Principle of spiritual authority

 and governmental warfare

by Isaiah-Phillips Akintola

Part 4



Hebrews 11 32-38

32 And what more shall I say? I do not have time to tell about Gideon, Barak, Samson and Jephthah, about David and Samuel and the prophets, 33 who through faith conquered kingdoms, administered justice, and gained what was promised; who shut the mouths of lions, 34 quenched the fury of the flames, and escaped the edge of the sword; whose weakness was turned to strength; and who became powerful in battle and routed foreign armies.

35 Women received back their dead, raised to life again.

There were others who were tortured, refusing to be released so that they might gain an even better resurrection. 36 Some faced jeers and flogging, and even chains and imprisonment. 37 They were put to death by stoning; e they were sawed in two; they were killed by the sword. They went about in sheepskins and goatskins, destitute, persecuted and mistreated— 38 the world was not worthy of them. They wandered in deserts and mountains, living in caves and in holes in the ground.

This highlighted scripture above defines the spiritual framework and character posture the ecclesia must assume as a kingdom priestly regents Heaven is empowering and releasing in this season of engaging the ongoing, complex issues and challenges the nation’s and creation is faced with under the insidious influence of the activity of Jezebel.

Divine upgrade

it is important to note that there’s a current, general update and upgrading of our spiritual base and the apostolic resources at our disposal in order to be effectively and efficiently prepared to  engage; this is to prevent us from being trapped by the same religious web of division and extremism that entangled many in the past who tried representing the purposes of God from a very shallow, narrow, and myopic perspective.

What is Gods agenda for the earth in this new day?

The Father’s agenda is to fill the earth {people} with the knowledge of his glory through a company of priesthood, emerging with the ascended revelatory reality of the son, but functions from an ascended, eternal realm of representation, the pattern of our ministry priesthood must change from the obsolete first and second day reality of representation; we must come into the ascended ministry lifestyle of Melchizedek.

Functioning within the framework authority and power of this priesthood is highly important if we must effectively move and function within the current Satanic activity challenging our position and identity in Christ.

The remnant of individuals who will live and function within the framework of the ongoing complex, false order off the earth must have shift from the house of Saul to the present, restored {house} tabernacle of David, and that is because only David carries the ascended insight of the authority of the kingdom to face and behead the giant, evil system challenging us today.

Beyond this, these company of men and woman will carry and operate in the iconic spirit of the patriarchs. Each of the Patriarchs represent a dimension of grace, wisdom, strategy, and capacity that must function in the power of corporate unity in dislodging the spirit of Darkness before us.

 These are days where Enoch, Noah, Abraham, Moses, Joseph, Esther, Ruth, Elizabeth, Mary, and the rest are all being awaken within the hearts of the saints, emerging in their various respectable position in defeating the spirit of humanist, Satanic activity distorting the prophetic mandate of God for creation.

There’s no doubt that the Spirit of the Lord is forcefully leading the Body of Christ to a new position of more advanced, governmental engagement which requires we shift from our old position towards a more accurate, matured reality of the prophetic requirement of the Spirit for the season.

The nature of spiritual resistance and opposition we are faced with today, demands the finest of the Spirit of wisdom and faith. There’s a need we redefine and update our prophetic insight in order to be strategically repositioned with maximum, sustained capacity to advance.

The mandate of entering to repossess our lost spiritual space and heritage as legitimate, custodians of the earth has become an assignment that cannot be neglected nor defer to the future, yet, we have to advance with caution due to the kind of subtle but powerful enemy we are contending with.

The prophetic objective of rebuilding and restoring the architectural structure of the burnt gates and broken walls of lives, families, institutions, and the society at large, will certainly demand we move towards a more advanced, prophetic engagement towards all illegitimate spirits and entities at the gates.

Maintaining a biblically sound and balanced spiritual [perspective] neutrality in responding and representing the eternal agenda of the kingdom of God within a sharply, racially charged, and divided society is highly critical, if we are to truly manifest the spirit of redemption, healing and restoration to creation, and ultimately, reign with Christ in his millennial kingdom Age.

We cannot afford to be found biased, religious, and denominational in our prophetic philosophy and perspective as we advance in this season. Every form of charismatic, blind spot and misconceptions regarding the ascended, operational pattern and direction of the kingdom and its initiatives in this season must be thoroughly examined and addressed before we step out again in divine representation.

The position of our utilization of kingdom authority and power in warfare should be strictly built on the apostolic template of Christ nature and character which must not be compromised by any form of religious assumption, humanist beliefs, or some form of an overt, nationalistic, prejudicial attitudes.

This is the day of the operation of the kingdom values and principle, meaning, we have to test whatever we’ve been taught to believe in our various church community within the principles of the kingdom so we are not found to be misrepresenting Christ out there in the name of our own traditional, charismatic Church believes or expectations.

The standard is, if any man be in Christ and not in a church, such a person is a new creation, behold, old [ways, patterns, culture, ideologies, and philosophy] things have passed away, observe, all things have become new. The operational position of those in Christ is a spiritual value and posture of an ever-increasing newness. Newness should reflect the position of advanced spiritual development, perception, interaction, and engagement with all humans and creation regardless of how hateful or bitter they may be to us.

When Joshua met the captain of the Lord of host standing, he asked him if he was for them or against them, the captain of the Lord of the host said, am neither for both sides. This is an important truth and attitude we need to understand and embrace in a day where polarization has become the order of political engagement.

Religious bias and other forms of humanist prejudice will not only blind our insight from seeing the intention and direction of the Lord in this hour, but will in fact, cripple our ability and capacity to effectively engage in the arts of advance prophetic initiatives, even as we are called to charge in warfare against the spirit of Jezebel and the high places of our communities, cities and generation.

Laying this foundational narrative is crucial, because many are still divided behind some charismatic, religious ideological differences, fueled on racial grounds, depending on which side of the fence they find themselves. To develop a biblically sound world view in dealing with the socio-cultural and economic divides is to allow the Spirit of the Lord to first strip us of our presumptive ideas and knowledge, gathered under the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.

 Secondly, is to allow the Father to enlighten and broaden our spiritual standpoint regarding the current political or socioeconomic realities of our time, which I usually term as a position of prophetic spectrum.

As we know, when a ray of light passes through a fraction prism, what we experience is a spectrum of colors. This truth is the same when considering the idea of allowing the light of God’s truth to pass through and permeate our spiritman, what happens is, we effectively see and identify the various, glorious, unique beauty and identity of the Father for each person, family, community, nation, continent, and of course, this generation as a whole.


To understand and effectively Administrate the justice system of the kingdom of God on earth, which is totally different in view and value from the humanist and religious viewpoint, is to be ready to prophetically represent the priestly, governmental authority of the kingdom of God according to Isaiah chapter 11.

A prophetic student will be keenly aware that one of the manifest Spirit of the last days and before the final coming of Christ is the spirit of Elijah, and we are told that this spirit, or, the posture of life if you will, carries the authority of reformation and restoration in the earth. We’ve seen the progressive released of this spirit in a dimension, right from the days of John the Baptist and throughout church history. Today, we are witnessing a greater outpour and the release of this spirit as we confront one of the deadliest, Satanic assault, unleashed upon this generation.

The restorative, prophetic capacity of the spirit and ministry of Elijah in this season is a clear sign of the accelerated nature of kingdom activity that is currently taking place across the earth. The emergence of the spirit of Elijah amongst other apostolic governmental grace being restored to the ecclesia is a high watermark in the call to the arena of divine representation, even as the day of the Lord becomes more eminent.

The kingdom of God is suffering violence, and the violence we must be ready to take by divine enforcement of kingdom truth. We shall further consider the relevant position and influence of the spirit of Elijah as we track the position of divine confrontation.


Therefore, in the context of this apostolic framework, our war gear of readiness and engagement must totally reflect what we see in Isaiah 11. Elijah which is a type of the Carmel skin we should wear in this season must be dressed in these qualities of spirit of Christ described as the full armor of God according to Ephesians chapter 6. Having brought this into perspective, we then need to begin to understand the nature of the common enemy of the kingdom we are assigned and dressed to deal with as a type of a Davidic generation, assigned to watch our father’s sheep.

Our position as watchmen requires that we are truly positioned with the capacity to watch the Lord’s sheep which is way beyond the walls of our local churches and families. We must be prepared to watch and guard the sheep against the humanist and religious lions and bears of our time. The spirits and assigned wicked systems out there now charging against the vulnerability and identity of the sheep of the Father out there must be protected across the nations.


Unmasking these lions and bears are a critical aspect of the current prophetic upgrade, so we can effectively channel our Strategic attack. There are several types of enemies with their unique focus of attack against the children of Israel as we see in the scripture. Each character manifested by the enemy reflects a specific objective of result in the mission to destroy the redemptive mandate of God for his people and the nations.

A significant number of the enemy’s attacks on the people of God are carried out through their own acts of rebellion and disobedience, and in some cases, their ignorance to the values and demand of the Lord as they are being led to their Promised Land.  It is critical we take time to study and carefully examine the various character, focus, methods, and objectives the enemy applies in launching its assault against the children of Israel.

This is important in unveiling the systematic idea of attack against the current Church and society in general. When the enemy, through a particular nation like the Philistine launches an attack, and decides to produce a key figure like the giant, Goliath of Gath, behind such an attack is an objective which is more stronger than the very confrontation itself which is to send a message to the nation of Israel and the next generation, and this message is fear and intimidation.

Fear was a powerful, effective weapon the Philistine and the Midianites used in trying to cripple the entire army of Israel from fighting until a young teenager who had conquered the spirit of fear, through the abiding presence of the Father in his life charged against Goliath.

We noticed the same concept of engagement about Giedion when he was called to lead his people to fight the Midianites and see to the freedom of the economic siege the Midianites waged against his people.  [Judges 6]

You’ll notice that the moment little David killed Goliath, the entire army of the Philistine fled, and the army of Israel that was once crippled by fear suddenly got bold and courageous as they chase after the army of the Philistine and defeated them. This is a powerful, strategic concept of tactical warfare playing out in our own very eyes today.

The enemy is using fear and intimidation against the Church, and many churches and its leadership have gone hiding. The spirit of Jezebel and the Midianites has pushed many into some holes and cave to hide; we’ve lost our voices on issues that truly matter. We are afraid to speak out against things we know we should not defend.

There’s but one enemy in the kingdom of darkness and we all know his name, but this enemy wear different faces; manifest different characters, expresses itself through various philosophical beliefs and uses different methods of attacks depending on what he desires to achieve in the battle.

The launch and objective of an attack, using culture or religion, seeks to creates a different objective and impact from the launch of attack, using slavery, racism, sexual perversion, and it certainly different from an attack that comes through poverty, sickness, or even some other forms of freedom and liberty, without a true sense of respect, responsibility or accountability to mention a few.

The enemy is a Strategist, master planner in launching his attack on humans, and where there’s no clear, prophetic, governmental oversight, societies, which includes, the church, becomes highly vulnerable and victims of such attack unfortunately.  As we understand this natural phenomenon, we Begin to gain keen insight into the nature of spiritual warfare, and the various methods the powers of darkness employ in attacking the church’s position and identity as the nation of God in the earth.

This understanding I’ve tried to lay down as a foundational framework of what we are trying to track through this message gives us the context of why I’ll like us to carefully examine the spirit of Jezebel as one of the most advance, Satanic, method of attacks in this season of kingdom warfare.

To be continued


Celebrating 500 years of Martin Luther’s reformation And the present state of the church, and the way forward

celebrating 500 of reformation








By Isaiah-Phillips Akintola




This message you’re about to read is a generational truth. Meaning, this is not a general conventional message you’ll hear on Sunday. Generational truth can be defined as a truth, message, or revelation that cuts across our various levels of our spiritual orientations, perspectives and understanding.

It seeks to bring insight and wisdom where there’s been confusion with regards to the dealings of the father within certain seasons or epoch. Generation truth cuts across the atmosphere that binds us to a certain frame of spiritual thought, voice, or even dealt with in a particular geographical region or community.

This truth is usually transcendent of our limited revelatory knowledge or even spiritual culture and expectations. Its ultimate purpose is to effectively close an epoch or generation as it ushers in the next phase of the speaking of the Father without leaving any loose ends behind. Generational truth brings clarity as it bridges the division and schism within the body, especially in the area where heaven has begun to announce a new day.


I will start out this article from a backdrop of a similar sort of spiritual environment Martin Luther and the rest of the early church fathers found themselves in regard to the perversion of the word of God, and the entire spiritual culture of the church back in the early century.

By the time Martin Luther, who, himself, was formerly part of the religious, organized system of the Roman catholic church realized the sacrilege the catholic church had committed to the principles and value standard of God’s word and the body of Christ, he could no longer be satisfied, or silent with his religious monk practice, he knew he had to challenge the evil beast of Catholicism, defacing Christ, his kingdom, and the image of his church on earth.

When the Lord finally opened his eyes of spiritual understanding of the powerful principle of the just living by faith and not through what the Pop and the papacy’s tradition teachers, he was indeed ready to have a showdown with the entire Roman catholic church order.

 The courage to speak and challenge the falsehood was summoned through what he had encountered through the written word of God. As we know back then, the Bible was only available to the Pop and very few elites amongst the religious order of the catholic church. Ignorance and spiritual blindness was perpetuated back then by keeping the written word of God away from the general public. All kinds of lies, deceit, falsehood, occultism, and satanic practices had been brought into the Christian faith. In fact, the church had become a den of thieves and armed robbers. The house of God had become a house of idolatry and witchcraft practice.

 As Martin Luther was determined to find a way to break the spell cast upon the people of God and the nations through the cult of the papacy, we also in this sacred day of the Lord must be determined to break the religious, humanist  spell cast upon the present-day church.

There’s no doubt that the Lord Jesus Christ is now releasing the spirit of Cyrus across the globe with the mandate to restore his living temple across the nations, and this is being down through resources and technological capacity like the internet, social media and other strategic means required to fast the movement of the rebuilding of heaven’s initiatives.  This is the third day of the Lord; a day of the third reformation, and we are excited to be alive in this sacred season of the Spirit.

Those called, graced and processed for this present third day reformation must arise with faith, courage, wisdom, holy zeal challenge demonic powers, position to resist the advancement of the kingdom of God across the churches and cities.


Today, there are powerful, seductive humanist western [cultures] philosophies that has been methodically mixed with today’s Christianity, just has we have African animalist beliefs and traditions, imported and mixed with biblical, spiritual philosophy, such that most of the understanding and knowledge that drives what is today defined or celebrated as Christianity across our cities, are powerful demonic, foreign values, sourced from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, the spirit of the strange woman who has captured the souls of men; and of cause, the kings of the earth who have also decided to lay in bed with this woman.

These are the nature of the entities and personalities we have allowed to freely coexist with us in the guise of trying to fill the house of God with souls. Instead of the church capturing and influencing these nations with the eternal truth and culture of heaven, we’ve been rather capture and assimilated into their own Babylonian ways of thinking.


Personally, one of my prophetic assignment as a gatekeeper, is not to merely guard the walls and gates of the ecclesia from the spirits of these foreign invaders, but to also make sure there’s preservation of the sacred order of our kingdom apostolic faith-life, and our citizenship identity as we continually engage with society in the advancement of our movement in the earth.

The idea of a sound, apostolic spiritual tradition has almost been eroded from today’s church. Apostolic faith tradition is that spiritual culture and identity the church of Christ was established on at its very inception, and yet, it is the list known and practiced in the body of Christ today. Without understanding the very culture and philosophy that drives the spirituality of the church, it becomes very easy to accept any form of spirituality as long as they sound good and feels good.

This explains why many church leaders today are subtly embracing the demonic New Age/ ancient Greek mythology philosophy.  The culture of the Christian faith is one of the most powerful virtues we have that clearly separates Christianity from other religions, especially the eastern religion that practice false piety, self-discovery, and a soulish philosophy of love.


 As the church continues to get bombarded by a foreign, humanist concept of freedom, liberty, and love in the name of democracy and the New Age ideology, we need to recapture our biblical definition and values system of Christ centered love in the context of what redemptive freedom is, and means to the overall development of our apostolic faith.

As we are expected to grow in all things into the full status of Christ as his body in this season, so we have to guide our understanding of precise kingdom community life and its interaction, so we are not misled by a strong spirit of the anti-Christ and delusion in the name of exercising spiritual liberty and democratic right.

The deception and seduction of freedom and self-actualization philosophy are some of the most powerful weapons the enemy is using today to lure many away from the pathway of sound apostolic community and their heritage in Christ. A precise, biblical concept of spiritual freedom is constrained and guided under the strong, governmental leadership of the Holy Spirit and his vetted apostolic elders at the gates.

Our liberty cannot be known or expressed outside the values and laws of the Spirit which are manifested through the nature character of the fruit of the redeemed spirit.   As long as we cannot adequately define to our people what sound apostolic community is and mains before the father and our gathering, we will remain potentially deceived by the ministry of the angel of light who is Lucifer himself. For as long as we cannot differentiate the false light from the true light we cannot fully appreciate the glory of God even when we are attracted by the father’s presence.

  The new age philosophy and interpretation of globalization is currently contending with the spiritual definition and meaning of a true, kingdom global order of Christianity. It’s important we separate these two in clear definition and values standard.


While we may both be expressing the same language of globalization, we, however don’t mean the same thing in values and objective, and I strongly believe we need to identify the difference. There’s no doubt about the current global church movement the Father is building today as we continue to witness the collapse of the prison walls religious bondage, manipulation, and authoritarianism in the church.

In the past ten years or so, we have seen what many leaders refers to as rebellion in the church in that many of their flocks now have access to express their own experience of faith and encounter with their heavenly father without necessarily standing behind a pulpit in their various church gatherings.

And the fact is, most of these folks might never have had the opportunity to be given the mic to share their experience and testimony of their spiritual dealings and walk with Christ because they are seen as unworthy enough to come share the front role stage of the church with some of the ‘most spiritual’, and highly influential rich folks.

The world of internet and social media like your WhatsApp, Facebook, and YouTube has not only given the opportunity for everyone to express themselves, and learn something new, but has also given everyone the platform to become a voice, and of cause, hear the voice of everyone, regardless of their spiritual background and orientation.


to be continued…





the book of the genealogy of christ




A prophetic perspective into your spiritual heritage and bloodline

By Isaiah-Phillips Akintola


The book of the genealogy of Jesus Christ, the son of David, the son of Abraham. Mathew 1:1

As the father draws my attention to this fascinating scripture, I once again saw the importance of the body of Christ, not just to identify with our physical place of birth, regardless of how wonderful we might have cherished such upbringing, or how dreadful and traumatic the experience of such place still lingers within the walls of our imagination and memory.

The emphases I felt the father was drawing my attention to was to reexamine the meaning and role genealogy played in his progressive, redemptive, and restorative program of his Son. I realize that the body of Christ in this crucial epoch needs to rediscover and encourage itself to prophetically embrace its authentic, spiritual [identity] genealogy, which biblically is more important and relevant than any natural family lineage, regardless of how noble or royal such lineage might be according to John chapter 3.


Genealogy is a powerful mystery

Genealogy is a powerful mystery, embedded within the realities of human life and its highly complex, sociocultural definition and protocols. Our lineage is a picture and a story of our identity, both in the natural and spiritual form.  Our lineage speaks deeply into why we are who we are and the hope of what we directly or indirectly long to become.

The invisible code of our identity pushes us towards a certain direction and preference, we may not necessarily be aware of but are there to determine our next move. We cannot deny or wish away from our genealogy.  Genealogy is deeply rooted within the very life of God within the human spirit. All lineages are traced back to Elohim, the creator of the heavens and earth. The vastness of his glory is reflected in the vast array of billions of stars born every hour. The human spirit, which is a direct reflection of the father’s image and likeness of the father tells us about this mystery of genealogy, connected to our eternal purpose and destiny in Christ.

It’s significant that I quickly state that genealogy is way beyond some elemental reality that can be touched and possess. Yes, lands, wealth and other material things are transferred from generation to generation. But true genealogy is a spiritual identity that can only be transferred and imparted through the divine bloodline of those who have been apprehended and summoned to be the custodian of the prophetic agenda of the father on earth. There’s a company amongst the sons of men, whose lives is a prototype of the ladder Jacob encountered on his way to Harran with angels ascending and descending.  [Genesis 28:10]

The prophetic [messenger] angels type of representation are the portals of the seasons of heaven on earth. They carry and announces shift in seasons; they connect and relocate each of God’s people to their aligned destiny in time. They are representatives of the prophetic the glorious, heritage of the commonwealth of heaven on earth. Heaven uses their location, position and seed to birth and initiates the advance prophetic mandate in time.


Why Abraham and David?

This is one of the reasons why Abraham was chosen and called to be the starting point of a new generation of heaven’s redemptive program.  Abraham was a very wealthy man who chose to leave behind what defines his wealth, custom and identity to listen and follow this God who introduced himself to him as his great reward.  David on the other hand, was a teenager whose heart was deeply in love with the God of his ancestors. His heart was searching for something outside the earth. His desire could not be met by things within the reach of this planetary system; there seem to be found in David not just a heart after God, but a passion to reflect and represent all of God’s purpose on earth.

I strongly believe that these are some of the qualities found in these two icons that connect the spirit of the Christ assignment to them. They became the lineage that kick-starts the process of eternal redemption of God in the earth. The prophetic program of the Father is connected and activated on earth through the powerful process of genealogy. For Christ Messianic assignment to become an effective, redemptive reality, he needed not just a body to legitimatize his function, but also a divinely selected, and a well approved, and prepared bloodline to execute such a mandate.

 As our natural birth connects us to a large family tree, so is our spiritual birth. We all have a spiritual genealogy that is eternally connected to our identity and character disposition. Our entire spiritual life is a formation of one seed that reflects two distinct characters, that of David and Abraham, as we’ve just noted.

There’s a uniqueness to your spiritual personality, calling and assignment that should not be mistaken or generalized by humanistic, or religious popular opinion. There’s a profound, prophetic utterance the father made after the fall of man in the garden that is still being fulfilled even to this season. This prophetic word, deals with the judgment of the serpent through the seed of the woman. Well, creation and the church are still tracking the ultimate manifestation of this judgement.

 Today we know that the seed of the woman was Jesus Christ, who journeyed from genesis and through the lineage of Abraham and David until he finally bruised the head of the serpent on Calvary and his ascension back to his father.

 I am very weary of the gospel that tries to clone everyone into one single identity, especially in the way we practice Christianity today. Your genealogy speaks deep into the core of your spiritual identity. It speaks into the formation of how you get to the place of concluding on certain knowledge and beliefs within the universe of Gods prophetic purpose which ultimately leads to how you respond to your spirituality and assignment.


Tracing your spiritual lineage

Who we are as believers and followers of our lord Jesus Christ carries very deep, rich, spiritual history that must not be taken lightly. Each of our spirits, and the proceeding formation of the fruit of spirituality carries a DNA code that can be traced to certain individuals within the world of our assignment. Every born again, spirit-filled believers are members of a divine clan, representing a vast, corporate, life within the bigger framework of the father’s eternal, prophetic counsel.

You may be part of a church organization, or may even be given a post of leadership, but that place or position may not truly resonate within the core identity of your spiritual genealogy, and therefore, you’re not able to perform and produce to the fullness of your assigned, spiritual capacity.

This is something I have personally witnessed, but highly challenging for many to accept, especially if you are a pastor who have labored and invested into people to be part of what you’re building. In my years of pastoring, I have had the painful experience of releasing some of our most gifted and resourceful members of others ministry. Initially, the experience did not sit well with my spirit until the father began to deal with my heart regarding the matter until I realized their leaving was not just for my good but for the general advancement and building up of the kingdom of God.

When we build to own and not to release, it will be highly difficult to positively respond to this kind of teaching. This is a day of the restoration of lost truth in order for the house of God to be perfectly constructed according to divine order. Our function in the kingdom is far bigger than the little empires we have built for ourselves in the name of ministry. The ministry is the Lord’s and not ours.

 There’s a company of people you belong to the kingdom of Israel that enhances your grace function better in the eternal prophetic order of heaven. Please do understand that this does not mean that the house, or its leadership is doing something wrong; in fact, this experience has nothing to do with right or wrong. This is more about proper alignment that allows for effective functioning of our assigned destiny.

This is about where and who you’ve been divinely connected to with the prophetic plan of the father. The entire twelve tribes are the very identity and the summation of the nation of Israel, but each of the tribes carries its own unique image, purpose, and assignment that clearly distinguish them from the rest but also complement the rest.

 I’ve seen so many today in the body, especially among some of us who claim to be part of the apostolic reformation community who either lack the divine knowledge and the operational principle of the genealogy order of operation. Yes, there’s been so much emphasis on fathering and the orphan spirit, yet, little have been discussed or even mentioned regarding the rich life, embedded with the mystery of spiritual genealogy.

I’ve discovered that the main motive for our one-sided teaching emphasis on fathering and sonship is mainly centered on the whole issue of gathering more people, influence and resource for our individual camps and networks, and not really about the core issue of spiritual alignment and advancement of the body of Christ to maturity.

The order of heaven is designed in such a way that every one of us is a reflection, or do I say, an extension of someone’s spiritual experience. For example, the person who led you to the Lord, and maybe discipled you has a part of his or her spiritual DNA impacted into the building blocks of your spiritual edifice.

Although in most cases, we hardly realize or recognize this fact, and when we do, we pretend as if it’s not a big deal. In my own case, I could still remember two important people who played a major role in my discipleship development. If not for these two individuals, am not sure if I’ll be where I am today regarding my spiritual journey.

Identifying your spiritual bloodline

Friends, it’s a fulfilling thing to be able to help members of the body of Christ in this season of great spiritual prostitution of truth and sacred things find their true identity and genealogy. The whole history of a person’s life and originality is encoded within his or her genotype. Your spiritual genotype carries the answer to your genealogy, including who are ordained to mature you into perfection in Christ.  The one who helped in developing your spiritual knowledge and awareness, to some degree, determines the quality nature of your spiritual orientation and identity.

Our spirit carries a journey of rich history; how you see and understand things either natural or spiritual is linked to various inputs and information data your spirit receives and process as true spiritual reality. The wholeness or fragmentation of your spiritual knowledge, to a large degree speaks into your understanding and process of your genealogy.

To realign yourself back to divine order and functionality, you must identify your biblical, spiritual bloodline, and am not talking about you tracing your root to some natural Jewish tribe in Israel like many are doing today in America or Africa.

This is a spiritual thing that the father that can only be done through the guidance and leading of the Holy Spirit.  If your heart is truly searching and you’re open to the word of God, the Father will connect you to your place and tribe, and there you will truly find rest for your soul. Your eternal, prophetic assignment on earth is what defines your genealogy and tribal, kingdom community.

The rediscovery of faith part one


By Isaiah-Phillips Akintola

Prophetic perspective into the

Spirit and life of apostolic faith


This article is a sequence to a write-up made earlier this year on managing your faith in a season of transition. To fully grasp both the focus and direction of this writing, I will urge you to peruse through the previous articles on managing your faith in season of transition and development.

Life, as describe and prescribed by the glorious revelation of our Lord Jesus Christ is becoming more real as the only structure required for the ecclesia in moving towards the glorious manifestation of the kingdom age. As the humanistic definition of life and its existence continues to cascade into fear, doubt and uncertain, life will become even more unbearable and frustrating to millions who will be desperate for any form of answer.

The general deterioration of leadership, integrity, and the collapse of socioeconomic security across the regions of the world has continued to shape how society, including some part the Christian community sees the future.

The advent of Ukraine’s civil war, the full bloom of anti-God, humanist policy in the American government; the rise of the ISIS Islamic extremist group, BOKO HARAM, EBOLA in West Africa, extreme climate change, and the most recent collapse of the economy of both China and Germany, which are generally assumed to be two of the most stable and strong economies globally are all pointers to what the world should be expecting in the days ahead.

The two streams of global events

It is important we highlight again, these two streams of events taking place concurrently globally. Without putting things in their right perspective, we may be seduced and dragged away by what may seem to be the obvious from the natural human perspective, while we are completely shot away from divine factors, shaping, and determining the direction of things towards the ultimate end.

One of the limitations of the falling unregenerated man is the fact that with all the scientific knowledge and technological advance at his disposal, he still cannot truly make sense of things beyond his sensory faculty. What a shame to find yourself limited to only things your sense can only comprehend. Life is certainly beyond the act of breathing in and out.

If you are still struggling to come to terms with the fact that you are a spiritual being designed to function in a completely spiritual state not bound to time, space or circumstance, even then I am afraid to inform you that you are already a victim of all that is happening or will be taking place in the near future.

And if you have come to a certain awareness of a spiritual state that is not accurately aligned to the prescribed moral, spiritual value standard, am afraid to inform you that you’ve also been lied to, and the enemy will continue to deceive and manipulate you until you make up your mind to reconnect yourself back to Christ Jesus your only hope and redeemer.

My focus in this article is not really to dwell around what is happening from the carnal human viewpoint, while this is highly important and necessary, and should be given the right space it deserves. However, my mission through this article is to try to prophetically convey the mind of the Lord in terms of his present apostolic reformation initiatives across the globe.

The Lord will have us accurately understand the new path-growth requirements for the perfecting of his ecclesia in the 21st century in order to fully function in the spirit of perfected faith. Righteousness, peace, and justice, clothe in the garment of the full revelation of Christ light must lead this new order of priesthood until the very foe of his Church becomes vanquished in the authority of the sword of his mouth.

The further we ascend into the reality of his appearance within us and around us, the more we need to evaluate and thoroughly reexamine not just ourselves, but how we have managed and Steward the [spiritual] things given to us for the readiness and the perfecting of the Saints and the nations in general.

The dawn of this season of the end is ushering into our lives a profounder and richer revelation of Christ life within each of our vessels, such that the footing and the current framework of this kingdom activity is in no doubt bringing the Church and creation closer into harmony with his creator.

As heaven continues to open the doorways, pathways, and highways within our spirit to the new impression and expression of the Lord, you and I now have a lifetime opportunity to totally unclothe our minds from old rigid, humanistic and religious pattern of thinking and behavior. The religious strongholds that have for a long time defined the state and condition of the Church of the Lord must now give way to the current prophetic declaration and proclamation of this new company of people carrying the very DNA of the Spirit of the Lamb.

 The birth of the apostolic reformation move in the late 80s has now reached a new zenith in the Spirit of transformation, which now requires a different template of faith it its prophetic operation and expression.

As Moses, who through his apostolic mandate brought Pharaoh and the entire house of Egypt to a new height of judgment which finally compelled Pharaoh to let God’s people go. The Lord is now bringing the prophetic activity of his ecclesia within the nations to a new dimension of prophetic warfare that requires a renewed sense of governmental authority and power, established in a well-footed postured of the Spirit of a sent one.

 There’s been a solid establishment of an insightful truth within the body of Christ for the past twenty years or more, which says new wine, can only be poured into new wineskin. This truth cannot be more resonant in this hour of redefinition of faith and its required components of its operation.

The lord is certainly pouring new and strange things within the spirit of his apprehended one’s. However, these outpourings can only be understood and applied through a renewed and a well-developed complex human behavioral pattern of lifestyle, established on the firm-footing of a sound biblical concept of faith. This is the day of the new things of the Spirit and a new wineskin {spiritual mentality} is required for you reading or listening to this message.


Building the new on old foundation


The redefinition of faith to heaven’s divine purpose and perspective is highly crucial to the execution of things of the Lord in this epic season. One of the main reasons why it seems a lot of the initiative and deceleration of the current prophetic apostolic ministry are being refused or rejected, is due to the fact that the spiritual template or the foundation of the people receiving this divine initiative is still defined in the former concept of faith introduced from the past Pentecostalism paradigm.

It is a shame and disheartening to see many who were in the Frontline ministry of the apostolic reformation move back then, now back into the old ritualistic charismatic self-motivated stream.

My heart is sour and truly distress when I see or read what some of these people now promote as the kingdom apostolic message. In the early days of the apostolic reformation move in Nigeria, I saw this issue becoming a major challenge and I tried to rectify it by speaking to some of the Frontline leaders about it, but they refused to listen to the point I was basically sidelined. Today, we are seating with this issue of even some completely in a backsliding state.

Trying to rush into building on a foundation or footing that is not solidified is creating a potential for a major disaster. Building an initiative designed on prophetic lifestyle takes both time and patience to prove that the foundation is ready to carry the weight of whatever is going to be built on it.  The Pentecostal paradigm of faith cannot carry or understand what the Lord is requiring from you and me in this new day.

Pastors and Church leaders are afraid to lose resources and Church members; therefore, they will rather tone down the demands and requirement of the message to keep favor and money flowing in from their (church members) fans. This is one of the primary reasons why people are feeble when it comes to going into the next reality of heavens demand for their generation.

What is Lord is saying for this new season will require you and your entire church team or members to die to what use to work in order to step into the new normal of the Spirit. Faith, as the access key into divine things, is currently being redefined and evaluated across the body of Christ for the work of kingdom harvest to be effective and productive in the 21st century.

This is one of the reasons I strongly believe the Lord will have me write on this issue, at least for the edification and perfection of those who will be accepting the call to follow Christ pathway in this end of time.

As believers who have been on the journey for a while needs to accept the idea of getting accustomed to the continual visitation of foundational truths, especially in areas we might have assumed we are already established, in terms of the life and ministry of Jesus Christ, the purpose of his Church, and the requirement of kingdom service.

The footing or idea on which we have established divine things are being revisited and shaken to their very foundation by the releasing of the ministry of the sons of God.  Nothing of the wisdom of man, mingled with divine things will be allowed into this next reality of kingdom life.

Certainly, our ignorance or carnal agendas for the things of the Spirit, regardless of how innocent they may look or sound will not be allowed into this next epic season of warfare and kingdom activity.  The purity of heart, motives, and desire in handling the things of the Lord is a high watermark in the spirit of the new day.

 This is the reason the Lord is seriously addressing the whole issue of misrepresentation even among them who see themselves as apostolic reformation preachers.  If there’s one single area where the enemy seems to have continued to take advantage of the ignorance of the people of God, is in the realm of comprehending the true meaning and operation of balanced prescribed biblical faith.

Faith, like many other spiritual tools assigned for personal and corporate church perfection has been mishandled, misinterpreted, therefore, misrepresented on a very large scale most especially in the West, and currently in the continent of Africa where materialistic paradigm has reached a new height.

Apostle Paul strongly warned the Corinthian believers against allowing their faith to stand on the wisdom of men. If you ask me, I believe these same warning needs to be passionately reechoed within the minds of this present generation of believers.

Today, many, even amongst so called word-based faith ministry cannot accurately differentiate between a Christ-centered, Faith and a New Age religious model of faith.  The self-centered message built around faith today is worrisome when you consider the number of people whose faith now depend on a ‘so called gifted man of God’ rather than the God of the man.

 I had the opportunity recently to watch a video of a particular ministry here in South Africa, where the pastor of this denomination told a large number of his congregation to eat grass. This same man was shown recently on one of the prominent local TV stations asking his congregation to drink petroleum he claimed has been miraculously turned into juice.

Now, we may agree that this incident is merely an exception; but the truth is, the whole concept of falsehood and deception is growing very fast in the body of Christ to the point that even those who once knew the truth are forced to join these charlatans.

 My point is, we can no longer ignore this mass misrepresentation of the sacred things of the Lord. As custodians of the message of righteousness and human redemption, we need to sound the alarm, warning every believer to watch out for this deceptive message of misrepresenting the way of the Lord.

Christians across the world must stop depending on these false prophets who claimed to be serving God. The only time in the scripture we see a human being led to feed on grass was a clear reflection of God’s judgment on the King of Babylon which was due to the pride of his heart.

Please note I am not suggesting you stop listening or following the divine instruction given to by your set-man or pastor, like many will prefer to be called.  You as a believer, redeemed by the blood of the Lamb, owes yourself and your Heavenly Father the duty and responsibility to read, study and continually meditate on the living word of God in such a way that your spirit is always on alert against whatever that is not in consistency with balanced biblical truth.

 It’s time to sit down, learn and allow the Holy Spirit in you to guide and direct you step into the solid knowledge and revelation of Christ. If you are a true passionate seeker of the way of the Lord, you will be divinely guided to where you will be fed properly and taught the true way of the Spirit based on the current speaking’s of the Lord.

Faith in God and his purposes is crucial to your development and perfection; you cannot afford not to know what the Lord is saying or doing about that which will eventually determine your life, family, and future destination.

The discipline to become a student of the word of God in this new day is highly important for escaping seduction and the deception of religion. The entire letter of Apostle Peter deals with this issue of understanding the principle, power, and life of Christ centered faith. The spirit and doctrine of faith, centered on the revelation of Christ needs to be taught and established within the template of our understanding as we further press into the confluence of a new spiritual plain.

Reading the Epistles again in light of the current emphasis of the Spirit, in my opinion will not only refresh our mind, but further enhance our comprehension of what the Lord is about to do in our time. This is the hour we need to incline our spiritual ears to listen to what the Lord is saying.

The Lord will continue to shed light on this area, and we need to truly open to this faith awakening so we don’t become a casualty of the current speaking and manifestation of the Spirit. It’s should interest you to know that the season of the outpouring of God Spirit is both a type of bliss and great judgment.

To assume that the release of the Spirit only brings blessing and favor, is to be misled. That’s the reason the Lord, in his mercy is sending the prophets and watchman to warn, prepare and train his people before the outbreak of his Spirit in a greater measure.

When the Lord begins to deal with you, especially in the area of your faith commitment, that should not be a time of rebellion or resentment; rather, you should allow his light to penetrate the deep recess of your heart and change to the required wineskin of the Spirit. So, what is this concept of faith we need to rediscover? Let’s journey into some spiritual perception and definition here:

Defining the generic term call faith

Titus 4:1

To Titus, mine own son after the common faith: Grace, mercy, and peace, from God the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ our Savior.

The word common does not suggest this faith is cheap or common as one will define the word. This word suggests to us its universality and accessibility by all members of the body of Christ. In other words, one of the duties of the ascended ministry gifts is to Crete divine platforms in the culture of kingdom lifestyle where everyone in the church understands their place, identity, and a measure of faith such that there can a proper flow the Spirit of grace and learning without friction. This is basically like what you see in a family, everyone born into a family carries his or her own unique identity, but all share the same surname.

The common faith is that spiritual seed we all carry and share together that enables us to trust, share, defend and interconnect our lives for the fulfillment of heaven’s purpose.  This faith, like Paul suggested here is solidly built on the foundation for a relationship and divine activity.

Paul was able to leave Titus in Crete because of this KOINOS (share of all) faith. When we are yet to build this type of faith in our so-called kingdom community, we still, do not have a proper footing of a lasting service.

When we talk about faith we are not limiting its reference to the ability to release one’s personal {believe system} grace to receive a gift or blessing from the Lord, No.

We are referring to that complex generic term which defines the common identity, culture or even the ideology that both defines and describe our awareness of the things of God, and the operational template of our knowledgeability of the Father and depth of the revelation of Christ the Son; to the extent that this inner awareness and understanding, shapes and impacts to a great deal how you and me relate not just to this things of the Spirit, but also the protocol or ethics code which defines the shared life of the community of Gods people.

When studying the word, I am sure you must have come across various use and application of the term faith. This is because the word faith, as I have previously referred to applies to various spiritual meanings and emphasis.

One needs to first understand the context to which faith is in use for one to precisely grasp or define its meaning and purpose. That is the reason the general theme for faith in the book of Hebrews is absolutely different to the theme of faith in the writings of Apostle Peter, James, Titus or even Jude for that matter.

They all have some unique and common truth and principle to share regarding the mystery of faith, but only in the mystery of the ascended revelation of Christ fullness do we begin to appreciate the life, authority, and the operation of the ascended faith.  Learning and having the various parts of sound balanced biblical faith is one of the noblest things you can do as a believer because it shows the degree of your spiritual awareness of kingdom lifestyle.

 In my opinion, it will be a disservice to merely limit the teaching or revelation of faith to what we have had or learned in our early days of charismatic Pentecostal knowledge and experience.

Faith is an ongoing spiritual journey that those not only bring us into a fresh rediscovery of the divine things, but also carries the divine capacity to lead us further into the next reality of the Father’s demand both on a personal or corporate level.