Pressing forward in 2016


    Pattern of things to come


                          SEEM TO HAVE A CLEAR SENSE OF THEIR FUTURE

                            AND THOSE WHO ARE NOT THAT CERTAIN OF

                                WHAT THE FUTURE HOLDS FOR THEM


                                          By Isaiah-Phillips Akintola

Entering a critical moment of change

Greetings friends and family! We are indeed so grateful to the most high who has again granted us grace through his mercy to be found alive and active as we press towards the finishing line of the year. 2015, like the previous years have witnessed an incredible increase in what the scripture refers to as the birth pang.

The various cultural shifts, socioeconomic and geopolitics maneuvering witnessed across the globe in 2015 all attest to the fact that our world as entered a critical moment in the redesigning of its political and economic reliance.

We have seen unprecedented changes take place within the core belief system of society in terms of how religion and the New Age believe system is now shaping leadership and the perceptive moral footing of the 21st century society. Our nation here in South Africa was not left behind in the crusade of seeking and charting a new socioeconomic leadership direction.


South African, searching for a new leadership philosophy

As we begin to witness the true reality of the closure of a ‘leadership, built on the liberation philosophy’ to a different type of governance that is skillful and strategic in redesigning the platform of socioeconomic opportunity for all South Africans, we also need to be weary of those who may desire to hijack the process by taking undue advantage of the transitional gap.

The truth is, the current voice of opposition to the ANC lead government are not ready and mature enough to lead a complex nation like South Africa, and of cause, it is crystal clear that the current political leadership team have ran out of creative leadership strength, and it seem the people are saying they have over stayed their welcome.

While we see a lot of zeal without the balance of knowledge and wisdom to lead, we need to precisely pray and intercede that the current national leadership transition does not end up like some of the failed state we are witnessing across the continent. We will discuss more on this in another article coming soon.

However, as society moves from what has long been defined and accepted as the core moral norm into an uncertain terrain of the humanist frame of thinking, the church needs to strategically accelerate her drive towards the reestablishment of what is known as a true apostolic community as seen in the first century. The new normal as to be that which is sourced from the stream of Heavens River flowing out of the Garden of Eden. We can no longer drink from the order of the polluted stream of the Law of Moses.

Changing the obsolete wineskin

The obsolete wineskin of the current church will continue to make her vulnerable not just to the extremist jihadist crusade but also to the ever-growing voice of the antichrist movement in the west. There’s a need to now increase the voice of God’s prophetic marching order for the church and the nations so we can see a new order of a well matured governmental prophetic company arise in the earth in the fulfillment of their ordained mandate in this third day.

Keeping ranks in the order of our various levels of grace and gifting’s in the true spirit of mutual submission will enhance the power of true governmental community lifestyle needed to face the demonic principality over spheres across the nations.

The prophetic parallel  

We must remain relevant to our various posts, gates and walls as the angel of the Lord once again passes through the land of Egypt in total destruction of its firstborn. The day of the birth of the Sons of God kind of church is the day of the death sentence of the first born sons of the Egyptians. The day heaven came to judge Pharaoh and his nation is the same day the Lord liberated his own. We need to understand the parallel. First the natural then the spiritual.

As we discern this moment, there are things we need to start aligning our lives to in terms of the appropriation of the prophetic mandate of the Lord for our generation. Now is the time for the full restoration of the missing apostolic doctrine and tradition. We must learn again to continue in the purity of the apostle’s [teaching] doctrine, fellowship, breaking of bread and prayer. There must be a restoration of the message and spirit of the covenant that births the heart of true community and relationship.

In this day of increase darkness and weeping in the land of Egypt will also be the greatest season where the church will witness the unprecedented global harvest. This means that the army of the Lord must be dressed ready to lead a nation out of bondage into the glorious freedom and jubilee of kingly priesthood.

I was greatly encouraged by listening to Dr. Ben Carson recently, who is one of the leading presidential republican candidates who made it is political campaign to face and challenge the very foundation of the American politics call politically correct philosophy.

This ungodly philosophy has been used for decades to attack and stop anything and anyone that sound godly and righteous in the American society. The lord is using this man and many others to regain the voice and liberty of the church among Americans society and its leadership.

One very reason why the current Donald Trump presidential campaign is leading and gaining ground among the people is a clear view that people are fed up and tired of the lies, hypocrisy and deception the American political philosophy is currently built on. Heaven has begun to shake and shift things from the corridor of power.

A foretaste of things to come

I believe, this is a foretaste of the kind of debates and discussion, we will be having in seasons to come, and we have to prepare a church knowledgeable and mature to stand and debate the doctrines and tenets of our faith in the hope of winning some.

We need to build and invest in the competency of every believer as the wisdom of this world arises to challenge the philosophy of our faith. Dr. Ben Carson reminds me of Daniel in Babylon. We have to believe the Lord to give us the Spirit of wisdom and boldness to defend our faith without aggression.

As the day of the Lord draws closer upon man, the earth will continue to witness groaning of all kinds; they will be increased labor pain that tells us to remain prepared and be ready for the birthing of a glorious company of people known as the man-child tribe, the sons of the God Company of saints who will finally stand as the three of heavens witness on earth.

We are getting closer to that season where everything we know and understand about the church and humanity is taking a new form and shape. My point is, the context of our plans and objective for the coming year should be defined in the light of the progressive unfolding prophetic agenda of the father for this end of days.

Don’t be carried away be false prophetic prediction

Let us not be carried away by some emotionally stirred prophetic prediction future-telling of religious charlatans. More than ever before, there’s a need to readjust our eyes and focus on the Lord that no matter what may be happening around or within us we will remain unmovable and unshakable. I strongly believe that this year has afforded many of us the opportunity to learn and be equipped with various unique knowledge and experienced that can further enhance our advancement in the coming seasons.

If you have lost a sense of direction

Yet not too many will be able to precisely say for a fact that they are looking forward to the coming year with great expectation unfortunately. Many are in the place where they have lost their sense of meaning and direction to life. The meaning of purpose, vision and destiny is almost becoming a foreign idea for these folks.

 While they may be found among believers or even seem to be handling spiritual leadership matters, there is something deeply wrong with the philosophy of their relationship with God and men. On the natural, when you encounter these brethren, you will assume everything is perfect with them. However, they’ve been discovered to be the most isolated, lonely and frustrated folks within the community of God’s people.

While they may be the best in caring and ministering to others, yet, their own life is filled with discouragement, unending emotional pain and bitterness of their childhood memories which is presently affecting their current relationship and work productivity.

 Their connection with social media is basically to help them go through the day or they will lose their mind. Facebook and other social media platforms have become their source of strength and therapy.

There’s no doubt about finding quality information and answer on social media platforms if we know what we are searching for. My point however is, you cannot depend or survive on social media alone as the precise reference point of gathering strength in dealing with the highly complex inner struggles of your life.


The rise of true kingdom community

There has to be a real-time community where we can truly connect physically and spiritually in searching and receiving the pure kingdom truth that can build and enhance our sense of community, integration, transformation and restoration.

The days ahead of us requires that the church becomes a powerful kingdom community center where individuals and families alike can come to and find strength and hope for the days ahead.

The future is in your past

Back to my main point, our childhood is one of the most influential reality still shaping our present existence. If we don’t effectively handle this aspect of our past that is still a threat to us today, I am afraid, it will continue to predict and shape the very outcome of our future regardless of the prophetic team or title we give to the coming year.

Experience, good or bad is some of the best tools heaven employs to refine and perfect all that is required to shape us into what we’ve been designed for in life. Furthermore, if we’ve not been taught how to positively make use of the various experiences of our lives either good or bad, there is the possibility that we can be found to be perpetually trapped in the negative experience and circumstances of our past.

In the next few days, we will be stepping into 2016. And as usual, many already have sets of objective, purpose and plans for the coming year. This is a very good discipline that encourages motivation, focus and direction as a believer. Life’s development is designed by a sustained practice of movement towards a set goal and objective.

The word of the lord enjoys every believer to discover their place and purpose in life. Not until we have fully grasped the very essence of our life and the purpose why we are born into the environment we find ourselves, we will certainly not have the precise sense of objective and direction towards the place of our ordained prophetic assignment.

if you however fall into this category of those who through knowledge or providence are able to identify, and are able to move towards a set objective for the coming year, I salute you and will encourage you to keep focused and pace with that which you have set before yourself.

The father has a placed for you in the future if you will return to the past

However, there is another category of individuals who may not be as certain and clear with regards to what the future, 2016 holds for them. By the way, this group I am referring to are not just limited to the unsaved folks. This includes Christians and even those in leadership position if you ask me.

And the reason for this is not because these individuals lack knowledge or understanding with regards to how to dream or make things happen. Nor is that they don’t know how to pray. No, some of the people I am referring to here to some degree are seen to have achieved some level of ‘success’ in life and ministry.

 However, deep within some of these men and women, there is a subtle, brutal ranging battle within them that is almost seeking to enslave them to their past pattern of thinking.

The past is a crucial part of any person that cannot be wiped off or wished away. We can, however gain vital lessons that can help our development or that of another through the appropriation of the right lessons even though these lessons may sometimes expose us to very deep emotional and psychological pain for a season.

The power of pain

Pain is good if it will led to us winning and breakthrough in our immediate future. Yes, the story of some of our past is quite difficult to tell or share. However, the only way we can conquer those feelings of abuse, misuse, injustice, miss future, and marginalization, the loss of a very close family in our childhood or teenage life is by confronting them in the spirit of true forgiveness. If the memory of our past still hurts and hunts us, it means that we have not truly learned what forgiveness is all about, and therefore, we are not ready to advance into the future.

If we are yet to let go of those inner issues of our hearts that causes us so much pain and depression, we are then saying we are not ready to step into the future. Remember, the future is not a calendar year. It is the decision we make daily to leave behind what holds us back yesterday.

As long as you still feel the sense of guilt, neediness and victimization mentality, it means there’s still a major stronghold erected within the invisible wall of your mind that needs to be pulled down. These strongholds are like parasites that feeds on every negative thought and feeling you allow within your soul.

For example, the thought of fear and rejection will build or enhance the stronghold of insecurity and uncertainty. The motivation to step into new areas of life will be interpreted as a challenge from such a person.

When you condone negative thoughts and feelings

They are forever in opposition to change. When you condone the thought of rejection, you will see your best friend and ally as an enemy who is playing to attack you. Meaning that you interpret people’s good will from a suspicious negative perspective. This kind of people eventually becomes isolated and of cause, prone to satanic or demonic attacks.

The enemy keeps the pressure of attacking their thought and emotion of these people until he tries to snuff every ounce of hope, faith and love out of their lives. The point I am making here underscores the fact that seemly activity towards a goal does not necessarily define progress and fulfillment in a life that is still trapped by his or her past.

 Some of the things we see or even term as great achievements today in the body of Christ are actually fig leaves we employ to cover our inner nakedness and shame. As individuals suffer insecurity and dysfunctional behavioral challenges, so does a family, community and the larger society. The inability to embrace a healthy emotional or spiritual life can damage, and is damaging the very structure of society.

 This is a position many, especially within the body of Christ will not like to acknowledge or deal with due to levels of difficulty strongholds they will have to confront.

Secondly, the type of entertainment setup pattern of worship in most church community those not allow for such kind of serious issues. And if such issue shows up unnoticed, we relegate them to individuals without the training and skill to handle them. This kind of attitude is indirectly telling the people to keep their problem.

Why some cannot emotionally free in our church settings

While we may preach and teach the truth, the kind of administrative structure within this gathering does not encourage individuals to come forward in sharing the deepest secrets of their lives. The only time people seem to be willing to share something in our church community is when they have a testimony of a job promotion or financial increase unfortunately.

Why? That is the kind of culture set in the house by the leadership. More so, those who in the past have dared to share something that tends to make the church look or sound incompetent was immediately shut down. Therefore, people will rather keep silent with their challenge and emotional struggles because they don’t want to be seen as though they lack faith, vision and Revelational understanding to mention a few.

I felt identifying with this group of people in terms of trying to make sense of their inner struggles and condition will give them a sense of hope, faith, love and courage they need first to adequately understand what is happening to them and take the necessary step to move out of the prison of past emotional bondage.

Some of the things I have learned about people is that everyone is looking for someone who they can truly share some of the deep issues troubling their hearts. They just need a listening ear.  Due to the lack of sincerity and openness most especially in the church community, many have remained trapped in the prison of the past; they are dying silently out of loneliness and self-rejection.

Because we live in society that only thrives on lies and deception, it has become even more difficult today to actually find those who are willing to acknowledge that we have issues that requires serious assistance even among people of the way.

 I know what I am taking about

I can talk about this because I have been in that state of life where the thought of ending your life crosses your mind even as a believer. Depression becomes your companion, fear takes the place of faith. The voice of hopelessness becomes almost stronger than the voice of hope and faith. Hate almost pushes away your inherent nature of love by the power of deliverance manifest to pull one out of such dark alley.

Dealing with the complex dysfunctional realities of our lives could be highly challenging if there is a lack of truth and the unwillingness to confront the past reality of our lives.

I struggled to make sense of the condition that seem to have trapped me with little or no answer even after praying. While you are among people, the sense of emptiness and loneliness flood your mind without knowing what to do until there was a divine intervention.

The impact of what I am sharing takes more than the general bible knowledge and response you may get from a friend or fellow church members am afraid.  Understanding who you are in the light of truth is one the most important aspect in stepping into the zone reality of lasting freedom. Yes, freedom and liberty in Christ is what gives you the courage to step out of that inner conflict no one but you can see.

The future is what you make of it today

As you get yourself ready for the coming season, allow me to highlight some point I felt should help you make sense of your future. The days ahead of us all are symbolic of a mountain climbing experience. Those who remain in the valley will be decided for by the circumstances, challenges and evil system of the Age.

 Regardless of who you are, where you are, where you’ve been or what you’ve done, or what someone has done to you; you belong to Christ and him alone! You are never disenfranchised. I need you to be firmly established in some of these facts and truth that will guide you as you press further into 2016, and you need to press into 2016 with the strength of the Holy Spirit.

Here are the things you need to know by revelation:

  1. 1. God, your Heavenly Father knew you before you were born. The fact is, he created you, and set up the circumstances within the environment that now shape what is now termed as your life.

You’ve been destined for a successful life, regardless of your knowledge, what you term as failures or inabilities. He is the one working in you both to will and to do of his good pleasure. Do you believe this? You need to.

  1. You are not a product of an accident, even if you were born out of wedlock or rape. The circumstances surrounding your birth might not have been right in human eyes. Yet, the Lord used them as the vehicle to Lunch you into this world. Your Heavenly Father, the creator of your life, has the most perfect plan for you regardless of the condition or confusion around you.
  1. The reality of your past memory can be one of the most powerful instruments designed to shape you into your heavenly ordained assignment on earth. Do not allow the enemy to turn what your heavenly father ordained to build and nurture you in displaying his glory for your defeat.
  1. 4. Remember, whichever way you are born, you have an enemy that is relentless in his pursuit to destroy you. Even if you are born into royalty with all the opportunities in life to be whatever you want to be, you will still have enemies and challenges that will try to stop you.

Therefore, only when you live in the revelation of Christ, who is your victory, you will be defeated. Christ is your key and driver into the future.

 Never fill embarrassed about your own challenge, embrace it and use it as the tool the Lord has ordained for you to be the best you’ve been designed for. Note this, all human has their own unique challenges regardless of their admission or not.

  1. 5. Progress is not about the big things done or achieved as good as they may be. Progress is about gaining that sense of:



 Please remember that your future is in Christ and not in the crisis of the days head

Have a fulfilling and prosperous 2016


Redefining your new beginning for 2015


New beginning in God are current position governed by the spiritual timing that certain demand and desire of heaven be accomplish in the mortal realm. New beginnings are the position of entering into the next grand reality of the Father’s Requirement as we press into Christ.

A word of admonition for the ecclesia in 2015

By Isaiah-Phillips

Our prophetic compass for 2015

I am as strong now as I was when Moses sent me on that journey, and I can still travel and fight as well as I could then. 12So give me the hill country that the LORD promised me. You will remember that as scouts we found the descendants of Anak living there in great, walled towns. But if the LORD is with me, I will drive them out of the land, just as the LORD said.” Joshua 14:11-12

The lord through his continuous speaking has brought us to a (now) new moment in his demand for our lives. The current external look of things across the globe could spell more confusion and destruction, and certainly, we are going to witness more of that across cities.

The word of God already for warns us that has humanity gets closer towards the end of all things, we are going to witness an increase in earth Groaning’s, birth pangs and an unprecedented darkness and destruction across nations. But the Father also promised to keep his own from the hour of destruction. As we know, fear and confusion is one of Satan’s greatest weapons, and he uses them effectively to stop those who are yet to have a personal encounter with the Lord.

The further you and I press into that place call the secret place of the most high, the more we find security in Christ. Our security is certainly not in a place, but in the person of Christ. It is certainly clear that there is no secure place on the earth. Places we use to think are secure for holiday have today become the very prime target of the enemy. We need to learn to develop an atmosphere that builds a sense of safety and security within Christ.

Overcoming the spirit of fear

Therefore, the disasters, famines and mass killings of our time really should not be what define our response to life. We should not allow fear to stop or cripple our destiny from becoming a true reality. Our pursuit should rather be driven in pure faith and the wisdom of the Father’s prophetic desire and demand for our family, community, city, and this generation becomes a true reality, even if it demands that we go through the valley of the shadow of death.

We should never be afraid, for God has not given to us the spirit of fear. Rather, we should be that generation of saints, who are spiritually positioned, motivated, energized and competent enough in building the ark of the Lord’s pleasure and safety for a company of those who will listen to the voice of redemption.

Anyone who is properly disciple of the Lord in this season of great darkness, and are in tune to the frequency of heavens broadcast will certainly agree that we are in one of the most exciting seasons since the birth of creation. The density of the speakings of Heaven is upon your life, family, and community. You should not be discouraged or stopped by the lustful desire of the flesh, nor by the mass killings are we witnessing across cities and regions of the earth.

For the Lord, has not given to us the spirit of fear, but of love and power, and soundness of mind to know how to precisely listen and respond to the complex issues around us. This period is defined by a much paradox that we must understand. We cannot afford to only see one side of an event without insight to what is happening on the other side. The nature of the cherubim with multiple eyes and the ability to fly in all directions at the same time must be precisely built within our spirit man. We shall carefully consider this concept of understanding in our subsequent article.

Suffice to say, when the Lord begins to talk about a new beginning, it is crucial we understand that he is not necessarily referring to the starting afresh of something, even though that may be necessary in some cases. A new beginning with God is current position governed by the spiritual timing that certain demand and desire of heaven accomplished in the mortal realm. New beginnings are the position of entering the next grand reality of the Father’s Requirement as we press into Christ.

It could be to unfold afresh what he said to us at his invitation to journey with him. New beginning is ‘the adding of flesh to the current adjusted born structure coming alive within us, like we see depicted in the vision of prophet Ezekiel at the valley filled with dry born.

Furthermore, it could be a position of kick starting an abandoned project like we see in the day of Ezra and Nehemiah. It can also mean the readiness to engage and confront certain lingering issues in our lives, family, or community. It could be a time to put to an end an obsolete religious or humanistic system that has kept the people in bondage for a long period.

New beginning could personally mean a time to finally let go, and allow the ministry of the Holy Spirt to help you deal with that habitual sin that has almost destroyed your life, family, and career. It could also mean a time to forgive so you can be free from every form of resentment and anger. New beginnings are exciting moments to learn to listen and follow the next required demand of the Lord.

Defining our current position

A continuous definition of where we are as the ecclesia either from a personal or corporate position, in my opinion, is extremely crucial to where we are heading. The lord gave us a word last year regarding the marching order of this new day, and I already can see the pathway opening up into this next season. It is certainly clear that the days ahead will require a new updated understanding regarding some of the basic kingdom principles and models learned in our initial introduction to this third day reformation in the early 90s.

I sense that the Lord is opening a new portal to the revelation knowledge of him being the Lord of Host and the mighty warrior. The Lord revealed himself differently at various seasons of his dealings in the lives of the patriarchs. Those revelations became the weapon and the new marching order for the patriarchs. To successfully step into the next required location, we certainly need to know how he is currently revealing himself to us and this generation.

The Lord has not stopped revealing or speaking regarding his prophetic activity and agenda for your life, family, and generation. If we incline our ears and open our heart in the purity of his voice will shall hear and know his prophetic direction.
However, for us to adequately walk in the newness of his current reality, we must adjust our current imperfect understanding of Christ and the false sense of achievement we have built. I will be speaking more about the concept of the garment the Lord will have us where in terms of what we are being called to.

But allow me to pass this message to you, especially if you find yourself struggling, worried and afraid to step into what the Lord is requiring from you in this season. Fixing your eyes on the Lord Jesus Christ is the most effective antidote in dealing with fear, discouragement and disappointments, and other forms of uncertainties you may have to face on this journey pathway.

Many, including church leaders today is deeply troubled and pressured about many complex subjects they seem not to have the answer and direction for guidance, particularly in the lifetimes of their followers. It seems the heaven’s voice is shut down on them. Well, the Lord is speaking to us about new beginnings, and I am sure the word of the Lord can give us insight regarding what to do about where we are now if we have what is known as the hearing ears and the seeing eye.

Christ, the measure of our achievement

The summary of our purpose in life and ministry is not really about what we’ve been able to achieve for God, but who we are becoming in Christ Jesus. Fixing your eye on the lord is the most important thing you can do in this now season. The enemy is using various issues happening around our lives in trying to block, intimidate and frustrate our love, faith, and hope in God’s prophetic program. Falling in love with the word of God afresh, and cultivating the attitude of meditation on the scriptures you read is a powerful spiritual tool.

Positioning your heart in prayer and fasting will certainly enhance your spiritual vision and understanding. Once the enemy can succeed in distracting us from the place of the word, prayer and meditation, our heart become vulnerable to the attack of darkness.

The Lord is speaking regarding those areas we desire to hear him, but we must be precisely located and positioned where we can hear his voice without distortion. We need to remind ourselves that the Lord is speaking loud and clear in the seemingly confusing issues around, and we have to develop the discipline to be still, listen and accurately respond to the voice. Whatever we’ve been called to build on the earth in terms of family or ministry should be measured up to the very quality life and standard of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Our success as followers of the lamb is not to be assessed by the magnitude of what we have achieved, as important as this maybe before the Lord. It is my firm believes that true and lasting success is a byproduct of a restored and transformed life in Christ. Christ is the completeness and perfection of all things in this life and the one to come. This understanding sets the guideline for our advancement into the next frontier of the Fathers prophetic mandate. New seasons in the Spirit are new emphasis of development and maturity into the person of Christ.

Gaining insight into the new

Therefore, stepping into a new season (the current Approved location of the Lord) demands a deeper spiritual insight into Christ life and his kingdom. Knowledge into the closure of a once approved season, and the opening pathway that led into the next season, in my opinion, is one of the most difficult spiritually learned acts today. Often, when we sense the Lord is putting a closure to what was formally approved and validated by him, we find it highly challenging to immediately make the necessary adjustment to shift and respond to his voice.

The success or failure of the past, and of course, the concern of the unknown new declared season of the Lord tend to keep us crippled in our current situation or position. Moving into God’s ordained plan for your life, family or community should come with an apostolic faith attitude; Meaning that your governing life’s philosophy is not one that is seeking to run and escape from the challenges of life but to confront them with the power of kingdom truth.

An governmental, apostolic response to life issues is the only precise template that guarantees maximum spiritual breakthrough and advancement in the days like ours. This configuration of faith brings to bear the entire necessary tool needed to accomplish your ordained purpose. An attitude of fear and the lack of confidence in what the Lord has spoken has indeed emboldened the enemy to continue to stop many from rising to fulfill their ordained mandate for this generation.

The lord is calling you and I to see what he is doing in this new day, and his desire for us is to leave that seemly comfortable nest of religion and humanistic ideology built within our soul faculty. There is absolutely no way we will be able to step into new dimensions without trading our past achievements for what is ahead.

Our dependence on the energy, resource and relationships given or acquired for the building of what we may now term as a productive and successful assignment is often seen to become the very hindrance and obstacles to the next required demand of the Lord for our lives and ministries. A continuous attitude of undressing the mind from self-dependence, and its rigid old ways of seeing and doing things is one of the ways of embracing lasting change. This attitude opens our spirits to see and accept the current emphasis of our faith development.

Our attitude or heart quality in responding to the newness of the speakings and the demand of the Lord is crucial not just for how we step into the new things of the Lord, but also to the forceful movement of the Lords prophetic activity around our lives and the society.

Breaking away from the old wineskin

Another point worth noticing is, when we finally find the grace and mercy of God to move into his new day, we are found to be attached with issues or things we ought to have left behind. It is highly important to understand that you cannot carry things that have become disapproved before the Lord into his next plan for us.

Sometimes, we are seen to be Rebekah, who has found the favor to become the wife of the man carrying the prophetic promised seed of the nation of Israel seating on a stolen household god of her father. In some other cases, we are found in the same religious position Peter found himself, according to Acts 10.

God was about to use him to pioneer a powerful apostolic movement among the Gentile world, yet, this great apostle of the lamb was found to still be struggling with the old Jewish dietary religious stronghold order. I am sure you can relate to the position of a man like Peter. The three trainings he got from the Lord was certainly not enough to remove the rigid, religious template his life has been accustomed to.

Asking him to do what was once seen an abomination is a true challenge of his faith in the current reality of the demand of the father. But the fact that he was able to hear and recognize who was speaking to him was an advantage, at least, to make the right decision to adjust his position. What is it in your life now that you can point to as a number one hindrance to stepping into what the Lord is requiring? If you can identify it, then you are on your way to a major spiritual breakthrough, but if you cannot, you need to seek the face of the Lord to open your eyes to see it.

We certainly cannot step into a new era with a prideful attachment mentality on the old concept of seeing and doing things. We need for a certain to believe the Lord for an updated grace to see, hear, know, and understand his voice with profound clarity, so we don’t find ourselves standing against what the Lord is calling for in this new day. Indeed, the Lord will not pour his new wine into an old wineskin. This is an ancient principle that is currently being highlighted in the now moment of God. Let’s believe and agree with the father’s grand design as he call’s us into his new beginning.

Architect of the future part 3

The prophetic perspective of

Current shift in season

Part 3

A signpost to the future

by Isaiah-Phillips Akintola


The book of Daniel gives a clear prophetic insight and direction into the nature of the days ahead, and at the same time, offers an accurate, in-depth biblical interpretation of what the Spirit of the Lord is saying to his Church regarding the principle of navigating the ongoing crisis. Crisis, trials, famine, disaster, and other various forms of tribulations have all been part of the human life since the fall of the first man in the garden. From the day, Adam was sent out of the garden to this present moment, man has witnessed various types of tribulation one could ever imagine.

However, there can be no suffering or tribulation compared to what our Lord Jesus Christ faced on the cross when he laid down his life for the sin and redemption of the entire human race. And the good news is, anyone who will acknowledge this eternal price paid on the cross for his or her sin will be saved and have eternal life. This is one good news that will never change regardless of what may be changing around you.

The devil, the enemy of man, has always used various forms of needs, trials, and tribulation to try to break the human will to submission. Yet, for those who have truly been branded by the redemptive nature of God’s Spirit and life, are never submerged by his trick; no matter the level of the pain or disappointment they may suffer.

In John chapter four just after the forty days fast of Jesus Christ in the wilderness of Judea, the enemy came with four main levels of temptation or trial to test the quality spiritual state of Jesus Christ, and of course, Satan was defeated.

These four stages of temptation can be categorized into three main streams; 1]. The lust of the flesh 2]. The pride of life 3]. The deceitfulness of riches.  All other forms of temptations and sin can be categorized into any of these three blocks, and it is highly important we understand this concept as we deal with the issues of global challenges.

  When you carefully consider the present state of your own personal challenges, or that of your family, community, or city, it’s easy to point out where the issue of the lust of the flesh, or the pride of life, or better still, the deceitfulness of riches is playing a major role of influencing issues.

What happens to us on a personal, family, or community level, are all directly influenced by the general national or global impact. For example, the rise of fuel price, or health insurance does impact us on a personal level.  Since we now live in a world of global connectivity, the thing said or done at any state or level carries a spiral effect on everyone globally, and this impact could either be positive or negative, it all depends on who is taking advantage of the global interconnection.

If the church refuses to take advantage of the new global platform, the enemy will certain use it to its advantage. It is highly important the church understand how a global digital world can positively or negatively affect everything, from relationship at home to how we buy and sell in the marketplace, and we must learn to manage all of the 21st century realities.

The truth is, the agony of failure and the disappointments we face based of a relational disconnection either at home or at the workplace becomes an effective weaponry the enemy uses in trying to cripple and demobilize most believers, particularly, those who have been overburdened by financial or material needs.

If you are going to triumph as a strong follower of the Lord in this epic season, you must be willing to overcome the deep, inner desires of the flesh [lust of the eyes, the pride of life and the deceitfulness of riches] and soul because they are the gateway of the enemy into our lives.

One of the truths the present apostolic Christianity is mandated to restoring, is the ability to learn how to abound and a base in all things. The capacity to gain mastery over needs, give us the power to subject the spirit of pride that surfaces through what we possess.  The false power or confidence that manifest through what we possess is a clear indication that our will, desire, and emotion are yet to be wholly submitted to the eternal authority of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Learning to keep our spirit, soul, and body under the governing influence of Christ, despite what we may need, or facing as an attack, is a strong reflection of a well branded apostolic grace within us as Christians.

Abundance and lack, are two extreme realities the Body of Christ is still struggling to comprehend and accurately handle with firm apostolic spirit. These two [abundance and lack] remain the most effective tools in the hands of the enemy in terms of manipulating the emotional and spiritual disposition of most believers. Indeed, the ability to buy and sale is now proven to be the defining factor of must Christian faith today, and no longer the unconditional love and passion they claim to have for their heavenly father.

How many have lost faith, hope, and love because the bank institution has repossessed their car and house. How many individuals, families and businesses today are in huge debt due to the pressure of trying to maintain their lavish lifestyle?

The spirit of the anti-Christ

One of the main powers of the anti-Christ lies within the spirit of trade and commerce. The Scripture informs us that people will not be able to buy or sale except they have the mark of the beast on their forehead and right-hand. This basically means that those who will give in to the spirit of the beast will be those who truly don’t recognize their identity and position of authority in Christ.

The forehead does not exclusively represent the faculty of thinking, but also the location of our core identity and creative imaginative grace. Such person who gives up their authority and identity are certainly clueless with regards to their purpose and assignment, to the degree that what they possess is what determines their security and happiness. Such low quality of existence makes it very easy for the man of sin, the Antichrist to rule over them.

Receiving the mark on your right hand simply means that you’ve abdicated your heaven given authority to rule on the earth by coming a slave to that which seeks to control and seize your identity of rulership to reign in life as a king, priest, and a prophet you’ve been destined for before time began.  You’ve given up your ability to have a voice in the earth in terms of changing the cause of the thing. You’ve become a slave to your own appetite and passion like Esau, who sold his birthright for a pot of soup.

The inability to wait for the salvation of the Lord will cause many to lose out. The lesson here is Saul. King Saul was asked to wait for the prophet Samuel for seven days before engaging the Philistine in battle. However, Saul could no longer wait by the sixth day when he saw his army being scattered and the nation crossing over the Philistine said due to fear. Saul then decides to offer the sacrifice of himself, hoping the Lord will accept the sacrifice regardless of who offers it.

Saul was wrong and he certainly was judged because he lacked the ability to constrain himself from a priestly office he was not designated. The discipline to restrain or constrain ourselves from things and people is a high watermark in the life of a true follower of Christ.

For those who are yet to learn how to gain mastery over the anxiety and the pressures of life will certainly find it highly difficult to stand against the spirit of commerce. Some people have become addicted to the spirit of buying and selling. Their entire life structure is wrapped material possession.

The intense pressure of material and emotional needs of the last days has found a good foothold over them. In as much as the revelation of complete surrender and dependence on Christ provision and protection has not become an engrained reality within the inner construction of once existence, the enemy will always have a place of attraction over your soul.

Poverty, the spirit of neediness is an ancient weaponry the beast and the kings of the earth have always used to manipulate and control their subjects. Unfortunately, it is still the most effective way leaders of today’s society use in controlling their citizens.

Eighty percent of the wealth of the world is in the hands of twenty percent of the richest Western countries. It is said that eighty percent of this wealth is illegally acquired from the African continent.

However, Africa remains the poorest continent in the globe. These miss anomaly and vast disparities need to be an effective address if the spirit of equity and transformation must prevail in the 21st century society, or else, the world will continue to face defragmentation.

Having said this, we must never allow the enemy to use lack or needs at any level to push us into compromising our identity and redemptive heritage in Christ. The values of education, integrity and dignity should be maintained at all levels as we press further in achieving what we have been destined for as kingdom representation in the earth.

Developing the wisdom to engage the spirit of poverty on a higher ground should be encouraged as educational capacity and skill are sought with all courage and determination. Maintaining our focus to engage the 21st century with the mentality to manifest the glory of the kingdom of God should be our key intention and desire.

Anyone willing to compromise his God given identity or position to receive the mark of the beast due to a temporary challenge must understand the consequence at all levels. Pressing into the reality of the future demands that we regain our creative identity in engaging the spirit of Babylon and Egypt without compromise.

As we move within the times and the seasons of the Lord, we must understand when the voice of the Lord is leading us to go buy grain Egypt, or becomes a cup bearer, or even become a dream interpreter for some of the most powerful politicians of our day.  Whatever you may face in this journey of representation should be viewed as a motivating force to reach the point where the mountain of the Lord’s house becomes the highest of all mountains.

We must not only learn to resist the deception of human disappointment by perpetually putting our love, faith and hope in Christ alone, but also resolve within our spirit not to allow temporal needs or lack to derail us from pressing into the day of fulfilling our prophetic destiny.

The Lord promised to be your shepherd and you shall not want… The testimony of the triumphant Church is their ability to overcome all forms of emotional and psychological treats and trials without compromise. Paul highlighted seven intense encounters believers are bound to face as the day of darkness closes in, and each one of the trials must be thoroughly overcome with unconditional Love for Jesus Christ and his Body. The big question we must now ask ourselves is, is the love of God increases in our hearts to the point that we are ready to face the seven mountainous challenges?

Romans 8:35-39

35 Who shall separate us from the love of Christ? Shall tribulation, or distress, or persecution, or famine, or nakedness, or peril, or sword? 36 As it is written: “For Your sake we are killed all day long; We are accounted as sheep for the slaughter.” 37 Yet in all these things we are more than conquerors through Him who loved us. 38 For I am persuaded that neither death nor life, nor angels nor principalities nor powers, nor things present nor things to come, 39 nor height nor depth, nor any other created thing, shall be able to separate us from the love of God which is in Christ Jesus our Lord. NKJV

Once again, I will like to state that what is happening across Europe, America, Israel, and the Arab world is not the end of the world like some would want us to believe. Rather, this is the beginning of a new era in human history that is reshaping the ideological landscape of man’s theology concerning God’s sovereignty and authority. Many have assumed the Lord has no say in the affairs of man, and therefore, they must come up with their own solution and answer to the present economic and political needs.

The huge amount of resource and wealth that has been stockpiled by Europe and the West seem not to be enough in dealing with the humongous challenge before them. Everything seems to be failing without remedy, yet, the solution is right before their eyes, if only we can be humble enough to let God open our eyes to see the solution. It is now obvious that God is now speaking profoundly from his throne concerning the destiny of man as his hand presses a hand on nations across the earth. The future is no longer predictable as before.

The day of the Lords Jubilee

Whatever form of wealth nations has accumulated in the name of injustice will be returned in this day of the Lord’s jubilee. This is the day of jubilee! God is setting his people free from all forms of bondage and slavery across nations. Acknowledging our injustice and wickedness is a major healing balm in this day of the Lords vengeance.

The pride of the nations is come to naught as the Lord stirs up himself like a sleeping lion ready to devour its prey. Whatever the nations are hoping in as their future security are all coming down like a house of cards. The towers and wall of false defense are coming down without answer. God is revealing himself as the only future end of all men.

Trust me, nothing will escape the path of this spiritual hurricane blowing across the land and regions of the earth. For those in high places who still assume they are still in charge should rethink because their world is passing away with a great noise while a new world order, designed by the King of kings and the Lord of Lords is being ushered in.

Jesus Christ of Nazareth is the one ushering in a new world order according to the book of revelation and not the antichrist and the world would have us believe. Everything the enemy is doing out there is a direct counterfeit of what they learnt in the kingdom of God.

The nations are crying for leadership

In this context, members of the Body of Christ should view what is happening across the world at her moment of greatness and opportunity to build momentum towards developing the spiritual structure needed in fulfilling her prophetic apostolic destiny. The signs across the globe today are all pointing towards one major need, which is authentic leadership.

We have told in time past, that leadership is not a title neither is it a mere position of authority; leadership is a creative, spiritual competence that goes beyond administrative skill to seeing and understanding the very nature of {people} things for what they are, and being able to accurately offer a tailor-made solution according to divine direction. In other words, where academic and intellectual skill reaches, is where those with the true nature of spiritual competency in leadership starts to lead. You cannot separate leadership from the Spirit of divine guidance according to John chapter 13.

The challenge of leadership

To leader at any level, you must have an insight into the reality of the challenge before you.

Jesus Christ portrays the life of a true leader. He did not only use his influence to make people do things as most leaders are taught in business schools, he had the ability to [discern] see deep into the very source of each problem, and exercise the necessary authority, prescribed by his heavenly in addressing the problem.

He dealt with the root that produces bad fruits. Isaiah chapter three shows us the values, characteristics of what makes the quality of Jesus leadership spirit an exceptional, and how he administrates his leadership quality.  Not basing leadership on what we see with our natural eyes, or judged by what we hear with our physical, outer hearing faculty is one of key traits of sound, biblical leadership grace.

Leadership goes beyond just the solving problems to changing human hearts, and the regional spiritual climate that influences the activities of men.  The main challenge of leadership at all levels is to precisely find how to change the inherent fallen human nature that seeks to negatively corrupt and interfere with divine order.

It is clear that the issues the society is faced with today are way beyond natural occurrence. Therefore, to resolve the challenges, those with spiritual insight and the competent spiritual capacity should avail themselves in the matter of governance and leadership in all spheres of human affairs.

 How many people today are failing in the so-called secular arena because they listen to the lies of the enemy that says they must not mix their spiritual life with their secular business. Diving your life into spiritual or secular space is one of the devil’s greatest deception you could ever buy. You have one life, and that one life is expressed in various spheres of your existence. In other words, you must get a clear definition of your assignment, and then let your God given gift or grace to guide you on how to exercise authority within such an arena.

The same Spirit that sustains your personal prayer life or marriage also sustains and enhances your productivity in the marketplace. If you’re spiritually cannot be fully expressed and felt in your political career as a believer, how do bring lasting transformation to the complex issues within your constituency? Believers are quick to forget that the whole essence of spirituality is to release divine life wherever there is darkness or destruction.  This is what Joseph represented in Egypt and Denel in Babylon.

The word of God says we are the salt of the earth, how can we season nations and regions when we don’t even believe we have what it takes to sustain or bring transformation to societies. What is my point? The wisdom of this world, according to James, is failing rapidly; it is time believers who are filled with the Spirit of God allow the father to reposition them where they can be of use in offering the best solution and direction to the present national or global crisis.

This is the beautiful story we read in Acts chapter 6. When Stephen and the rest of the disciples were chosen to represent the church regarding the distribution of food, we see the qualification required. That standard has not changed, the world is desperately in need of leadership with the quality of the Spirit that can resolve the issues of character deforming in the corridor of government. The Lords administrative capacity can work to resolve the challenges before the nations if believers will just let the wisdom of God direct their steps.

Acts 6:3-4

3 Therefore, select out from among yourselves, brethren, seven men of good and attested character and repute, full of the [Holy] Spirit and wisdom, whom we may assign to look after this business and duty. 4 But we will continue to devote ourselves steadfastly to prayer and the ministry of the Word. AMP

The kingdom of God is a living reality, growing in the hearts of all who have taken the call to transit out of Babylon, the system of humanistic wisdom. While we may be in Babylon, we informed never to allow the values and philosophy of Babylon to impact our views and moral standard of quality, kingdom decisions.

Understanding what is happening

If there is ever a time where the wisdom of God needs to be display is now. What is happening in earth today is the clash of two systems.  The life and authority of these kingdoms cannot be seen with the naked eyes, but their influences and power are highly felt across the globe. As the Lord continues to use the issues in Europe and the rest of the world to awake his sleeping Church to her responsibility, we will see a more proactive and strategic, apostolic ecclesia, emerge with divine wisdom and authority in leading the cities and nations out of their predicaments.

The Lord is using the ongoing global crisis to draw the attention of his Church and the nation’s first to his sovereignty, secondly, to the principles and mode of his redemptive plan. The priority of the heart the father is to see nations reform and restore back to him. He will use whatever means and method to make this clear for all to understand. This is the day of the Lords harvest. Whatever we desire to do for the Lord must be seen in this context of this present prophet mandate.

Each nation and regions of the earth have their unique role in Gods prophetic activity as he continues to shake the foundation of many generations; therefore, what is happening in one region should not be generalized, rather, it should be viewed in the context of the awakening of the spirit of such regions to the voice of the Lord. As this continues to happen on a national and global scale, I will like to remind you that it is already taking place even on an individual, personal stage.

These are the days of huge predicament for individual families and businesses. Many will assume the Lord has deserted them because of the impact of the trials they will be facing, especially, in the area of marriage relationships and personal financial challenge. The security and philosophy, we have embedded will be greatly tested as I have said earlier.

Everything in our lives that can be shaken will be shaken to its foundation. It is a day to learn how to read the handwriting of the Lord on the walls of our lives, lest we become disappointed and ultimately abdicate our stand. The ability to precisely identify and make sense of what is taking place around us is a major advantage, unfortunately, very few have learned to be quiet within their soul in times of trouble so they can hear the voice of the Lord.

One of the very first lesson prophet Jeremiah learned, as any other prophetic generation is the ability to identify the true meaning of what is sees. If we cannot make sense of the issues in and around our lives, we have no means of direction or solution. Thus, we should be asking ourselves now is what is, what is the significance of what is taking place globally? The only person that can give us a clear answer is the Spirit of truth himself.

The scripture says, when he, the Spirit of truth comes, he will guide you into all truth without exception. May the Lord give us the spirit of inquiry in this season. John 16:13 But when he, the Spirit of truth, comes, he will guide you into all truth. He will not speak on his own; he will speak only what he hears, and he will tell you what is yet to come. NIV

Is the church ready for governance?

While the issue of regime change may be prominent on the agenda of what has been dubbed as the ‘Arab Springs’. There is no doubt, that the major challenge in the Western world is the lack of fiscal discipline in the capitalist driven economy. For a long time, the key major problem in Africa has been the complete lack of managerial leadership competence. It is a known fact that Africa is the richest continent in the world, yet, poverty and every other form of human limitations finds their residence in the region. Her huge resources are continually plundered and wasted dictatorial leaders and the so-called foreign investors.

The context of these enormous regional challenges needs to be made clear to the church, as each part will require unique apostolic skill and insight in dealing with them. Unfortunately, our lopsided understanding regarding matters relating to diplomacy in international relations is indeed limiting our level of interaction and collaborating capacity with politics and governance in high places.

Government institutions do not recognize the position of the church in contributing to national and internal development because the church in the past has portrayed herself as a needing organization. Unfortunately, they seem to be right because all we see from church leaders is the accumulating of liabilities with very little assets.

The Church still has a long way to go in understanding the purpose of wealth, prosperity and influence regarding nation building and socioeconomic reform and transformation. This form of limitation has made it even more difficult for her to be positioned in the corridor of political and global interaction, yet the church relates to more humans on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis than any other government institution on the planet.

Gearing for a David mentality

There is no doubt that politics comes with a certain degree of influence and power that if not handle with an excellent spirit, powered by the values model of a sound, internal governmental spirit, compromise, and corruption are inevitable. However, it is important that we state that the Lord places the church on earth as his representative to engage with all authorities and powers regarding the redemption of man from all forms of corruption.

Therefore, the concept of apostolic Christianity seeks to engage the philosophies of man as it seeks to offer the best solution to the pressing crisis. David showed us a lesson to learn when he faced a similar enemy in the person of Goliath. Goliath is a type of the present socioeconomic crisis the world is faced with, to defeat this spirit, you and I need to absolutely know our true position and identity in Christ. We need to be well dressed in our mentality like David, who knew how to receive command and direction of the chief commander of the army of Israel, the Lord of host himself.

The Davidic anointing is highly needed in our day for the society to be free from her present threat. The Lord through his sovereign {intervention} plan has always positioned a prophet {seer} to help guide the decision of the king. The Job descriptions of these men and women sometimes called the King’s prophets are to help inject the right moral values and sound wisdom to the decisions that needs to be made by the king on behalf of his kingdom.

These men and women may not be accepted as prophets by the definition of a religious system; however, their influence plays a key role in shaping the outcomes of the decisions made by leaders of their generation. Due to the limited understanding regarding the role of religion and politics, many have allowed the ideology of {church and state} circularized philosophy to hinder them from participating in the transforming process of their society.

The condition of bad managerial capacity witnessed in most governments circle across the world is indeed a signpost of the need of well skilled, Spirit filled men and women with character and integrity in the corridors of government.

The world is desperately in need of true leaders whose lives have been entrenched in the core values of the fruit of the Spirit and the capacity to govern. The nature of the fruit of the spirit can only be express fully outside the corridors of the Church organization. Meaning, the life transforming capacity given to the church is best utilized amid the ongoing darkness covering every facet of human existence.

The people of the world are already confused and in desperate need of a solution. The present global challenges require the principle of present truth in operation within core structures of government if society is going to witness lasting reforms and transformation. Custodians of present truth are those who have embraced the present reformation voice, being declared from the present apostolic house the Lord is building.


When heaven shakes the earth

God is presently transforming and restoring the earth back to its original state, and this requires a complete collapse of everything man has ever built in a name of a church and unity. This is one of the reasons most of the key socioeconomic global institution’s old policies are failing without anyone to give them answer to what is taking place.  The more they try to fix one problem the next one shows up even a more complex issue.

The division within a man’s structure is really showing up in every area of his existence. Indeed, a house divided against itself cannot stand. What a day of the speakings of the Lord. It is difficult for the UN to come into agreement on the issue of human violation in Syria and other parts of the Arab Spring, due to some very powerful countries’ interest in the war.

We are seeing a weak, divided UN like we’ve not seen it before. We are also seeing that it is becoming more difficult for the EU to agree on a common solution in dealing with her present financial crisis, and the way forward for the bloc as United Kingdom will not accept the principal policies offered by the EU. All these are reflections of the inability of fallen man to govern himself.

The response of global institutions regarding the ongoing crisis in the world so far has indeed expose the fragmentation in the ideology of the so-called {UN, EU, AU, and Arab league} alliances, and has also proven the fragility of the human moral structure in saving society, especially the poorest, marginalized communities.

The fact that government across the globe cannot give their citizens precise definition of what is causing their economy to shut down with all the stimulus package of recapitalization and devaluation of very stronger currencies, is causing millions across the globe not just to panic but almost going insane.

This is the day of the Lord, and if you will listen, you will hear his voice with clarity. For the hand of the Lord is not short to save, if we return to the Lord, he will return to us with mercy and grace.  Awake sons of God as the Lord, shake the foundation of many generations.