Tracking Global Prophetic Events

These are days of great separation! Gods is severing lives and nations from issues that have long time entangled them from entering the scope of their prophetic destiny. Alas, this is not the work of the enemy, as some with religious spirit will think; the Lord is busy cleaning and renovating his house.  In seasons of apostolic renovation, people react in different ways.  Whichever way you chose to respond to this present global will undoubtedly expose the quality of material you are made of; those whose house are built using wood, hay and straw will undoubtedly suffer great lost.

Proverbs 25:2 “It is the glory of God to conceal a matter;

to search out a matter is the glory of kings”. NIV

part 1

  A platform for the next frontier

For more than a decade, we have tried to communicate the reality and impact of the shifts in spiritual seasons as they directly influence the activity and behavioral interactions within the society. May I rightly state that all that happened in history and are now currently taking place in nations are geared towards one objective; the consummation of the purposes of the Father for the redemption of his creation! It is important that this perspective be clear to all believers in the light of the ongoing shift in the global community. The sign of the last days according to bible prophecy is ushering in a new Age where the glorious manifestation of the Fathers original plan for     man’s destiny and creation is taking precedence.  Man is living in one of the most exciting seasons in human history.

Therefore, wisdom demands that all followers and lovers of truth trim his or her lamp wick as we awake from our slumber in response to the voice of the watchman. This is the day we need to believe God for clear visibility in the Spirit so that we are not deceived by another voice that may be sounding like that of the Lord. As the shaking of nations intensifies, wisdom calls the wise to allow him to reinforce his seven pillars within the structures of their spirit and mind so they are not swept away by the wind of transition raging across the nations. Prov 9:1 Wisdom has built her house; she has hewn out its seven pillars. NIV

The days ahead are pregnant with profound prophetic movements that will not only shape how humans will interact but will also accelerate the church’s birth pang. Therefore, we need to take our eyes off the peripherals of soulish distractive activities and start concentrating on the demands of the Spirit for the emergence of the ‘Daniel’s company type of saints  who will help give clarity and direction to how to the nations can navigate their complex crisis. Things are usually not the way they seem or sound even when they tend to sound logical. God is putting an end to sensual dependence as his wisdom raises to build the ancient ruins of his nation.

The footing to defining prophetic accuracy of the days we living is to understand the testimony of Christ, which is the Spirit of prophecy, established on solid biblical doctrine. Doctrine is the practice of truth, in consistency to apostolic lifestyle, built on an unshakable foundation of the fruit the Spirit.


Portals of next generation

As we study the lives of men and women who represent this definition of life, we see how the Lord used them as portals to usher into their generation the fragrance of the revelational knowledge of Christ glory. We are given a rare opportunity to learn an important principle on how to offer ourselves to be positioned at the gates of this next move of the Spirit so we can be a voice representing the demand of the Lord as the destiny of nations reaches their twilight.  To move forward, we must look and study the ancient pattern, designed for human redemption.

For example, when we study the life of Joseph, the forerunner of the nation of Israel, we see chains of kingdom values lockup in a single life who consistently exhibited a behavioral lifestyle this generation desperately needs. He completely gave up his right for the redemption of a generation about to step into a season of famine. The scripture said of Joseph that he was sent ahead of his brethren to prepare them a place in Egypt. The life of Joseph eliminates our inaccurate understanding of the theology of Christians suffering.  In the purposes of God, suffering if you like is only a passage {gateway} to accomplishing divine agenda.

Psalm 105:16-22

  • 16 He called down famine on the land and destroyed all their supplies of food;
  • 17 and he sent a man before them — Joseph, sold as a slave.
  • 18 They bruised his feet with shackles, his neck was put in irons,
  • 19 till what he foretold came to pass, till the word of the LORD proved him true.
  • 20 The king sent and released him, the ruler of peoples set him free.
  • 21 He made him master of his household, ruler over all he possessed,
  • 22 to instruct his princes as he pleased and teach his elders wisdom. NIV

Moses grew up in Egypt without been intoxicated by the materialistic and oppressive culture of Egypt. The holy seed in him could not be altered, his true origin and identity was preserved through his calling and assignment.  Although, he lived in pharaoh’s palace for forty years, he refused to be called the son of Pharaoh’s daughter. He chose rather to suffer affliction with his own people than to enjoy the pleasures of Egypt for a season.  He learned the language and philosophy of Egypt only to use it for the deliverance of his people at the appointed time. The trials and challenges of Moses in Egypt and the wilderness of Sinai for about eighty years gave a unique {anointing} grace in bringing out a whole generation enslaved for 430 years. The lives of these men are a compass to navigating the present and future crisis. The relevant truth one can glean from these icons indeed enhances our understanding of how the Lord’s deliverance will be made manifest in our time.  David is another technology that is relevant to the present emphasis of the Sprit as his leadership challenges speaks directly this generation. Therefore, we cannot be frivolous in our attitude to what the spirit is saying.  To examine the present state of our personal lives or the current global events on a mere face value will amount to lack of the knowledge of Gods prophetic agenda for the 21stcentury and beyond.

Signs of the time in manifestation by the Church

When you consider some of these signs already in manifestation especially the ones relating to the body of Christ, which I believe are making huge impact on the believers, one can see the extent in to which man gone in assisting evil to thrive in the earth. As the mystery of iniquity continues to thrive within the hearts of men, the mystery of godliness on the other hand is increasing in its outpouring of grace in an unprecedented way amongst those who have received the mark of the Lamb on the forehead.  We as the company of those following the lamb have indeed thrived to adjust and prepare our ‘wineskin’ in order not to become a casualty of the manifestation of the signs of the time. Therefore, we give heed to the warning of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Luke 21:34-36

34 “Be careful, or your hearts will be weighed down with dissipation, drunkenness and the anxieties of life, and that day will close on you unexpectedly like a trap. 35 For it will come upon all those who live on the face of the whole earth. 36 Be always on the watch, and pray that you may be able to escape all that is about to happen, and that you may be able to stand before the Son of Man.”  NIV

Isaiah, in his prophetic writings warned the church of a season where gross darkness will eclipse earth {humanity} and ignorance {blindness} will increasely become the template man’s operating system.  Men will grope in noonday for lack of sight and understanding to what is happening.  When the prophet was giving this prophecy, Israel was in her golden Age. The economy was booming at the expense of injustice and spiritual bankruptcy, the leadership and their followers refused to give heed to the sounding of this prophetic trumpet until Israel was invaded and taken into captivity. Can we confidently say that what is happening in day reechoes the event of four thousand years ago? Well, Solomon made it clear that nothing is new under the sun. Events reoccur because human seldom learn from the past. “It is said that only a full will continue to repeat the same thing over and again and yet expect a different result”. While we have the advantage of looking back at history to learn, however the arrogance of the human heart will seldom allow him to do so. The bible, which is the uncompromising word of God, is the reference book to understanding the past, the present and the future.

To have a clear view of what is happening globally, we sure need not only the scriptures as our key reference material but also allow the Spirit of truth to guide us into making sense of the complexity of our day. Lest we become confuse and misinterpret what the Lord is saying. The place of misinterpreting the word of God, especially in the place of prophetic events has been a huge advantage for the course of satanic activity in the Church and the world at large. As partial blindness befalls the nation of Israel from recognizing and accepting their day of salvation, so is it with this present generation who have allowed the same circle of ignorance to hinder them  from seeing the handwriting of God on the walls of society.

The embedded theological and ritualistic template that had shaped the view lens of most people has also blind them to the point where countless number of church people have grown to become so insensitive to the guiding instruction of the Lord concerning the events of the last day. The call to upgrade the ‘structural wineskin’ of the people of God in a way that can adequately endure the shockwave of socioeconomic collapse in the last day unfortunately has been challenge by Pharisees of our day.  The scripture told us that as it was in the days of Noah so shall it should be in the days of the coming of the Son of man.

The coming judgment

About ten years ago, the Lord gave us a vision of an approaching judgment that will swipe across the economic system of the world, which will invariably prepare the way for the manifestation of the ‘company of Joseph’. Men with kingdom sight sought for in the marketplace.

We declared the mind of the Lord without holding back and those followed and remembered the periods of those prophetic words can bear witness of what is happening today. During the season of those prophetic words, as a church, we began to pray for direction and instruction that will keep us safe in the days of the manifestation of the words. The word of the Lord is clear, before the Lord does anything, he first reveal them to his prophets who are his friend.  Both our revelation and stability we exhibit in times of crisis are a direct linked to our position of relationship with the Lord. There is no doubt, intimacy with the Spirit of God enhances our ability to see and live outside the seasons of mortal men.

1 Kings 17:2-4

2 Then the word of the LORD came to Elijah: 3 “Leave here, turn eastward and hide in the Kerith Ravine, east of the Jordan. 4 You will drink from the brook, and I have ordered the ravens to feed you there.” NIV

One of the things the Spirit of the Lord made clear is, our attitude to money and material things must change drastically. While we need money for the exchange of goods and service, we must never allow it to own us; rather, we learn to start giving deliberately towards the advance of the purposes of Gods kingdom.  The value of what we own would be ultimately defined by what we do with it. Covetousness is a destructive spirit the Lord presently ridding from amongst the company of his people. Meaning, whatever the Lord desires to do in the earth, you have the privilege of firsthand information and the understanding to know how to escape.

 This concept is display many times in the life of the prophets of God in the scripture. Elijah is a very good example. When he gave Ahab the word that it shall not rain for three and half years in the land at his words, the Lord already had a secured economic plan for him. As long as he sticks to the plan, there was supply. When the brook dried up the prophet was lead to the next face of the Lord provisional plan.  The secret of the Lord is with those who fear him. To fear the Lord is not only to reverence him but also to accurately move at the prompting of his voice. To the degree we reverence and sanctify the Lord by pursuing his agenda is to the degree we are able to synchronize with his voice in the development and advancement of our prophetic destiny.


The new wineskin

The mentality we ‘wear’ as the season’s changes play a major role in the development of the spirit of creativity and wisdom in other for us to advance into the next dimension of the Lord’s will. Religion, the lack of precise understanding of the accuracy the timing of the Lord to a large degree has thrived in separating huge numbers of the Body of Christ from seeing and following the pathway of the Lord for their lives. Interpreting the truth, as it related to the challenges of transition and migration requires first the spirit of humility and the ability to totally trust to the direction of voice of the Lord as we spend time praying. When we are hindered from discerning and participating in the process of the Father’s prophetic agenda, as concerning the removal of ‘things’ that are shakable within and around our lives, we become critical and judgment to what the Lord is doing in the lives of other. The making of the new skin demands that we consistently allow the word of God to wash us through the renewing our thought and desire. Our wineskin is both the condition of our spiritman and the thought pattern that govern how we think.  Jeremiah 48:11 “Moab has been at ease from his youth; He has settled on his dregs, and has not been emptied from vessel to NKJV

The coming of the Lord manifests two realities; one, the judgment of tree bearing fruits of deception in the earth while the second will be the approval of those eating of the fruit of the three of life.  The kings of the earth, who have decided to drink the wine and eat of the delicacies on the table of the ‘harlot’ called the mystery of Babylon, will suffer great lost in this day of the Lord. This spirit, which have become very personification of religious and political compromise is presently being judge as we witness event unfold across the nations. There is no doubt that our Lord is shaking and exposing the foundation of this humanistic ideology.

These are days of great separation! Gods is severing lives and nations from issues that have long time entangled them from entering the scope of their prophetic destiny. Alas, this is not the work of the enemy, as some with religious spirit will think; the Lord is busy cleaning and renovating his house.  In seasons of apostolic renovation, people react in different ways.  Whichever way you chose to respond to this present global will undoubtedly expose the quality of material you are made of; those whose house are built using wood, hay and straw will undoubtedly suffer great lost.

These separations will be difficult, painful and hard for many who have refused the Lord from pouring their wine from vessel to vessel. The significance of allowing this principle of pouring from vessel to vessel eradicates false character segments that have settled within the core structure of our humanity. For those who have allowed themselves to be poured from vessel to vessel will certainly offer the nations the best of the wine of the Spirit as Jesus did in wedding of the Canaan of Galilee. Then, the prophetic promise will come to past; the best wine has been kept for last. In people of this generation will definitely enjoy the finniest of the wine of the Spirit from men and women who have been refined in God’s distillery plant. Whatever we have allowed humanistic ideology to build within our psychic, preventing us from truly seeing the way of the master are been nuked down to their very root in this moment in time. Strongholds, which have define and defy the destiny of families and communities, are giving way to the proceeding governmental authority of God’s kingdom.

Perverted knowledge of prayer and fasting unfortunately will not be able to bail us out this day of the Lord. Remember, this is the working of the Spirit of the Lord and not the devil. In the light of this truth, we are discovering that there are two unprecedented activities simultaneously taking place, which must be clear if we must cross to their next frontier successfully.

These two realities are shaping the future of man’s destiny as the cry of creation intensifies for deliverance.   These are defining moments in the history of the church and the nations at large. The first activity, as we see, is the complete removal of every religious and rebellious humanistic order while the latter is the establishing of God’s unshakable kingdom within the core template of value system. The pattern and strategies for interaction and the development in this next generation is being cutout through this season of shaken and separation at the sometime. The knowledge of the glorious is covering the ‘earth of man’ as the water covers the sea.

For those with the eyes to see will indeed agree that God is busy drying the ‘sea of humanistic knowledge while the river of his truth is pouring across the nations unabated. What a day of prophetic fulfillment, “the kingdoms of this world are becoming the kingdom of our God… the Lord is becoming the governor amongst the nations”, his redemptive power is been proclaimed all over. {Psalm 22:28}

God’s interest

 The redemption and restoration of creation is a key priority, as the prophetic agenda of the Father makes its grand appearance in Babylon.  Awakening the value structure of the society to first see and embrace what the Father has begun to do is not an easy task considering the degree of falsehood already embraced as template of his existence. Nonetheless, the Lord is determined to see his planned agenda come to fruition as the the ‘wine of human pleasure’ start drying up according to John chapter 2.  This is the third day of the Spirit and the Lord of the harvest has begun to demand the full return of the seed of redemption sawn through death and resurrection of Christ over two thousand years ago. As the Lord permits us once again to speak to his church regarding the next frontier, we have no doubt that those who have searching like the Berea church, will hear the sound of this trumpet and adequately respond according to the Lords divine instruction. This are days of the restoration of all things. Whatever is not in alignment to the divine agenda will become lost to the flood of the Lord’s judgment.

The prophetic and present reality

The days we are in are given birth to unprecedented prophetic activity that is shaking and reshaping the cause of human destiny. The wisdom of man is been tried in the courtroom of God’s judgment and only the mercy of the Lord can prevail in this Day of the Lord. This season needs a new breed of humans matured in the spirit of intercession who can capture the mind of the Father as they supplicate for the redemption of cities and community. As the challenges of the days ahead intensify, only those cultured in the nature of the Spirit of truth will be able to bring direction and solution according to the Father’s prescribes desire. The combination of the fruit and the gift of the Sprit, which defines true footing of maturity, will play a key role in healing and stabilizing the hearts of the nation as the crisis reaches its zenith. The Spirit of wisdom must be embrace afresh in other for the Church of the Lord to remain position.

The revelation of Christ must remain the barometer of interpreting the activity within our spirit amidst the crisis. As many within the church will become disillusion by what will be taking in and around them. The wise set their heart on the things above. Daniel taught us that in days of hardship our window must remain open to the frequency of the speaking of the Lord.   The key to stepping into the future lies with the Spirit of wisdom, courage and faith. For those whose wisdom is define by the philosophy of this earth, will certain feel the impact of the shaken in all areas of their lives; they suffer the loss of ‘material things’ though soul will save by fire according to the scripture in 1Cor Chpt3:13.  We cannot successfully advance into the future without embracing the pruning nature of the word of the Lord.  As part of the required ministry, the Lord has designed the ministry gift to prepare the church for days like this, tragically, very few are truly expose to the governmental building nature of the ascended ministry gifts. The prophetic is design to capture the heart of what the Lord is doing while the apostolic, empowered with creative wisdom is design to establish what the prophets have revealed in regards to the Father’s restorational agenda.

In the days of the

Lords prophetic agenda

When God decides to make a statement with your life…

understanding the present socio-political global shift and how it changing both the spiritual and traditional ideology of the society

By: Isaiah-Phillips .Akintola

It’s been quite a while the Lord placed a word on my lips for his Body. Sometimes we tend to believe and lean on our limited definition and philosophy of what a sound spiritual state means in qualifying us to speak or write about his mind. Personally, I believe the Lord is continually proving this notion to be wrong and inconsistent to the leading and guidance of his vessels. If at the end of this matter you felt the Lord spoke to you please sent it to someone out there who might also benefit from it. May the Lord continue to guide your heart in the pathway of his will and purpose. Love you all!!!

So, what is the Lord doing?

Rom 1:18-23

For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who suppress the truth in unrighteousness, 19 because what may be known of God is manifest in them, for God has shown it to them. 20 For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even His eternal power and Godhead, so that they are without excuse, 21 because, although they knew God, they did not glorify Him as God, nor were thankful, but became futile in their thoughts, and their foolish hearts were darkened. 22 Professing to be wise, they became fools, 23 and changed the glory of the incorruptible God into an image made like corruptible man — and birds and four-footed animals and creeping things. NKJV

This scripture does not only suggest the judgment of the Lord on all those who have blatantly refused to acknowledge and accept His Lordship and sovereignty over their lives, but also on all of us who have believed in him but still chosen by default not to see and walk in the full reality of that which he has already revealed and deposited in us concerning our prophetic mandate and destiny. To live short of your prophetic mission on earth is to undermine your blessed inheritance like Esau who sold his birth right for a pot soup.

Genesis 25:32 And Esau said, Behold, I am at the point to die: and what profit shall this birthright do to me?

The undisciplined, ignorance and frivolity of Esau did not only cause him his first born rights position, but also a season of timeless wandering in the wilderness of bareness. Until he learnt to forcefully break the yoke of slavery over his life and household by identifying his positional manhood for his family and generation.

Out of great pain comes a great triumph:

The era of great birthing requires an inner resolution and determination not to allow the decrees of pharaoh to kill or abort your Moses. I strongly perceive in my heart that the declaration of a new season has released legions of demonic and satanic activity to cripple and destroy if possible those whom the Lord has positioned at the gates of national and global impacts and reformation. Individuals and ministries called to stand in the front line of kingdom advancement at every level are presently going through a time of unprecedented assault from the warlords of darkness and I want you to know that our victory is sure irrespective of the challenge.

The awareness of kingdom manifestation amongst the called out ones has redefined the landscape of spiritual warfare from all dimensions. So, before you go further in this writing I would like to encourage you as I also encourage myself not to give in or accept the arrows of defeat and confusion the enemy is busy throwing to stop you. Stand firm in the love and grace of God over your assignment. The Lord is right there with you even when you don’t seem to feel him around like I don’t most times too now.

Yet his word has not stopped speaking to us in a fresh and new way. He promised that he will not leave you or forsake you. Let your heart be filled with what he promised to as your inheritance in the past. There are nations and cities we were promised as our inheritance that must come to the knowledge of this kingdom gospel. So my fellow traveler, Keep your mind refreshed in the newness of your stillness- this is our Sabbath day, and we shall not run but wait for his order for advancement.

The joy of the Lord is your strength in this new day, wait for the priest to carry the Ark and then follow. It will not be by might or power, his grace is about to be poured afresh on you again. Be still and know that he his God over all.  Arise and shine for your light has come and his glory is risen over your advancement to the place of his pleasure.

The Lord is sending help to you just like he did for Daniel in the Lion’s den. Your victory is sure in this season of transition. I pray for capacity, wisdom knowledge, understanding, power and divine illumination for you. Let your arms be strong over the neck of your enemy. Take your place oh mighty man of valour, Arise Deborah and lead your tribe to war. Don’t see your condition, rather believe in your position with him who called and commissioned your with his light and life.  This is our season of great triumph there is no weakness in us! Let the Lord Arise and let his enemies be scattered. Great grace upon your life, family and ministry…amen

The mentors and the forerunners:

We are in the midst of a very forceful advancement of the Lord’s prophetic agenda for this generation. This moment of heavens release and birthing of kingdom based ideologies is setting a new platform for takeover.  The reshaping of the very foundation and cause of human existence is eminent; nations, government and communities will never be the same again.   The mind of the Lord is interrupting every agenda contrary to his will and ultimate plan. The Lord is calling forth his eternal deposit within the womb of {people} nations.

The day of the Lord’s harvest is here! Every human, irrespective of the state or economic condition of their birth are wired with divine prophetic cords, seeking nurturing and precise connectivity by sighted apostolic {SENT} mentors and priests, like King David who groomed and prepared the pathway for his Son to reign and build {Hebron} Jerusalem as the strongest kingdom in this day. David was not just the father and mentor of King Solomon, but was also the forerunner who prepared the way and made the paths straight for his son as the next king of the most powerful kingdom in his time.

As individuals, communities and cities carry divine purpose; so do nations. The core mission of sighted men and women within any system is to accurately bring into reality the very purpose and plan of God for that community in other materials and tools to be made available for precise apostolic kingdom building to take effect within the core structure of such community and the larger international institutions.   The ripple effect of knowing and standing for truth in one dimension cannot be fully fathomed in the overall socioeconomic configuration of a society.  The system and order called ‘DAVIDIC TECHONOLOGY’ needs to be built and refined within the cultural and structural mental templates of the ‘people of the way’.  There is no doubt that our immaturity and unwilliness -wiliness to take our place at the entrance gates of cities and nations has cost both the Church community and the general society a great deal.

If we’re going to fulfill our apostolic mandate within the 21st century community with great power, we then have to go beyond the mere speaking prophetic-apostolic language to becoming the very manifestation of a prophetic generation of people who have bound themselves with an oath to seeing the full maturation and manifestation of heavens purpose for their time and generation.

The upgrading and maturing of the prophetic apostolic ministry for this time is highly crucial for the re-positioning and the release of the Isaac type of generation from the womb of Sarah, a type of Apostolic house, with the capacity to birth and release God’s design and purpose in the earth. 13 year of Abraham’s judgment of disobedience to the Lord command hindered in from stepping and accelerating into the purposes of the Lord for me. Every time we choose to listen to the pressures of the external voices shouting compromise to our place of waiting, we abort and hinders the process our mandate in time. The Lord will not compromise his promise or standard no matter how close and intimate we may be to him. Abraham missed thirteen year due to his compromise by listening to the voice of his wife.

The revisiting of the promise:

The Lord has revisited his promise in the life of his friend, and now Abraham will see and understand obedience from a highly elevated realm of hope, faith and love.  Prophets are midwives of divine birthing for their time and generation. They carry within them the divine technology and principles of safe guarding and delivering the demands of heaven for their time, irrespective of demonic territorial influence and authority of their day. They war and kill until every kingdom prophetic program for their time and season gains full expression at all levels.

There are certain forces in the earth known as king makers. These agents are positioned to do the bidding of the kingdom and philosophy they represent irrespective of the cost. These forces work in the power of unity through the availability of certain, people’s resources to birth and bring into reality the knowledge and agenda of the kingdom they represent. The prince of the powers of the air gains access through human personalities known as the sons of disobedience into the earth realm, where only human are given access and permission to execute change over the affairs of the earth.

These ungodly human agents are well informed about their mission and agenda to try to stop the kingdom of God from advancing in the earth.  Heaven, the place of God’s rule also has agent; human personalities in the earth, positioned to bring the counsel and bidding of the Lord to past in their cosmos.  Effecting reformational change either in the social-political landscape of a nation or in the traditional religious believe system, demands firstly that we’re able to see from a vantage elevated kingdom realm, and then engage the territorial principalities with the weapons {principles} of change we receive from our intimate relationship with the Spirit of Father. The higher we ascend in the subject of the Spirit of truth the more impact we’re able to effect in the earth. We need to change our present philosophy of warfare to a more potent reality of present truth in order to accelerate the required victory in our cosmos.

This we see throughout the Bible.  The level of warfare Daniel engaged himself with concerning the prophetic destiny and emancipation of his people in Babylon was unprecedented. The fact that he engaged heaven with agonizing intercessions at the proper timing of their required seasonof freedom season did not stop the prince of Persia, the governing territorial force from fighting and resisting his intercession.

A transitioning of philosophies:

When we lack the authority to be positioned at the rampart of the high places of our nation and generation, we become casualties of an enforced change within our cosmos-world.  The ability to prophetically mature in order to accurately see how to express your manhood in this season of increased defilement and pollution has never been so important. This generation is presently going through a transition battle of who will be the key players of the next frontier. Guards are being changed all over the political and economic landscape. The philosophies of the past human institutions are falling at a speed the best of technocrats cannot understand. The present global economy crunches have set almost a well leveled playing field for all the nations and corporations to reinvent and reappraised their institutional policies.

This is a great opportunity for the African continent and other developing and emerging economies to position themselves with well disciplined fiscal budgets, and aggressive political economic policies and strategies for the advancement of their countries.  Everything that defines the philosophy and ideologies of the so called ‘first world countries’ is gradually collapsing and becoming obsolete in operation, from social governance to economic prosperity and stability. The emergence of a new world order has set the ground for different key players to take their functional roles. This new world system gives a clear level playing ground to all who have been preparing their vessels to contain the new wine {idea} of human operation that will eventually define the foundation of the next season of all human existence.  This moment in history calls for sensitivity and preciseness of the master’s voice in decision making.

Correcting the concept of the wine-skin theory:

The scripture says new wine can only be put into new wine skin. Brethren, we have defined the new wine as the anointing, blessings and apostolic truth that is being poured out to the Church. Yes this is true in one dimension but we know that all truths are parallel in understanding and application.  Far beyond our present myopic understanding of the scripture, the Lord is beginning to give us ascended revelation into the full meaning of his holy writings in order to access the revelation that will eventually put us above the vagary of fallen human tendencies.

The breaking of the seal of truth is opening the eyes of all who have been waiting on the Lord for divine illumination in the days of regenerations. New wine in new wineskins represents the template and philosophy of existence and interfacing with Babylon in a new world order, where the difference between truth and lie becomes almost impossible to identify. A continual collapse of right values and ethics has captured and neutralized the power of justice and equity all over the world. What manner of men ought we to be in this day of increased of darkness within the souls of the nations?

Two orders of systems are seeking expression within the souls of nations and only the strongest capture this sight of human values and moral standards.  The order of darkness and light are presently being played out in the values and standards of people, nation and communities. As we approach the seasons of consummation of all things, we who have been given the sole mission and assignment of preparing the way of the Lord and making his path straight within the core social system of human life should bear in mind that seasons and timing of the Lords will come with known and accept as charismatic-apostolic norm. The Lord is doing a completely new thing. We can’t nature this season with our little apostolic theology or persuasions.

We have to now learn how to be still and know that he is God over the present global affairs.  It’s highly crucial we remind ourselves again that the power of global transformation and restoration is going to shine forth out of our inner most being according to biblical prophecy and not from the external we tend to focus on most times.  The world is anxiously waiting for you and me to manifest the very nature of our sonship-salvation in Christ. We have to press into the heavenly realm and effect the required change for our generation with strategic prayers and intercession. Our hope should be based on the unseen events that are about to come forth.

We should recalibrate our prophetic capacity in other to create the paths for the apostle and teachers to accurately build with wisdom. We must allow wisdom to build this new nation about to emerge in power as God begins to roll away the heavens and the old earth. Whatever is made manifest in the natural no longer carries potent prophetic values because they are already made known. The glory of the Lord is to conceal a matter, yet, the glory of {kingdom believers} kings is to search it out. That which has appeared is no longer tied to hope because it’s become visible. Our mission is to press into God and search out the destiny of nations and communities in the prophetic archives of heaven. The ability to remain refined and fine tuned to the heavenly ‘bandwidth’ receiver keeps our soul and spirit on track to the requirement of the Lord for the day.

Kingdom truth restores kingdom activity:

The days of the emergence of kingdom truth is here and we need to bind our waist to this present kingdom truth in order to overcome the accusations and deceptions of the enemy. The panorama all around us clearly shows that we have stepped into another season, pregnant with prophetic apostolic activities desiring well dressed vessels for expression. How do you view the world you live in today? What do you sense about the present political change taking place all over the world? What is your role and mine in this entire spiritual phenomenon? Well, we have to take a keen interest in our prophetic agenda in order to know where we are presently and what our role is. God is busy speaking to us and we can’t afford to turn deaf ears to his thoughts and voice. This is the time to be clear in the knowledge of The Father’s thoughts so as to clearly understand his will in time.

In times past we have seen and understood prophecy and the prophetic release {move} of the Lord from a very myopic limited level. The concept of activity in relating to change {reformation, transformation and the ultimate restoration} in both spiritual seasons {the

KAIROS of the Lord} and the effect in natural occurrence in human daily activity are all tied to our ability to gain wisdom and understand the divine release of the {word of the Lord} DABAH,The flowing thoughts of the Lords direction and counsel for the moment in time. We can no longer live in the realm of what the Lord said yesterday and expect the full power and authority of present truth to be made available in our proclamation to humanity. The advancement of our manhood to maturity and ultimate perfection-completeness lies in our inner ability to journey in light in order to walk in the full ZOE life- of the Lord.

Stepping into our prophetic days {destiny} demands that we completely divorce ourselves from the {laws} code of fallen human tendencies still corrupting our soul from agreeing with the leading of the spirit. The limited child view mentality in matters of kingdom knowledge, wisdom and understanding should become completely alien to us. This day demands full maturity of our inner spiritual faculties in order to become proficient in seeing and applying prophetic activity within our society and communities.

History and slavery:

The Lord is counting on us to grow in the knowledge of his word in such acceleration that his prophetic agendas will not continue to hover upon the face of the deep-waters-people without a release of fulfillment. The world few days ago stepped out of seasons {decades} defined by humanistic limitation knowledge of divine agendas. The eternal purposes of the Lord are beginning to gradually unfold before our very eyes and His inviting everyone with the desire to know and understand his prophetic plan to come to his table.  Due to the fallen nature of man, we tend to assume that God think or see things through our own myopic eyes. We assume, position, power and authority means we’re in charge; and so we define who should be free or condemned to death through our limited knowledge of justice. For centuries, the world have believed and accepted the school of thought of divide and rule.

Slavery was one of the early manifestations of the result of the fall of man in the garden. Slavery was not introduced by the Orientals or the whites as it is popularly believed. Slavery was seen, known and accepted as a concept of employment-master and servant issue, right from the beginning of the fallen. The very foundation of human society was built on injustice and inequality through the drive for power and control either by individuals or tribes. The spirit of insecurity and jealousy increased this evil desire to enslave.

Throughout the scripture we see God given laws, rules and regulation that correct and guides the ethics, principles and laws set by man for governance and serving each other from the very issue of employment and wages, marriage and relationship. The entire book of Leviticus and part of Deuteronomy was written and set-aside to address the concept and judgment of civil injustice, though the law was merely a remedial solution until the day of redemption fully dawns on man.

As much as the Lord did not create any man-white or black as superior to rule or control his fellow humans, yet the manifestation of fallen of man sets this ungodly philosophy into motion in every sector of human existence from marriage to corporate governance. Within every unregenerated human soul black or white is the unending craving to control or take advantage of his fellow being.   Slavery is still is still very much a reality in both developed and virgin regions of the earth and it will take more than a political will to fight and win this evil built within the mentality of  people both within the general society and the church’s community. We know that slavery has very little to do with how people see us, rather it has a lot to do with the fact of how perceive ourselves and the world we live in. True emancipation is the knowledge of who we are in Christ and not our racial or political affiliations.

The mission of president-elect, Obama:

Although, the Lord in his wisdom uses natural events and occurrences to speak profoundly to his shortsighted people about the shifts in both the spiritual and natural occurrences, we have to come of age to truly understanding the speaking of the Lord before the manifestion. This is the true position of breakthrough kingdom believers. The recession or collapse of global economic foundations and the recent Obama’s US Precedential victory must be seen beyond natural occurrence to a divine statement the Lord is making.  The prophetic agenda of the Father is for {the nations} people and it can only be fulfilled in time through those marked for such assignment.

As much as I personally do not endorse the philosophy and polices of the democrats party, I see with my prophetic sight what the Lord is saying through the nomination of this man by not just the majority whites in America but also in Europe. We know that in kingdom pattern and principle that majority don’t usually carry the vote yet we sense the speaking of the Lord through Obama who will be the first Black US president in human history.  When history is being made we need to open both our eyes and ear to learn what the Lord is saying! America is assumed to be seen as the most powerful nation in the world even though that school of thought is no longer accurate, when we scrutinize the present 21st century concept of global shift, both in the world of scientific breakthrough and social political power, and the economic stability amongst the Asian Tigers and India to mention a few, yet the influence and authority of the US is still unprecedented at all levels of institutional capacity.

Prophecy is being fulfilled in time amongst millions of people who had the dream and heart cry of a `BLACK WARRIOR named martin Luther King. He laid the solid foundation and prepared the material for the building of this transformation called ‘the new America’ about to be crafted and led by a black man or do we say a colored man? Remember, way back then, to be a black man was like an enigma! The color of your SKIN defines the class, education and other opportunities you and your families are entitled to.

Is the black race and colored prepared to govern?

The black Race was associated with crime, entertainment, uneducated, poverty and all social evil. Injustice to humanity was allowed for a season because the cup of the Lords judgment over the house of Assyria is not yet full and Moses will still have to complete his educational term in the palace of the most powerful and strongest kingdom of his days-Egypt. Yet the purpose and Counsel of the Lord still stand for a people who will not stop hoping and crying for a change in the spirit of prayers and intercession. It was this heartfelt intercession that moved the hand of the Lord to release Moses out of Egypt and prepared him for kingdom based leadership after 430 years of enslavement.

Could it be that the prayers of millions of African slaves in the plantation field reached heaven and the lord who decides on the accurate time of answering prayers of petition decides to make a statement through the life of this black man raised by an old woman who died on the eve of this historic election? In the days of Moses reformation, bad orientation of transition and leadership caused that generation their promise of entering into the rest of God. The deliverance from Egypt all ended at the back side of the wilderness. The lack of personal discipline and fellowship with their true deliverer cost them their lives.

When people cannot differentiate between Moses-the sent one and the God of Moses, it also leads to abortion of the migration to that required place in God. Fallen human nature has the tendency to miss the overall purpose and plan of God, focus it on the man the Lord is using and this brings destruction to the man if he lacks the proficiency to keep his eyes on him who sent him. It’s not enough to have good leadership with great ideas and intention for the people; the people need to be taught about the principle of transition in relating to their responsibility to their deserved freedom. True freedom has never been seen to have come through people but through individuals!

What we witnessed in America and the rest of the world was beyond an election of two parties with their ideologies and policies. This is about God making a statement to earth dwellers about His eternal purpose and plan for humanity. Mind you He still rules over the affairs of men! The execution of the Lord’s will amongst blind men and sighted men in these last days is imminent. The Law will go out of Zion and the Nations will come to the brightness of her rising.  The approval of the Lord over a man’s life for his assignment is not religiously based neither is it politically influenced as much has they play critical role in our society today.

To view the present happenings in the US on color, race or the two political ideologies is not to have accurate understanding as a Christian concerning spiritual things. I believe the Lord is stirring the hearts of his prophets and intercessors all over the world to pray for perfect transitioning of this season to the place where he has planned. We need to pray and ask for the spirit of wisdom and understanding to bring accurate direction to the heart of Mr. Obama when choosing those who will surround him in decision making. We should also pray for focus, clarity determination and courage for him in order to fulfill his prophetic agenda without distraction or delay.

This election is not about who approves or disapproves the gay rights or abortions clinics, rather it’s about the redefining landscape of humanity in the concept of redemption and the future of our world. The world will never remain the same gain. The world has changed and it will continue to change whether we accept it or not, the concept of Christianity in America and the rest of the world will never remain the same again.

This is the Lords handwriting on the walls of all those who have the understanding to read and count the number of the collapse of all human ideologies and philosophy, as HIS KINGDOM prepares to manifest amongst mortal men.  Great prophetic fulfillment like what we’re presently witnessing comes with great calibration of sight and capacity.

The release of generational prophetic purpose comes with great resistance from the kingdom of darkness. Yet those who have been given the power to midwife this prophetic moment are presently rejoicing like Anna and Simeon the symbolic pattern of national reformation.   Those who are suffering from religious shortsightedness actually think the present political drama in the US has to do with the policies of the conservative republicans versus the socialist democrats.

Beyond a political racial war:

Far beyond the political policies of a party, God sees his purpose and counsel and who ever is available to bring that prophetic purpose to  unfold becomes the agent of his release. I strongly believe that most Christians in the US voted for senator MC-Cain on the basis of his religious persuasions; as important as this may be, if we don’t have prophetic eyes to see into the agendas of the Lord for nations and people our religious mentality will cause us to blanket the purposes of the Lord crying for expression through prepared vessels.   How do we know the vessel the Lord has set aside for his counsel in the context of a matter within a nation or society?  Only those who are followers of the Lamb wheresoever he goes can tell of his will for the people. GOD IS NOT A POLITICIAN!

To see things from the limited carnal human sight is complete blindness as kingdom citizens. This is the day of the Lord and He is doing a new thing and this new thing is presently springing forth in a powerful authoritative way. Brethren, it is the dawning of a new day in the earth, how ready are you, how prepared are you and your community for the coming of the Lord! The Lord is coming out of Zion to reign through his apostolic {nation} community.

Church, rise up and take your place now:

people are rising with increased proclamation of wisdom and dominion to show forth the praises of their God in a new way like never before.  Out of the darkness covering the earth, we are mandated to arise and shine forth His light by giving HIS LIFE to a people who have been chained {enslaved} and impoverished in their mentality for a long time. This is the time for the Church of the Lord to arise from her blind and crippled state.

It’s time to ascend into the realm of glory in order to receive healing upon her wings for the reformation and restoration of the nations. A new order of apostolic governmental people, with precise prophetic sight and grace are emerging with power and authority to lead out a generation of people enslaved in the house of Pharaoh and the system of Babylon. We are not victims of change; rather, we prophetically participate and are active in accelerated change both in the cosmic and the cosmos realm because we have a standing before the Lord.

1 Kings 17:1

17:1 Now Elijah the Tishbite, from Tishbe in Gilead, said to Ahab, “As the LORD, the God of Israel, lives, whom I serve, there will be neither dew nor rain in the next few years except at my word.” NIV

Let’s keep standing for the direction and advancement of our cities and community for seasonal transition and migration.

Yours in the Journey, Isaiah-Phillips Akintola

sight for the future
sight for the future

Navigating the season with precise awareness

We want to welcome all our blog readers and contributors to the year 2009 even though it’s already in the second month of the year. The end of last year was more of a type of mixed blessing globally when things are not viewed through the eyes of the Lord. The world witnessed the election and inauguration of the first black American president, what a history! With the same breath of thought, we also witnessed the collapse of major world economy and their institutions.

As we begin to see a drastic shift in global political landscape we also need to brace up for a new level of challenges to correct and solve these inherited 20th century problems as the reality of the 21st century community dawns on all mankind with great impact. We’re living in one of the most exciting days in human history, more than ever before we are seeing Biblical prophecies coming to past before our very eyes. It’s not shocking that 2009 ushered in what lots of people were already afraid of; unfortunately our society today is getting more and more integrated and inter-dependant to survive. This means that the reality of our inter-connectivity is becoming more predominant in this new order of life.

The dynamics of existence in this last day is going to be more and more complex and difficult for those who do not understand the power of kingdom community. The book of Acts of the apostle gives us the blue print to how to live life in days of complex challenges in the earth. If there is anything we need to understand as believers in the midst of this mess is to start walking in the true spirit of communion and fellowship. The enemy is going to continue to use the present dissolution and the tyrannical concept of past leadership to isolate many from benefiting from their ability to stay within the community of kingdom presently coming into reality.

The power of the new society

One of the ways to survive this present economic uncertainty is to find and join the community of kingdom based saints who understand the power of the new civilization being built through the Spirit and grace bestowed on the present wise master builders emerging all across the globe. It’s important you know that what is taking place is more than just dealing with socioeconomic problems, it’s a complete moving away from one order of existence as humans to a higher level of interaction that demands a complete upgrading of our existence. The system and value of life has changed and will continue to change until the day of the Lords appearance. You may not immediately feel the impact of that change in your immediate world but you will sooner or later.

Two world orders are emerging on the horizon and only those who have the power to buy or sell will survive in this new system of living. This is where your faith hope and love for God will be tested like never before. The whole essence of your Christianity will come to bear as you battle for your soul and that of your family.

The demand for spiritual development and maturity has never been this eminent. Unfortunately, many Christians will be disappointed before their little myopic mentality. Christianity will not be able to save them. Our humanistic cultural philosophies of Christianity unfortunately will not bailout anyone of out this meltdown. This present season represents a two edge sword that deals with the excesses of our materialistic concept of Church and the ungodly western capitalist system that enslaves the nations. Famine is a very good tool the Lord uses to bring alignment, redirection and his will to bear in and though the lives of his people to the nations.

Understanding divine protocol

The birthing of a new order or season in God always starts with the end of a period of famine in the land. The Lord uses the arm of his judgment and famine to reveal his glory to the kings of the earth who have continually refused to acknowledge his authority and Lordship. Without proper understanding of this season, false hope and faith will be peddled through false messages which eventually give false expectation and this will bring more pain and sorrow to the heart of millions. We need to learn to embrace our season of threshing and pruning in order to bear better fruits of righteousness to the glory of the Father.

Your understanding of divine relationship and trust will be one of the key ingredients that will put you over this storm. The season of change has finally come and all who are ready for spiritual migration should prepare themselves for this journey through the wilderness yet leading to the promised land. The hearts of men are being tested all around the Body of Christ to see who owns the heart. The battle and contention for human soul has never been this challenging. The Lord is stirring all kinds of issues to bring out attention to his desire and mandate. Whatever comes out of this season should be seen and known as the Father pruning process.

Getting rid of the idols

The issues of life will challenge and try to defy your relationship with the Father and your family. This season is a good opportunity to evaluate your level of love, faith and hope in Christ. All the wrong concepts and ideologies we have built or allowed religion {that which is inconsistent with the Spirit of truth} to build within our mentality will be brought to bear through this season of illumination of the hearts of all mankind.

There must be nothing within our heart competing with the Father’s dwelling place. Every man made idol must come down! It’s time for divine clean up. The soul must relinquish its power and authority to the guiding light of the Holy Spirit. That which we have built in the name of the Lord without his clear direction and approval shall be destroyed without remedy. It’s time we lay down our idols and rebuild the altar of his house with the purest of material.

Only the house the Lord is busy building will stand in the last day. Seeking the heart of true relationship will be the saving power and navigating capacity out of this season. The church will learn to work in the power of unity in this season because only the ones who learn to put to use the authority and power of community will have enough to give and offer their brethren and the rest of the society. The foundation of the Church is being restored and only the right template of heart will connect in divine provision in this season. Seek the bond of unity and witness the provision of the Father for your life and community.

Many are going to fall by the wayside because they have not been prepared by their pastors and leaders for this painful transition yet required for our maturity. But those who have been following the inner dealing and inner direction of the Spirit through studying the living word will find this season as a great opportunity to breakthrough and build wealth for the building of the new society called the mountain of the Lord. “For the mountain of the Lord shall be exalted above all mountains…”

Remember the children of Israel came out of bondage with so much wealth that they began to abuse the wealth by building calves and indulging themselves in carnal things due to their lack of understanding for their prosperity. Their uncivilized culture and inherited darkness from the land of Bondage brought their hard earned freedom to the place on self-indulgence and self destruction. The power of this present truth must come with accurate orientation of our carnal humanistic imbibed ideologies. The Lord is revisiting and correcting most of the issues that were taken for granted as a pattern for building a solid and stable kingdom lifestyle in this season and he is using every available instrument to that end. Whatever comes out of this present dealing will make us a better, more mature and productive people. The Lord is restoring truth that will give the capacity to handle our freedom in the light of being his bond-servant.

Change comes with pain

coping with change is quite a difficult issue when you lack the understanding of the spirit of truth in relation to the very essence of the freedom. We’re witnessing some very hard knocks, both from the collapse of global economy and the complete devastation as a result of global warming. The impact of global weather change is being felt all around Europe, China and other parts of the world. It is a known fact that most of this change of the weather and eco-system are caused by human insensitivity and in discipline. As individuals are accountable for their actions before the Lord, so are the nations and our generation can’t escape the judgment of the Lord.

Every act or action taken by a nation will be judged in the sight of the Lord in due time, unfortunately most times people are not sensitive to the signal of God’s judgment. For anyone to think of a nation as sovereign without being accountable to the judgment seat of God is delusion. This is why the scripture informs us to constantly pray for nations and those in authority. We are witnessing one of the most severe impacts of climate change. Yet, we know and are quite informed prophetically about what sound biblical revelation predicts about our days of earthquakes and rivers overflowing their banks.

For decades prophets of the Lamb have been warning the world about the impending judgment if we refuse to take heed to the voice of the Lord. Well, before we see transformation and precise development we will have to brace up for some very difficult days ahead. I don’t mean to sound like a prophet of doom but this is the reality on ground. Our recklessness and rebellious attitudes to our environment and our fellow humans is just not acceptable and the Lord is determined to change the landscape of human values whether we like it or not. Its time some people are held responsible concerning the present condition of things both in the spiritual and natural realm.

A cry for true leadership:

One of the urgent needs today in all aspect of human existence is accurate visionary and proficient leadership capacity, which will affords the necessary skill building and motivating ability in community integrated growth and productivity. There is a present call to redefine our leadership philosophy and morals, template and concept of operations, structure and strategies of governance to a higher productive frame work from the local municipalities, to the highest executive ranks of governance in the nation. The perception and philosophy of 21st century leadership development must be strategic and proactive in creating and formulating policies and ethical implementation capacity, in order for us to have peace and accelerated social economic development.

The continual dysfunctionalities, disintegration and disenfranchisement of our community, starting from the immediate family unit, to the larger societal structure has continually called for a new pattern of handing and managing social and economic crisis, which to a large extent has affected everyone living in the community directly or indirectly. The urgency for effective and proficient local and executive support structure in bringing lasting transformation and restoration to all a sundry within and outside our immediate community is the core vision, assignment and mandate of this faith based ministry.

A new order of leadership

This present season lays a great challenge of psychological and spiritual responsibility upon the Church to grow and mature in the Spirit of wisdom and dominion as saints, in order to manifest the needed resources and intelligence to solving the present issue facing the globe. The ever blazing light of apostolic truth carries the capacity to proffer the right answer to this present global crisis. This age of spiritual lukewarmness and obscure revelation of who Christ is, needs a strong apostolic revelation, wisdom and authority to bring accurate understanding, redirection and alignment to the wrong values and choices our society are daily making.

True kingdom life ministry must transit beyond professional, theological and psychological career, to Gods original intended purpose of a true called priest with the spiritual life and light of Christ, working within such a vessel to bring the required transformation and restoration via the revelation and authority of Christ to the people and communities who are desperately in need of divine healing and reformation.

For decades now society, governments and politicians especially in both the west and Europe have not been responsible and prudent with their God given wealth; 60 to 70% of national income goes into funding pilot projects that merely do little or nothing on the long term development of the social and economic state of the people.  As long as the nation are still being run on perverted value systems that encourages an economic culture of credit, ‘buy today pay tomorrow’ we will continue to see more devastating result on a global scale. This ungodly socioeconomic habit encourages both the young and the old to live and build their future on credit facilities. Without accurate systematic planning for the future it enslaves and ultimately destroys the future posterity.

Learning from the consequence of irresponsibility

An economy that basically thrives on borrowing and continual mortgaging of the future and destiny of her society is just unacceptable in this new order and world we are crafting as kingdom based believers. When we have a scenario of very few rich countries who boast of unprecedented wealth, yet within the same global community structure, we have nations who can’t afford to feed or educate their people because of abject poverty and unstable governance; I think this is also unacceptable to God, especially when some of these nations claim to be frontline crusaders of the gospel of Christ.

As the Lord starts to shake the inequality ideologies of the world, wealth and resources will continually shift to the so called third world and other places where the Lord is releasing his mercy. This wealth will not necessarily be that of gold or silver as we have seen in the past but that of creativity {technocratic capacity} and stable governance that will help to fully harness the already implanted wealth and resources within these regions.

I strongly believe that the present global economic downturn is to bring discipline, prudence and a spirit of sharing and leveling all mountains and valleys amongst the communities of nations. The selfish and ambitious spirit which plagued the world in the past will soon be curbed through the discipline and redistribution of wealth already taking place in various parts of the world regions.

A new order of leaders are emerging

The past history or should I say story of Africa is about to change because the recent development in Africa continually proves without doubt that God is changing the landscape and template of the African nation. As much as we still have highly greedy and power drunk leaders who think governance and government is a family business or inheritance, we are continually seeing the power of reformation and mind development amongst the future leaders of the continent.

This is a warning sign to all the remaining leaders in this region who don’t want to vacate the seat for technocrats and sound diplomats ready to develop and transform our continent into a hub of 21st century power and technological region. The history of African wealth in the past is nothing to be proud of because the majority of the wealth, both human and minerals ended up as the foundation of the development of both the west and Europe. All those who have enriched themselves through the enslavement and plunder of their nation have little or nothing to show for it today.

The whole essence of wealth is to invest and develop those in need around us. The beauty of prosperity is not in the amassing of it, rather it’s in the spreading of it to develop, build and transform the community and those who lack. True wealth is the gain of honor and not the acquisition of material things. I believe the Lord has saved the best wine for last. The Lord is revisiting the black continent with the right resources and capacity not only to develop itself but to help the human race become a more productive and secure world.

Redefining wealth in Africa

Two to three years ago the nation of Ghana discovered crude oil in their offshore river; just last year the nation of Benin republic also discovered this same black gold, all within the same region of Western Africa. Could the Lord be saying something profound and strategic to the nations of the world, especially the west and Europe about this global socioeconomic shift presently taking place?

The nation of India, Latin America, South Africa and the Middle East are all presently known as rising political and economic power houses of the 21st century. Nigeria, Egypt, Botswana and Ghana are also presently becoming economically and politically stable for future global investment. Global political view to power and state economic authority has to change drastically or else we will be sitting with an old paradigm in a season where the Lord is demanding an ascended sight for advancement in the 21st century.

The lack of effective educational institutions for strategic administrative and policy making in nation building has plagued Africa for many decades but the present release of apostolic government grace coming to the region is releasing prophetic capacity to shift things from the spiritual realm to accurate impact within the corridors of political power governance. The realities of the last day’s events are gradually dawning on the earth and the members of the Body of Christ, and we have to brave up for the stormy weather ahead of us. The impact of global shift will continue to reorder and challenge the lives of those who are not ready or prepared for this transition.

Unfortunately the people who will feel this impact the most will be religious and narrow-minded people. Lots of people will get disappointed due to these financial burdens and frustration that will continue to mount on them. Church leaders who have not been following the due process of building, refining and preparing their flocks for this season will indeed suffer great disappointment.

Some of them will drop out of ministry because they will not be able to bear the burden and shame that will befall them. Those who have been prophesying and preaching for lies, all for self gain will be mostly hit. Only those who have learnt to obey the voice of the Lord, despite the pain of condemnation coming from front line ministry and institutions will navigate the season with great impact and productive capacity for the next frontier.

What believers need to know

The scripture give us a clear picture of the last day’s global event as they impact the landscape and template of our ideology. The capacity to stand and navigate this season in question will not necessarily be based on your religious persuasion; rather it will be anchored on your faith in the only true Son of God. He said according to the book of John chapter 1:2 in him was life and the life became the light of men and the light shines in darkness and darkness cannot comprehend it… when you come to the full understanding of what this scripture means to you, your family and your community you will obviously understand that for the light to shine and be appreciated there has to be a propulsion of darkness manifesting in and through human life.

Remember, we presently live amidst a fallen human system of existence. Everything man is pursuing outside the ambiance of divine authority will only bring more and more darkness into the human soul. Our cities and nation today are being invaded by degrees of darkness from all levels and people are beginning to wonder what’s happening, as if they were not warned about the impending judgment of not accepting and following the laid down pattern of truth.

For those whose hearts are continually set on the pathway to Zion we need to keep ourselves encouraged and steadfast like the patriarchs of old. Our eyes and ears must be unto him who called us to journey with him to the place of his pleasure. Our heart must be continually set on the road to Zion irrespective of the challenges and trials on the way. We have not a continuous city but we seek that which is about to appear. The appearance of the master is what we desire in our days. This is one of the reasons why the blog is out to- help build sound accurate biblical prophetic standard to triumph through this present darkness.

The power of becoming Son's of God!

Concept of building the apostolic generation

by: Isaiah-Phillips

These are the days of great restoration of the lost image and likeness of the Sons of God. An image not defined by natural human birth but by the very {essence} life and structure of Christ spiritual personality. For God is a Spirit and they who must {live for him} worship him, must do it via the operation of life powered through the revelational and illuminating knowledge {light} of the Spirit {John 1: 3-5}.

The Spirit of Sonship is rightfully taking its place once again in the hearts of those who have allowed the Lord to circumcise their heart with the sword of the Spirit which is the word of God. The power of regeneration is restoring all things back to their original position as the offering of repentance is being offered to the Lord on the altar of a well circumcised heart.  The Spirit of adoption is pulling the lost Son back to his first estate as the Father himself takes his place in the temple of human hearts. The father has long waited for this day of purification, reunion and celebration of the resurrection of his dead son.

The flesh cannot inherit the kingdom of God

That which is born of the flesh is flesh and that which is born of the Spirit is spiritual… this day calls for all sons of men to be born into their true nature that they may access the life and inheritance that await them in the presence of the Father. The earth and nature will celebrate the rebirth of him who will bring redemption, consolation and restoration to all that have been kept in bondage.

The heavens will rejoice, hell will weep aloud for the lost incurred through the demonstration of the Father’s kindness and mercy, the love that brought true redemption to the first man in the garden will triumph over all forms of demonic and humanistic ideologies in this last day, the earth shall be saved. It’s a new day upon the son’s of men.

Reach forth to the Father’s love calling you to separate yourself from the entanglement of the lost of the eyes, pride of life and the deceitfulness of riches. Reach out to the mercy of God and be cleans from the innermost iniquity of your soul. Come unto me all you who are heavily burdened and I will give you rest says the Lord. Rest is what your soul longs for; receive his rest amidst the shouting and noise of the flesh.

Come to the riverside of his peace and let him satisfy your parched and weary soul with the power of his renewing grace and love. This is the time for change, a changed for ultimate human reformation and restoration as the ministry of death is embrace across the Body of Christ. Behold death is the gateway to His life!

Do not delay your season of migration any longer. Move away from your comfort zone; let the process begin with the readiness of heart to journey back to your father’s house. The Lord awaits you outside the camp, let the process of your reformation, transformation and ultimate restoration begin as you are led through the dry land of your parched soul into the day of a new perfect man in Christ.

Perfected by the washing ministry

As the ministry of the washing by the water of the word takes its place in your heart, there will be a continual changing of garments and approval life in the father’s house. A place of acceptance, love and care awaits you if only you can wholeheartedly turn to him in this season of immense distraction from kingdom darkness.  Return without distraction to Christ and perfect your remaining days of {serving} waiting, like Jacob in the house of Laban, who served his time for the one desire-Rachel, the love of his heart, the one the Lord will use to carry and birth a nation who will later be known as Israel.

How long can you wait for that which the Father desires for your life and destiny? How long are you willing to sacrifice time and resource in the chamber {presence} of the Lord’s process to receive that which is destined for your reconstruction and transformation?  The place of waiting is the place of separation, sometime isolation and pain, yet filled with unspeakable joy because of that which you have seen ahead of you. Let the joy set before grant you strength to journey on! It is highly important to know that emotional pain will constantly be stirred due to your soul longing for the old ungodly relationships and attachments, your mind will fight  giving up its illegitimate influence and control over your thought and emotions.

Transformation via the power of a well secured redemption is the only approved process to access the awaiting inheritance {life} of your new nature in Christ. You have to learn not to determine your own maturity by looking at the lives of these doing things without a circumcised and transformed nature. Learn from the prodigal son not to be pressured by others who are leaving the presence of their father due to the demands and craving of the pride of life and the deceitfulness of riches. Serve the Lord and wait upon him and receive the reword of obedience and conformity into Christ nature.

Let the Father’s purifying fire perfect you in your days of waiting, let him re-nature you by giving you a new {nature} name. The Lord’s desire is to encode your life with the power and authority of his {presence} approval, so you can fight to win in the epic battle of the last day.  Wait in the Lord, wait on the Lord and be empowered for total victory as your soul and body submits to the very nature and authority of the Holy Spirit.

The ministry of the restoration of these truths needs to be understood with clarity and precise emphasis for proclamation with vigor and character formation all across the Body of Christ.

We need as the Church of the Lord corporately to adequately prepare and reposition our entire faculties’ and household in receiving this present truth of building the ark of redemption as the judgment of the Lord draws nearer.

Laying the footing and foundation of accurate kingdom pattern and structure of recapturing the very essence, nature, life, power and character of the spiritman’s union with the soul’s reformation in this season, will lay the footing and foundation of the third day ministry of truth that will set the stage for the perfect maturing of the Body of Christ all across the globe. This divine activity will position all the grace and gifting, assigned to build and perfect the saints in a paradigm of synchronization which ultimately defines the readiness and emergence of the Son of righteousness. The Spirit and the bride say come!

Great days are before the house of David as the foundation of our humanity and pureness of heart relays the pillars and structure of humanity with kingdom lifestyle in seasons of gross darkness.

In carrying out our ordained mandate as the bride and army of Christ in this third day, there has to be a well seated broad revelational knowledge and mental acceptance of our ordained {destiny} identity as the strongholds of our past life collapse before the Lord. Pursuing this kingdom life mandate requires full awakening of the very life, light and glory of God waiting for expression within the hearts of all who have truly accepted Christ’s nature and life as their pattern of existence.

The dimension of divine life that will impact the earth of these believers will flow through the pureness of their vessel and their readiness to sacrifice their own self desire for the passion of Christ.  The outpouring of the manifest glory Christians are praying and seeking for will not come until there is a readiness to see, accept and present the required and ordained wineskins to the Lord of the harvest.

Understanding the ministry of regeneration

The ministry of regeneration is one of the most misunderstood teachings and doctrines in the Body of Christ today. This is due to the watered down messages of our soulish salvation, pervading the whole spectrum of our discipleship and leadership theology.  The complexity of human reformation and ultimate restoration definitely goes far beyond those five to ten word statements we usually ask those who respond to the hype of our message which is known in most denominations as the altar call.  The message of salvation which prepares and introduces a new convert {those who got saved} to a vast new life of experience with God, man and his environment in general. A continual communication and on relented relationship with Christ plays a key important role in the discovery of what will eventually lead to accurate understanding of what life means and the purpose of his existence within the context of his salvation.

The revelation of Christ is the central theme and focus of the gospel of the kingdom. Therefore, the redemption and development of the new convert must be founded and built on the personal revelation of Christ who is the very essence of the kingdom of God.{Hebrew 1: The revelation of Christ in the life of a Christian brings the precise understanding of all other things into alignment in the heart of such believer.

{John 1:1-3} Understanding the two operating systems of the man of the earth and the man who came from heaven is highly important in the maturing process of a believer, lest there be a mixture of the two orders which ultimately leads to rejection from the Lord.  There must be a separation from the old life’s character from the new!  The ministry of the man of the earth {the first Adam} is a crucial teaching in the manifestation of the second man’s nature- the last Adam, according 1 Corinthians 15.

The life and truth behind the regeneration’s message is to inform, reform and translate men from the old Adamic fallen nature to the realm or position of the last Adamic life in Christ.

That which is born of the flesh is flesh and that which is born of the Spirit is Spirit the two cannot co-exist.  Flesh and blood the scripture says cannot inherit the kingdom of God. Please not that the revelation of the kingdom of God is not a mere place you go to inherit a house or mansion as it is generally believed. The kingdom of God is the sphere of divine authority; the realm where the Father’s will and purpose in done, the place of his presence glory and power in the life of a person; it is also a position of God’s administrative and governmental activities in the earth. In other words, the kingdom of God could be the extension of a person or place where men and women executing the Father’s will, purpose and dominion in the earth.

The Lord does not need human or church permission to rule, reign and govern as he wills, yet he has set principles, laws and guidelines that binds his council and wisdom of operation to his Son’s in the earth in the administration and governance of his will.

Remember, the Lord is the creator of the universe and we cannot overemphasis that; he does as he wishes without questioning from anyone. God is absolute and sovereign in power, authority and glory. The scripture says the heaven is the Lord’s dwelling {a place of his governmental administration rule} while the earth is his footstool-the place of execution of authority and power.   Those who are born of the water and the Spirit have come into divine union with the Spirit and nature of Christ. The ultimate desire of the Father is to see the establishment of his will and purpose in the earth through those who have completely surrender their lives to him.   Growing up into Christ in all things is the heartbeat of the gospel of the kingdom and that requires dying daily to the flesh and coming alive to fulfill your ordained destiny in him. We are required to develop into a comprehensive wisdom and understanding of our manhood in Christ without defect or limitation of expression of any kind!

Ascending in truth

Truth, preached and taught in lower realms of development in times past has becomes major hindrance to the present demand and requirement of God for the migration of his people into the next perfecting order. If we must receive a fresh word from the mouth of Lord, we definitely need to redefine and upgrade our concept and attitude of receptivity to truth. Moving from the known to the unknown realm of truth is a major challenge of our faith and religious ideology of God and his Church.

The Lord will not add to you in your latent or dormant knowledge of him if you are unwilling to seek accurate spiritual development. Everyone today in the Body of Christ is called to leave his or her present familiar terrain of the knowledge of Christ to the realm where the Lord becomes more real to us.  Ignorance and negligence of divine pattern and the operational principle of the kingdom life is no longer accepted in this season of great illumination of Christ nature and glory.

The presentation of the message of salvation, I do believe has been misrepresented and misleading by the mainstream Church. Salvation is the genesis of the finished work of the gospel.

The regenesis of our fallen DNA is the message and life of the gospel of Christ. The change of human nature is the essence and power behind the gospel Christ came to offer mankind. The Father is stirring the hearts and minds of his builders once again all across the nations to revisit the accuracy of the message of salvation by relaying the right foundation for the last lap of entering the third dimension of the gospel of the kingdom. To assume salvation as an elementary part of the gospel is to live in gross darkness and blindness to the essence of Christ coming.  From Genesis to revelation we see the process, pattern and structure of Gods redemptive plan and purpose for human deliverance and regeneration.

Until there is a well seated knowledge and revelation of redemption in the heart everyone who comes to Christ, the fallen nature will continue to reign and give access to the enemy to inflict evil on the society. We have to first purge ourselves from the false inaccurate teachings we’ve been feeding before understanding is given to us for true deliverance and healing.   This is explains why we have throngs of heads in churches, crusade grounds, Christian conventions and conferences without a clue to what true salvation means or presents.

When the message of salvation is presented as a mere escape route without spelling out the Lord’s required standard and its principle of existence it miss leads and gives false hope and expectation to people.

  • John 1:1-5
  • 1: In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.
  • 2 The same was in the beginning with God.
  • 3 All things were made by him; and without him was not anything made that was made.
  • 4 In him was life; and the life was the light of men.
  • 5 And the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not. KJ

for more on this teaching please refer to the concept of regeneration on the front page


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