I am an African with hope of future possibilities. I am an African given the authority and power to redeem, inform, reform, transform, and ultimately restore my generation, both white, colored and blacks to their original identity, place and authority before the fall. I am an African, and I am proud of my heritage as an African.

Redefining manhood

┬á REDEFINING MANHOOD BACK┬áTO ITS ORIGINAL INTENT PART ONE INTRODUCTION AND ORIENTATION BY Isaiah-Phillips Akintola There is certainly no doubt that one of the greatest battles the church and creation is currently faced with since the advent of the fall of man in the garden, up unto this very moment has been the continuous, relentless … Continue reading Redefining manhood

What is the bible?

The importance of keeping the basis of our faith and spirituality firm and focused on the revelatory written word of God cannot be overemphasized in this hour.