Firstly and foremost, we need to clarify several critical principles as we engage in the prophetic reality of the third day assigned strong apostolic leadership spirit, ordained to lead the Body of Christ forward and not backwards. As we have noticed with the weak Aaronic leadership priesthood. We are told that while Moses was on the mountain, waiting on the Lord for the direction of the way forward, the people could persuade Aaron to lead them back to Egypt. What does leading forward mean for us as individuals and, of course, for the corporate body of Christ in the current prophetic environment in which we find ourselves? It is important to contextualize and personalize this question so that we don't have Aaron, in the name of proximity with Moses, who leads us back to Egypt with a golden calf image.


Believe me, Rod and staff are two keywords that will lead us into 2022 because they are the arrowhead ministry of the Holy Spirit, as He seeks to unveil Christ to us in a way we've never known Him. At every season of our journey, there's a way the Lord comes and reveals himself to his people, which allows them to become more yielded and productive in their advancement to the place of their assignment and spiritual maturity. In this season, the Lord is revealing himself to us as the great shepherd, and this is not just about provision but about bringing guidance and protection that comes with instructional warnings.