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A Christian refresher

By Isaiah-Phillips Akintola


1 Corinthians 12:11-13

Now these things happened to them as examples and were written down as warnings for us, on whom the fulfillment of the ages has come. So, the one who thinks he is standing firm should be careful not to fall. No temptation has seized you except what is common to man. And God is faithful; He will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear. But when you are tempted, He will also provide an escape, so that you can stand up under it.


Correct [vision] perception, and the proper management, or maintenance of our faith in the Lord does not only build a sound spiritual life, but also accelerate the Lord’s prophetic intension and dealings in an individual, or within the development of a kingdom, corporate community.

In our movement towards the day of [maturity] perfection and manifestation, it is becoming more glaring that maintaining a well-defined, and focused biblical, philosophy of prophetic sight and faith as part of our core spiritual components will greatly enrich and enhance our journey.  I regard these two, vision and faith, in my opinion, as twin value standards, designed by The Lord to work hand in hand in the reformation of our spiritual DNA unto that order of the ascended life in Christ.

Integrating this truth within the ongoing formation of kingdom culture, lays the precise footing, strong enough to build that divine Ark, ordained to transport us to the mountain of the Lord, even through the ongoing flood of destruction sweeping across cities and nations of the earth. Constructing a solid, broad-based spiritual structure with the capacity to house all of the Father’s prophetic intensions and purposes within the spirit-man requires a holistic paradigm of what Kingdom faith means and represent.

 You will agree with me that the moment The Lord summons or enlist an individual in the process of transition and restoration, there is first an aggressive process towards the correction of sight and the operational faith philosophy of such a person.

 The reason for this first position of call is clear in the scripture; the correction, or would I say, the right perception of vision and faith lays the foundation for any form of relationship, interaction, engagement or transaction in spiritual matters.

If this is the case, then it is important we reclaim the true definition of [sight] vision and faith so that we don’t make the mistake of building on the general assumed definition that is prevalent in most Christian community today. Like any other gift or grace (special resource or capacity) given to enhance our kingdom culture, vision and faith are not exempted from perversion and their extreme misappropriation.

 The moment spiritual gifts or values are reduced to the mere gaining of perishable material objects, they become abused and corrupted. I do understand why this is so; blindness to man’s corruption and his complex inner deficiency has been a key player in preventing him from precisely seeing the core objective for spiritual gift. Let him who think he stand take hid least he falls.

This is the time to test the footing and philosophy of our sight and faith again if it still aligns to the very divine will and standard of the father. These words may sound elementary to some of us, but they are the very foundation on which the framework of our spiritual structure is built on.






Wisdom builds her house series.

By Isaiah-Phillips Akintola


Here are the rest essentials we need to either remind ourselves or build within the spiritual template of our being as we move further in fulfilling our various missions and life objectives. These are not exhaustive in themselves, however, but they give us some of the guidelines into the foundation that keeps our focus and objective in harmony with the character consistency for a successful developmental journey.

Here’s our foundational scripture again.


Luke 14:

28“Suppose one of you wants to build a tower. Won’t you first sit down and estimate the cost to see if you have enough money to complete it?

29For if you lay the foundation and are not able to finish it, everyone who sees it will ridicule you, 30saying, ‘This person began to build and wasn’t able to finish.

Highlighted points to consider:

  1. Desire and pursue to be a person of integrity. Learn to practice keeping your words and promise. Never promise what you will not keep. Always stand by your promise even to your own hurt. Let your yes be yes, and your no be no. The lack of integrity devalues you and your relationship with people, even if you’re a person of great wisdom and revelation. If I cannot trust your promise, you have no voice or message to offer.
  1. Daily make it a conscious priority to practice killing the spirit of covetousness, and the manipulation of others to force them to do things for you, for this is witchcraft in operation.
  1. Be quick to repent of a known, revealed sin, and daily ask the Holy Spirit to reveal any hidden sin in your life so there’s no hindrance between you and your Heavenly Father.
  1. Practice blessing people around you with good, motivational, encouraging words even in days you may not feel like doing it. Remember, goodness is not the act of feeling. It is the attitude of love and care. Beyond this, seek to bless others with financial or material substance, especially if you live in an environment where such practice is uncommon. Gain full mastery over the spirit of materialism and mammon, even as you learn to value money by investing it into things and people that adds value to your work with the father.
  1. Daily long to pray for your friends, family, colleagues, neighbors, spiritual leaders, and the ministry community you belong. Pray for those in political and business leadership, pray for your nation, and other regions of the globe. Develop the love for the ministry of governmental intercession.
  1. Make it your priority to quickly ask or receive forgiveness from others.
  1. Make it your choice and practice to know and develop in the practice of obeying the will of the father for your life. Trust the lord to give you a clear prophetic insight into his agenda for your life, family, ministry, and even for your nation and generation.
  1. Seek to improve yourself in the core areas of your vision assignment. Don’t give in to procrastination or the fear of insecurity. Be the best in your field of business or Career. Be a true kingdom professional representative wherever you are placed or called to function.
  1. Be creative and prompt with time. People usually rate and value you by how you spend your time.
  1. Seek to be a person of insight, wisdom, and rich understanding not just on the issues of time and season, but also in the way you interact with people of other culture or nationality.
  1. Make it your practice to stay away from people, places and things that may stir your soul to be lustful and carnal.
  1. Always create an atmosphere that is conducive for you to hear the voice of God, and freely move in the direction of the Spirit. Vigorously pursue the development of the spirit of discernment all the time. Remember, everyone you meet daily are first spiritual being. Therefore, learn to relate and respond to them as one.
  1. Be in charge of your (money) income regardless of how small or big it may be. Don’t let trend, fashion, the media, and your insecurity determine how you spend your money and other resources. Learn to streamline your income to areas that can add value to your life. invest in assets and not in liability.
  1. Seek to improve your value in the relationship the father has given to you. Look for ways to add value to people in your life. Don’t use people. Rather invest in their grace, gift, and skill so that they can reach their full potential.
  1. We all are called into some form of leadership responsibility. As I will regularly say that leadership is first a spiritual state before we recognize its responsibility. You need to continually build your leadership grace, insight, and skill through the various avenues the father has planned for you daily.



Wisdom builds her house series.
  By Isaiah-Phillips Akintola
A brief recap of the introduction
There are commonalities of grace, wisdom and understanding we all share as kingdom regents that must be maintained as basic priorities that keeps us in perspective of our sheer spiritual identity, culture, and heritage within the broader scope of our spiritual migration and perfection, which I strongly feel should be highlighted and rehearsed again as we press further in this new day call 2017.
Luke 14
28 For which of you, desiring to build a tower, does not first sit down and count the cost, to see if he has enough to complete it? 29 Or perhaps, when he has laid a foundation, and is not able to finish, everyone who sees begins to mock him,
30 saying, ‘This man began to build, and was not able to finish
These essentials we all must pursue if we must go on with the Lord and be part of the spiritual house the father is constructing for the ultimate representation of his prophetic program in this season. Some of these points may appear, or sound very elementary. Yet, many of us have either forgotten them or don’t regularly exercise them.
The aim of these highlight therefore is to awaken our remembrance and passionately stir our desire again toward their fulfillment even as the day of the Lord presses in on us.
Philippians 3
12. Not as though I had already attained, either were already perfect: but I follow after, if that I may apprehend that for which also I am apprehended of Christ Jesus.
 13. Brothers, I count not myself to have apprehended: but this one thing I do, forgetting those things which are behind, and reaching forth to those things which are before,
 14. I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.
As the apostle, Paul engaged with the Philippian church brethren to keep them focused on maintaining a sound, steady, spiritual momentum, he admonishes them on several highly important, spiritual value system that will keep their eyes single on the journey of life.
However, verse 12-14 of Philippians 3 seem to summarize the central theme his message, more so, as they face unending assault and persecution from the political, religious system of their day.   There’s no question that today’s 21st century church will also need to walk in the newness of this spiritual truth as we daily rehearse the powerful value principles locked within it.
It is so easy to come to that point of relaxation and familiarity, where we either assumed we have outgrown some of the spiritual exercises, required to maintain a sound, healthy spiritual life, or we just feel we no longer have the conducive time or space to regularly practice these essentials. While some believe that the church is now in some kind of deep, ascended, revelatory, a spiritual mystery era that has outgrown these basics they now call old school, Pentecostal teachings.
 I guess it’s just immaturity and presumptuous, to get into such conclusion since there’s no scriptural reference to this mistaken assertion. We need to be a balanced student of God’s word in order to be able to precisely divide the word of God.
When you thoroughly examine some of the spiritual content and context of those who are supposedly carriers of present day apostolic reformation teaching, you will, unfortunately, see the shallowness, or even, the emptiness of their message.
A message is not the semantics, or of the trendy phraseology being used. A biblically sound apostolic message is one that carries the eternal heartbeat content of the father, being declared in a relevant manner that awakens, development and transit the body of Christ to that next reality of heaven’s desire.  
One of the things the Lord has graced me through the years is a deep burden to see the body at all levels grow and mature to such a level that we all can interact with each other’s spiritual state in a manner that assist us to minister to the society.
Therefore, I have learnt to discern and understand my audience, and to also be able interface with the various dimensional flows of the Spirit without necessarily deemphasizing or over emphasizing one aspect of spiritual truth to the other. Seeking to minister through the grace of balancing biblical truth and perspective is one of my aims in walking with the Lord.
Paul reminded the brethren, that not as though he himself has reached that zenith of spiritual perfection, but one thing, he has learned, that has consistently kept him in perfect view of eternity is not to recall the memories of the past in a negative form, or prideful, assumptions manner of some attained greatness.
Instead, he seeks to daily pursue the very intention of his calling in Christ, in order to understand and fulfill his mission as he presses through the agonizing trials, temptations, and the attacks of the enemy that may seasonally come his way.   Friends, the days ahead of the church demands that we not only strive to remember these admonitions of the apostle Paul, but equally determine to consistently practice them until they become our second nature.
As Paul sighted his devotional lifestyle, attitude to the brethren, we too must learn to [force through] press through certain challenges, people and events, the enemy may utilize in trying to derail or even stop our spiritual advancement. Many are familiar with this particular scripture to the point that they’ve almost lost its value content.
 As I have mentioned in my previous post that there are several initiatives, many of us are going to embark on this year that are required for our life’s sustainability even in the marketplace. Notwithstanding, the points I am highlighting through this note are what I call the essentials to move on with the Lord in our spiritual journey.
These highlighted points are necessities regardless of our calling or business focus. As humans, we all face difficult times.   There are past issues and circumstance that tends to build within our minds regrets, doubt, fear, and uncertainties with regard to our future. Nevertheless, the future is not a place or event.
The future is a person-the person of our Lord, Jesus Christ, the King of kings and the Lord of lords. Moving into the reality of our spiritual development is a call to a daily watering of our desire and passion to maintain a lifestyle of purity, love and passion for Christ and his kingdom agenda regardless of where we are serving in Babylon. This is the concept the life of Nehemiah reflects in Babylon.
While it seems, he was in a place of comfort in captivity, his heart is forever connected to the broken, fracture and dysfunctional state of his homeland. While serving the king, his heart is burdened with a more important matter to his father and ancestors. What a life he leads!
Some of us have become too busy and preoccupied as chamberlains in the palace of the king of Babylon to the degree that we have completely forgotten that we are in captivity, and must keep the burden of Jerusalem alive in our hearts so we don’t get assimilated by the powerful foreign identity and culture of Babylon.
If Jerusalem is not in view, through your penthouse house window, it’s only a matter of time before your identity and name will be lost in the genealogy and chronicles of counted, authentic kingdom priesthood. Therefore, these key points we I have highlighted must daily, or regularly practice to maintaining a fervent, precise and refreshed spiritual journey into the mountain of the Lord.
So, lets continue to examine these points.
6. You must develop a continuous hunger and passion for the person of the Holy Spirit since he is as equally God, as the person of the Son, or the Father.
This truth must become a personal, continual, progressive revelation to you, regardless of your spiritual status. We are all living in the [day] era of the revelation of the Holy Spirit.
7. There are dimensions past Pentecostal or charismatic move, or even the current apostolic reformation initiative has come to understand in the context of the mysterious nature and ministry of the Holy Spirit, and we need to open ourselves completely to what the Lord is saying today with regards to the ministry of the Spirit as he assists us to navigate the days ahead of us.
8. There’s no revealing of Jesus Christ, the pattern Son without the reality of the Holy Spirit working in and through our lives. Without him your revelation and spirituality is all futile.
to be continued…

Essentials to building a strong faith work and life’s objective in 2017

faith essential.jpg
Wisdom builds her house series.
By Isaiah-Phillips Akintola
Part one
Luke 14:
28 “Suppose one of you wants to build a tower. Won’t you first sit down and estimate the cost to see if you have enough money to complete it? 29 For if you lay the foundation and are not able to finish it, everyone who sees it will ridicule you, 30saying, ‘This person began to build and wasn’t able to finish.’
In the next few days, I will be sharing some basic, essential spiritual values I believe should help give direction and bring perspective to our starting point in whatever the Lord may have in store for us in the days ahead.
The scripture in Luke chapter 14:28-30 lays the right focal view and footing into how to approach our faith and the objective of the Lord for his assignment in our lives. If you carefully look at verse 28, it started on the note of supposing one of you want to build a tower. Some scripture used the word desire instead of want. However, the two words connote the same meaning or purpose.
In other words, the project of building a tower, which is symbolic of a position or place of security and defense requires a clear, mid, and long-term planning. The concept of spiritual longevity is highly essential in the beginning and finishing of our God-given objectives for 2017.
Furthermore, a tower is a place of communication, a place of anticipation, preparation, and offense against the oncoming enemy. In our contemporary, 21st century era, it represents a position of power; both economically and politically.
The point I’m trying to emphasize here is that too, just merely desire to want to build a tower and merely estimate the cost will not get you to the place of accomplishment.

Often time, when we look at the word desire or want, we usually limit it to what we want.

However, if we go deeper into the understanding of what sound spirituality entails, we begin to realize that a truly redeemed believer is one whose soul faculty has been totally offered to the Lord on the altar of sacrifice. Meaning that his or her desire, will, emotion, feelings, and longings have been harvested to the Lord.
When the Lord completely takes control over your spiritual being, your soul, which houses the faculty of your desire, will and emotion, cannot but align with the divine regulatory, standard and value of the Spirit.

Therefore, to desire to build a spiritual tower from the point of truth and understanding is a corporation between the spirit and the soul in total agreement with the will of the Father.

I gave this brief illustration to make this point as we further embark on the various projects the Lord may have assigned us.

There are various things, or decision that is highly important for many of us to carry out this new year. And I will truly encourage us to get started as we gather the necessary information, skill, strategy, resources, and capacity.

However, most of those seemingly money-spinning ideas may be irrelevant to some of us because they are not part of our core area of calling, purpose, and assignment in life.

Nevertheless, there are commonalities we all share as kingdom regents that must be maintained as basic priorities that keep us in view of our sheer spiritual identity, the culture within the broader scope of our spiritual migration, which I strongly feel I should highlight in this twilight of the year 2017.

These essentials we all must pursue if we must go on with the Lord and be part of the spiritual house the father is constructing for the ultimate representation of his prophetic program in this season.

Some of these points may appear or sound very elementary. Yet, many of us have either forgotten them or don’t regularly exercise them.

The aim of this highlight, therefore, is to awaken our remembrance and stir our desire again toward their fulfillment.
1. You must seek to love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, with all your strength and with all your mind.
2. You must Vigorously pursue righteousness, peace, and joy in the Holy Spirit
3. You must daily gather the wood of fresh fire on the altar of prayer, worship, praise, and thanksgiving.
4. Loving your family, neighbor, and colleagues as you love yourself could sometimes turn out to be highly challenging, especially where there’s been a long period of systematic abuse, severe rejection, manipulation, and regular misunderstanding.
5. Nonetheless, our call to love is not a suggestion or some good idea, but a true godly command we all must adhere to if we truly desire to be free from the chain of bondage and go forth to prosper in our life’s journey.
to be continued…

Redefining your new beginning for 2015


New beginning in God are current position governed by the spiritual timing that certain demand and desire of heaven be accomplish in the mortal realm. New beginnings are the position of entering into the next grand reality of the Father’s Requirement as we press into Christ.

A word of admonition for the ecclesia in 2015

By Isaiah-Phillips

Our prophetic compass for 2015

I am as strong now as I was when Moses sent me on that journey, and I can still travel and fight as well as I could then. 12So give me the hill country that the LORD promised me. You will remember that as scouts we found the descendants of Anak living there in great, walled towns. But if the LORD is with me, I will drive them out of the land, just as the LORD said.” Joshua 14:11-12

The lord through his continuous speaking has brought us to a (now) new moment in his demand for our lives. The current external look of things across the globe could spell more confusion and destruction, and certainly, we are going to witness more of that across cities.

The word of God already for warns us that has humanity gets closer towards the end of all things, we are going to witness an increase in earth Groaning’s, birth pangs and an unprecedented darkness and destruction across nations. But the Father also promised to keep his own from the hour of destruction. As we know, fear and confusion is one of Satan’s greatest weapons, and he uses them effectively to stop those who are yet to have a personal encounter with the Lord.

The further you and I press into that place call the secret place of the most high, the more we find security in Christ. Our security is certainly not in a place, but in the person of Christ. It is certainly clear that there is no secure place on the earth. Places we use to think are secure for holiday have today become the very prime target of the enemy. We need to learn to develop an atmosphere that builds a sense of safety and security within Christ.

Overcoming the spirit of fear

Therefore, the disasters, famines and mass killings of our time really should not be what define our response to life. We should not allow fear to stop or cripple our destiny from becoming a true reality. Our pursuit should rather be driven in pure faith and the wisdom of the Father’s prophetic desire and demand for our family, community, city, and this generation becomes a true reality, even if it demands that we go through the valley of the shadow of death.

We should never be afraid, for God has not given to us the spirit of fear. Rather, we should be that generation of saints, who are spiritually positioned, motivated, energized and competent enough in building the ark of the Lord’s pleasure and safety for a company of those who will listen to the voice of redemption.

Anyone who is properly disciple of the Lord in this season of great darkness, and are in tune to the frequency of heavens broadcast will certainly agree that we are in one of the most exciting seasons since the birth of creation. The density of the speakings of Heaven is upon your life, family, and community. You should not be discouraged or stopped by the lustful desire of the flesh, nor by the mass killings are we witnessing across cities and regions of the earth.

For the Lord, has not given to us the spirit of fear, but of love and power, and soundness of mind to know how to precisely listen and respond to the complex issues around us. This period is defined by a much paradox that we must understand. We cannot afford to only see one side of an event without insight to what is happening on the other side. The nature of the cherubim with multiple eyes and the ability to fly in all directions at the same time must be precisely built within our spirit man. We shall carefully consider this concept of understanding in our subsequent article.

Suffice to say, when the Lord begins to talk about a new beginning, it is crucial we understand that he is not necessarily referring to the starting afresh of something, even though that may be necessary in some cases. A new beginning with God is current position governed by the spiritual timing that certain demand and desire of heaven accomplished in the mortal realm. New beginnings are the position of entering the next grand reality of the Father’s Requirement as we press into Christ.

It could be to unfold afresh what he said to us at his invitation to journey with him. New beginning is ‘the adding of flesh to the current adjusted born structure coming alive within us, like we see depicted in the vision of prophet Ezekiel at the valley filled with dry born.

Furthermore, it could be a position of kick starting an abandoned project like we see in the day of Ezra and Nehemiah. It can also mean the readiness to engage and confront certain lingering issues in our lives, family, or community. It could be a time to put to an end an obsolete religious or humanistic system that has kept the people in bondage for a long period.

New beginning could personally mean a time to finally let go, and allow the ministry of the Holy Spirt to help you deal with that habitual sin that has almost destroyed your life, family, and career. It could also mean a time to forgive so you can be free from every form of resentment and anger. New beginnings are exciting moments to learn to listen and follow the next required demand of the Lord.

Defining our current position

A continuous definition of where we are as the ecclesia either from a personal or corporate position, in my opinion, is extremely crucial to where we are heading. The lord gave us a word last year regarding the marching order of this new day, and I already can see the pathway opening up into this next season. It is certainly clear that the days ahead will require a new updated understanding regarding some of the basic kingdom principles and models learned in our initial introduction to this third day reformation in the early 90s.

I sense that the Lord is opening a new portal to the revelation knowledge of him being the Lord of Host and the mighty warrior. The Lord revealed himself differently at various seasons of his dealings in the lives of the patriarchs. Those revelations became the weapon and the new marching order for the patriarchs. To successfully step into the next required location, we certainly need to know how he is currently revealing himself to us and this generation.

The Lord has not stopped revealing or speaking regarding his prophetic activity and agenda for your life, family, and generation. If we incline our ears and open our heart in the purity of his voice will shall hear and know his prophetic direction.
However, for us to adequately walk in the newness of his current reality, we must adjust our current imperfect understanding of Christ and the false sense of achievement we have built. I will be speaking more about the concept of the garment the Lord will have us where in terms of what we are being called to.

But allow me to pass this message to you, especially if you find yourself struggling, worried and afraid to step into what the Lord is requiring from you in this season. Fixing your eyes on the Lord Jesus Christ is the most effective antidote in dealing with fear, discouragement and disappointments, and other forms of uncertainties you may have to face on this journey pathway.

Many, including church leaders today is deeply troubled and pressured about many complex subjects they seem not to have the answer and direction for guidance, particularly in the lifetimes of their followers. It seems the heaven’s voice is shut down on them. Well, the Lord is speaking to us about new beginnings, and I am sure the word of the Lord can give us insight regarding what to do about where we are now if we have what is known as the hearing ears and the seeing eye.

Christ, the measure of our achievement

The summary of our purpose in life and ministry is not really about what we’ve been able to achieve for God, but who we are becoming in Christ Jesus. Fixing your eye on the lord is the most important thing you can do in this now season. The enemy is using various issues happening around our lives in trying to block, intimidate and frustrate our love, faith, and hope in God’s prophetic program. Falling in love with the word of God afresh, and cultivating the attitude of meditation on the scriptures you read is a powerful spiritual tool.

Positioning your heart in prayer and fasting will certainly enhance your spiritual vision and understanding. Once the enemy can succeed in distracting us from the place of the word, prayer and meditation, our heart become vulnerable to the attack of darkness.

The Lord is speaking regarding those areas we desire to hear him, but we must be precisely located and positioned where we can hear his voice without distortion. We need to remind ourselves that the Lord is speaking loud and clear in the seemingly confusing issues around, and we have to develop the discipline to be still, listen and accurately respond to the voice. Whatever we’ve been called to build on the earth in terms of family or ministry should be measured up to the very quality life and standard of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Our success as followers of the lamb is not to be assessed by the magnitude of what we have achieved, as important as this maybe before the Lord. It is my firm believes that true and lasting success is a byproduct of a restored and transformed life in Christ. Christ is the completeness and perfection of all things in this life and the one to come. This understanding sets the guideline for our advancement into the next frontier of the Fathers prophetic mandate. New seasons in the Spirit are new emphasis of development and maturity into the person of Christ.

Gaining insight into the new

Therefore, stepping into a new season (the current Approved location of the Lord) demands a deeper spiritual insight into Christ life and his kingdom. Knowledge into the closure of a once approved season, and the opening pathway that led into the next season, in my opinion, is one of the most difficult spiritually learned acts today. Often, when we sense the Lord is putting a closure to what was formally approved and validated by him, we find it highly challenging to immediately make the necessary adjustment to shift and respond to his voice.

The success or failure of the past, and of course, the concern of the unknown new declared season of the Lord tend to keep us crippled in our current situation or position. Moving into God’s ordained plan for your life, family or community should come with an apostolic faith attitude; Meaning that your governing life’s philosophy is not one that is seeking to run and escape from the challenges of life but to confront them with the power of kingdom truth.

An governmental, apostolic response to life issues is the only precise template that guarantees maximum spiritual breakthrough and advancement in the days like ours. This configuration of faith brings to bear the entire necessary tool needed to accomplish your ordained purpose. An attitude of fear and the lack of confidence in what the Lord has spoken has indeed emboldened the enemy to continue to stop many from rising to fulfill their ordained mandate for this generation.

The lord is calling you and I to see what he is doing in this new day, and his desire for us is to leave that seemly comfortable nest of religion and humanistic ideology built within our soul faculty. There is absolutely no way we will be able to step into new dimensions without trading our past achievements for what is ahead.

Our dependence on the energy, resource and relationships given or acquired for the building of what we may now term as a productive and successful assignment is often seen to become the very hindrance and obstacles to the next required demand of the Lord for our lives and ministries. A continuous attitude of undressing the mind from self-dependence, and its rigid old ways of seeing and doing things is one of the ways of embracing lasting change. This attitude opens our spirits to see and accept the current emphasis of our faith development.

Our attitude or heart quality in responding to the newness of the speakings and the demand of the Lord is crucial not just for how we step into the new things of the Lord, but also to the forceful movement of the Lords prophetic activity around our lives and the society.

Breaking away from the old wineskin

Another point worth noticing is, when we finally find the grace and mercy of God to move into his new day, we are found to be attached with issues or things we ought to have left behind. It is highly important to understand that you cannot carry things that have become disapproved before the Lord into his next plan for us.

Sometimes, we are seen to be Rebekah, who has found the favor to become the wife of the man carrying the prophetic promised seed of the nation of Israel seating on a stolen household god of her father. In some other cases, we are found in the same religious position Peter found himself, according to Acts 10.

God was about to use him to pioneer a powerful apostolic movement among the Gentile world, yet, this great apostle of the lamb was found to still be struggling with the old Jewish dietary religious stronghold order. I am sure you can relate to the position of a man like Peter. The three trainings he got from the Lord was certainly not enough to remove the rigid, religious template his life has been accustomed to.

Asking him to do what was once seen an abomination is a true challenge of his faith in the current reality of the demand of the father. But the fact that he was able to hear and recognize who was speaking to him was an advantage, at least, to make the right decision to adjust his position. What is it in your life now that you can point to as a number one hindrance to stepping into what the Lord is requiring? If you can identify it, then you are on your way to a major spiritual breakthrough, but if you cannot, you need to seek the face of the Lord to open your eyes to see it.

We certainly cannot step into a new era with a prideful attachment mentality on the old concept of seeing and doing things. We need for a certain to believe the Lord for an updated grace to see, hear, know, and understand his voice with profound clarity, so we don’t find ourselves standing against what the Lord is calling for in this new day. Indeed, the Lord will not pour his new wine into an old wineskin. This is an ancient principle that is currently being highlighted in the now moment of God. Let’s believe and agree with the father’s grand design as he call’s us into his new beginning.

A journey beyond Easter

A journey beyond Easter,

There is a tendency for us in the Church to turn powerful spiritual realities into mere rituals and ceremonies celebrated yearly. The message of Easter, which is the revelation of the resurrection of our Lord should not be relegated to a day’s event. Rather, we should encourage one another by reminding ourselves daily on the ministry and importance of personal resurrection. resurrection, we should all experience if indeed we are walking in truth and total submission to the voice and ways of the Holy Spirit.

one of several reasons why the church, individual or corporate seem weak today is the fact that the foundational truth in which the Church was founded on are almost nonexistence due to the humanistic ideologies we have ignorantly accepted.

This past Easter should be a prophetic signal, calling you and me not to forget the basis of Christian fundamentals as we press unto kingdom exploit. we remind ourselves that the apostolic ministry of the Church began From the foundation but does not stop there. in the days of building unto perfection, one aspect of kingdom truth should not be neglected or exchanged in place of others. There must be balance, direction and clarity to what the Spirit of the Lord is doing in his Church, which we are in body and experience.

It took apostle Paul about 20years or more after the statement “i die daily” to “I have been crucified with Christ” Please do not allow religion or humanistic ideas to limit your mind regarding the revelational message of resurrection. Easter is not a few days event that start from the lent-season. religious beliefs, which are the traditions of men, nullified the power to experience Christ in the lives of men. the hope of human race depend on the foundation of Christ resurrection,and if you as a believer have not come to terms with this truth, am afraid, you have not begun the journey of Emancipation.

The foot of the cross is where your life and mine begin. How much you know by heart of the power of resurrection will determine what you will experience and display as a christian. For all i care, you may preach prosperity, love, faith and hope and other byproduct messages we feed on today in the church, if you are yet to embrace the ministry of the CROSS, DEATH, BURIAL, RESURRECTION AND ASCENSION you cannot fully enter the reality of Gods GLORY.

We must die daily to experience the full inheritance of a glorified life. Please do not give a listen to those who are going to tell you Christ has done it all, you don’t have to go through the cross. some will even go further to say, you are making the work of grace of no effect. well then, if that argument is true, we should then be seeing the fruits of such ideology in the way we handle issue and the challenges of life. We should by now to have reach the entire world with the gospel of the kingdom.

Kings, presidents, governments and their institutions should be lining up at the gates of our churches and ministries in search of answers and solution for their socioeconomic challenges. that’s what I saw and read in the bible, but that’s not what we are witnessing in generation of todays christians. believers of the 21st century need to be shown the ancient pathway to kingdom lifestyle. There cannot be a kingdom lifestyle without the embracing the life of the cross.

Indeed, Christ had paid the price once and for all, however, he told us to daily carry out cross and follow him. Well, what is the purpose of the Cross? The cross if the place where you die. . It is common sense that if there is a cross, there must be death, burial, resurrection and ascension in our spiritual experience.

All believers in Christ are found in one level of these process. whare are you?
. Our journey has face and a direction to the city of God.

The way of Disciple ll

The way of a disciple part II

by Isaiah-Phillips Akintola

Matt 28:19-20

9 Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, 20 and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.” NIV

In my first article posted on my face book timeline ( titled ‘the  way of a disciple’,  I tried to paint a well graphic picture of what might have sound like an extreme concept of discipleship training.

 One thing I will like to bring to focus before we step further into this article is that Christ himself is the one that disciple his followers through the various ministry organs he left with his Church. The component of individual discipleship journey is structure within the frame of vision or assignment giving to its core leadership.

While there are fundamentals we all must have and share as followers of the lamb. However, each of us must precisely discern the unique templates and pathways, designed to bring those we care called to disciple into the reality of development and maturity in Christ. The process of pruning the flesh is a difficult undertaking if you have not seen the importance of surrendering your soul on the altar of sacrifice. Following The Lord is the most beautiful experience any believer will ever have, yet it remains the most challenging call of our spiritual journey.

The scripture said concerning our Lord Jesus Christ that he had to learn obedience through the things he suffered. Meaning, suffering becomes of one of the key components of accelerating the purposes of God in his life in other to bring him to the finish.  I hope has you read through this introductive  article you will sincerely open your heart to the Lord and allow him to culture and reeducate you.

Examine yourself

It is becoming more important as followers of the lamb to constantly revue the fundamentals of our faith and hope in Christ. It is safe, especially in this day of the new age Christianity. A Christianity without the cross to keep us focused and balanced in our doctrinal standard, will not only seduce out of our relationship with Christ but will also shipwreck of our faith. To precisely maintain a high-level prophetic perspective on the reality and advancement of the kingdom within us we need to reconsider the subject of discipleship, lest we find ourselves to have drifted from the ancient path.

In days where churches and its leadership are constantly offering their followers a Christianity without a personal cross, we need to raise the bar of our movement by keeping the (burden) weight of the cross firm on our shoulders so as to maintain the outflow of the spirit of joy amidst the present sorrow eclipsing the nations. Our prophetic perspective only gets calibrated when we constantly revisit those memorial pillars erected on our spiritual journey.

2 Cor 13:5 Examine yourselves to see whether you are in the faith; test yourselves. Do you not realize that Christ Jesus is in you-unless, of course, you fail the test? NIV

I guess in coming days or weeks as the lord will permits we shall be looking into the core fundamentals of our faith and hope in Christ, we shall once again consider the definitions and values of the Church. The culture of heaven emerging within us and how we are expected to interface with Babylon so we don’t get misdirected by compromise. It is crucial we properly consider the purpose and objectives of the existence as members of Christ Body as we thrive toward the finish.

The subject of fulfillment of the great commission is being highlighted in the Spirit. The prophetic purpose of Gods seed and the field must be accurately defined if we are truly going to see the glorious emergence of God kingdom across the nation. a sense of purpose and kingdom objective must dawn on you and me.

Matt 16:24-26

24 Then Jesus said to his disciples, “If anyone would come after me, he must deny himself and take up his cross and follow me. 25 For whoever wants to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for me will find it. NIV

A variation of faith

There is no doubt that the activity of Gods prophetic move in this season is accelerating with great power. However, there is a variation of this understanding from nation to nation and city to city. while the Spirit of the Lord is blasting a wakeup call across the atmospheric dimensions of human society, the unfortunate truth is that many cities, families, churches and individuals are not only fast asleep to this movement, but are yet to form the basic spiritual template that enrolls them into Gods boot-camp.

Discipleship is boot camp. More than ever before, there an urgency to call believers both old and young back to base. The lord wants to recalibrate our understanding regarding the discipline of discipleship. The quality of Christianity we are practicing and producing as regents of Christ is definitely not making the required impact in the society due to the misunderstanding of the whole concept of apostolic discipling. It is no secret that today’s Christianity is become a trendy terms. People of various beliefs and ideology find are it more comfortable to go to Church on Sunday and still maintain their ungodly character.

There was a time in history where you dear not openly declare allegiance to Christ or be found amongst his follower lest you pay the ultimate price. Those who dear to openly proclaim their union with our Lord Jesus Christ where brutally murdered openly. Well, the reverse is the case in our time.

Are we saying the time of persecution of the church is past? Is the enemy no longer interested in keeping people away from Christ? Alternatively, are we faced with another kind of satanic strategy to weaken and water down the gospel? Right before our very eyes, we are watching how the enemy is taking advantage of the mass media to blur the gospel. Church leaders with mega structures are daily being seduced and deceived into thinking that they do not need to preach Christ and the cross.

The cross, the power of the gospel

It is highly important to state that the message of Christ and his Cross-is the anchor of all other principles and values of the Christian faith. To shun the cross is to shame Christ. A life without the cross is as good as dead. The cross is the place of divine regulation and advancement of your spirituality. The standard and quality of our Christianity is measured at the foot of the cross. In addition, everyone you met today either are a member of a church or affiliated to some Christian organization.

When you ask believers about the foundation of their faith in Christ, you will be surprise of the type of flimsy and shallow answer they are unashamed to give. I feel so a shame of what we have reduced Christianity to, how many people you personally know that are making mockery of the church just because we have refused to be a disciple of who we claim to be following. Majority in the society see most Christians and its leadership as bunch of hypocrites. You may think am being critical. Well you are right. My duty is to constantly blast the prophetic trumpet, warning everyone to adhere to this call. If someone does not get a wakeup call and start heading towards to the foot of the cross where they can be accurately disciple, am afraid things are really going to become disastrous for the body of Christ but for the world in general. This is the day of apostolic discipleship!

History bears witness of the fact that the Church, in each season of their journey clearly understood their enemy and its strategies of operation, thus, they were able to build an impregnable spiritual mentality through the platform of apostolic discipleship. The 21st century church seems not to be aware that she is in the middle of a highly powered strategic battle; battles that can only be fought and wan through the revelational experience of Christ- our wisdom.

The power of the early church

The early church was able to resist the enemy not by share-will power, or some new age information, cover on the guise of ‘ rediscovering your inner power’. They overcame the forces of darkness through a balance and defined doctrinal kingdom authority.

Their love, faith and hope in the authority they have received through impartation in the school of Christ made the difference. In them, is a type of a creative spiritual (organs) structure capable to withstand the gates of hell while they are busy discipling (building) the nations? The testimony of this present day Saints seem far from the creed of Past generation of believers. We have managed to build mega structures across the nations without the capacity to disciple the nation. The reason for this is due to the almost none-existing doctrinal base teaching.

The unfortunate truth is most of what we have built in the name of church are just too weak in dealing with the issues of human and socioeconomic regeneration. These weak church assemblies are no better than professional counseling centers. Centers designed to help people manage their emotional needs, pride, fears, insecurity and rebellion.

We cannot build a strong discipleship base community when spiritual leaders are afraid to confront the arsenals of darkness within the minds of their congregation. no human soul can resist the power of sound biblical discipleship.

As long as messages that flare people’s emotions are encourages false traditional beliefs are accepted, it will remain difficult to completely demolish the ruling principalities over communities. The approve pattern of building a fortress church that advances the kingdom of God admits the systemic darkness of our time is by revisiting the concept of apostolic discipleship.

Jesus is the way, the truth and the life of everything you as a member of his church stands for and should represent. This pattern has not change and will never change till the Lords return. The place of disciple is a call to the carry your cross and follows him daily. Sound biblical discipleship teaches us how to live as humans with divine nature. Irrespective of your gender, age or nationality, the platform of discipleship in the church becomes our educational center, a place we issues of our identity and insecurity are completely vanquished. High-powered disciple doctrine deals with the issues of character development and formation of kingdom values within man.

For a while, the church had dwelled on building a community of people that are gift and prosperity driven and there should be anything wrong with that. The fact is, they are our inheritance as we join the family of God we do need people to adequately teach us how to take delivery of them. The cause of disagreement is our misplaced priority regarding the things of the Spirit. We cannot neglect or sideline teaching regarding restoration of the spiritual man and the transformation of the society to seeking how to amass personal wealth. This is not the way of a disciple of Christ. The wrong emphasis in the Church has created a generation of people in the church that only sees themselves as Christ fans and not followers.

A lesson from Simeon

They love the fact that they do not have to be hundred percent committed to Christ. They love the fact that sacrifice can be an optional thing. They can still come to church, even play a role in church activity, and still keep their old ungodly ways without anyone challenging them.

They are free to continue in their ungodly character one another without any form of discipline. The starting point of being a member of the body of Christ is character formation and not talent or gift. They are very aware that they are a plus to the membership of the church, sending away will mean a minus not just to the membership but also the church’s budget.

This was clearly exemplified in the book of act when Simeon claimed to have giving his heart to the Lord but something deep down his heart is yet to shift. we saw how driven and excited he was when he saw that through the laying on of hand of the disciples the power of God can be transmitted in casting out evil spirits.

Anyone of our spiritual leaders today could have just been deceived just like Phillips the evangelist was. For someone of the caliber of Simeon to claim he just gave his heart to the Lord, I know leaders who will immediately give a front role preference without authenticating the condition of his salvation. Simeon had deceived the man of God by thinking that had a genuine desire to buy the gift of God until Apostle Peter with high level discerning capacity and boldness was able to see through his heart and intention.

How could this be since he had just confessed Christ as his lord. Well, he might have acknowledged Christ to be his Savior but Christ is yet to become his Lord. The issue of the Lordship of Christ is where most Christians are still struggling. Why? The Lordship of Christ requires that you die completely to your false formed identity. It demands that nothing or anyone else take preference in your heart. Christ and him alone must be seated and crown king of your life.

This rigorous process of soul transformation is what is yet to begin in the heart of Simeon, thus we find his old selfish ambition showing up. Simply put, Simeon is yet to be disciple. Could this story be a true reflection of what is presently happening today in the Body of Christ? Mind you, we all came to Christ just the way we were in our old pattern of thinking and there nothing wrong with that. But the moment you come to Christ, you are given a new operating system. Your old former ways of thinking and behaving becomes obsolete.

New thought patterns are required to be formed through your daily meditation on the word of God. Prayer, fasting testifying of what the lord is to you now becomes your most priority. You become a disciple of Christ school.

A way of escape

As the Lord highlights once again the issue of core discipleship as a key factor to building a new order of believers whose spiritual capacity brings to bear the operating light of Gods within the nations. It becomes imperative for all Christians living among a highly polluted Babylonian society to raise their spiritual barometer to a new height of competence.

It became highly important more than ever before for you and me able to discern the strategic activity of the unsurrendered soul, as it constantly seek to blur and deaden once passion, faith and hope in the things of God.

The present intention of the ministry of darkness is well defined in the sense that it not only seeks to neutralize your faith advancement but also seek to keep believers in rebellious condition to the order and principles of the Lord. In the last two decades we have seen a drastic drop in the in the character quality of most Christians across the nations. However, huge stride has been achieved in some communities that have allowed the message of the kingdom reformation into their homes and churches.

The church who is the progenitor of the core values and principle that changes society have been in slumber and misguided at the same time due to the acceptance of the utilitarian gospel. As long as members of the body of Christ continues to celebrate a type of Christianity whose culture and philosophy is to merely to maintain the status quo; am afraid, the objective of discipling the nations for the will remain futuristic.

True ministry, which is a call to completely yield to Christ character begins with a well-defined and structured revelation of Christ the Messiah. Until the life and nature of the King himself becomes entrenched within the template of your existence, you cannot carry or represent his life and ministry within the human society.

Please let us note that Christ disciples are called to first be with him before they are sent to represent him. Meaning, the formation of Christ within becomes the portals into the reality of apostolic service. How do we adequately deal with the principle of representation when the issue of loyalty and allegiance to Christ and his body is yet to be resolved? This basic doctrinal issue must be resolved before one can truly say one is a follower of Christ.

The Church in a crossroad

There is no doubt the church of the Lord is in a crossroad. A crossroad that ultimately defines how we are going to reach the nations. The nations are waiting for the manifestation of the sons of God and not members of denominations. sons of God clearly are the only approved carriers of the power of global reformation and transformation.

However, these Sons are birth through the gruesome training of discipleship. Without discipleship, there cannot be a manifestation of sons of God. Sons are birth through the womb of respect for Christ and his leadership. Trust, humility, obedience, submission honor and respect for Gods set-men are all core valued of the way of a disciple. A true disciple will not betray his allegiance to those set over him. He or she will respect the protocol of the leadership. Those who are unwilling to submit to the governmental order and structure of Christ through his body have no place in the building process of Christ Body. The church of the lord is not divided!

Christ and his body cannot be divided through isolated revelation. The administrative structure of Christ is his Church. While there are those, who have raped and are still raping the bride of Christ does not mean that the leadership system of Christ is obsolete or none effect. The lord is still building his Church within the hearts that has allowed his pruning hook to operate in their lives.

In my seven years of interaction and relationship with Christians in the South African context, I noticed that many find it highly difficult to recognize, submit and accept leadership authority. Initially I thought it an individual problem until the lord opened my spiritual eyes to see that it is a national problem.

One of the ways we are nationally transformed is through the operating pattern of discipleship. When church leaders do not see the reason why they should inculcate kingdom values into the message they preach, society will remain misguided and rebellious. The various national problems we are faced with today are issues that can easily be dealt with if churches are truly making disciples of all nations according to the scripture. The one and single commission we are assigned is to make disciples of all nation, irrespective of their historic or cultural orientation.

One of the reasons why the lord permit proliferation of Churches is not for money venture but rather to easily gain access into communities so they can be changed for the Lord. The ungodly cultural and traditional badges we carry to house of God should not be allowed to stay.

The church, a nation within a nation

The church of Christ is nation operating with human society. Meaning, The church has its own culture and traditions that must be adhere to the moment you accept the Lord. In the Church we are not only interested in your confession of Christ as your savior, there has to be an outward manifestation of a refined attitude and character, your perspective to life and the people around you changes for the better.

Now, you belong to Christ and you will have to learn to submit to the various organs he put in place to develop you until you come of age. I have had many today who say they are not obligated to submit to any human author except Christ. This is completely out of order. Jesus rule and reign in our lives through the structural order of his Church. When I mean his Church, am not talking about some building someone erected because someone feels he or she is call into the ministry.

I am not talking about some church some groups of church leaders sent you to start for them because they need to increase their monetary investment in other part of the cities or nations. The authority of Christ church, which you are ordered to submit to, comes through the evidence of the life and government of Christ in the life of his representative. Not only we will you see the fruit of Christ Spirit in operation but your life will constantly be demanded to change. The power of the word coming from such house will prick your heart and sometimes cause you to be offended.

The gospel of Christ is a rock of offense and a rock of stumbling to those who are perishing. The gospel of Christ is certainly not about making you feel good but about changing you inside out. it is time to submit yourself to the leadership of Christ in those he has sent to you. Stop claiming rights and equality with your spiritual leaders.

You will never be able to receive blessing and impartation of truth from those you do not respect. This is kingdom principle. If indeed you are Isaac-the promised child of God, you will allow yourself to be laid on the altar as sacrifice without questioning the authority of your father. It is to you stop manipulating authority. Submit and are transformed.

The only way you and me will remain vibrant and relevant in this epic season is to ask ourselves this important question, am I still a disciple of Christ? If the answer is yes, whom am I following in Christ? Paul said to the brethren; follow me as I follow Christ. If you find it extremely difficult to follow those who know better than you do, there is every possibility that you either insecure or full of pride.

a nation like South Africa has one of the highest levels of crime and divorced rate in the world that immediately tells you the kind of discipleship ideology is required to to correct the abnormality. When a nation’s moral values are almost destroyed both from the Church and from its legal institution, we certainly do not expect such society to express sound moral value. If in the name of freedom and democracy someone can paint the picture of his president with his exposed genital, something is definitely wrong. You may be wondering, what does this have to do with discipleship? Well, if the mission of the Church is to infiltrate the nations with gospel of Christ through the platform of discipleship is not it obvious that someone somewhere is not doing is work?

The mission of the body of Christ starts by reaching one person to transforming the whole landscape of a nation. The various platforms that have been provided for us to quickly do the work of global discipleship are been used for selfish interest and this has contributed to the decimal performance of the Church.

The channel of approval

The way of discipleship, without doubt is the approve channel designed to bring us into the glorious dimensions of the mysteries of the kingdom of God in this prophetic day. We notice in the gospel that our master spoke to two types of audience. The first are those himself call ‘those outsiders; this are the multitudes, they followed for what to gain for themselves rather than becoming a disciple of him. Their allegiance is somewhere else even though you will always find them within the circle of Christ followers.

These are disciples of other cultures, traditions and faith like the Pharisees. Their intention is not submit to the process of transformation. Irrespective of their religious intellectual wealth, the teachings and principles regarding the kingdom of heaven is alien to them; they may be beneficiaries of the goodness of Christ but the way of spiritual insight is completely far from them.

The Lord said concerning them, eyes have they but cannot see, ears have they but cannot hear lest they should understand and turn and repent. This category of followers of Christ are not seeking to change, rather, they seek to circumvent the truth and principles of the kingdom of God. No matter how they try to comprehend what the lord is saying, the just cannot. The latter are those he called his disciple. The mysteries of the kingdom of heaven are revealed to them. Why? They do only have access to Christ personally; they have completely broken their allegiance to their old ways of existing. The nature and life of the first Adam is shattered from their soul totally.

Amongst these followers, you’ll find the company known as the Peter, James and John company. These men were not only invited to behold the glory of Christ on the mount of transfiguration but were also given the privilege to join force with Him in interceding before his crucifixion. With this level of closeness comes a huge sense of responsibility and accountability

Furthermore, there are those who set themselves apart through the type of relationships they had with the Lord and the various organs of his Body. Then you have the 70 and the 120 who were sent to represent Christ in various cities.

The impact of a disciple

These disciples carry within their spiritual structure, the life and power of influencing and transforming their family and society. When we consider the quality of life lived by these ordinary men called Christ disciple, one cannot but wonder if we are reading the same bible today. You will notice that the statement of the great commission sets the precedence of the type of Christianity needed in the society. One cannot but wonder if indeed the church clearly understood the requirements and demand of fulfilling this mandate.

The lord is counting on you and me to fix the problem of misplaced priority in his body. When we take a general survey of quality of Christianity being practice across the globe today one cannot but ask ‘what went wrong with the message of doctrinal foundation?

I am fully aware that Christianity and its way of practice differed from nation to nation. Society feeds on the ideology promoted by the mass media even if it really does not represent the whole truth. Many have become victim of media propaganda due to lack of prophetic understanding and awareness from spiritual leaders. Shipping the soul of our society require more than what we do in Church.

There is no way we can effectively fulfill the demand of the great commandment or the great commission, without first settling the issue of disciple in our hearts. A follower of the Way of the truth understands the implication of becoming a disciple. They understand this in the context of not just going to Church but denying themselves. The know that becoming the Church that represent the image and glory of Christ amongst the nation is not an option but a mandate. The intensity of darkness to keep people, especially Christians from entering the fullness of God plan must be stop through rebuilding of the ministry of discipleship.