Celebrating 500 years of Martin Luther’s reformation And the present state of the church, and the way forward

celebrating 500 of reformation








By Isaiah-Phillips Akintola




This message you’re about to read is a generational truth. Meaning, this is not a general conventional message you’ll hear on Sunday. Generational truth can be defined as a truth, message, or revelation that cuts across our various levels of our spiritual orientations, perspectives and understanding.

It seeks to bring insight and wisdom where there’s been confusion with regards to the dealings of the father within certain seasons or epoch. Generation truth cuts across the atmosphere that binds us to a certain frame of spiritual thought, voice, or even dealt with in a particular geographical region or community.

This truth is usually transcendent of our limited revelatory knowledge or even spiritual culture and expectations. Its ultimate purpose is to effectively close an epoch or generation as it ushers in the next phase of the speaking of the Father without leaving any loose ends behind. Generational truth brings clarity as it bridges the division and schism within the body, especially in the area where heaven has begun to announce a new day.


I will start out this article from a backdrop of a similar sort of spiritual environment Martin Luther and the rest of the early church fathers found themselves in regard to the perversion of the word of God, and the entire spiritual culture of the church back in the early century.

By the time Martin Luther, who, himself, was formerly part of the religious, organized system of the Roman catholic church realized the sacrilege the catholic church had committed to the principles and value standard of God’s word and the body of Christ, he could no longer be satisfied, or silent with his religious monk practice, he knew he had to challenge the evil beast of Catholicism, defacing Christ, his kingdom, and the image of his church on earth.

When the Lord finally opened his eyes of spiritual understanding of the powerful principle of the just living by faith and not through what the Pop and the papacy’s tradition teachers, he was indeed ready to have a showdown with the entire Roman catholic church order.

 The courage to speak and challenge the falsehood was summoned through what he had encountered through the written word of God. As we know back then, the Bible was only available to the Pop and very few elites amongst the religious order of the catholic church. Ignorance and spiritual blindness was perpetuated back then by keeping the written word of God away from the general public. All kinds of lies, deceit, falsehood, occultism, and satanic practices had been brought into the Christian faith. In fact, the church had become a den of thieves and armed robbers. The house of God had become a house of idolatry and witchcraft practice.

 As Martin Luther was determined to find a way to break the spell cast upon the people of God and the nations through the cult of the papacy, we also in this sacred day of the Lord must be determined to break the religious, humanist  spell cast upon the present-day church.

There’s no doubt that the Lord Jesus Christ is now releasing the spirit of Cyrus across the globe with the mandate to restore his living temple across the nations, and this is being down through resources and technological capacity like the internet, social media and other strategic means required to fast the movement of the rebuilding of heaven’s initiatives.  This is the third day of the Lord; a day of the third reformation, and we are excited to be alive in this sacred season of the Spirit.

Those called, graced and processed for this present third day reformation must arise with faith, courage, wisdom, holy zeal challenge demonic powers, position to resist the advancement of the kingdom of God across the churches and cities.


Today, there are powerful, seductive humanist western [cultures] philosophies that has been methodically mixed with today’s Christianity, just has we have African animalist beliefs and traditions, imported and mixed with biblical, spiritual philosophy, such that most of the understanding and knowledge that drives what is today defined or celebrated as Christianity across our cities, are powerful demonic, foreign values, sourced from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, the spirit of the strange woman who has captured the souls of men; and of cause, the kings of the earth who have also decided to lay in bed with this woman.

These are the nature of the entities and personalities we have allowed to freely coexist with us in the guise of trying to fill the house of God with souls. Instead of the church capturing and influencing these nations with the eternal truth and culture of heaven, we’ve been rather capture and assimilated into their own Babylonian ways of thinking.


Personally, one of my prophetic assignment as a gatekeeper, is not to merely guard the walls and gates of the ecclesia from the spirits of these foreign invaders, but to also make sure there’s preservation of the sacred order of our kingdom apostolic faith-life, and our citizenship identity as we continually engage with society in the advancement of our movement in the earth.

The idea of a sound, apostolic spiritual tradition has almost been eroded from today’s church. Apostolic faith tradition is that spiritual culture and identity the church of Christ was established on at its very inception, and yet, it is the list known and practiced in the body of Christ today. Without understanding the very culture and philosophy that drives the spirituality of the church, it becomes very easy to accept any form of spirituality as long as they sound good and feels good.

This explains why many church leaders today are subtly embracing the demonic New Age/ ancient Greek mythology philosophy.  The culture of the Christian faith is one of the most powerful virtues we have that clearly separates Christianity from other religions, especially the eastern religion that practice false piety, self-discovery, and a soulish philosophy of love.


 As the church continues to get bombarded by a foreign, humanist concept of freedom, liberty, and love in the name of democracy and the New Age ideology, we need to recapture our biblical definition and values system of Christ centered love in the context of what redemptive freedom is, and means to the overall development of our apostolic faith.

As we are expected to grow in all things into the full status of Christ as his body in this season, so we have to guide our understanding of precise kingdom community life and its interaction, so we are not misled by a strong spirit of the anti-Christ and delusion in the name of exercising spiritual liberty and democratic right.

The deception and seduction of freedom and self-actualization philosophy are some of the most powerful weapons the enemy is using today to lure many away from the pathway of sound apostolic community and their heritage in Christ. A precise, biblical concept of spiritual freedom is constrained and guided under the strong, governmental leadership of the Holy Spirit and his vetted apostolic elders at the gates.

Our liberty cannot be known or expressed outside the values and laws of the Spirit which are manifested through the nature character of the fruit of the redeemed spirit.   As long as we cannot adequately define to our people what sound apostolic community is and mains before the father and our gathering, we will remain potentially deceived by the ministry of the angel of light who is Lucifer himself. For as long as we cannot differentiate the false light from the true light we cannot fully appreciate the glory of God even when we are attracted by the father’s presence.

  The new age philosophy and interpretation of globalization is currently contending with the spiritual definition and meaning of a true, kingdom global order of Christianity. It’s important we separate these two in clear definition and values standard.


While we may both be expressing the same language of globalization, we, however don’t mean the same thing in values and objective, and I strongly believe we need to identify the difference. There’s no doubt about the current global church movement the Father is building today as we continue to witness the collapse of the prison walls religious bondage, manipulation, and authoritarianism in the church.

In the past ten years or so, we have seen what many leaders refers to as rebellion in the church in that many of their flocks now have access to express their own experience of faith and encounter with their heavenly father without necessarily standing behind a pulpit in their various church gatherings.

And the fact is, most of these folks might never have had the opportunity to be given the mic to share their experience and testimony of their spiritual dealings and walk with Christ because they are seen as unworthy enough to come share the front role stage of the church with some of the ‘most spiritual’, and highly influential rich folks.

The world of internet and social media like your WhatsApp, Facebook, and YouTube has not only given the opportunity for everyone to express themselves, and learn something new, but has also given everyone the platform to become a voice, and of cause, hear the voice of everyone, regardless of their spiritual background and orientation.


to be continued…


the function of a cyber church in a cyber age

Cyber Church image .jpg

The Place and Function

Of A Cyber Church in a Cyber Age

Redefining the Church in an Information Age,


Part 2

by Isaiah-Phillips Akintola

Seizing the moment of opportunity

One important lesson I have learnt in life is that new season often come with various kinds of challenges and opportunities. The issue, however lies in our perceptional ability to precisely discern and judge things through the wisdom that is from above, so we can turn to our own advantage what may present itself as the enemy’s scheme. Opportunities are disguised in trials, challenging and even in fear in some cases. The fear of the unknown is really what hinders us from taking advantage of the various opportunities heavens is opening up and presenting to us especially through the World Wide Web and its various social media platforms.

my journey into the world of computer

Moving into the next phase of the Lords agenda for the church means that we must learn how to go down to Egypt and recuse those enslaved by the spirit of Pharaoh. In some cases, our apprehension over situations we are not familiar with is highly rooted in cultural or religious beliefs. For those of us who are not early in life expose to the world of knowledge and information may react to things in a different way to people who have been exposed, and have leveraged themselves through extensive traveling opportunity. You may find what I am about to say funny, but this is a true story of myself.

When I finished my bible training in 1991, I was offered the opportunity to go learn computer illiteracy course but I rejected it.  My main reason for the rejection was built on the fact that I’ve been already informed that the anti-Christ was going to use the computer to destroy the world. Since my view of computer knowledge was already established on its negative impact on people globally, it becomes difficult for anyone to persuade me of learning it.

the power of exposure

As much as that information carries a large degree of truth, the issue however was my approach of understanding.   If I had known someone back then who could precisely explain to me, and give me important reasons why I need the computer as a servant of the Lord to enhance my bible study and research, I am sure, I will would have been persuaded.

The point here is, the perceptions we’ve developed through the years in approaching things or people alike does greatly impact how we interact, respond or even utilize opportunities open to us. By 1995, my mentality towards the world of computer had been greatly enriched through my exposure to certain folks I came in contact with who purely preached the message of the kingdom back then but were also computer savvy. Beyond my spirit in agreement with what I had from them, I also noticed how they utilized the power of information technology, coupled with their laptops and projectors to seamlessly communicate the gospel.

This experienced galvanized me to buy my first laptop in 1996. By 2004 just before I relocated to South Africa, our church community launched a skill empowering project, which back then, was one of the first of its kind.  The church auditorium, was turned into a computer lab where everyone, including people of the Muslim faith were all given the opportunity to be computer literate. This project brought so much joy into my heart when I saw the zeal and passion of individuals who are hungry to learn.

 My point is, if the church will ever move up to the next reality of divine intent, we need to adjust our perception and concept of interface with the world around us. The truth is, the church will not always have these free social platforms to express the knowledge of the kingdom as we have it today. We therefore need to awaken ourselves to the realization while we still have this opportunity made available before it’s too late. No one really knows when this door of social media will be scrambled or even shut down completely. Yet, while we have this lifetime opportunity, let us maximize every moment to strategically share and push the agenda of heaven through all social media.

Using these platforms to showcase a prideful, frivolous and selfish agendas is certainly a misrepresentation of the purpose of the lord for Facebook, Twitter Google plus and other platforms available. We have to start taking the focus off ourselves and truly start promoting the cause of kingdom agenda through social media forums. We need to be weary and careful of what we say, post and twit.

As believers, your words and mine must be highly seasoned with the divine wisdom and intent of this season. Our words and statement should go viral until society and governments across the world notice that the kingdom of God is coming near them.  Our hearts must be awakened to the unheard cry of millions surfing aimlessly and vulnerably on the internet.

The field of social media 

Think about this for a moment, the most vicious hardened jihadist make most of their recruitment via the social media platform. What indignation on the church of the lord. The very same platform, we have been given as a gateway to reach the unreached are the same tool this destructive elements are using to advance their destructive agendas.  We need to step up our mission and mandate to reach this powerful digital field many have neglected to humanist, capitalist and jihadist ideology.

 It is unfortunate that we still see believers and spiritual leaders alike, who are so timid and afraid to use the social media to effectively advance the purposes of the Lord because they still sees it as something inspired by the devil.

While on the flip side, those who have taken advantage of   now using it to abuse, control and manipulate the spiritually blind and on-informed.  Some pastors and spiritual leaders, due to their insecurity and unbiblical agendas, have gone as far as trying to censor, monitor and even discourage their members from using the social media.

This is mostly unfortunate. Heaven has granted you and me to be part of a company of warriors of righteousness and harvesters at the same time; and our field is the World Wide Web.  We need to start integrating our voices, resources and other forms of capacities to take this vast land of the internet world. The fact is, I am not certain if the church will continue to exist from the way many of us have grown to know it; the idea of investing in some palatial building structure with congregation seating and listening to the preacher, in my opinion may no longer be realistic in the era we are stepping into, if biblical prophecy is true to its description of the operational character of the third day church.

I however do know one thing which I am fully certain about is that the church of the lord will abide and remain strong until the final appearance of the Son of man. While this is not my focus in this article, I, however, do believe we need to start considering and making the right adjustments in terms of changing the concept of our gatherings and meetings in a manner that will help us travel light.

One way we can start changing the face of the 21st century church community is through having a strong online presence. And this means that we have to invest in building a strong community cyber platform across the web that is not easily penetrated by viruses.

Why we need to build a cyber church system

Constructing an impregnable cyber system with the necessary technical edge to advance the initiative of the kingdom of God is a must for us today. Why? There are more people today who are more active in the cyber world than in the physical world. It is so design today that nothing works in the physical realm without a direct connection to the cyber world. I feel this strong urge to remind you as I remind myself why we’ve been given this window of opportunity through the social media platforms to preach the gospel of the kingdom.

We have to be keenly aware of the reason the Lord has made available the world of Facebook, Twitter, Google plus, YouTube and the rest of the social media platforms for this season. Believe me, the 21st century media hub initiatives are divinely orchestrated to push and advance the prophetic agenda of the lord to a precise conclusive end. Regardless of what these social media platforms are presently being used for, their primary objective must be kept afresh within our hearts and alive in our as prophetically oriented individuals.

You and I as members of the church of the Lord needs to start seeing things strategically, most especially what is happening in the world of social media and it’s a-complained technologies. To still view Facebook and the rest media as some trending platform to express our own self agenda opinion is certainly a misplaced priority as a believer in Christ. We are told through the word of God that whatever we do must be done as unto the lord.

If we follow scripture for what it says, our priority will drastically change and enhance the larger body as we engage the gates of hell. The social media is an effective and strategic tool, heaven has inspired certain individuals to create the spirit of fulfilling biblical prophecy. The only way prophecy like the mountains shall be made low, the valleys filled and the crooked parts made straight can only be through a Channels like this. Imagine the numbers of open source collaborations communities online that has made a huge difference in the lives of millions.

 The release of the Cyrus spirit

There is virtually anything you are looking for to help you become whatever you believe you’ve been designed to achieve with minimal amount to purchase such application or information. The Lord has not only poured out his spirit for us to prophesy, and see visions and dreams, he has also equipped certain individuals with the spirit of Cyrus to build a system that can birth and midwife kingdom initiatives through technological innovations and development.

This grace or resource if you will, is a capacity associated with the ability to invent and Engineer things that could further fast-track the fathers redemptive plan for humanity and all creation. Regardless of how humanist philosophy sees technology, believers should understand that all forms of technological breakthroughs are ordained and designed by God to fast-track the manifestation of the Son of God.

This spirit of Cyrus as we’ve seen it is manifesting in an increased level in our time through individuals leading the frontier of technological breakthroughs and development in the Silicon Valley. This spirit is usually released at the threshold of a new prophetic turn in the earth. new technology are signs of impending coming judgement of the Lord like we see in the days of Noah.  

This grace in most cases, function through men and women we may not term as religious, yet the father raises them to strategically release creative opportunities and resources for his Church and purpose to be known. These individuals accelerates and further amplify the prophetic voice of the Lord across platforms and system especially in marketplace. 

This creative spirit is consistently released through the turn of a new century as the church transits into a higher, matured level of the promotion new strategic truths for kingdom representation.  As the advent of the printing press technology accelerated the spread of sound biblical knowledge during the unfortunate Roman Catholic Dark Age era, the lord is also now using the various technology initiatives of the World Wide Web and the social media platforms to release the pure strategic apostolic truth for humanity. This is the most important hour for the church to unite in faith and grace in order to fast-track the divine intent of the Lord of creation.

preparing for war

Having said this, sadly, we still have brethren, even though they’ve been exposed to the reality of the shifting seasons like this, are still pervaded by wrong frame of thought and beliefs with regards to the usage of the social web. Their attitude toward technology and the use of social media as a vehicle of propagating the gospel is still very much hindered by the lack of openness to the current speaking of the Spirit of the lord. Their misgivings towards the utilizing the full potential of social media as a platform to advance the general development of the corporate body through integration is a major setback for kingdom initiative.

As we meditate on this great phenomenal, we should start to think of how we can effectively translate this opportunity to a powerful irresistible recognized force in the earth. When you think of the success story of a community like the life church who built Youversion bible App, you then begin to understand and appreciate what I am trying to communicate. The Youversion bible App is one of the most used bible Apps globally today. As powerful as this may sound, it is just a fraction of what still need to be done within the kingdom community if we are going to fulfill the mission of the great commission.

Building a true kingdom community that becomes a hub of representation and expression of sound biblical principles that can answer and defend the cause of the faith we are called to preach and teach in my view is highly recommended and necessary today.

I sense prophetically that we have to drastically shift away from a low ranger mentality of using social media. We are already seeing how individuals are being targeted both online and offline in some countries just because of their faith orientation.  Believers across all platforms should learn to connect to other platforms with the resource technology that will not only protect them against the new types of enemies surfacing online, but that can also help them to achieve their individual ministry mandate online and offline.

There is a need to awaken our research and development department in building a powerful irresistible firewall system. We need to build a community system that can stand bold, strong and strategic as  watchmen on the watchtower of kingdom initiatives online. The enemy is not sleeping. The fact is, he’s already planning his next attack and we have to be on the watch before he strikes. Cyber war is becoming more real and popular to the point that it has today become a game changer the concept of conventional battle.

There more we accept the reality of a cyber world as believers the more we need to start putting a strategic digital firewall in place to keep our activity online and offline secure. My point is, the church need to drastically change its focus, platform and strategy of expression from a mere physical building to a structure of strategic digital systems that can easily and effectively interface with the reality of the 21st century community.

Still ignorant of the purpose of social media

While I am excited with regards to the development and progress the social media has afforded today’s society, I am also a bit worried due to the sheer ignorance that still paved the minds of certain people when it comes to the utilization of the social media tool. The time where a large number within the body of Christ still view social media merely as a platform to consume, share or post entertaining materials is now over. Please don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with us having fun on these platforms as long as we fully understand the very essence and purpose of their existence.

We cannot build a true kingdom hub online if everyone is merely speaking or doing their own thing without willing to integrate with others. The ‘promotion of my own thing kind of attitude’ only further enhances the evil scheme of the enemy online. In a situation where so called friends on your Facebook account ignore and refuses to engage and interact with important issues being discussed in my opinion, is a reflection of another agenda. If we cannot intelligently engage in discussions or comment on a vital point that bothers or affects a friend, I truly why such a person should be maintained as a friend on such social media account.

One thing is, now clear, the social media network has to a large degree helped us identify those who share the same passion, vision and objective with us, and this is highly important. While those who don’t can still be maintained as friends, but at least you now know where to place them in the order of priority. We most never forget that the primary purpose of social media in connectivity and interaction. Regardless of what we know, if we are unwilling to connect with others idea and opinion, something is critically wrong with our relationship concept.

Social media, the point of convergence

If the church is going to make a serious impact through the social media, we certainly need to start streamlining our thoughts, words and expression under various unique banners of kingdom initiative. Please note this, I am not just referring to pastors who just open a corporate account for their churches.

Pastors and spiritual leaders must learn to interconnect and integrate their grace, gifts and community with other parts of the body so that their own community can fully benefit from the supply of other members of the body. We need to remember that the body is made out of many parts, and not one single unit. There very core objective of the social media platforms is to enhance our integration and collaboration as members of the body of Christ.

The propagation of the gospel of reformation, redemption, transformation and the ultimate restoration of all things back to Christ can be greatly enriched through these platforms the lord has strategically positioned for his church today. But in a situation where some view these platforms as a place to display their carnality, promote their myopic pet doctrines, and unduly take advantage of the confused and desperate folks, I believe this is a huge disappointment and a setback for the reason of social media. There’s a need to be awakened to the present opportunity given to us as members of the body of Christ to utilize this season of opening to push out as much research possible for people to be able to access.

Like Joseph in Egypt, these are seven seasons of abundance. The season and days of need are coming. Whatever can be stored for communities must be stored because the days of spiritual drought are getting closer.  There will arise another King, who does not know Joseph nor his God, and will seek to persecute the lord’s people in the days of his ruling.

To be continued…

Architect of the future part 3

The prophetic perspective of

Current shift in season

Part 3

A signpost to the future

by Isaiah-Phillips Akintola


The book of Daniel gives a clear prophetic insight and direction into the nature of the days ahead, and at the same time, offers an accurate, in-depth biblical interpretation of what the Spirit of the Lord is saying to his Church regarding the principle of navigating the ongoing crisis. Crisis, trials, famine, disaster, and other various forms of tribulations have all been part of the human life since the fall of the first man in the garden. From the day, Adam was sent out of the garden to this present moment, man has witnessed various types of tribulation one could ever imagine.

However, there can be no suffering or tribulation compared to what our Lord Jesus Christ faced on the cross when he laid down his life for the sin and redemption of the entire human race. And the good news is, anyone who will acknowledge this eternal price paid on the cross for his or her sin will be saved and have eternal life. This is one good news that will never change regardless of what may be changing around you.

The devil, the enemy of man, has always used various forms of needs, trials, and tribulation to try to break the human will to submission. Yet, for those who have truly been branded by the redemptive nature of God’s Spirit and life, are never submerged by his trick; no matter the level of the pain or disappointment they may suffer.

In John chapter four just after the forty days fast of Jesus Christ in the wilderness of Judea, the enemy came with four main levels of temptation or trial to test the quality spiritual state of Jesus Christ, and of course, Satan was defeated.

These four stages of temptation can be categorized into three main streams; 1]. The lust of the flesh 2]. The pride of life 3]. The deceitfulness of riches.  All other forms of temptations and sin can be categorized into any of these three blocks, and it is highly important we understand this concept as we deal with the issues of global challenges.

  When you carefully consider the present state of your own personal challenges, or that of your family, community, or city, it’s easy to point out where the issue of the lust of the flesh, or the pride of life, or better still, the deceitfulness of riches is playing a major role of influencing issues.

What happens to us on a personal, family, or community level, are all directly influenced by the general national or global impact. For example, the rise of fuel price, or health insurance does impact us on a personal level.  Since we now live in a world of global connectivity, the thing said or done at any state or level carries a spiral effect on everyone globally, and this impact could either be positive or negative, it all depends on who is taking advantage of the global interconnection.

If the church refuses to take advantage of the new global platform, the enemy will certain use it to its advantage. It is highly important the church understand how a global digital world can positively or negatively affect everything, from relationship at home to how we buy and sell in the marketplace, and we must learn to manage all of the 21st century realities.

The truth is, the agony of failure and the disappointments we face based of a relational disconnection either at home or at the workplace becomes an effective weaponry the enemy uses in trying to cripple and demobilize most believers, particularly, those who have been overburdened by financial or material needs.

If you are going to triumph as a strong follower of the Lord in this epic season, you must be willing to overcome the deep, inner desires of the flesh [lust of the eyes, the pride of life and the deceitfulness of riches] and soul because they are the gateway of the enemy into our lives.

One of the truths the present apostolic Christianity is mandated to restoring, is the ability to learn how to abound and a base in all things. The capacity to gain mastery over needs, give us the power to subject the spirit of pride that surfaces through what we possess.  The false power or confidence that manifest through what we possess is a clear indication that our will, desire, and emotion are yet to be wholly submitted to the eternal authority of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Learning to keep our spirit, soul, and body under the governing influence of Christ, despite what we may need, or facing as an attack, is a strong reflection of a well branded apostolic grace within us as Christians.

Abundance and lack, are two extreme realities the Body of Christ is still struggling to comprehend and accurately handle with firm apostolic spirit. These two [abundance and lack] remain the most effective tools in the hands of the enemy in terms of manipulating the emotional and spiritual disposition of most believers. Indeed, the ability to buy and sale is now proven to be the defining factor of must Christian faith today, and no longer the unconditional love and passion they claim to have for their heavenly father.

How many have lost faith, hope, and love because the bank institution has repossessed their car and house. How many individuals, families and businesses today are in huge debt due to the pressure of trying to maintain their lavish lifestyle?

The spirit of the anti-Christ

One of the main powers of the anti-Christ lies within the spirit of trade and commerce. The Scripture informs us that people will not be able to buy or sale except they have the mark of the beast on their forehead and right-hand. This basically means that those who will give in to the spirit of the beast will be those who truly don’t recognize their identity and position of authority in Christ.

The forehead does not exclusively represent the faculty of thinking, but also the location of our core identity and creative imaginative grace. Such person who gives up their authority and identity are certainly clueless with regards to their purpose and assignment, to the degree that what they possess is what determines their security and happiness. Such low quality of existence makes it very easy for the man of sin, the Antichrist to rule over them.

Receiving the mark on your right hand simply means that you’ve abdicated your heaven given authority to rule on the earth by coming a slave to that which seeks to control and seize your identity of rulership to reign in life as a king, priest, and a prophet you’ve been destined for before time began.  You’ve given up your ability to have a voice in the earth in terms of changing the cause of the thing. You’ve become a slave to your own appetite and passion like Esau, who sold his birthright for a pot of soup.

The inability to wait for the salvation of the Lord will cause many to lose out. The lesson here is Saul. King Saul was asked to wait for the prophet Samuel for seven days before engaging the Philistine in battle. However, Saul could no longer wait by the sixth day when he saw his army being scattered and the nation crossing over the Philistine said due to fear. Saul then decides to offer the sacrifice of himself, hoping the Lord will accept the sacrifice regardless of who offers it.

Saul was wrong and he certainly was judged because he lacked the ability to constrain himself from a priestly office he was not designated. The discipline to restrain or constrain ourselves from things and people is a high watermark in the life of a true follower of Christ.

For those who are yet to learn how to gain mastery over the anxiety and the pressures of life will certainly find it highly difficult to stand against the spirit of commerce. Some people have become addicted to the spirit of buying and selling. Their entire life structure is wrapped material possession.

The intense pressure of material and emotional needs of the last days has found a good foothold over them. In as much as the revelation of complete surrender and dependence on Christ provision and protection has not become an engrained reality within the inner construction of once existence, the enemy will always have a place of attraction over your soul.

Poverty, the spirit of neediness is an ancient weaponry the beast and the kings of the earth have always used to manipulate and control their subjects. Unfortunately, it is still the most effective way leaders of today’s society use in controlling their citizens.

Eighty percent of the wealth of the world is in the hands of twenty percent of the richest Western countries. It is said that eighty percent of this wealth is illegally acquired from the African continent.

However, Africa remains the poorest continent in the globe. These miss anomaly and vast disparities need to be an effective address if the spirit of equity and transformation must prevail in the 21st century society, or else, the world will continue to face defragmentation.

Having said this, we must never allow the enemy to use lack or needs at any level to push us into compromising our identity and redemptive heritage in Christ. The values of education, integrity and dignity should be maintained at all levels as we press further in achieving what we have been destined for as kingdom representation in the earth.

Developing the wisdom to engage the spirit of poverty on a higher ground should be encouraged as educational capacity and skill are sought with all courage and determination. Maintaining our focus to engage the 21st century with the mentality to manifest the glory of the kingdom of God should be our key intention and desire.

Anyone willing to compromise his God given identity or position to receive the mark of the beast due to a temporary challenge must understand the consequence at all levels. Pressing into the reality of the future demands that we regain our creative identity in engaging the spirit of Babylon and Egypt without compromise.

As we move within the times and the seasons of the Lord, we must understand when the voice of the Lord is leading us to go buy grain Egypt, or becomes a cup bearer, or even become a dream interpreter for some of the most powerful politicians of our day.  Whatever you may face in this journey of representation should be viewed as a motivating force to reach the point where the mountain of the Lord’s house becomes the highest of all mountains.

We must not only learn to resist the deception of human disappointment by perpetually putting our love, faith and hope in Christ alone, but also resolve within our spirit not to allow temporal needs or lack to derail us from pressing into the day of fulfilling our prophetic destiny.

The Lord promised to be your shepherd and you shall not want… The testimony of the triumphant Church is their ability to overcome all forms of emotional and psychological treats and trials without compromise. Paul highlighted seven intense encounters believers are bound to face as the day of darkness closes in, and each one of the trials must be thoroughly overcome with unconditional Love for Jesus Christ and his Body. The big question we must now ask ourselves is, is the love of God increases in our hearts to the point that we are ready to face the seven mountainous challenges?

Romans 8:35-39

35 Who shall separate us from the love of Christ? Shall tribulation, or distress, or persecution, or famine, or nakedness, or peril, or sword? 36 As it is written: “For Your sake we are killed all day long; We are accounted as sheep for the slaughter.” 37 Yet in all these things we are more than conquerors through Him who loved us. 38 For I am persuaded that neither death nor life, nor angels nor principalities nor powers, nor things present nor things to come, 39 nor height nor depth, nor any other created thing, shall be able to separate us from the love of God which is in Christ Jesus our Lord. NKJV

Once again, I will like to state that what is happening across Europe, America, Israel, and the Arab world is not the end of the world like some would want us to believe. Rather, this is the beginning of a new era in human history that is reshaping the ideological landscape of man’s theology concerning God’s sovereignty and authority. Many have assumed the Lord has no say in the affairs of man, and therefore, they must come up with their own solution and answer to the present economic and political needs.

The huge amount of resource and wealth that has been stockpiled by Europe and the West seem not to be enough in dealing with the humongous challenge before them. Everything seems to be failing without remedy, yet, the solution is right before their eyes, if only we can be humble enough to let God open our eyes to see the solution. It is now obvious that God is now speaking profoundly from his throne concerning the destiny of man as his hand presses a hand on nations across the earth. The future is no longer predictable as before.

The day of the Lords Jubilee

Whatever form of wealth nations has accumulated in the name of injustice will be returned in this day of the Lord’s jubilee. This is the day of jubilee! God is setting his people free from all forms of bondage and slavery across nations. Acknowledging our injustice and wickedness is a major healing balm in this day of the Lords vengeance.

The pride of the nations is come to naught as the Lord stirs up himself like a sleeping lion ready to devour its prey. Whatever the nations are hoping in as their future security are all coming down like a house of cards. The towers and wall of false defense are coming down without answer. God is revealing himself as the only future end of all men.

Trust me, nothing will escape the path of this spiritual hurricane blowing across the land and regions of the earth. For those in high places who still assume they are still in charge should rethink because their world is passing away with a great noise while a new world order, designed by the King of kings and the Lord of Lords is being ushered in.

Jesus Christ of Nazareth is the one ushering in a new world order according to the book of revelation and not the antichrist and the world would have us believe. Everything the enemy is doing out there is a direct counterfeit of what they learnt in the kingdom of God.

The nations are crying for leadership

In this context, members of the Body of Christ should view what is happening across the world at her moment of greatness and opportunity to build momentum towards developing the spiritual structure needed in fulfilling her prophetic apostolic destiny. The signs across the globe today are all pointing towards one major need, which is authentic leadership.

We have told in time past, that leadership is not a title neither is it a mere position of authority; leadership is a creative, spiritual competence that goes beyond administrative skill to seeing and understanding the very nature of {people} things for what they are, and being able to accurately offer a tailor-made solution according to divine direction. In other words, where academic and intellectual skill reaches, is where those with the true nature of spiritual competency in leadership starts to lead. You cannot separate leadership from the Spirit of divine guidance according to John chapter 13.

The challenge of leadership

To leader at any level, you must have an insight into the reality of the challenge before you.

Jesus Christ portrays the life of a true leader. He did not only use his influence to make people do things as most leaders are taught in business schools, he had the ability to [discern] see deep into the very source of each problem, and exercise the necessary authority, prescribed by his heavenly in addressing the problem.

He dealt with the root that produces bad fruits. Isaiah chapter three shows us the values, characteristics of what makes the quality of Jesus leadership spirit an exceptional, and how he administrates his leadership quality.  Not basing leadership on what we see with our natural eyes, or judged by what we hear with our physical, outer hearing faculty is one of key traits of sound, biblical leadership grace.

Leadership goes beyond just the solving problems to changing human hearts, and the regional spiritual climate that influences the activities of men.  The main challenge of leadership at all levels is to precisely find how to change the inherent fallen human nature that seeks to negatively corrupt and interfere with divine order.

It is clear that the issues the society is faced with today are way beyond natural occurrence. Therefore, to resolve the challenges, those with spiritual insight and the competent spiritual capacity should avail themselves in the matter of governance and leadership in all spheres of human affairs.

 How many people today are failing in the so-called secular arena because they listen to the lies of the enemy that says they must not mix their spiritual life with their secular business. Diving your life into spiritual or secular space is one of the devil’s greatest deception you could ever buy. You have one life, and that one life is expressed in various spheres of your existence. In other words, you must get a clear definition of your assignment, and then let your God given gift or grace to guide you on how to exercise authority within such an arena.

The same Spirit that sustains your personal prayer life or marriage also sustains and enhances your productivity in the marketplace. If you’re spiritually cannot be fully expressed and felt in your political career as a believer, how do bring lasting transformation to the complex issues within your constituency? Believers are quick to forget that the whole essence of spirituality is to release divine life wherever there is darkness or destruction.  This is what Joseph represented in Egypt and Denel in Babylon.

The word of God says we are the salt of the earth, how can we season nations and regions when we don’t even believe we have what it takes to sustain or bring transformation to societies. What is my point? The wisdom of this world, according to James, is failing rapidly; it is time believers who are filled with the Spirit of God allow the father to reposition them where they can be of use in offering the best solution and direction to the present national or global crisis.

This is the beautiful story we read in Acts chapter 6. When Stephen and the rest of the disciples were chosen to represent the church regarding the distribution of food, we see the qualification required. That standard has not changed, the world is desperately in need of leadership with the quality of the Spirit that can resolve the issues of character deforming in the corridor of government. The Lords administrative capacity can work to resolve the challenges before the nations if believers will just let the wisdom of God direct their steps.

Acts 6:3-4

3 Therefore, select out from among yourselves, brethren, seven men of good and attested character and repute, full of the [Holy] Spirit and wisdom, whom we may assign to look after this business and duty. 4 But we will continue to devote ourselves steadfastly to prayer and the ministry of the Word. AMP

The kingdom of God is a living reality, growing in the hearts of all who have taken the call to transit out of Babylon, the system of humanistic wisdom. While we may be in Babylon, we informed never to allow the values and philosophy of Babylon to impact our views and moral standard of quality, kingdom decisions.

Understanding what is happening

If there is ever a time where the wisdom of God needs to be display is now. What is happening in earth today is the clash of two systems.  The life and authority of these kingdoms cannot be seen with the naked eyes, but their influences and power are highly felt across the globe. As the Lord continues to use the issues in Europe and the rest of the world to awake his sleeping Church to her responsibility, we will see a more proactive and strategic, apostolic ecclesia, emerge with divine wisdom and authority in leading the cities and nations out of their predicaments.

The Lord is using the ongoing global crisis to draw the attention of his Church and the nation’s first to his sovereignty, secondly, to the principles and mode of his redemptive plan. The priority of the heart the father is to see nations reform and restore back to him. He will use whatever means and method to make this clear for all to understand. This is the day of the Lords harvest. Whatever we desire to do for the Lord must be seen in this context of this present prophet mandate.

Each nation and regions of the earth have their unique role in Gods prophetic activity as he continues to shake the foundation of many generations; therefore, what is happening in one region should not be generalized, rather, it should be viewed in the context of the awakening of the spirit of such regions to the voice of the Lord. As this continues to happen on a national and global scale, I will like to remind you that it is already taking place even on an individual, personal stage.

These are the days of huge predicament for individual families and businesses. Many will assume the Lord has deserted them because of the impact of the trials they will be facing, especially, in the area of marriage relationships and personal financial challenge. The security and philosophy, we have embedded will be greatly tested as I have said earlier.

Everything in our lives that can be shaken will be shaken to its foundation. It is a day to learn how to read the handwriting of the Lord on the walls of our lives, lest we become disappointed and ultimately abdicate our stand. The ability to precisely identify and make sense of what is taking place around us is a major advantage, unfortunately, very few have learned to be quiet within their soul in times of trouble so they can hear the voice of the Lord.

One of the very first lesson prophet Jeremiah learned, as any other prophetic generation is the ability to identify the true meaning of what is sees. If we cannot make sense of the issues in and around our lives, we have no means of direction or solution. Thus, we should be asking ourselves now is what is, what is the significance of what is taking place globally? The only person that can give us a clear answer is the Spirit of truth himself.

The scripture says, when he, the Spirit of truth comes, he will guide you into all truth without exception. May the Lord give us the spirit of inquiry in this season. John 16:13 But when he, the Spirit of truth, comes, he will guide you into all truth. He will not speak on his own; he will speak only what he hears, and he will tell you what is yet to come. NIV

Is the church ready for governance?

While the issue of regime change may be prominent on the agenda of what has been dubbed as the ‘Arab Springs’. There is no doubt, that the major challenge in the Western world is the lack of fiscal discipline in the capitalist driven economy. For a long time, the key major problem in Africa has been the complete lack of managerial leadership competence. It is a known fact that Africa is the richest continent in the world, yet, poverty and every other form of human limitations finds their residence in the region. Her huge resources are continually plundered and wasted dictatorial leaders and the so-called foreign investors.

The context of these enormous regional challenges needs to be made clear to the church, as each part will require unique apostolic skill and insight in dealing with them. Unfortunately, our lopsided understanding regarding matters relating to diplomacy in international relations is indeed limiting our level of interaction and collaborating capacity with politics and governance in high places.

Government institutions do not recognize the position of the church in contributing to national and internal development because the church in the past has portrayed herself as a needing organization. Unfortunately, they seem to be right because all we see from church leaders is the accumulating of liabilities with very little assets.

The Church still has a long way to go in understanding the purpose of wealth, prosperity and influence regarding nation building and socioeconomic reform and transformation. This form of limitation has made it even more difficult for her to be positioned in the corridor of political and global interaction, yet the church relates to more humans on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis than any other government institution on the planet.

Gearing for a David mentality

There is no doubt that politics comes with a certain degree of influence and power that if not handle with an excellent spirit, powered by the values model of a sound, internal governmental spirit, compromise, and corruption are inevitable. However, it is important that we state that the Lord places the church on earth as his representative to engage with all authorities and powers regarding the redemption of man from all forms of corruption.

Therefore, the concept of apostolic Christianity seeks to engage the philosophies of man as it seeks to offer the best solution to the pressing crisis. David showed us a lesson to learn when he faced a similar enemy in the person of Goliath. Goliath is a type of the present socioeconomic crisis the world is faced with, to defeat this spirit, you and I need to absolutely know our true position and identity in Christ. We need to be well dressed in our mentality like David, who knew how to receive command and direction of the chief commander of the army of Israel, the Lord of host himself.

The Davidic anointing is highly needed in our day for the society to be free from her present threat. The Lord through his sovereign {intervention} plan has always positioned a prophet {seer} to help guide the decision of the king. The Job descriptions of these men and women sometimes called the King’s prophets are to help inject the right moral values and sound wisdom to the decisions that needs to be made by the king on behalf of his kingdom.

These men and women may not be accepted as prophets by the definition of a religious system; however, their influence plays a key role in shaping the outcomes of the decisions made by leaders of their generation. Due to the limited understanding regarding the role of religion and politics, many have allowed the ideology of {church and state} circularized philosophy to hinder them from participating in the transforming process of their society.

The condition of bad managerial capacity witnessed in most governments circle across the world is indeed a signpost of the need of well skilled, Spirit filled men and women with character and integrity in the corridors of government.

The world is desperately in need of true leaders whose lives have been entrenched in the core values of the fruit of the Spirit and the capacity to govern. The nature of the fruit of the spirit can only be express fully outside the corridors of the Church organization. Meaning, the life transforming capacity given to the church is best utilized amid the ongoing darkness covering every facet of human existence.

The people of the world are already confused and in desperate need of a solution. The present global challenges require the principle of present truth in operation within core structures of government if society is going to witness lasting reforms and transformation. Custodians of present truth are those who have embraced the present reformation voice, being declared from the present apostolic house the Lord is building.


When heaven shakes the earth

God is presently transforming and restoring the earth back to its original state, and this requires a complete collapse of everything man has ever built in a name of a church and unity. This is one of the reasons most of the key socioeconomic global institution’s old policies are failing without anyone to give them answer to what is taking place.  The more they try to fix one problem the next one shows up even a more complex issue.

The division within a man’s structure is really showing up in every area of his existence. Indeed, a house divided against itself cannot stand. What a day of the speakings of the Lord. It is difficult for the UN to come into agreement on the issue of human violation in Syria and other parts of the Arab Spring, due to some very powerful countries’ interest in the war.

We are seeing a weak, divided UN like we’ve not seen it before. We are also seeing that it is becoming more difficult for the EU to agree on a common solution in dealing with her present financial crisis, and the way forward for the bloc as United Kingdom will not accept the principal policies offered by the EU. All these are reflections of the inability of fallen man to govern himself.

The response of global institutions regarding the ongoing crisis in the world so far has indeed expose the fragmentation in the ideology of the so-called {UN, EU, AU, and Arab league} alliances, and has also proven the fragility of the human moral structure in saving society, especially the poorest, marginalized communities.

The fact that government across the globe cannot give their citizens precise definition of what is causing their economy to shut down with all the stimulus package of recapitalization and devaluation of very stronger currencies, is causing millions across the globe not just to panic but almost going insane.

This is the day of the Lord, and if you will listen, you will hear his voice with clarity. For the hand of the Lord is not short to save, if we return to the Lord, he will return to us with mercy and grace.  Awake sons of God as the Lord, shake the foundation of many generations.