Redefining your new beginning for 2015

New beginning in God are current position of divine maturity, governed by the spiritual timing to see certain demands and desires of heaven be accomplish in the mortal realm. New beginnings are the position of entering into the next grand reality of the Father’s prophetic requirement as we press further into the fullness of Christ. New beginnings are new, or higher realms of the wisdom and understand of the father as we engage the systems and ideologies of Babylon. Continue reading Redefining your new beginning for 2015

The way of Disciple ll

It is highly important to state that the message of Christ and his Cross-is the anchor of all other principles and values of the Christian faith. To shun the cross is to shame Christ. A life without the cross is as good as dead. The cross is the place of divine regulation and advancement of your spirituality. The standard and quality of our Christianity is measured at the foot of the cross. In addition, everyone you met today either are a member of a church or affiliated to some Christian organization. Continue reading The way of Disciple ll