Essentials to building a strong faith work and life’s objective in 2017

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Wisdom builds her house series.
By Isaiah-Phillips Akintola
Part one
Luke 14:
28 “Suppose one of you wants to build a tower. Won’t you first sit down and estimate the cost to see if you have enough money to complete it? 29 For if you lay the foundation and are not able to finish it, everyone who sees it will ridicule you, 30saying, ‘This person began to build and wasn’t able to finish.’
In the next few days, I will be sharing some basic, essential spiritual values I believe should help give direction and bring perspective to our starting point in whatever the Lord may have in store for us in the days ahead.
The scripture in Luke chapter 14:28-30 lays the right focal view and footing into how to approach our faith and the objective of the Lord for his assignment in our lives. If you carefully look at verse 28, it started on the note of supposing one of you want to build a tower. Some scripture used the word desire instead of want. However, the two words connote the same meaning or purpose.
In other words, the project of building a tower, which is symbolic of a position or place of security and defense requires a clear, mid, and long-term planning. The concept of spiritual longevity is highly essential in the beginning and finishing of our God-given objectives for 2017.
Furthermore, a tower is a place of communication, a place of anticipation, preparation, and offense against the oncoming enemy. In our contemporary, 21st century era, it represents a position of power; both economically and politically.
The point I’m trying to emphasize here is that too, just merely desire to want to build a tower and merely estimate the cost will not get you to the place of accomplishment.

Often time, when we look at the word desire or want, we usually limit it to what we want.

However, if we go deeper into the understanding of what sound spirituality entails, we begin to realize that a truly redeemed believer is one whose soul faculty has been totally offered to the Lord on the altar of sacrifice. Meaning that his or her desire, will, emotion, feelings, and longings have been harvested to the Lord.
When the Lord completely takes control over your spiritual being, your soul, which houses the faculty of your desire, will and emotion, cannot but align with the divine regulatory, standard and value of the Spirit.

Therefore, to desire to build a spiritual tower from the point of truth and understanding is a corporation between the spirit and the soul in total agreement with the will of the Father.

I gave this brief illustration to make this point as we further embark on the various projects the Lord may have assigned us.

There are various things, or decision that is highly important for many of us to carry out this new year. And I will truly encourage us to get started as we gather the necessary information, skill, strategy, resources, and capacity.

However, most of those seemingly money-spinning ideas may be irrelevant to some of us because they are not part of our core area of calling, purpose, and assignment in life.

Nevertheless, there are commonalities we all share as kingdom regents that must be maintained as basic priorities that keep us in view of our sheer spiritual identity, the culture within the broader scope of our spiritual migration, which I strongly feel I should highlight in this twilight of the year 2017.

These essentials we all must pursue if we must go on with the Lord and be part of the spiritual house the father is constructing for the ultimate representation of his prophetic program in this season.

Some of these points may appear or sound very elementary. Yet, many of us have either forgotten them or don’t regularly exercise them.

The aim of this highlight, therefore, is to awaken our remembrance and stir our desire again toward their fulfillment.
1. You must seek to love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, with all your strength and with all your mind.
2. You must Vigorously pursue righteousness, peace, and joy in the Holy Spirit
3. You must daily gather the wood of fresh fire on the altar of prayer, worship, praise, and thanksgiving.
4. Loving your family, neighbor, and colleagues as you love yourself could sometimes turn out to be highly challenging, especially where there’s been a long period of systematic abuse, severe rejection, manipulation, and regular misunderstanding.
5. Nonetheless, our call to love is not a suggestion or some good idea, but a true godly command we all must adhere to if we truly desire to be free from the chain of bondage and go forth to prosper in our life’s journey.
to be continued…

Before you click the like button next time.


While most of us are on social media to interact and develop productive friendship relationship, we nevertheless need to be highly mindful that not everyone on these platforms  are there for the right reason, and this includes those we may assume to be Spirit filled Christians.

It is becoming clearer that what we say or project on social media are instantly becoming the very extension of our physical, personal world to the degree that someone can gain instant opportunity or breakthrough. While others on the other hand can Incur the wrath of friends or be displaced at the work place because of a wrong attitude expressed on these media networks. Hence, we see these two parallel sides on social networks that we must be cognizant of.

My worry however is the increasing reality of the idea of those who employ the social media to project their false belief in regards to how they manipulate and interpret the word of God to frame their own narration of reality. Please friends, carefully read and understand the intent of what I am saying before I am misinterpreted. 

I am not proposing that people should not comment or like our post. It’s been proven that for the fact that someone clicked the like button on your page or post does not necessarily mean they are in complete agreement with you. My point is, clicking the like button has become a measuring yardstick of who we think like us or dislike us. 
This is such a shallow concept of relationship in terms of matured, biblical standard, and I suggest we should move away from this carnal notion.

Before you post your words, comment or click the like button, it’s important to capture the state of your thought and attitude, particularly with regards to what you’ve just read. Many of the posts and comments we read almost instantly on Facebook are reactionary by nature. While you have those who are given a true, inspiring, motivational, encouraging and challenging message to the body of Christ on the cyber space. 

You also bear on the other side, those who will be  either responding intelligently to what have been written, or those who will be negatively reacting through their unhealed and unbalanced emotions.

My focus, however, on this note, is to highlight this set of group who seek to use the social media to reinforce a seemingly biblical believe to enforce a rebellious (attitude) stronghold they know exist within them. Because of their knowledge of the word of God, coupled with some biblical traditions they’ve mastered down the years of their Christianity, it’s  easy for them to use scripture to say what they want to say without necessarily having the spiritual and emotional discipline to deal with matters objectively.

It is really difficult to falter these individuals if one lacks a deep sense of discernment and the operation of the Spirit of wisdom within. You have innocent, spirituality unskilled  Christians in the name of unity or relationship, following these individuals or group exclusively to be used for endorsing their false, unbiblical, disobedient narrative of what they term as the gospel of the kingdom. In most cases, they use their knowledge of scripture, giftedness and a sense of maturity to lure others who may be exposed to the scripture, but have very limited knowledge on the laws of sound, balanced biblical interpretation.

Let’s not seek to endorse or reinforce people’s inherent strongholds by merely clicking the like  button on social media, especially when such opinions are back up by  using the word of God outside. Anyone can  use the word of God to say or mean whatever they want it to say for them. Often times, scriptures are used for interpreting our own bias, narrow view of what we think, see or believe regarding a person or situation.

 I have often picked out how excellent scriptures are taken out of context to buttress the idea of a particular perspective we want to project. This is a clear reflection of witchcraft practice in its highest level. If we permit others to manipulate us to approve or justify their wrong belief system just because they’ve perfected the act of using scripture to validate their opinion, we shall be greatly judged for our blindness and lack of discernment. This is a word for all believers and followers of the lamb.


What is the bible?

Revisiting the footing of your faith and spirituality


Every Scripture is God-breathed (given by His inspiration) and profitable for instruction, for reproof and conviction of sin, for correction of error and discipline in obedience, [and] for training in righteousness (in holy living, in conformity to God’s will in thought, purpose, and action), (2 Timothy 3:16)

The importance of keeping the basis of our faith and spirituality firm and focused on the revelatory written word of God cannot be overemphasized in this hour.

The increased pressure of economic instability in the past ten to five years, mostly among Christians, warrants the necessity to reexamine the core footing of our spiritual knowledge, particularly the word of God.
While many have stopped attending churches, others who do, have result it to a mere religious rituals.

It’s been discovered that others, on the other hand, who claim to regularly read and study the word of God, hardly allow their knowledge of God’s word to shape, influence and motivate their daily lives decision.

Living according to the directive of God’s word does not happen spontaneously; Living according to the directive of God’s word is a disciplined learned act that must be habitually developed by people.

Therefore, what is the bible?

The bible, which is the revealed written word of God, is not just a nice story book, even though it is filled with amazing unprecedented dramatic events. It goes way beyond the historic knowledge regarding creation, the formation of nations, most especially the Jewish people.

It is neither limited to apocalyptic events, though every page in it graphically described the progressive conclusion of all things, and the eminent translation of this world from this current order to the next desired will of Jehovah. The bible is Jehovah revealing himself to you in the best way you can understand him in your current position.

It introduces you to an endless journey of discovering and walking in the revelation of the person known as the way, the truth and the life. It is the voice of God speaking to you regarding your past, present and future life destiny.

It is the only material in history that keeps the record of your true image and identity. It carries and defines how your life and my is eternally ordained and designed to function regardless of the current circumstance, career or professional under take. The bible which is the word of God is the only book that precisely defines what true success or failure isn’t.

It remains the only resource in life because it guarantees not just your present state of being, but also your ultimate destination after this life. The scripture houses precise necessary information regarding life, science, relationship, governance and leadership, development and success either in the natural or in the spiritual sphere.

It remains relevant to all, regardless of age variations, literacy, gender, academic knowledge, position in the society. Wealth or poverty those not limit or benchmark our access to its treasure-house of knowledge. The word of God has continued to speak to nobles and ordinary citizens alike.

It is the most relevant resource to instruct, guide and resolve today’s 21st century millennial complex challenges.

If there is ever a time you and I need to return to the precise knowledge of the word of God is now. Start a bible reading plan today and you’ll see how God will start directing your footsteps through his word.

Tribute to Nelson Mandela

Today we join the nation and the rest of the world to mourn and celebrate the life of a man, fashioned by HIS HUMANITY to fulfill a unique destiny in the laying of the foundation of socioeconomic liberation of this great nation from the evil apartheid system.

It is the nature of God that whenever he desires to communicate, alter, shift or transform the cause of a nation or generation, He searches for ordinary humans with extra ordinary behavioral character quality, with the intention of precisely representing his purposes and agenda in the earth. perhaps, Nelson Mandela is one out of many in his generation who heed the call of heaven to face and challenge headlong the evil apartheid regime, or maybe, it was a powerful, irresistible quest within his soul to do something about the injustice, poverty and marginalization of his people, only heaven will tell.

It is important we look at the qualities that make this political icon in perspective as the nation of South Africa mourns and celebrates at the same time the life of this servant- leader. We must note that Nelson Mandela was never a perfect man, father, husband or friend. however, he exhibited some of the finest leadership qualities highly and desperately needed in the development and productivity of the continent of Africa and the rest of the world. He perfectly understood his humanity and the power of the mass to achieve what he wanted.

• A call to sacrifice and selflessness
• The burning desire to see justice, equity and transformation
• The resolve to live for what you believe and if need be, die for it
• The ability to transmit and translate the vision to your immediate family and community
• The understanding of the complexity of the challenges ahead
• The determination to be had
• The factor of applied knowledge, wisdom and understanding accurately
• An inner drive to fight all forms of poverty and marginalization
• Having an intuitive knowledge of human nature and behavior
• The ability to identify needed resources and capacity in others
• The need to know how to choose your friends and allies
• Understanding the power of a well refined identity
• The ability to manage conflict within and outside the scope of once objective
• Ability and grace to identify and handle distraction
• The resolve to fight but fight strategically if need be
• The power of interaction and negotiation
• The power of information and education
• The grace to make informed decision
• The grace to share your fear or anxieties with your close friends and allies
• The intuitive knowledge to gracefully exit when you feel your time is up
• Acknowledging that whatever you did, achieve or have become is solely by God’s grace, wisdom and power

The need for true visionary savant-leaders is important, most especially in our today’s world where corruption and selfishness defines the very template of those who claim to be leading across the globe.