Redefining your new beginning for 2015

New beginning in God are current position of divine maturity, governed by the spiritual timing to see certain demands and desires of heaven be accomplish in the mortal realm. New beginnings are the position of entering into the next grand reality of the Father’s prophetic requirement as we press further into the fullness of Christ. New beginnings are new, or higher realms of the wisdom and understand of the father as we engage the systems and ideologies of Babylon.

The rediscovery of faith part one

he redefinition of faith to heaven’s divine purpose and perspective is highly crucial to the execution of things of the Lord in this epic season. One of the main reasons why it seem a lot of the initiative and deceleration of the current prophetic apostolic ministry are been refused or rejected, is due to the fact that the spiritual template or foundation of the people receiving this divine initiatives are still defined on the former concept of faith introduced from past Pentecostalism paradigm. It is a shame and disheartening to see many who were in the frontline ministry of the apostolic reformation move back then, now back into the old ritualistic charismatic self-motivated stream.