new breed of people going through the process of transformation to becoming more like the Father in all things. The greatest challenge of the present apostolic reformation is to find within her spiritual grace and resource, the ability and capacity to help people transit from their old pattern of reasoning and functioning to a new level of Kingdom experience and competence.

This is the core foundation of the message of the cross and the workings of the Holy Spirit’s ministry in our lives. Jesus’ desire is to see a new breed of people going through the process of transformation to becoming more like the Father in all things.

The greatest challenge of the present apostolic reformation is to find within her spiritual grace and resource, the ability and capacity to help people transit from their old pattern of reasoning and functioning to a new level of Kingdom experience and competence. The very reason for our existence is to please the Father at all points of our lives irrespective of the cost and pain we might be faced with. Remember the reason for the pain in the beginning was the reason for the fall in the garden.

Thank God for the power of redemption through the death and resurrection of Christ on the Cross that brought us freedom, yet we are expected to go through our own wilderness of migration like all the men of old did when they were called by God. If we desire to behold the king in glory then we too must move into the way of the wasteland awaiting His call like John the Baptist in the wilderness. If we want to live our Christian life without opposition, trials, pain and deliberate change then we should not expect any perfection of our character and ministry by the ministry of the Holy Spirit.   Sacrifice and suffering is what brings the true glory and joy of the life of God to our hearts.

For more information please contact:

Isaiah-Phillips Akintola on this number: 0767916036

email:gatekeepers@live.co.za or portalgate@me.com


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