the function of a cyber church in a cyber age

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The Place and Function

Of A Cyber Church in a Cyber Age

Redefining the Church in an Information Age,


Part 2

by Isaiah-Phillips Akintola

Seizing the moment of opportunity

One important lesson I have learnt in life is that new season often come with various kinds of challenges and opportunities. The issue, however lies in our perceptional ability to precisely discern and judge things through the wisdom that is from above, so we can turn to our own advantage what may present itself as the enemy’s scheme. Opportunities are disguised in trials, challenging and even in fear in some cases. The fear of the unknown is really what hinders us from taking advantage of the various opportunities heavens is opening up and presenting to us especially through the World Wide Web and its various social media platforms.

my journey into the world of computer

Moving into the next phase of the Lords agenda for the church means that we must learn how to go down to Egypt and recuse those enslaved by the spirit of Pharaoh. In some cases, our apprehension over situations we are not familiar with is highly rooted in cultural or religious beliefs. For those of us who are not early in life expose to the world of knowledge and information may react to things in a different way to people who have been exposed, and have leveraged themselves through extensive traveling opportunity. You may find what I am about to say funny, but this is a true story of myself.

When I finished my bible training in 1991, I was offered the opportunity to go learn computer illiteracy course but I rejected it.  My main reason for the rejection was built on the fact that I’ve been already informed that the anti-Christ was going to use the computer to destroy the world. Since my view of computer knowledge was already established on its negative impact on people globally, it becomes difficult for anyone to persuade me of learning it.

the power of exposure

As much as that information carries a large degree of truth, the issue however was my approach of understanding.   If I had known someone back then who could precisely explain to me, and give me important reasons why I need the computer as a servant of the Lord to enhance my bible study and research, I am sure, I will would have been persuaded.

The point here is, the perceptions we’ve developed through the years in approaching things or people alike does greatly impact how we interact, respond or even utilize opportunities open to us. By 1995, my mentality towards the world of computer had been greatly enriched through my exposure to certain folks I came in contact with who purely preached the message of the kingdom back then but were also computer savvy. Beyond my spirit in agreement with what I had from them, I also noticed how they utilized the power of information technology, coupled with their laptops and projectors to seamlessly communicate the gospel.

This experienced galvanized me to buy my first laptop in 1996. By 2004 just before I relocated to South Africa, our church community launched a skill empowering project, which back then, was one of the first of its kind.  The church auditorium, was turned into a computer lab where everyone, including people of the Muslim faith were all given the opportunity to be computer literate. This project brought so much joy into my heart when I saw the zeal and passion of individuals who are hungry to learn.

 My point is, if the church will ever move up to the next reality of divine intent, we need to adjust our perception and concept of interface with the world around us. The truth is, the church will not always have these free social platforms to express the knowledge of the kingdom as we have it today. We therefore need to awaken ourselves to the realization while we still have this opportunity made available before it’s too late. No one really knows when this door of social media will be scrambled or even shut down completely. Yet, while we have this lifetime opportunity, let us maximize every moment to strategically share and push the agenda of heaven through all social media.

Using these platforms to showcase a prideful, frivolous and selfish agendas is certainly a misrepresentation of the purpose of the lord for Facebook, Twitter Google plus and other platforms available. We have to start taking the focus off ourselves and truly start promoting the cause of kingdom agenda through social media forums. We need to be weary and careful of what we say, post and twit.

As believers, your words and mine must be highly seasoned with the divine wisdom and intent of this season. Our words and statement should go viral until society and governments across the world notice that the kingdom of God is coming near them.  Our hearts must be awakened to the unheard cry of millions surfing aimlessly and vulnerably on the internet.

The field of social media 

Think about this for a moment, the most vicious hardened jihadist make most of their recruitment via the social media platform. What indignation on the church of the lord. The very same platform, we have been given as a gateway to reach the unreached are the same tool this destructive elements are using to advance their destructive agendas.  We need to step up our mission and mandate to reach this powerful digital field many have neglected to humanist, capitalist and jihadist ideology.

 It is unfortunate that we still see believers and spiritual leaders alike, who are so timid and afraid to use the social media to effectively advance the purposes of the Lord because they still sees it as something inspired by the devil.

While on the flip side, those who have taken advantage of   now using it to abuse, control and manipulate the spiritually blind and on-informed.  Some pastors and spiritual leaders, due to their insecurity and unbiblical agendas, have gone as far as trying to censor, monitor and even discourage their members from using the social media.

This is mostly unfortunate. Heaven has granted you and me to be part of a company of warriors of righteousness and harvesters at the same time; and our field is the World Wide Web.  We need to start integrating our voices, resources and other forms of capacities to take this vast land of the internet world. The fact is, I am not certain if the church will continue to exist from the way many of us have grown to know it; the idea of investing in some palatial building structure with congregation seating and listening to the preacher, in my opinion may no longer be realistic in the era we are stepping into, if biblical prophecy is true to its description of the operational character of the third day church.

I however do know one thing which I am fully certain about is that the church of the lord will abide and remain strong until the final appearance of the Son of man. While this is not my focus in this article, I, however, do believe we need to start considering and making the right adjustments in terms of changing the concept of our gatherings and meetings in a manner that will help us travel light.

One way we can start changing the face of the 21st century church community is through having a strong online presence. And this means that we have to invest in building a strong community cyber platform across the web that is not easily penetrated by viruses.

Why we need to build a cyber church system

Constructing an impregnable cyber system with the necessary technical edge to advance the initiative of the kingdom of God is a must for us today. Why? There are more people today who are more active in the cyber world than in the physical world. It is so design today that nothing works in the physical realm without a direct connection to the cyber world. I feel this strong urge to remind you as I remind myself why we’ve been given this window of opportunity through the social media platforms to preach the gospel of the kingdom.

We have to be keenly aware of the reason the Lord has made available the world of Facebook, Twitter, Google plus, YouTube and the rest of the social media platforms for this season. Believe me, the 21st century media hub initiatives are divinely orchestrated to push and advance the prophetic agenda of the lord to a precise conclusive end. Regardless of what these social media platforms are presently being used for, their primary objective must be kept afresh within our hearts and alive in our as prophetically oriented individuals.

You and I as members of the church of the Lord needs to start seeing things strategically, most especially what is happening in the world of social media and it’s a-complained technologies. To still view Facebook and the rest media as some trending platform to express our own self agenda opinion is certainly a misplaced priority as a believer in Christ. We are told through the word of God that whatever we do must be done as unto the lord.

If we follow scripture for what it says, our priority will drastically change and enhance the larger body as we engage the gates of hell. The social media is an effective and strategic tool, heaven has inspired certain individuals to create the spirit of fulfilling biblical prophecy. The only way prophecy like the mountains shall be made low, the valleys filled and the crooked parts made straight can only be through a Channels like this. Imagine the numbers of open source collaborations communities online that has made a huge difference in the lives of millions.

 The release of the Cyrus spirit

There is virtually anything you are looking for to help you become whatever you believe you’ve been designed to achieve with minimal amount to purchase such application or information. The Lord has not only poured out his spirit for us to prophesy, and see visions and dreams, he has also equipped certain individuals with the spirit of Cyrus to build a system that can birth and midwife kingdom initiatives through technological innovations and development.

This grace or resource if you will, is a capacity associated with the ability to invent and Engineer things that could further fast-track the fathers redemptive plan for humanity and all creation. Regardless of how humanist philosophy sees technology, believers should understand that all forms of technological breakthroughs are ordained and designed by God to fast-track the manifestation of the Son of God.

This spirit of Cyrus as we’ve seen it is manifesting in an increased level in our time through individuals leading the frontier of technological breakthroughs and development in the Silicon Valley. This spirit is usually released at the threshold of a new prophetic turn in the earth. new technology are signs of impending coming judgement of the Lord like we see in the days of Noah.  

This grace in most cases, function through men and women we may not term as religious, yet the father raises them to strategically release creative opportunities and resources for his Church and purpose to be known. These individuals accelerates and further amplify the prophetic voice of the Lord across platforms and system especially in marketplace. 

This creative spirit is consistently released through the turn of a new century as the church transits into a higher, matured level of the promotion new strategic truths for kingdom representation.  As the advent of the printing press technology accelerated the spread of sound biblical knowledge during the unfortunate Roman Catholic Dark Age era, the lord is also now using the various technology initiatives of the World Wide Web and the social media platforms to release the pure strategic apostolic truth for humanity. This is the most important hour for the church to unite in faith and grace in order to fast-track the divine intent of the Lord of creation.

preparing for war

Having said this, sadly, we still have brethren, even though they’ve been exposed to the reality of the shifting seasons like this, are still pervaded by wrong frame of thought and beliefs with regards to the usage of the social web. Their attitude toward technology and the use of social media as a vehicle of propagating the gospel is still very much hindered by the lack of openness to the current speaking of the Spirit of the lord. Their misgivings towards the utilizing the full potential of social media as a platform to advance the general development of the corporate body through integration is a major setback for kingdom initiative.

As we meditate on this great phenomenal, we should start to think of how we can effectively translate this opportunity to a powerful irresistible recognized force in the earth. When you think of the success story of a community like the life church who built Youversion bible App, you then begin to understand and appreciate what I am trying to communicate. The Youversion bible App is one of the most used bible Apps globally today. As powerful as this may sound, it is just a fraction of what still need to be done within the kingdom community if we are going to fulfill the mission of the great commission.

Building a true kingdom community that becomes a hub of representation and expression of sound biblical principles that can answer and defend the cause of the faith we are called to preach and teach in my view is highly recommended and necessary today.

I sense prophetically that we have to drastically shift away from a low ranger mentality of using social media. We are already seeing how individuals are being targeted both online and offline in some countries just because of their faith orientation.  Believers across all platforms should learn to connect to other platforms with the resource technology that will not only protect them against the new types of enemies surfacing online, but that can also help them to achieve their individual ministry mandate online and offline.

There is a need to awaken our research and development department in building a powerful irresistible firewall system. We need to build a community system that can stand bold, strong and strategic as  watchmen on the watchtower of kingdom initiatives online. The enemy is not sleeping. The fact is, he’s already planning his next attack and we have to be on the watch before he strikes. Cyber war is becoming more real and popular to the point that it has today become a game changer the concept of conventional battle.

There more we accept the reality of a cyber world as believers the more we need to start putting a strategic digital firewall in place to keep our activity online and offline secure. My point is, the church need to drastically change its focus, platform and strategy of expression from a mere physical building to a structure of strategic digital systems that can easily and effectively interface with the reality of the 21st century community.

Still ignorant of the purpose of social media

While I am excited with regards to the development and progress the social media has afforded today’s society, I am also a bit worried due to the sheer ignorance that still paved the minds of certain people when it comes to the utilization of the social media tool. The time where a large number within the body of Christ still view social media merely as a platform to consume, share or post entertaining materials is now over. Please don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with us having fun on these platforms as long as we fully understand the very essence and purpose of their existence.

We cannot build a true kingdom hub online if everyone is merely speaking or doing their own thing without willing to integrate with others. The ‘promotion of my own thing kind of attitude’ only further enhances the evil scheme of the enemy online. In a situation where so called friends on your Facebook account ignore and refuses to engage and interact with important issues being discussed in my opinion, is a reflection of another agenda. If we cannot intelligently engage in discussions or comment on a vital point that bothers or affects a friend, I truly why such a person should be maintained as a friend on such social media account.

One thing is, now clear, the social media network has to a large degree helped us identify those who share the same passion, vision and objective with us, and this is highly important. While those who don’t can still be maintained as friends, but at least you now know where to place them in the order of priority. We most never forget that the primary purpose of social media in connectivity and interaction. Regardless of what we know, if we are unwilling to connect with others idea and opinion, something is critically wrong with our relationship concept.

Social media, the point of convergence

If the church is going to make a serious impact through the social media, we certainly need to start streamlining our thoughts, words and expression under various unique banners of kingdom initiative. Please note this, I am not just referring to pastors who just open a corporate account for their churches.

Pastors and spiritual leaders must learn to interconnect and integrate their grace, gifts and community with other parts of the body so that their own community can fully benefit from the supply of other members of the body. We need to remember that the body is made out of many parts, and not one single unit. There very core objective of the social media platforms is to enhance our integration and collaboration as members of the body of Christ.

The propagation of the gospel of reformation, redemption, transformation and the ultimate restoration of all things back to Christ can be greatly enriched through these platforms the lord has strategically positioned for his church today. But in a situation where some view these platforms as a place to display their carnality, promote their myopic pet doctrines, and unduly take advantage of the confused and desperate folks, I believe this is a huge disappointment and a setback for the reason of social media. There’s a need to be awakened to the present opportunity given to us as members of the body of Christ to utilize this season of opening to push out as much research possible for people to be able to access.

Like Joseph in Egypt, these are seven seasons of abundance. The season and days of need are coming. Whatever can be stored for communities must be stored because the days of spiritual drought are getting closer.  There will arise another King, who does not know Joseph nor his God, and will seek to persecute the lord’s people in the days of his ruling.

To be continued…

Pressing forward in 2016


    Pattern of things to come


                          SEEM TO HAVE A CLEAR SENSE OF THEIR FUTURE

                            AND THOSE WHO ARE NOT THAT CERTAIN OF

                                WHAT THE FUTURE HOLDS FOR THEM


                                          By Isaiah-Phillips Akintola

Entering a critical moment of change

Greetings friends and family! We are indeed so grateful to the most high who has again granted us grace through his mercy to be found alive and active as we press towards the finishing line of the year. 2015, like the previous years have witnessed an incredible increase in what the scripture refers to as the birth pang.

The various cultural shifts, socioeconomic and geopolitics maneuvering witnessed across the globe in 2015 all attest to the fact that our world as entered a critical moment in the redesigning of its political and economic reliance.

We have seen unprecedented changes take place within the core belief system of society in terms of how religion and the New Age believe system is now shaping leadership and the perceptive moral footing of the 21st century society. Our nation here in South Africa was not left behind in the crusade of seeking and charting a new socioeconomic leadership direction.


South African, searching for a new leadership philosophy

As we begin to witness the true reality of the closure of a ‘leadership, built on the liberation philosophy’ to a different type of governance that is skillful and strategic in redesigning the platform of socioeconomic opportunity for all South Africans, we also need to be weary of those who may desire to hijack the process by taking undue advantage of the transitional gap.

The truth is, the current voice of opposition to the ANC lead government are not ready and mature enough to lead a complex nation like South Africa, and of cause, it is crystal clear that the current political leadership team have ran out of creative leadership strength, and it seem the people are saying they have over stayed their welcome.

While we see a lot of zeal without the balance of knowledge and wisdom to lead, we need to precisely pray and intercede that the current national leadership transition does not end up like some of the failed state we are witnessing across the continent. We will discuss more on this in another article coming soon.

However, as society moves from what has long been defined and accepted as the core moral norm into an uncertain terrain of the humanist frame of thinking, the church needs to strategically accelerate her drive towards the reestablishment of what is known as a true apostolic community as seen in the first century. The new normal as to be that which is sourced from the stream of Heavens River flowing out of the Garden of Eden. We can no longer drink from the order of the polluted stream of the Law of Moses.

Changing the obsolete wineskin

The obsolete wineskin of the current church will continue to make her vulnerable not just to the extremist jihadist crusade but also to the ever-growing voice of the antichrist movement in the west. There’s a need to now increase the voice of God’s prophetic marching order for the church and the nations so we can see a new order of a well matured governmental prophetic company arise in the earth in the fulfillment of their ordained mandate in this third day.

Keeping ranks in the order of our various levels of grace and gifting’s in the true spirit of mutual submission will enhance the power of true governmental community lifestyle needed to face the demonic principality over spheres across the nations.

The prophetic parallel  

We must remain relevant to our various posts, gates and walls as the angel of the Lord once again passes through the land of Egypt in total destruction of its firstborn. The day of the birth of the Sons of God kind of church is the day of the death sentence of the first born sons of the Egyptians. The day heaven came to judge Pharaoh and his nation is the same day the Lord liberated his own. We need to understand the parallel. First the natural then the spiritual.

As we discern this moment, there are things we need to start aligning our lives to in terms of the appropriation of the prophetic mandate of the Lord for our generation. Now is the time for the full restoration of the missing apostolic doctrine and tradition. We must learn again to continue in the purity of the apostle’s [teaching] doctrine, fellowship, breaking of bread and prayer. There must be a restoration of the message and spirit of the covenant that births the heart of true community and relationship.

In this day of increase darkness and weeping in the land of Egypt will also be the greatest season where the church will witness the unprecedented global harvest. This means that the army of the Lord must be dressed ready to lead a nation out of bondage into the glorious freedom and jubilee of kingly priesthood.

I was greatly encouraged by listening to Dr. Ben Carson recently, who is one of the leading presidential republican candidates who made it is political campaign to face and challenge the very foundation of the American politics call politically correct philosophy.

This ungodly philosophy has been used for decades to attack and stop anything and anyone that sound godly and righteous in the American society. The lord is using this man and many others to regain the voice and liberty of the church among Americans society and its leadership.

One very reason why the current Donald Trump presidential campaign is leading and gaining ground among the people is a clear view that people are fed up and tired of the lies, hypocrisy and deception the American political philosophy is currently built on. Heaven has begun to shake and shift things from the corridor of power.

A foretaste of things to come

I believe, this is a foretaste of the kind of debates and discussion, we will be having in seasons to come, and we have to prepare a church knowledgeable and mature to stand and debate the doctrines and tenets of our faith in the hope of winning some.

We need to build and invest in the competency of every believer as the wisdom of this world arises to challenge the philosophy of our faith. Dr. Ben Carson reminds me of Daniel in Babylon. We have to believe the Lord to give us the Spirit of wisdom and boldness to defend our faith without aggression.

As the day of the Lord draws closer upon man, the earth will continue to witness groaning of all kinds; they will be increased labor pain that tells us to remain prepared and be ready for the birthing of a glorious company of people known as the man-child tribe, the sons of the God Company of saints who will finally stand as the three of heavens witness on earth.

We are getting closer to that season where everything we know and understand about the church and humanity is taking a new form and shape. My point is, the context of our plans and objective for the coming year should be defined in the light of the progressive unfolding prophetic agenda of the father for this end of days.

Don’t be carried away be false prophetic prediction

Let us not be carried away by some emotionally stirred prophetic prediction future-telling of religious charlatans. More than ever before, there’s a need to readjust our eyes and focus on the Lord that no matter what may be happening around or within us we will remain unmovable and unshakable. I strongly believe that this year has afforded many of us the opportunity to learn and be equipped with various unique knowledge and experienced that can further enhance our advancement in the coming seasons.

If you have lost a sense of direction

Yet not too many will be able to precisely say for a fact that they are looking forward to the coming year with great expectation unfortunately. Many are in the place where they have lost their sense of meaning and direction to life. The meaning of purpose, vision and destiny is almost becoming a foreign idea for these folks.

 While they may be found among believers or even seem to be handling spiritual leadership matters, there is something deeply wrong with the philosophy of their relationship with God and men. On the natural, when you encounter these brethren, you will assume everything is perfect with them. However, they’ve been discovered to be the most isolated, lonely and frustrated folks within the community of God’s people.

While they may be the best in caring and ministering to others, yet, their own life is filled with discouragement, unending emotional pain and bitterness of their childhood memories which is presently affecting their current relationship and work productivity.

 Their connection with social media is basically to help them go through the day or they will lose their mind. Facebook and other social media platforms have become their source of strength and therapy.

There’s no doubt about finding quality information and answer on social media platforms if we know what we are searching for. My point however is, you cannot depend or survive on social media alone as the precise reference point of gathering strength in dealing with the highly complex inner struggles of your life.


The rise of true kingdom community

There has to be a real-time community where we can truly connect physically and spiritually in searching and receiving the pure kingdom truth that can build and enhance our sense of community, integration, transformation and restoration.

The days ahead of us requires that the church becomes a powerful kingdom community center where individuals and families alike can come to and find strength and hope for the days ahead.

The future is in your past

Back to my main point, our childhood is one of the most influential reality still shaping our present existence. If we don’t effectively handle this aspect of our past that is still a threat to us today, I am afraid, it will continue to predict and shape the very outcome of our future regardless of the prophetic team or title we give to the coming year.

Experience, good or bad is some of the best tools heaven employs to refine and perfect all that is required to shape us into what we’ve been designed for in life. Furthermore, if we’ve not been taught how to positively make use of the various experiences of our lives either good or bad, there is the possibility that we can be found to be perpetually trapped in the negative experience and circumstances of our past.

In the next few days, we will be stepping into 2016. And as usual, many already have sets of objective, purpose and plans for the coming year. This is a very good discipline that encourages motivation, focus and direction as a believer. Life’s development is designed by a sustained practice of movement towards a set goal and objective.

The word of the lord enjoys every believer to discover their place and purpose in life. Not until we have fully grasped the very essence of our life and the purpose why we are born into the environment we find ourselves, we will certainly not have the precise sense of objective and direction towards the place of our ordained prophetic assignment.

if you however fall into this category of those who through knowledge or providence are able to identify, and are able to move towards a set objective for the coming year, I salute you and will encourage you to keep focused and pace with that which you have set before yourself.

The father has a placed for you in the future if you will return to the past

However, there is another category of individuals who may not be as certain and clear with regards to what the future, 2016 holds for them. By the way, this group I am referring to are not just limited to the unsaved folks. This includes Christians and even those in leadership position if you ask me.

And the reason for this is not because these individuals lack knowledge or understanding with regards to how to dream or make things happen. Nor is that they don’t know how to pray. No, some of the people I am referring to here to some degree are seen to have achieved some level of ‘success’ in life and ministry.

 However, deep within some of these men and women, there is a subtle, brutal ranging battle within them that is almost seeking to enslave them to their past pattern of thinking.

The past is a crucial part of any person that cannot be wiped off or wished away. We can, however gain vital lessons that can help our development or that of another through the appropriation of the right lessons even though these lessons may sometimes expose us to very deep emotional and psychological pain for a season.

The power of pain

Pain is good if it will led to us winning and breakthrough in our immediate future. Yes, the story of some of our past is quite difficult to tell or share. However, the only way we can conquer those feelings of abuse, misuse, injustice, miss future, and marginalization, the loss of a very close family in our childhood or teenage life is by confronting them in the spirit of true forgiveness. If the memory of our past still hurts and hunts us, it means that we have not truly learned what forgiveness is all about, and therefore, we are not ready to advance into the future.

If we are yet to let go of those inner issues of our hearts that causes us so much pain and depression, we are then saying we are not ready to step into the future. Remember, the future is not a calendar year. It is the decision we make daily to leave behind what holds us back yesterday.

As long as you still feel the sense of guilt, neediness and victimization mentality, it means there’s still a major stronghold erected within the invisible wall of your mind that needs to be pulled down. These strongholds are like parasites that feeds on every negative thought and feeling you allow within your soul.

For example, the thought of fear and rejection will build or enhance the stronghold of insecurity and uncertainty. The motivation to step into new areas of life will be interpreted as a challenge from such a person.

When you condone negative thoughts and feelings

They are forever in opposition to change. When you condone the thought of rejection, you will see your best friend and ally as an enemy who is playing to attack you. Meaning that you interpret people’s good will from a suspicious negative perspective. This kind of people eventually becomes isolated and of cause, prone to satanic or demonic attacks.

The enemy keeps the pressure of attacking their thought and emotion of these people until he tries to snuff every ounce of hope, faith and love out of their lives. The point I am making here underscores the fact that seemly activity towards a goal does not necessarily define progress and fulfillment in a life that is still trapped by his or her past.

 Some of the things we see or even term as great achievements today in the body of Christ are actually fig leaves we employ to cover our inner nakedness and shame. As individuals suffer insecurity and dysfunctional behavioral challenges, so does a family, community and the larger society. The inability to embrace a healthy emotional or spiritual life can damage, and is damaging the very structure of society.

 This is a position many, especially within the body of Christ will not like to acknowledge or deal with due to levels of difficulty strongholds they will have to confront.

Secondly, the type of entertainment setup pattern of worship in most church community those not allow for such kind of serious issues. And if such issue shows up unnoticed, we relegate them to individuals without the training and skill to handle them. This kind of attitude is indirectly telling the people to keep their problem.

Why some cannot emotionally free in our church settings

While we may preach and teach the truth, the kind of administrative structure within this gathering does not encourage individuals to come forward in sharing the deepest secrets of their lives. The only time people seem to be willing to share something in our church community is when they have a testimony of a job promotion or financial increase unfortunately.

Why? That is the kind of culture set in the house by the leadership. More so, those who in the past have dared to share something that tends to make the church look or sound incompetent was immediately shut down. Therefore, people will rather keep silent with their challenge and emotional struggles because they don’t want to be seen as though they lack faith, vision and Revelational understanding to mention a few.

I felt identifying with this group of people in terms of trying to make sense of their inner struggles and condition will give them a sense of hope, faith, love and courage they need first to adequately understand what is happening to them and take the necessary step to move out of the prison of past emotional bondage.

Some of the things I have learned about people is that everyone is looking for someone who they can truly share some of the deep issues troubling their hearts. They just need a listening ear.  Due to the lack of sincerity and openness most especially in the church community, many have remained trapped in the prison of the past; they are dying silently out of loneliness and self-rejection.

Because we live in society that only thrives on lies and deception, it has become even more difficult today to actually find those who are willing to acknowledge that we have issues that requires serious assistance even among people of the way.

 I know what I am taking about

I can talk about this because I have been in that state of life where the thought of ending your life crosses your mind even as a believer. Depression becomes your companion, fear takes the place of faith. The voice of hopelessness becomes almost stronger than the voice of hope and faith. Hate almost pushes away your inherent nature of love by the power of deliverance manifest to pull one out of such dark alley.

Dealing with the complex dysfunctional realities of our lives could be highly challenging if there is a lack of truth and the unwillingness to confront the past reality of our lives.

I struggled to make sense of the condition that seem to have trapped me with little or no answer even after praying. While you are among people, the sense of emptiness and loneliness flood your mind without knowing what to do until there was a divine intervention.

The impact of what I am sharing takes more than the general bible knowledge and response you may get from a friend or fellow church members am afraid.  Understanding who you are in the light of truth is one the most important aspect in stepping into the zone reality of lasting freedom. Yes, freedom and liberty in Christ is what gives you the courage to step out of that inner conflict no one but you can see.

The future is what you make of it today

As you get yourself ready for the coming season, allow me to highlight some point I felt should help you make sense of your future. The days ahead of us all are symbolic of a mountain climbing experience. Those who remain in the valley will be decided for by the circumstances, challenges and evil system of the Age.

 Regardless of who you are, where you are, where you’ve been or what you’ve done, or what someone has done to you; you belong to Christ and him alone! You are never disenfranchised. I need you to be firmly established in some of these facts and truth that will guide you as you press further into 2016, and you need to press into 2016 with the strength of the Holy Spirit.

Here are the things you need to know by revelation:

  1. 1. God, your Heavenly Father knew you before you were born. The fact is, he created you, and set up the circumstances within the environment that now shape what is now termed as your life.

You’ve been destined for a successful life, regardless of your knowledge, what you term as failures or inabilities. He is the one working in you both to will and to do of his good pleasure. Do you believe this? You need to.

  1. You are not a product of an accident, even if you were born out of wedlock or rape. The circumstances surrounding your birth might not have been right in human eyes. Yet, the Lord used them as the vehicle to Lunch you into this world. Your Heavenly Father, the creator of your life, has the most perfect plan for you regardless of the condition or confusion around you.
  1. The reality of your past memory can be one of the most powerful instruments designed to shape you into your heavenly ordained assignment on earth. Do not allow the enemy to turn what your heavenly father ordained to build and nurture you in displaying his glory for your defeat.
  1. 4. Remember, whichever way you are born, you have an enemy that is relentless in his pursuit to destroy you. Even if you are born into royalty with all the opportunities in life to be whatever you want to be, you will still have enemies and challenges that will try to stop you.

Therefore, only when you live in the revelation of Christ, who is your victory, you will be defeated. Christ is your key and driver into the future.

 Never fill embarrassed about your own challenge, embrace it and use it as the tool the Lord has ordained for you to be the best you’ve been designed for. Note this, all human has their own unique challenges regardless of their admission or not.

  1. 5. Progress is not about the big things done or achieved as good as they may be. Progress is about gaining that sense of:



 Please remember that your future is in Christ and not in the crisis of the days head

Have a fulfilling and prosperous 2016


worship and the new priestly order




worship and the new priestly order 




In the last days the mountain of the Lord’s temple will be established as the highest of the mountains; It will be exalted above the hills, and all nations will stream to it. (Isaiah2:2)

This prophetic declaration by Isaiah has almost become the super theme scripture for those who now claim to be custodians of the current apostolic reformation message, and this is fine if the footing and template of what we are initiating is firmly established on the holistic revelation of Christ who is the faithful high priest of our profession.

My challenge however, is the inconsistent character attitude of those sounding this so-called apostolic trumpet. The establishment of the mountain of the lord’s temple has to mean more than some rhetorical skill we have mastered to prove a point in our insecurity and competitive lifestyle to one another.


The sad reality today is the fact that many leaders and their followers alike have rigorously sought to master and perfect the art of ‘speaking’ the language of the current transitional demand of the Spirit without being known or sent by the lord. This act of hypocrisy has continued to pollute and distort the clear expression of the voice of the Lord, especially among young and immature seekers of the way.

However, the father has not left the saints vulnerable to this deadly gimmick playing out. Out of the many ways the Lord has chosen to test, prove, expose and approve our heart in the journey to the place of his mountain in Christ is through the ministry of pure worship. The central theme of the requirement of the lord from the days of the first man and his wife in the garden was to have a family of people born to be priest who will stand before him a perpetual lifestyle of worship.


Let me be bold by saying that both the present footing and structure of what heaven is building and restoring in the earth through the Spirit of reformation is solidly established on a priesthood that has a continual standing before the face of the Lord like the cherubim. The cherubim ministry captures and perfectly express to us the type of corporate priestly kingdom life and service the Father is yarning to manifest for among those who have been harvested out of the rigorous outer court church religious activity we see in practice.

as we continue to critically examine many of the things that is being said and tag to be the true article of the current apostolic demand, one cannot but to see the extreme contradictions and inconsistency. One of these inconsistency is found and expressed in the ministry of worship.

The fact that a person or group of individuals can precisely articulate what heaven is saying for a season does not mean they have an authentic priestly standing before the father. Secondly, many I have seen proclaiming this ‘mixed wine message’ they call the apostolic are yet to change the structural atmospheric order of both their life and that of their house of expression. While they seem to be saying all the right things, their values and lifestyle preference betrays their message.

 Being able to build a church or any ministry initiative for that matter, does not mean we have the father’s approval to represent his priesthood and speakings in the earth. It is highly critical that we corporately and individually examine the very footing and motive that stirs our heart to respond to the demand of the lord especially in this end of days.

 There are very successful business plan and principles that if properly apply in gathering people, or in the construction of a project will certainly succeed according to human standard. And the truth is, many in the body of Christ have resulted to using this humanist philosophy and ideology to build and run what they today define to be an apostolic community. The house of the lord is not a business center and should not be run as one.

No wonder that those who try to run the church of the lord as a business model, have incurred the wrath of the father by turning their initiative into the ground for rebellion, division, confusion and frustration. Countless numbers of individuals attend these churches, give their best, but they still cannot find peace, joy, direction of heaven for their lives. It’s like the more the give of their hard earned money as offerings and tithes, the more they go bankrupt.

Lust, pride and all forms of iniquities are found within the walls of those gathering places they call church. This are powerful prophetic signal of heavens judgement over this places people are meant to believe are worship center. Indeed, they are worship center but certainly not the worship of Jehovah. I must resound it again as heavens voice to earth, that the church of the lord cannot be built by using seemly successful humanist managerial value standard.


The church of the lord is a spiritual house that is lead and directed purely by the Holy Spirit through a purified, chosen and commissioned corporate eldership who function under the order of a Melchizedek priesthood. The priesthood that defines the administrative function of the house of God is one that is patterned after the similitude of heaven and not the earth. Whatever we claim the lord has assigned us to carry out cannot look like things of the earth. The father’s restoration plan is to bring everything into unity in Christ.

Meaning that whatever phase of the temple we may be representing at whatever given time, the posture and articulation of such priesthood should be sounding and resembling the blueprint of the heavenly pattern. There is nothing we are presently doing on earth today that does not have a heavenly replica. The tendency to want to use the things of this world to try to communicate the things of the Spirit though may initially sound wonderful, but it has always proven to corrupt the seed of truth especially in the pathway of those who truly desire to journey on the highway of heaven.

In the building of the Tower of Babel we see the deployment of the human standard resources at its best, and the injection of the soul life in the carrying out the project. building with bricks and mortars was not the pattern of heaven. in the divine pattern, we are instructed to use stones. stones already cut at the quarry site must fit into each other without friction.  The priests who minister before this massive, ‘mega tower temple church’ were determined to accomplish their desired end goal of reaching heaven on their own wisdom and strength and the father was already determined to destroy their ungodly effort.

If the lord has not spoken by coming down to see what the sons of men are building with their inherent soul power, they would certainly have reached their end goal, we would not have known that it is wrong to use such method. Therefore, the seemly success of a project or initiative does not mean they are approved before the lord. The end does not justify the means.

The fact that the lord came down and scattered and confused the communication language of the people back then immediately tells us that he is not in the business of approving such carnal, humanist wisdom method to accomplish his desired plan in the earth.

Secondly, the seemly ability to precisely define and use words like Greek, Hebrew or Latin lexicon effectively, certainly does not certify or qualify one as an authority within the community of the present third day spiritual emphasis. I strongly believe that the responsibility of establishing the mountain of the lord’s temple as the most elevated mountains in our day, lies on the character quality and function of a priesthood that will minister within the altar of this temple mountain.

We have perfected the act of precisely defining the ideals of this temple of the lord, some of us have gone as even describing what the temple will look like but alas, the purity lifestyle and worship system of the priesthood the father has ordained to minister before the altar of this temple coming down is still a mystery.

When we examine both the structural system and the spiritual administrative competency of most houses, you immediately see that something is wrong. The order of priesthood functioning within most of the community we term as church today does not reflect what we see in the scripture nor does it allow the Spirit of the lord, the liberty to move and direct things as he will and desire.

While in our corporate devotions, most especially in the Sunday gatherings, we seem to be vigorously engaged in the act and experience of corporate worship, yet, the configuration of our hearts and its agendas, seem to be suggesting something completely different from the lyrics and experience of the worship. So, I felt the lord will have me look into some of this issues in other to draw the church’s attention again to the more excellent path.

This article should not be seen or taken as a criticism to the current religious worship system, but rather as a challenge to prepare us to join the remnant generation heaven is calling to minister before this new temple coming down from the throne of grace.


Biblical concept of worship is define as both the (separation) consecration and devotion of one’s entire life system to the service of the Father and his kingdom. The life and service of our lord Jesus Christ mirrors to his church both past and present what it means to be a true worshipper. A careful study of the word of God from Genesis to revelation consistently reveals this universal theme of heavens intent for creation; the worship of the Almighty Jehovah.

The battle of Christ in the wilderness and of cause in gethsemane were centered on the issue of worship. Our lord battled the principalities of his day and the deep cravings of his soul to maintain an undivided focus and his allegiance of worship to his father.




Redefining manhood

Bringing the core reality of man into existence




BY Isaiah-Phillips Akintola

There is certainly no doubt that one of the greatest battles the church and creation is currently faced with since the advent of the fall of man in the garden, up unto this very moment has been the continuous, relentless assault on the precise definition of man’s integrated image and identity.

Within the framework of man’s true image and identity lies the divine power and authority to change and transform the destructive mechanisms being used by extremist religious sects and the humanist system currently governing the larger part of society.

A man with a restored image, carries the very essence and value standard to reform, transform and ultimately restore creation back to its original ordained place in God.

The determining breakthrough factor of any society is largely hinges on the visionary capacity of its men. The advance of any nation is largely determined by the quality of its men. Highly productive, visionary sustained societies are birthed by quality men who are very well-developed, skilled, informed, and driven by strong ethical principles.

Men, by design are visionaries; they are pathfinders with a strong sense of INTENT, PURPOSE AND DIRECTION. Ideally, their adventurous nature allows them to break into new grounds and territories with little inhibitions. 


Although they may be leaders, but sometimes not too effective managers, and that is the main reason, the Lord places wise and virtuous women around them, who are wired with exceptional qualities of managerial skills to help them carry out their assignment. Whenever their inborn qualities are not functioning the way they have been designed, it simply means that something has gone wrong that needs to be urgently fixed.

We do know that the unholy conversation between Satan and Eve, and the subsequent deception that led to the fall was indirectly targeted at Adam and the male race. The assault did not just distort and neutralize God’s ordained image and identity in man, but having cost him his position of relationship with his heavenly father, he subsequently lost his assigned authority as the chief administrator of God’s estate.

Subsequent struggles, from the days of Cain and Abel, to the epic battles of our Lord Jesus Christ in the wilderness, and that of the garden of Gethsemane before his death and resurrection were all contentions for the eternal seed and identity of God in man.

The nature and scale of the battle also shifts at different levels. From being an internal contradictions within an individual to contending with socio-cultural forces, it can also assume a powerful ideological dimension of the state’s warfare against religion.

The plan to neutralize man’s spiritual IMAGE, IDENTITY and FUNCTION identity, and therefore, his ordained assignment within the structure of his family, home and church and the larger society has never been so ruthless severe.

It is extremely impossible for a state to assume the place and function of a man, and expect society to run smoothly. It is becoming evidentially clear that under today’s concept of democracy, just like in the days of communism, the state is trying to take total control with regard to how the home and families should be run.

Men are being stripped of their manhood in the name of promoting human rights. The ravaging feminist ideology, an off-shoot of humanism will not only destroy the family, but will also destroy the society as a whole.

In the context of a home, it is important to state that the notion of a rivalry between the man and the woman is alien to the original divine plan. God, in His divine order has set things in place, including how the male man and his family ought to live, and if we follow His values and set principles, we will enjoy a blissful society. The more rights the state tries to strip from men, the more dysfunctional society will become.

The way to empower women and children is by empowering the men with the Spirit of their Heavenly Father. The more men learn of their original identity in Christ, the easier it becomes for them to sacrificially offer their lives for the provision and protection of their family and community. It is highly important that I stress that the battle of the 21st century society will be determined and won by the quality of men produced by the society, and not the other way around.

As the Lord highlights the key qualities of men that He will use in this season to challenge the assault of darkness, we need to remind ourselves that we have to first unclothe our minds from the soulish carnal garment of Saul and that of Babylon with which we have been clothed by our natural birth circumstances.

Who we are, and the exploit we are able to carry out on behalf of God’s people will ultimately be by the quality and state of our spiritual and mental states. David learnt to unclothe himself first from the mentality of Saul before he faced Goliath.

“Then Saul dressed David in his own tunic. He put a coat of armor on him and a bronze helmet on his head. David fastened on his sword over the tunic and tried walking around, because he was not used to them. “I cannot go in these,” he said to Saul, “because I am not used to them.” So he took them off.

“Then he took his staff in his hand, chose five smooth stones from the stream, put them in the pouch of his shepherd’s bag and, with his sling in his hand, approached the Philistine.”

Your mentality defines your internal awareness and competence; in other words, the garment you wear will either prepare you for battle or prevent you from standing out when Goliath come calling.

 Many of the men of our time truly have the desire, and even to some extent, the passion to want to bring change to their family and community but they are wrongly dressed.

Wrong value standards like that of King Saul is certainly a wrong gear-amour to wear in the days of confronting the horns and the [principalities] gates hindering the rise of the church and nations in fulfilling their destiny.

The scripture above highlighted four insightful conversations between King Saul, David the Shepherd boy, his brothers and Goliath of Gath. These conversations actually reveal whose manhood was adequately prepared and ready from all the four characters.

Extracting certain core principles for the reality of manhood from the 1 Samuel 17:28-40 in my opinion, gives insightful wisdom to how to deal with the issue of a true visionary, competent company of men ready to bring deliverance to this generation.


Let’s highlight these four key conversations;

  1. 1. First conversation with Eliab, David’s eldest brother:

When Eliab, David’s oldest brother, heard him speaking with the men, he burned with anger at him and asked, “Why have you come down here? And with whom did you leave those few sheep in the wilderness? I know how conceited you are and how wicked your heart is; you came down only to watch the battle.”

  1. 2. Second, the conversation of David with King Saul:

 What David said was overheard and reported to Saul, and Saul sent for him. David said to Saul, “Let no one lose heart on account of this Philistine; your servant will go and fight him.”

  1. Third, the conversation of Saul with David:

Saul replied, “You are not able to go out against this Philistine and fight him; you are only a young man, and he has been a warrior from his youth.”

  1. The last conversation which is the declaration of Goliath

Is the key point we shall be considering.



First Samuel 17

Goliath stood and shouted to the ranks of Israel, “Why do you come out and line up for battle? Am I not a Philistine, and are you not the servants of Saul? Choose a man and have him come down to me.

If he is ABLE to fight and kill me, we will become your subjects; but if I overcome him and kill him, you will become our subjects and serve us.” Then the Philistine said, “This day I defy the armies of Israel! Give me a man and let us fight each other.” On hearing the Philistine’s words, Saul and all the Israelites were dismayed and terrified.

Woe to you, O land, when your king is a child, and your princes feast in the morning! Blessed are you, O land, when your king is the son of nobles, and your princes feast at the proper time— For strength and not for drunkenness! (Eccles 10:16-17)



These two scriptures introduce us to the whole essence of the subject matter of the reality manhood, and I do believe that as we approach this subject from the accurate realm of the knowledge of the tree of life, we will be able to systematically identify and neutralize from within the inner man, the carnal fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. This latter has been the source of all known natural concepts of manhood. It is important that we do not base the interpretation of spiritual reality on carnal humanistic wisdom and ideology.

The approach of defining manhood from spiritual the dimension should further enhance the strength, courage, and determination of our spiritual pursuits unto that zenith of a perfect corporate man, which should be our default operating pattern in Christ.

The sad reality of Goliath’s unprecedented challenge was that not a single man in the entire parade of King Saul’s army, including the seemingly strong brothers of David were brave enough to face and challenge Goliath.

To understand the reason why King Saul and his men could not face Goliath, we need to look into the structure of Saul’s inner configuration; what kind of man was he on the inside? The architectural configuration of Saul’s inner make-up is a powerful indicator of the kind of values system that defined his manhood’s outlook, especially with his men on the battlefield.

It is clear that the life of Saul directly or indirectly impacts the moral capabilities of his men. A man (i.e. leader) with the right inner configuration will not only motivate and inspire other men within and around his world to function with uttermost skill and capacity, but will also equip them with the necessary courage and determination to advance and succeed in carrying out their assignments.

Saul, like Goliath, represents various layers of predominantly soulish, satanic strongholds and systems, positioned within and outside our world’s environment, and David represents a type of quality and character icon required to challenge and defeat this principality known as Goliath.

Therefore, accurate manhood exudes the qualities of a courageous fearless life to challenge and overcome the various satanic hindrances against the advancement of the people of God from one point of transition to the next.

The evidence of the days we live in both from the economic, sociocultural, geopolitical, and the religious ideological extremism, demands a total shift in the configuration of the male man from the old pattern of a weak, carnal and lack of visionary character lifestyle, to the very nature of a well perfected, ascended vision driven nature of the second man, the last Adam.


David, to some degree speaks into some of the core character qualities the lord is looking for in the men of our time for us to be truly empowered to take on the challenge of the Goliath of our day.


The remark of David to Saul in terms of his identity and believe system proves to us that, though he lives in a society that is generally controlled and influence by the King Saul ideological beliefs, he draws his own identity, ideology and inspiration of life from a higher dimension everyone else seem to be unaware of.


Even when the king tried to enforce his concept of manhood and warfare on him, he will not give in because they are alien to his identity. He said to the king, I cannot go with these because they have not been proven. Here is a powerful concept David is showing us that for the fact that the instruction is coming from a highly respected and influential person does not make it acceptable.


He proved to the King and all the men of his generation that there is another realm where true men gains insight, instruction and direction that transcend this limited weak realm of existence. The scriptures said he reach deep into his shepherd’s bag for one of the five smooth stones he had earlier collected from the river.


This young lad once again is calling and challenging the men of South Africa and this generation to gather at the foot of this epic battle season, and start learning again what it means to be a real man who will stand up to the challenge, and completely defeat  the Goliath’s of economic, sociocultural and religious giants of our time. It’s time to undress our minds from its weakness and dysfunctional past. It’s a new day to war in righteousness.


Contemporary patterns often demonstrated in the economic, socio-cultural, political, and  religious contexts reveal the need for a total shift in the configuration of the male man from the old pattern of a carnal, spiritually sightless and character-deficient personality to that of the morally whole well perfected, ascended vision-driven nature of the last Adam, the man Jesus.

Solomon further expresses his apprehension regarding a city, family or society that positions immature men in highly sensitive leadership position. In fact, he sees such blind decision as a curse on the entire community, city or nation.

Tribute to Nelson Mandela

Today we join the nation and the rest of the world to mourn and celebrate the life of a man, fashioned by HIS HUMANITY to fulfill a unique destiny in the laying of the foundation of socioeconomic liberation of this great nation from the evil apartheid system.

It is the nature of God that whenever he desires to communicate, alter, shift or transform the cause of a nation or generation, He searches for ordinary humans with extra ordinary behavioral character quality, with the intention of precisely representing his purposes and agenda in the earth. perhaps, Nelson Mandela is one out of many in his generation who heed the call of heaven to face and challenge headlong the evil apartheid regime, or maybe, it was a powerful, irresistible quest within his soul to do something about the injustice, poverty and marginalization of his people, only heaven will tell.

It is important we look at the qualities that make this political icon in perspective as the nation of South Africa mourns and celebrates at the same time the life of this servant- leader. We must note that Nelson Mandela was never a perfect man, father, husband or friend. however, he exhibited some of the finest leadership qualities highly and desperately needed in the development and productivity of the continent of Africa and the rest of the world. He perfectly understood his humanity and the power of the mass to achieve what he wanted.

• A call to sacrifice and selflessness
• The burning desire to see justice, equity and transformation
• The resolve to live for what you believe and if need be, die for it
• The ability to transmit and translate the vision to your immediate family and community
• The understanding of the complexity of the challenges ahead
• The determination to be had
• The factor of applied knowledge, wisdom and understanding accurately
• An inner drive to fight all forms of poverty and marginalization
• Having an intuitive knowledge of human nature and behavior
• The ability to identify needed resources and capacity in others
• The need to know how to choose your friends and allies
• Understanding the power of a well refined identity
• The ability to manage conflict within and outside the scope of once objective
• Ability and grace to identify and handle distraction
• The resolve to fight but fight strategically if need be
• The power of interaction and negotiation
• The power of information and education
• The grace to make informed decision
• The grace to share your fear or anxieties with your close friends and allies
• The intuitive knowledge to gracefully exit when you feel your time is up
• Acknowledging that whatever you did, achieve or have become is solely by God’s grace, wisdom and power

The need for true visionary savant-leaders is important, most especially in our today’s world where corruption and selfishness defines the very template of those who claim to be leading across the globe.

Discerning the moments of your life

There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens: (Ecclesiastes 3:1 NIV)
This scripture defines to all mortals the meaning and purpose to life. It captures the precise  mentality and spiritual understanding we need to access and exit the various seasons of life until we reach the zenith of Gods plan and purpose for life.
If you have not been wired or aware that you are design by  God to do something specific for him, your are likely to lack the motivational drive and vision to see life beyond fear, lack, self gratification and indulgence. I perceive prophetically that we are entering a new season, especially, the nation of South Africa.  it is important that we are able to precisely capture the seasonal callings and dealing of the Spirit of the Lord in regards to our divine migration and assignment.
One of the requirements of sound biblical foundation is that when we are precisely taught  at the very early stage of our walk we The Lord, we are giving a privilege of sight in decision making.  SEASONS are the combinations of ordinary moments given to us to prepare us for a life transforming events; while ‘TIME’ are divine moments given to build, nurture and prepare us for those moment of decision when they finally arrive.
You may not have the total control to alter the kind of circumstances your daily times may lead you into, but you can seize every moment through discernment and sensitivity to build character and  capacity  needed for what lies ahead of you. Whatever you are doing at the moment is certainly preparing you for something more bigger than your present capacity. It is important that you do not take for granted all that God is using humans and the circumstance of life to build into your spiritual profile.
The dealings and requirements of God for a nation, a region, a community, a family and individuals are captured in ordinary moments filled with the history of faith, courage, obedience, trust and submission to speakings of heaven by those who have developed the earring hears, the seeing eyes and the heart to conceive the truth.
What men usually see or term to be dramatic or drastic shift in the natural are the manifestation of what has been building up behind the seen. When we are careless with the moments heaven has given to us, we may loose the consummation of the fullness of a season when it arrives. Though you life at the moment may seem to be filled with just ordinary things, within those things you think are ordinary are the divine imprint of the speakings of God to prepare you for a supernatural moment decision.
 Let each day of your life be seen as another opportunity to move you closer to what heaven as prepared you for. If you are not faithful in handling what you term to be ordinary how can you be faithful when a life changing moment arrives.
When you run your life without a sense of vision or purpose how would you notice when a life shifting moment arrives.  David was called and sent while rearing the sheep of his father to go deliver the King and the entire nation from the hand of Goliath and the army of the Philistine.   Let this day prepare for a new season of opportunity to lead.