the function of a cyber church in a cyber age

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The Place and Function

Of A Cyber Church in a Cyber Age

Redefining the Church in an Information Age,


Part 2

by Isaiah-Phillips Akintola

Seizing the moment of opportunity

One important lesson I have learnt in life is that new season often come with various kinds of challenges and opportunities. The issue, however lies in our perceptional ability to precisely discern and judge things through the wisdom that is from above, so we can turn to our own advantage what may present itself as the enemy’s scheme. Opportunities are disguised in trials, challenging and even in fear in some cases. The fear of the unknown is really what hinders us from taking advantage of the various opportunities heavens is opening up and presenting to us especially through the World Wide Web and its various social media platforms.

my journey into the world of computer

Moving into the next phase of the Lords agenda for the church means that we must learn how to go down to Egypt and recuse those enslaved by the spirit of Pharaoh. In some cases, our apprehension over situations we are not familiar with is highly rooted in cultural or religious beliefs. For those of us who are not early in life expose to the world of knowledge and information may react to things in a different way to people who have been exposed, and have leveraged themselves through extensive traveling opportunity. You may find what I am about to say funny, but this is a true story of myself.

When I finished my bible training in 1991, I was offered the opportunity to go learn computer illiteracy course but I rejected it.  My main reason for the rejection was built on the fact that I’ve been already informed that the anti-Christ was going to use the computer to destroy the world. Since my view of computer knowledge was already established on its negative impact on people globally, it becomes difficult for anyone to persuade me of learning it.

the power of exposure

As much as that information carries a large degree of truth, the issue however was my approach of understanding.   If I had known someone back then who could precisely explain to me, and give me important reasons why I need the computer as a servant of the Lord to enhance my bible study and research, I am sure, I will would have been persuaded.

The point here is, the perceptions we’ve developed through the years in approaching things or people alike does greatly impact how we interact, respond or even utilize opportunities open to us. By 1995, my mentality towards the world of computer had been greatly enriched through my exposure to certain folks I came in contact with who purely preached the message of the kingdom back then but were also computer savvy. Beyond my spirit in agreement with what I had from them, I also noticed how they utilized the power of information technology, coupled with their laptops and projectors to seamlessly communicate the gospel.

This experienced galvanized me to buy my first laptop in 1996. By 2004 just before I relocated to South Africa, our church community launched a skill empowering project, which back then, was one of the first of its kind.  The church auditorium, was turned into a computer lab where everyone, including people of the Muslim faith were all given the opportunity to be computer literate. This project brought so much joy into my heart when I saw the zeal and passion of individuals who are hungry to learn.

 My point is, if the church will ever move up to the next reality of divine intent, we need to adjust our perception and concept of interface with the world around us. The truth is, the church will not always have these free social platforms to express the knowledge of the kingdom as we have it today. We therefore need to awaken ourselves to the realization while we still have this opportunity made available before it’s too late. No one really knows when this door of social media will be scrambled or even shut down completely. Yet, while we have this lifetime opportunity, let us maximize every moment to strategically share and push the agenda of heaven through all social media.

Using these platforms to showcase a prideful, frivolous and selfish agendas is certainly a misrepresentation of the purpose of the lord for Facebook, Twitter Google plus and other platforms available. We have to start taking the focus off ourselves and truly start promoting the cause of kingdom agenda through social media forums. We need to be weary and careful of what we say, post and twit.

As believers, your words and mine must be highly seasoned with the divine wisdom and intent of this season. Our words and statement should go viral until society and governments across the world notice that the kingdom of God is coming near them.  Our hearts must be awakened to the unheard cry of millions surfing aimlessly and vulnerably on the internet.

The field of social media 

Think about this for a moment, the most vicious hardened jihadist make most of their recruitment via the social media platform. What indignation on the church of the lord. The very same platform, we have been given as a gateway to reach the unreached are the same tool this destructive elements are using to advance their destructive agendas.  We need to step up our mission and mandate to reach this powerful digital field many have neglected to humanist, capitalist and jihadist ideology.

 It is unfortunate that we still see believers and spiritual leaders alike, who are so timid and afraid to use the social media to effectively advance the purposes of the Lord because they still sees it as something inspired by the devil.

While on the flip side, those who have taken advantage of   now using it to abuse, control and manipulate the spiritually blind and on-informed.  Some pastors and spiritual leaders, due to their insecurity and unbiblical agendas, have gone as far as trying to censor, monitor and even discourage their members from using the social media.

This is mostly unfortunate. Heaven has granted you and me to be part of a company of warriors of righteousness and harvesters at the same time; and our field is the World Wide Web.  We need to start integrating our voices, resources and other forms of capacities to take this vast land of the internet world. The fact is, I am not certain if the church will continue to exist from the way many of us have grown to know it; the idea of investing in some palatial building structure with congregation seating and listening to the preacher, in my opinion may no longer be realistic in the era we are stepping into, if biblical prophecy is true to its description of the operational character of the third day church.

I however do know one thing which I am fully certain about is that the church of the lord will abide and remain strong until the final appearance of the Son of man. While this is not my focus in this article, I, however, do believe we need to start considering and making the right adjustments in terms of changing the concept of our gatherings and meetings in a manner that will help us travel light.

One way we can start changing the face of the 21st century church community is through having a strong online presence. And this means that we have to invest in building a strong community cyber platform across the web that is not easily penetrated by viruses.

Why we need to build a cyber church system

Constructing an impregnable cyber system with the necessary technical edge to advance the initiative of the kingdom of God is a must for us today. Why? There are more people today who are more active in the cyber world than in the physical world. It is so design today that nothing works in the physical realm without a direct connection to the cyber world. I feel this strong urge to remind you as I remind myself why we’ve been given this window of opportunity through the social media platforms to preach the gospel of the kingdom.

We have to be keenly aware of the reason the Lord has made available the world of Facebook, Twitter, Google plus, YouTube and the rest of the social media platforms for this season. Believe me, the 21st century media hub initiatives are divinely orchestrated to push and advance the prophetic agenda of the lord to a precise conclusive end. Regardless of what these social media platforms are presently being used for, their primary objective must be kept afresh within our hearts and alive in our as prophetically oriented individuals.

You and I as members of the church of the Lord needs to start seeing things strategically, most especially what is happening in the world of social media and it’s a-complained technologies. To still view Facebook and the rest media as some trending platform to express our own self agenda opinion is certainly a misplaced priority as a believer in Christ. We are told through the word of God that whatever we do must be done as unto the lord.

If we follow scripture for what it says, our priority will drastically change and enhance the larger body as we engage the gates of hell. The social media is an effective and strategic tool, heaven has inspired certain individuals to create the spirit of fulfilling biblical prophecy. The only way prophecy like the mountains shall be made low, the valleys filled and the crooked parts made straight can only be through a Channels like this. Imagine the numbers of open source collaborations communities online that has made a huge difference in the lives of millions.

 The release of the Cyrus spirit

There is virtually anything you are looking for to help you become whatever you believe you’ve been designed to achieve with minimal amount to purchase such application or information. The Lord has not only poured out his spirit for us to prophesy, and see visions and dreams, he has also equipped certain individuals with the spirit of Cyrus to build a system that can birth and midwife kingdom initiatives through technological innovations and development.

This grace or resource if you will, is a capacity associated with the ability to invent and Engineer things that could further fast-track the fathers redemptive plan for humanity and all creation. Regardless of how humanist philosophy sees technology, believers should understand that all forms of technological breakthroughs are ordained and designed by God to fast-track the manifestation of the Son of God.

This spirit of Cyrus as we’ve seen it is manifesting in an increased level in our time through individuals leading the frontier of technological breakthroughs and development in the Silicon Valley. This spirit is usually released at the threshold of a new prophetic turn in the earth. new technology are signs of impending coming judgement of the Lord like we see in the days of Noah.  

This grace in most cases, function through men and women we may not term as religious, yet the father raises them to strategically release creative opportunities and resources for his Church and purpose to be known. These individuals accelerates and further amplify the prophetic voice of the Lord across platforms and system especially in marketplace. 

This creative spirit is consistently released through the turn of a new century as the church transits into a higher, matured level of the promotion new strategic truths for kingdom representation.  As the advent of the printing press technology accelerated the spread of sound biblical knowledge during the unfortunate Roman Catholic Dark Age era, the lord is also now using the various technology initiatives of the World Wide Web and the social media platforms to release the pure strategic apostolic truth for humanity. This is the most important hour for the church to unite in faith and grace in order to fast-track the divine intent of the Lord of creation.

preparing for war

Having said this, sadly, we still have brethren, even though they’ve been exposed to the reality of the shifting seasons like this, are still pervaded by wrong frame of thought and beliefs with regards to the usage of the social web. Their attitude toward technology and the use of social media as a vehicle of propagating the gospel is still very much hindered by the lack of openness to the current speaking of the Spirit of the lord. Their misgivings towards the utilizing the full potential of social media as a platform to advance the general development of the corporate body through integration is a major setback for kingdom initiative.

As we meditate on this great phenomenal, we should start to think of how we can effectively translate this opportunity to a powerful irresistible recognized force in the earth. When you think of the success story of a community like the life church who built Youversion bible App, you then begin to understand and appreciate what I am trying to communicate. The Youversion bible App is one of the most used bible Apps globally today. As powerful as this may sound, it is just a fraction of what still need to be done within the kingdom community if we are going to fulfill the mission of the great commission.

Building a true kingdom community that becomes a hub of representation and expression of sound biblical principles that can answer and defend the cause of the faith we are called to preach and teach in my view is highly recommended and necessary today.

I sense prophetically that we have to drastically shift away from a low ranger mentality of using social media. We are already seeing how individuals are being targeted both online and offline in some countries just because of their faith orientation.  Believers across all platforms should learn to connect to other platforms with the resource technology that will not only protect them against the new types of enemies surfacing online, but that can also help them to achieve their individual ministry mandate online and offline.

There is a need to awaken our research and development department in building a powerful irresistible firewall system. We need to build a community system that can stand bold, strong and strategic as  watchmen on the watchtower of kingdom initiatives online. The enemy is not sleeping. The fact is, he’s already planning his next attack and we have to be on the watch before he strikes. Cyber war is becoming more real and popular to the point that it has today become a game changer the concept of conventional battle.

There more we accept the reality of a cyber world as believers the more we need to start putting a strategic digital firewall in place to keep our activity online and offline secure. My point is, the church need to drastically change its focus, platform and strategy of expression from a mere physical building to a structure of strategic digital systems that can easily and effectively interface with the reality of the 21st century community.

Still ignorant of the purpose of social media

While I am excited with regards to the development and progress the social media has afforded today’s society, I am also a bit worried due to the sheer ignorance that still paved the minds of certain people when it comes to the utilization of the social media tool. The time where a large number within the body of Christ still view social media merely as a platform to consume, share or post entertaining materials is now over. Please don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with us having fun on these platforms as long as we fully understand the very essence and purpose of their existence.

We cannot build a true kingdom hub online if everyone is merely speaking or doing their own thing without willing to integrate with others. The ‘promotion of my own thing kind of attitude’ only further enhances the evil scheme of the enemy online. In a situation where so called friends on your Facebook account ignore and refuses to engage and interact with important issues being discussed in my opinion, is a reflection of another agenda. If we cannot intelligently engage in discussions or comment on a vital point that bothers or affects a friend, I truly why such a person should be maintained as a friend on such social media account.

One thing is, now clear, the social media network has to a large degree helped us identify those who share the same passion, vision and objective with us, and this is highly important. While those who don’t can still be maintained as friends, but at least you now know where to place them in the order of priority. We most never forget that the primary purpose of social media in connectivity and interaction. Regardless of what we know, if we are unwilling to connect with others idea and opinion, something is critically wrong with our relationship concept.

Social media, the point of convergence

If the church is going to make a serious impact through the social media, we certainly need to start streamlining our thoughts, words and expression under various unique banners of kingdom initiative. Please note this, I am not just referring to pastors who just open a corporate account for their churches.

Pastors and spiritual leaders must learn to interconnect and integrate their grace, gifts and community with other parts of the body so that their own community can fully benefit from the supply of other members of the body. We need to remember that the body is made out of many parts, and not one single unit. There very core objective of the social media platforms is to enhance our integration and collaboration as members of the body of Christ.

The propagation of the gospel of reformation, redemption, transformation and the ultimate restoration of all things back to Christ can be greatly enriched through these platforms the lord has strategically positioned for his church today. But in a situation where some view these platforms as a place to display their carnality, promote their myopic pet doctrines, and unduly take advantage of the confused and desperate folks, I believe this is a huge disappointment and a setback for the reason of social media. There’s a need to be awakened to the present opportunity given to us as members of the body of Christ to utilize this season of opening to push out as much research possible for people to be able to access.

Like Joseph in Egypt, these are seven seasons of abundance. The season and days of need are coming. Whatever can be stored for communities must be stored because the days of spiritual drought are getting closer.  There will arise another King, who does not know Joseph nor his God, and will seek to persecute the lord’s people in the days of his ruling.

To be continued…

worship and the new priestly order




worship and the new priestly order 




In the last days the mountain of the Lord’s temple will be established as the highest of the mountains; It will be exalted above the hills, and all nations will stream to it. (Isaiah2:2)

This prophetic declaration by Isaiah has almost become the super theme scripture for those who now claim to be custodians of the current apostolic reformation message, and this is fine if the footing and template of what we are initiating is firmly established on the holistic revelation of Christ who is the faithful high priest of our profession.

My challenge however, is the inconsistent character attitude of those sounding this so-called apostolic trumpet. The establishment of the mountain of the lord’s temple has to mean more than some rhetorical skill we have mastered to prove a point in our insecurity and competitive lifestyle to one another.


The sad reality today is the fact that many leaders and their followers alike have rigorously sought to master and perfect the art of ‘speaking’ the language of the current transitional demand of the Spirit without being known or sent by the lord. This act of hypocrisy has continued to pollute and distort the clear expression of the voice of the Lord, especially among young and immature seekers of the way.

However, the father has not left the saints vulnerable to this deadly gimmick playing out. Out of the many ways the Lord has chosen to test, prove, expose and approve our heart in the journey to the place of his mountain in Christ is through the ministry of pure worship. The central theme of the requirement of the lord from the days of the first man and his wife in the garden was to have a family of people born to be priest who will stand before him a perpetual lifestyle of worship.


Let me be bold by saying that both the present footing and structure of what heaven is building and restoring in the earth through the Spirit of reformation is solidly established on a priesthood that has a continual standing before the face of the Lord like the cherubim. The cherubim ministry captures and perfectly express to us the type of corporate priestly kingdom life and service the Father is yarning to manifest for among those who have been harvested out of the rigorous outer court church religious activity we see in practice.

as we continue to critically examine many of the things that is being said and tag to be the true article of the current apostolic demand, one cannot but to see the extreme contradictions and inconsistency. One of these inconsistency is found and expressed in the ministry of worship.

The fact that a person or group of individuals can precisely articulate what heaven is saying for a season does not mean they have an authentic priestly standing before the father. Secondly, many I have seen proclaiming this ‘mixed wine message’ they call the apostolic are yet to change the structural atmospheric order of both their life and that of their house of expression. While they seem to be saying all the right things, their values and lifestyle preference betrays their message.

 Being able to build a church or any ministry initiative for that matter, does not mean we have the father’s approval to represent his priesthood and speakings in the earth. It is highly critical that we corporately and individually examine the very footing and motive that stirs our heart to respond to the demand of the lord especially in this end of days.

 There are very successful business plan and principles that if properly apply in gathering people, or in the construction of a project will certainly succeed according to human standard. And the truth is, many in the body of Christ have resulted to using this humanist philosophy and ideology to build and run what they today define to be an apostolic community. The house of the lord is not a business center and should not be run as one.

No wonder that those who try to run the church of the lord as a business model, have incurred the wrath of the father by turning their initiative into the ground for rebellion, division, confusion and frustration. Countless numbers of individuals attend these churches, give their best, but they still cannot find peace, joy, direction of heaven for their lives. It’s like the more the give of their hard earned money as offerings and tithes, the more they go bankrupt.

Lust, pride and all forms of iniquities are found within the walls of those gathering places they call church. This are powerful prophetic signal of heavens judgement over this places people are meant to believe are worship center. Indeed, they are worship center but certainly not the worship of Jehovah. I must resound it again as heavens voice to earth, that the church of the lord cannot be built by using seemly successful humanist managerial value standard.


The church of the lord is a spiritual house that is lead and directed purely by the Holy Spirit through a purified, chosen and commissioned corporate eldership who function under the order of a Melchizedek priesthood. The priesthood that defines the administrative function of the house of God is one that is patterned after the similitude of heaven and not the earth. Whatever we claim the lord has assigned us to carry out cannot look like things of the earth. The father’s restoration plan is to bring everything into unity in Christ.

Meaning that whatever phase of the temple we may be representing at whatever given time, the posture and articulation of such priesthood should be sounding and resembling the blueprint of the heavenly pattern. There is nothing we are presently doing on earth today that does not have a heavenly replica. The tendency to want to use the things of this world to try to communicate the things of the Spirit though may initially sound wonderful, but it has always proven to corrupt the seed of truth especially in the pathway of those who truly desire to journey on the highway of heaven.

In the building of the Tower of Babel we see the deployment of the human standard resources at its best, and the injection of the soul life in the carrying out the project. building with bricks and mortars was not the pattern of heaven. in the divine pattern, we are instructed to use stones. stones already cut at the quarry site must fit into each other without friction.  The priests who minister before this massive, ‘mega tower temple church’ were determined to accomplish their desired end goal of reaching heaven on their own wisdom and strength and the father was already determined to destroy their ungodly effort.

If the lord has not spoken by coming down to see what the sons of men are building with their inherent soul power, they would certainly have reached their end goal, we would not have known that it is wrong to use such method. Therefore, the seemly success of a project or initiative does not mean they are approved before the lord. The end does not justify the means.

The fact that the lord came down and scattered and confused the communication language of the people back then immediately tells us that he is not in the business of approving such carnal, humanist wisdom method to accomplish his desired plan in the earth.

Secondly, the seemly ability to precisely define and use words like Greek, Hebrew or Latin lexicon effectively, certainly does not certify or qualify one as an authority within the community of the present third day spiritual emphasis. I strongly believe that the responsibility of establishing the mountain of the lord’s temple as the most elevated mountains in our day, lies on the character quality and function of a priesthood that will minister within the altar of this temple mountain.

We have perfected the act of precisely defining the ideals of this temple of the lord, some of us have gone as even describing what the temple will look like but alas, the purity lifestyle and worship system of the priesthood the father has ordained to minister before the altar of this temple coming down is still a mystery.

When we examine both the structural system and the spiritual administrative competency of most houses, you immediately see that something is wrong. The order of priesthood functioning within most of the community we term as church today does not reflect what we see in the scripture nor does it allow the Spirit of the lord, the liberty to move and direct things as he will and desire.

While in our corporate devotions, most especially in the Sunday gatherings, we seem to be vigorously engaged in the act and experience of corporate worship, yet, the configuration of our hearts and its agendas, seem to be suggesting something completely different from the lyrics and experience of the worship. So, I felt the lord will have me look into some of this issues in other to draw the church’s attention again to the more excellent path.

This article should not be seen or taken as a criticism to the current religious worship system, but rather as a challenge to prepare us to join the remnant generation heaven is calling to minister before this new temple coming down from the throne of grace.


Biblical concept of worship is define as both the (separation) consecration and devotion of one’s entire life system to the service of the Father and his kingdom. The life and service of our lord Jesus Christ mirrors to his church both past and present what it means to be a true worshipper. A careful study of the word of God from Genesis to revelation consistently reveals this universal theme of heavens intent for creation; the worship of the Almighty Jehovah.

The battle of Christ in the wilderness and of cause in gethsemane were centered on the issue of worship. Our lord battled the principalities of his day and the deep cravings of his soul to maintain an undivided focus and his allegiance of worship to his father.




The reality of ideological war

Redefining the concept of biblical spiritual warfare

Redefining the concept of biblical spiritual warfare

Your mind, the last frontier of spiritual warfare


                 Continuation of part 2

                by Isaiah-Phillips Akintola 

It is certainly an understatement to say that the ideological frame of thought of most societies, which by the way, includes the mainstream church membership perceptive value of existence has drastically dropped. Either we look at it from a sociocultural economic perspective, to the broader corporate governance and leadership policy, to the use of religion to dull and hypnotize the subconscious mind of the people.

The alarming thing here is that this life altering changes will continue to systematically overwrite the original code system of human thought process. At list, this is the plan set in place by the forces of darkness through their positional principalities over communities, cities, regions and nations.

There are sleeping ancient powerful evil systems, awakened and positioned within various sphere of society today, whose core mission is to alter, challenge, override and corrupt the eternal prescribed order and principle of precise human existence. We know that these forces have infiltrate every aspect of life, and only those who are truly discerning and are equally prepared for this unseen mental ideological war can stand in victory at the end.

If you have not been taken to the river of the Spirit of truth for the washing of your sight, and shift from the sensual cosmetic concept of what is defined as ‘life or freedom’ today, am afraid you may not escape the strategy of defilement lurking around the soul of our community and cities today. The gods of this age has intensified their efforts to keep the minds of men and women blind and dull from knowing and accepting the truth. The battle for truth is more real than any war taking place today in the war turn regions of the earth.

Very few in the body of Christ today are actually aware or conscious of what is happening in the world or within their own lives, with regards to the rise of a host of powerful evil force of darkness, using the current democratic humanistic system set in place to desensitized and demoralized millions of human minds. We as the body of Christ are being called to wake up from our deep spiritual slumber into a new day of active participation of the deliverance and redemption of the soul of our family and community in this season of increased activity of darkness.

As the kingdom of the lord presses us further into a season of preparation in engaging the battle of the last days, we are also seeing increased illuminating light and insight been released from the throne of grace on this matter, as it relates to the needed arsenals required to engage and vanquish the forces of darkness waging war within the thought realm of members of the body of Christ.

Like I said earlier, there is a subtle ongoing war against all followers of our lord Jesus Christ that is more visible than any battle being fought against the worst extreme religious terrorist of our time. In fact, winning the battle against all forms of darkness and terrorism alike, will be undoubtedly determined to the degree we are able to identify and win this unseen but yet so real a battle.

I am referring to the battle taking place within the frame of thought of all humans. Winning the battle over your mind is not just another fine and trending message the 21st century church needs to hear and then shelve it to the archives of its revelational knowledge which is what we do best.

We are seeing a growing trend in church today where people are becoming more addictive to hearing so called new revelation from the super apostles and prophets that caries little or no power to challenge and reform the rigid inner structure of the perverted state of thought.

The future of the church, and every single human on this planet is determined on how serious we take this message, and of cause, apply its undiluted truth to every facet of our daily life existence.

There is virtually little or nothing we can do even as spiritually informed people without dethroning the soul from its current illegitimate position of authority and influence. The soul of man was not designed to rule, and God the father has not changed his mind regarding his original functional order of governance. The human Soul was created to express the life of God active within the human spirit.

Man is a spirit, created with a soul to relate and express love and affection which is God’s primary nature. Love, as prescribed from biblical view cannot be expressed without the functional capability of a well reformed, transformed and restored emotion.

The soul houses all the faculties that allows man to live and behave as his creator. It bothers me that today’s church can boast regarding the acquisition of some grand spiritual revelational knowledge, yet, very little seem to be known with regards to the core principles that both shaped and altered the inner reality of human behavioral character personality.

While a lot of strides has been made from the outer reality of our salvational experience, yet, the journey into the inner life of spiritual experience can only become effective when the soul is subdue and restored back to its original place under the influence of the spirit man.

The days we are entering are days where the rules of engagement in spiritual battles are fast changing, and we need to arm ourselves with a fresh ascended revelation that enhances and fast-track our ability to identify and be able cast down false imaginations and thoughts that has taken our minds and that of our community captive from reaching the height of its divine objective in creation.

When the view or perception we embody varies from consistent balanced spiritual footing, we have for a certain, directly or indirectly exposed the doorway of our minds to be influence by forces of darkness, and its modern day idolatry worship, expressed under the guise of democratic New Age Liberty.

to be continued…

season of spiritual review

Reviewing the Church’s transition

by Isaiah-phillips Akintola



It is impossible for those who have once been enlightened, who have tasted the heavenly gift, who have shared in the Holy Spirit, who have tasted the goodness of the word of God and the powers of the coming age and who have fallen away, to be brought back to repentance. To their loss they are crucifying the Son of God all over again and subjecting him to public disgrace. (Hebrews 6:4-6 NIV)

This scripture calls us to a very crucial subject in our spiritual journey, which I think any serious follower of the way need to carefully examine as we consider how far we have come in the call from rigorous humanistic religion system.  Few months back The Lord began to direct my heart towards the whole concept of reviewing the transition, which began early mid-90s, it’s been two decade now since apostolic reformation came to a general knowledge, at list in some regions of the earth. Thanks to those precious vessels who offered themselves as portals of this great outpouring.

 I will not be lured into making the mistake of naming or tagging certain personalities who assumed themselves to be the custodian or birth place of this move of the Spirit because that will certainly be classified as idolatry before The Lord. It is true that The Lord uses certain prepared vessels to open the next channel of his ordained desired plan for a region, nation or generation. However, no person or ministry for that matter should dear proclaim ownership to what God initiate for his glory. John was the portal to the ministry of Christ. He however did not claim ownership to that ministry. if fact, he showed us the right attitude pattern in relation to him been the portal to the ministry of Christ.  He proclaimed his diminishing for Christ ultimate exaltation.


In the last two decade, a lot has taking place in terms of the delivery and advancement of the apostolic reformation message, its extremes and misrepresentation and commoditization of the ministry by unrefined charlatan men and women in the Body of Christ.  While I am not doing a full exegesis of what I may call the apostolic transition, however, I intend to touch on some vital points i felt the Holy Spirit highlighted within my spirit during the cause of reviewing this transition.

This scripture we are considering brings to light some fundamental point we should consider as safeguard to the ongoing reformation of the Church. I am grateful to be one of those whom The Lord impressed his desire to shake the very foundation and structure of the church until every iota of the old man’s strength and wisdom is completely rid of and Christ the King, finally take his place on the throne of each heart.  I have had my own fare shear of the gruesome shaken.


The past twenty years of my life has been a season of great dealings, disappointment, discouragement, abused, confused, frustrated and even sometimes, wishing to die due to the hard pressing of the dealings of The Lord upon my flesh. On the same breath, the season has brought a depth of spiritual wisdom, development, productivity and maturity into my personal life, which I think is the core of a future ministry.  Truly, the Lords burden is lite and his yoke is easy to them who submit to his ways and wisdom.

It is however important to emphasize that not everyone during the call to transit heeded the call. For those men and women who did not respond to the call to transit from their default Charismatic Pentecostal wineskin who are in are ministry today, will certainly continue to enjoy great blessing and success in their lives and ministry due to their giftedness and the preciousness of the souls under their care.

However, it is highly important we note that the third day ministry is not centered on gifts only. Gifts are designed to enhance the nature and fruit of the Spirit so we are not lacking in any way. Those who will be ministering in realm of the power of the Age to come will operate beyond the realm of giftedness or Charisma. When the very life of God is well seated in the spirit and soul of men, gifts become second nature we don’t solicit for.

These caliber of men who refuse to submit to their day of Character transformation, though are working in certain spiritual gift will however not enter certain dimensions of kingdom light. They will be limited to the ministry of the outer court as prophet Ezekiel shows us in chapter 44 of Ezekiel. Dimensions of the nature and heart of the Father will be concealed to them. Most of them might even make it to heaven but that is not a major priority in the scale of spiritual approval.


The word of The Lord informs us of the various qualities of vessel in the house of God. Some vessels are unto honor while others are for ignoble use. While all the vessels carry a functional place in the hands of The Lord, there are however, certain vessels designed uniquely for the master’s purpose. These are vessel unto honor as the bible described them.  The purging of self-nature is what qualifies which vessel is designed for the master’s use.

And this vessel unto honor will continue to be refined and polished on a regular basis until every iota of self-dies.  Having said this, those who are wise will enroll themselves in the process of transition as they read the trend of changing season.

The process of spiritual transition should not be seen to be only limited to just the corporate Church; individuals and families alike, who desire to be used of The Lord in whatever level will need to experience the pain and joy of transition so their heart can accurately align to better represent the glory of the latter house.


Having establish this thought, I will like us to consider the state of many who began this transition initially, one’s heart get filled with sadness and disappointment due to kind of on Christ-like attitude and trend in display by these follows. These brethren who we thought had some degree of spiritual enlightenment and have tasted of the power of the ages to come, in terms of their introduction to the life and light of the kingdom of God, are now walking contrary to what the transition ought to have dealt with in them. Some have gone as far as showing symptom of an apostate state, which certainly call for great concern. Therefore, I will like us to consider this issue as we examine how far we have come in this transition.

Apostasy is not limited to an eschatological study of the end time events, It is a current ongoing reality as the gruesome drilling of the transition experience bites hard on many of us summoned to leave our fathers house unto a land He (God) will show us.

One of the core purposes of this current transition is to expose the hidden, manipulative complex layers of how the soul wants us to carry on living life and doing ministry. The ministry of the current transition is to expose us to ourselves perhaps, in the knowledge of the fear of God; we will turn our heart in repentance for these residues of the old Adamic template to be nailed to the cross.


Transition has always been a powerful spiritual process The Lord has used from one generation to another in terms of carrying out the work of separation and preparation of those he has elected for a sacred prophetic mandate. Through the Church age, we have read of men and women The Lord led into the wilderness of refinement and purification for their assignment in the great commission.

However, not everyone who accepts the enlistment of transition had the testimony of passing the test of this divine qualification. The standard we have used through the prism of certain leaders deemed to have great success in the past have proven to have fallen short of divine requirement for the current mandate of The Lord for his people.

Therefore, The Lord called for a shaking of the foundation of what we call church, and the result of that spiritual shaken is quite evident all around today. The renovation of the house of God, which was initially accepted by many of us in the early 90s, who enjoyed a blissful season of the apostolic revelation even though we had very limited knowledge of its very intension, in terms of the complete stripping of everything we thought we had, knew or understood in regards to the purpose and function of the ecclesia.

Today, the process and burden of that transition has led many to compromise their faith and relationship with the Body of Christ as they watch everything they have built with their hand go up in the blazing flame of The Lord.  The spirit of reformation that came with that apostolic message has laid a strong prophetic axe on the root of all we defined to be success and breakthrough in ministry; unfortunately, many can no longer continue on the rigorous stripping process of their transition.

The truth many never understood what it means to be called to be a servant, enrolled to minister in the Lords vineyard.  Many still carry this false notion that whatever they’ve achieve in terms of ministry breakthroughs, prosperity and wealth belongs to them. Therefore, the have developed what I call self-ownership mentality ministry. The truth is, whatever The Lord gave to us must never be seen as ours; no, they belong to God. Whatever The Lord deems fit to give to us in propagation of his kingdom through our lives should never replace who seats on the throne of our hearts.

Transition season is one of the most powerful tools The Lord uses to regulate the condition of the heart, and that means, we may have be stripped of what we have come to depend and trust as our provider.  Therefore, aborting the process of what qualifies you to be a vessel unto honor indeed proves the footing and agenda of many in the frontline church ministry today. Beyond this rejection of the transition, many however are falling into what seem to be an apostate state of heart.

The hardening of the heart and the rejection of certain biblical truth as part of doctrinal foundation of establishing the community of the saints is a worrying trend today. While few who shared in the prophetic apostolic release of the early 90s have made giant stride in the spirit, unfortunately, others have used it to leverage their ministry personality. The message and the grace which came with it has been personalized and commoditized, which is leading huge number of believers to fall away from the ancient path of the patriarchs.

Many churches who initially embraced the message of reformation sadly have become a cult center today where members are been initiated to a cult of methodology, personality worship or even the worship of the message itself.  Rather than showing the revelational nature and culture of Christ and his kingdom to the people. To others who are still struggling to maintain their faith-walk through the little flicker of light in them, their whole experience of Christianity has tuned to more or less, dogmatic and ritualistic exercise.  Their spiritual life has become like that of the Pharisee who has lost their moral and spiritual compass; therefore, the direction into the heart of the Father has been systematically truncated.


There is a present call to be precisely disciple in the nature and philosophy of the kingdom of God. Many Christians have been established in the doctrine of their Churches and denominations but are clueless regarding the principles values and pattern of God’s kingdom lifestyle.  And that’s the reason why the church is still very immature and divided about trivial things.

The spirit of apostasy is gaining ground in among many Christian communities today and we certainly need to expose it through an elevated knowledge and wisdom of Christ revelation and authority.  Apostasy is the drifting away of the heart from a high point of spiritual truth to the lowest level of compromise, until one starts questioning basic principles, values and standards of sound biblical doctrines.

Apostasy is a falling away from relationship both with God and those who can bring correction to us, and the desire to repent is no longer found in us. When we start making excuses for our short coming and also claim to be at peace with ourselves, we have stepped into a very dangerous zone of self-delusion, which is a higher dimension of deception.

If we consider deception beyond the definition of half-truth to a position of moving from the center-point, then we shall truly guard our hearts from been lured away from the path of our transition. Transition does not do not necessary mean big revelation nor is it doing BIG things for God. It is simply moving upward in trust, faith and obedience to the will and purposes of God in every season of your life. Transition does not mean the discarding of foundational truth you learned in your outer court experience of salvation; actually, it is building on them to you can have what is known as a balanced spiritual and psychological perception of life. There are certain spiritual principles and values we will never outgrow and it think it’s important we keep those points as highwater mark within our spirit.    


One of the main points among several subjects the Lord is highlighting in other to safeguard our season in the transition. issues of developing a renewed sense of zeal, a passionate hunger for the REVELATION OF THE WRITTEN WORD OF GOD, an unsatisfied drive to meditate on scripture on a regular bases; a keen interest to hearing the voice of the Holy Spirit without distortion, and a corporate sense of our connectivity as the community of Christ Body.

There is absolutely no way those on the transitional trail can step into the full scope of their ordained prophetic destiny without an habitual template of seeking to be one with the Spirit of God’s word. It was reveal to me some time ago how many have become disillusioned regarding the whole process of this ongoing transition. While many in the current apostolic move are parroting a so-called revelational message that is yet to transform them to the place of total conformity to the very nature of Christ, Others, regrettably have fallen back to their old Pentecostal default ‘bless and protect me’ message.


scripture reveals to us how Jesus of Nazareth, born by ordinary human, maintained a consistent obedience in his spiritual lifestyle, as part of the virtue needed in preparation of getting acquainted with the nature and life that will afford to fully express the will of his heavenly Father at every injunction.  Growing daily in the knowledge of the revelation of his Father, as preparative ground was something Jesus learned to do as concept of transition to the place of maturity and full representation.  Jesus knew that becoming what the Spirit designed him for was not going to happen by mere declaration of a gospel his inner most being was not confirmed to.  He clearly understood that prioritizing time in seeking to hear, know and precisely understand the demand of the Father is not negotiable if he must live in that constant state of pleasing him.

Consolidating on what the latter rain Pentecostal charismatic move restored to the Church is crucially important if we are going to precisely move unto the day next of perfection. We need not to forget that the journey into the holiest of all is through the outer court and the inner court. The experience of both the outer and inner court spirituality are designed to prepare the ground for what we are about to see, hear and become in this third day.

 This systematic concept of the Father introducing himself and his glory to us is a way of calling us to maturity. However, forgetting to inculcate what we have learned in terms of the principles and values these two orders restored to the community life of the church, will be highly detrimental to the full formation of the culture and philosophy of Christ and his kingdom within our hearts.

 While the point I am trying to convey might sound very elementary to some Christians, it is however important that we should note that millions of church goers in certain regions are yet to be introduced to what can be referred to as John’s baptism not to talk of coming into the reality of Christ baptism. it is also a fact that those who today claimed to have been (baptized) introduced  to what is today known as ‘prophetic apostolic reformation’ have dramatically drifted away from the core values of the faith. Extra-biblical doctrines have set into many communities in the of ‘ kingdom revelation’.


Spiritual development and maturity starts with a keen continual sense of relationship and obedience to the voice of the Holy Spirit who will subsequently introduce us to the prophetic requirement and standard of the Lord for each new season in the migration. Knowing and growing in the knowledge of the ministry of the Spirit of truth is a continual experience that paves the way for greater revelational knowledge of Christ and his kingdom. As we track the current demand of the Lord in terms of the ongoing transition of the Church to that place of perfected maturity, everyone must reexamine the condition of the relationship with the Lord and his Body-the Church. Whatever will be taking place as part of kingdom initiative will have to start with the correctness and reconfiguration of the human Spirit, So, let’s aim to finish well so we can be commended by The Lord.