DEFINING THE SEASON OF WINDOWS OF OPPORTUNITY. CONCLUSION. PART3. This is a season of visions, revelation, wisdom and discernment. Portals of heaven are open to access new spheres of kingdom truth and grace, even as we press further towards the nearness of the kingdom. The Lord is adding dimensions of knowledge that would allow … Continue reading DEFINING THE SEASON OF WINDOWS OF OPPORTUNITY. CONCLUSION. PART3.

Pressing forward in 2016

    Pattern of things to come                           THIS MESSAGE IS ADDRESS TO BELIEVERS WHO                           SEEM TO HAVE A CLEAR SENSE OF THEIR FUTURE                             AND THOSE WHO ARE NOT THAT CERTAIN OF                                 WHAT THE FUTURE HOLDS FOR THEM                                                                                       By Isaiah-Phillips Akintola Entering a critical moment of change Greetings friends … Continue reading Pressing forward in 2016

Redefining your new beginning for 2015

New beginning in God are current position of divine maturity, governed by the spiritual timing to see certain demands and desires of heaven be accomplish in the mortal realm. New beginnings are the position of entering into the next grand reality of the Father's prophetic requirement as we press further into the fullness of Christ. New beginnings are new, or higher realms of the wisdom and understand of the father as we engage the systems and ideologies of Babylon.

Architect of the future part 3

The power of the anti-Christ lays within the spirit of commerce. Those who have not gained mastery over the spirit of commerce will find themselves compromising under intense pressure of material and emotional need this last day. As long as the revelation of total dependance on Christ provision has not become reality, the enemy has a foothold over your soul. Poverty is a huge weapon the kings of the earth have always used to control their subjects. Eighty percent of the wealth of the world is in the hands of twenty percent of the richest Western countries.