Seasons and generations have been shaped by the character quality of the leadership spirit of those at the helm of affairs. However, men in leadership are often motivated by the historic ideology that forms the basis and framework of such a region. In other words, leadership is as good as the philosophy that determines its course.

The ancient battle nations and regions have always been centered around ideology, religion, and economy. Today’s 21st-century battle is no different. We’ve continued to witness the influence of ideology, religion, and economy shape what we believe and how we look at others. Amazingly, we’ve begun to see these three elements shaping the face of many calls the Church.

This new decade has, indeed, usher us into a confrontational position in the prophetic objective and advancement of God in the earth. Still, it will take those who can read the signs of the time to precisely articulate what is unfolding before our very eyes, particularly when you consider the recent assassination of the second in command in Iranian leadership core by the America drone strike.

Anyone following geopolitical affairs within the middle east would know that this strike was long coming due to the building up of tension between Iran and America right from the time President Donald Trump took office. Of course, the world of media at this time has continued to speculate and even predict what would happen next; TV networks and social media have continued to air various opinions, and many have already decided which part or side of the story they will believe, depending on which side of the political divide or school of thought that has influenced their perception. 

The world today is completely divided on various grounds, from the concept of ideologies, race, religion, economy, and national identity. These concepts of divisions have created a good ground for an ongoing proxy war, and this will continue as the strategy of invading and influencing the battlefield of the days ahead.  

The believer’s perspective

Being prophetically balanced [neutral] in analyzing what is happening across the globe allows us to effectively interpret what the Lord is doing or saying even from that which might look chaotic. Keeping our head clear and focused is one of the hallmarks of spiritual maturity because you need that to see and examine things accurately. To be prejudice is to disqualify yourself from the things of the Spirit, and how I have seen a degree of bias among Christians of late, even among those we thought were spiritually sound and mature.  

Religious bias and other forms of humanist prejudice will not only blind our insight from seeing the intention and direction of the Lord in this hour but will, in fact, cripple our ability and capacity to effectively engage in the arts of advancing heaven’s prophetic initiative, even as we are called to charge in warfare against the Spirit of wickedness and destruction across the globe.

Laying this foundational narrative is crucial, because many are still divided behind some charismatic, Evangelical, religious, ideological lines, fueled on racial and economic grounds, depending on which side of the fence they find themselves. To develop a biblically sound world view in dealing with the socio-cultural, geopolitical, and economic divides is to allow the Spirit of the Lord to first strip us of our presumptive ideas, ingrained false identity, and knowledge gathered under the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.

 Secondly, it is to allow the Father to enlighten and broaden our spiritual standpoint regarding the current political or socioeconomic realities of our time, which I usually term as a position of prophetic spectrum.

As we know, when a ray of light passes through a fraction prism, what we experience is a spectrum of colors. This truth is the same when considering the idea of allowing the light of God’s truth to pass through and permeate our spiritman, what happens is, we effectively see and identify the various, glorious, unique beauty and identity of the Father for each person, family, community, nation, continent, and of course, this generation as a whole.

The sovereignty of God’s wisdom

Is there anything that happens without the knowledge of God? or are things happening right now regardless of their implication on a national or global scale that surprises the Lord because he was not aware of it? Absolutely not. The influence of God within human affairs is still a mystery many are trying to grapple with; more so, we one considers the impact or influence of evil growing daily.

 There’s a weak, humanist lens view we can use in trying to examine or comprehend the complexity of life that brings more and more challenging, unanswered questions. Yet, on the flip side, there’s a position of advantage we can allow heaven to locate us within the framework of biblical truth that gives us unprecedented prophetic [spirit] insight which ultimately allows us to see and know things differently; even things that might seem too complicated for our religious, limited, spiritual understanding to comprehend.

The further we move towards the days of the end, the more we are going to be left with questions that we may not find immediate answer, but if we have the right biblical, foundational understanding of truth and the operational wisdom of the sovereignty of the Father in our lives, it gives us the right state of attitude in approaching what is happening before our very eyes.

To be spiritually informed and aware of the nature of the days we’ve been brought into allows us to possess the right spiritual sight, capacity, and wisdom to engage effectively.  As we proceed further into the days of the appearing of our Lord, we should be ready and prepare for regional instability even as we pray for divine intervention.

Our position is not to take a stand for or against regions, but to take our stand on the walls of NATION BUILDING in intercession for the redemption of the soul of the people, which include that of Iranians, China, and America, United Kingdom, Nigeria, South Africa, and the rest. We must continue to pray for wisdom to guide the heart of the President of America and the rest of the world leaders to do what is right and just.

We should ask the Lord to grant us his Church to see beyond what the Front-line news wants us to see and believe. We should pray for Pastors and leaders to be spiritually informed and prophetically aligned. Hence, they are prepared to rightly inform and develop their followers to follow the way of the Spirit and not what may look popular. May your kingdom come, Lord…    




the book of the genealogy of christ




A prophetic perspective into your spiritual heritage and bloodline

By Isaiah-Phillips Akintola


The book of the genealogy of Jesus Christ, the son of David, the son of Abraham. Mathew 1:1

As the father draws my attention to this fascinating scripture, I once again saw the importance of the body of Christ, not just to identify with our physical place of birth, regardless of how wonderful we might have cherished such upbringing, or how dreadful and traumatic the experience of such place still lingers within the walls of our imagination and memory.

The emphases I felt the father was drawing my attention to was to reexamine the meaning and role genealogy played in his progressive, redemptive, and restorative program of his Son. I realize that the body of Christ in this crucial epoch needs to rediscover and encourage itself to prophetically embrace its authentic, spiritual [identity] genealogy, which biblically is more important and relevant than any natural family lineage, regardless of how noble or royal such lineage might be according to John chapter 3.


Genealogy is a powerful mystery

Genealogy is a powerful mystery, embedded within the realities of human life and its highly complex, sociocultural definition and protocols. Our lineage is a picture and a story of our identity, both in the natural and spiritual form.  Our lineage speaks deeply into why we are who we are and the hope of what we directly or indirectly long to become.

The invisible code of our identity pushes us towards a certain direction and preference, we may not necessarily be aware of but are there to determine our next move. We cannot deny or wish away from our genealogy.  Genealogy is deeply rooted within the very life of God within the human spirit. All lineages are traced back to Elohim, the creator of the heavens and earth. The vastness of his glory is reflected in the vast array of billions of stars born every hour. The human spirit, which is a direct reflection of the father’s image and likeness of the father tells us about this mystery of genealogy, connected to our eternal purpose and destiny in Christ.

It’s significant that I quickly state that genealogy is way beyond some elemental reality that can be touched and possess. Yes, lands, wealth and other material things are transferred from generation to generation. But true genealogy is a spiritual identity that can only be transferred and imparted through the divine bloodline of those who have been apprehended and summoned to be the custodian of the prophetic agenda of the father on earth. There’s a company amongst the sons of men, whose lives is a prototype of the ladder Jacob encountered on his way to Harran with angels ascending and descending.  [Genesis 28:10]

The prophetic [messenger] angels type of representation are the portals of the seasons of heaven on earth. They carry and announces shift in seasons; they connect and relocate each of God’s people to their aligned destiny in time. They are representatives of the prophetic the glorious, heritage of the commonwealth of heaven on earth. Heaven uses their location, position and seed to birth and initiates the advance prophetic mandate in time.


Why Abraham and David?

This is one of the reasons why Abraham was chosen and called to be the starting point of a new generation of heaven’s redemptive program.  Abraham was a very wealthy man who chose to leave behind what defines his wealth, custom and identity to listen and follow this God who introduced himself to him as his great reward.  David on the other hand, was a teenager whose heart was deeply in love with the God of his ancestors. His heart was searching for something outside the earth. His desire could not be met by things within the reach of this planetary system; there seem to be found in David not just a heart after God, but a passion to reflect and represent all of God’s purpose on earth.

I strongly believe that these are some of the qualities found in these two icons that connect the spirit of the Christ assignment to them. They became the lineage that kick-starts the process of eternal redemption of God in the earth. The prophetic program of the Father is connected and activated on earth through the powerful process of genealogy. For Christ Messianic assignment to become an effective, redemptive reality, he needed not just a body to legitimatize his function, but also a divinely selected, and a well approved, and prepared bloodline to execute such a mandate.

 As our natural birth connects us to a large family tree, so is our spiritual birth. We all have a spiritual genealogy that is eternally connected to our identity and character disposition. Our entire spiritual life is a formation of one seed that reflects two distinct characters, that of David and Abraham, as we’ve just noted.

There’s a uniqueness to your spiritual personality, calling and assignment that should not be mistaken or generalized by humanistic, or religious popular opinion. There’s a profound, prophetic utterance the father made after the fall of man in the garden that is still being fulfilled even to this season. This prophetic word, deals with the judgment of the serpent through the seed of the woman. Well, creation and the church are still tracking the ultimate manifestation of this judgement.

 Today we know that the seed of the woman was Jesus Christ, who journeyed from genesis and through the lineage of Abraham and David until he finally bruised the head of the serpent on Calvary and his ascension back to his father.

 I am very weary of the gospel that tries to clone everyone into one single identity, especially in the way we practice Christianity today. Your genealogy speaks deep into the core of your spiritual identity. It speaks into the formation of how you get to the place of concluding on certain knowledge and beliefs within the universe of Gods prophetic purpose which ultimately leads to how you respond to your spirituality and assignment.


Tracing your spiritual lineage

Who we are as believers and followers of our lord Jesus Christ carries very deep, rich, spiritual history that must not be taken lightly. Each of our spirits, and the proceeding formation of the fruit of spirituality carries a DNA code that can be traced to certain individuals within the world of our assignment. Every born again, spirit-filled believers are members of a divine clan, representing a vast, corporate, life within the bigger framework of the father’s eternal, prophetic counsel.

You may be part of a church organization, or may even be given a post of leadership, but that place or position may not truly resonate within the core identity of your spiritual genealogy, and therefore, you’re not able to perform and produce to the fullness of your assigned, spiritual capacity.

This is something I have personally witnessed, but highly challenging for many to accept, especially if you are a pastor who have labored and invested into people to be part of what you’re building. In my years of pastoring, I have had the painful experience of releasing some of our most gifted and resourceful members of others ministry. Initially, the experience did not sit well with my spirit until the father began to deal with my heart regarding the matter until I realized their leaving was not just for my good but for the general advancement and building up of the kingdom of God.

When we build to own and not to release, it will be highly difficult to positively respond to this kind of teaching. This is a day of the restoration of lost truth in order for the house of God to be perfectly constructed according to divine order. Our function in the kingdom is far bigger than the little empires we have built for ourselves in the name of ministry. The ministry is the Lord’s and not ours.

 There’s a company of people you belong to the kingdom of Israel that enhances your grace function better in the eternal prophetic order of heaven. Please do understand that this does not mean that the house, or its leadership is doing something wrong; in fact, this experience has nothing to do with right or wrong. This is more about proper alignment that allows for effective functioning of our assigned destiny.

This is about where and who you’ve been divinely connected to with the prophetic plan of the father. The entire twelve tribes are the very identity and the summation of the nation of Israel, but each of the tribes carries its own unique image, purpose, and assignment that clearly distinguish them from the rest but also complement the rest.

 I’ve seen so many today in the body, especially among some of us who claim to be part of the apostolic reformation community who either lack the divine knowledge and the operational principle of the genealogy order of operation. Yes, there’s been so much emphasis on fathering and the orphan spirit, yet, little have been discussed or even mentioned regarding the rich life, embedded with the mystery of spiritual genealogy.

I’ve discovered that the main motive for our one-sided teaching emphasis on fathering and sonship is mainly centered on the whole issue of gathering more people, influence and resource for our individual camps and networks, and not really about the core issue of spiritual alignment and advancement of the body of Christ to maturity.

The order of heaven is designed in such a way that every one of us is a reflection, or do I say, an extension of someone’s spiritual experience. For example, the person who led you to the Lord, and maybe discipled you has a part of his or her spiritual DNA impacted into the building blocks of your spiritual edifice.

Although in most cases, we hardly realize or recognize this fact, and when we do, we pretend as if it’s not a big deal. In my own case, I could still remember two important people who played a major role in my discipleship development. If not for these two individuals, am not sure if I’ll be where I am today regarding my spiritual journey.

Identifying your spiritual bloodline

Friends, it’s a fulfilling thing to be able to help members of the body of Christ in this season of great spiritual prostitution of truth and sacred things find their true identity and genealogy. The whole history of a person’s life and originality is encoded within his or her genotype. Your spiritual genotype carries the answer to your genealogy, including who are ordained to mature you into perfection in Christ.  The one who helped in developing your spiritual knowledge and awareness, to some degree, determines the quality nature of your spiritual orientation and identity.

Our spirit carries a journey of rich history; how you see and understand things either natural or spiritual is linked to various inputs and information data your spirit receives and process as true spiritual reality. The wholeness or fragmentation of your spiritual knowledge, to a large degree speaks into your understanding and process of your genealogy.

To realign yourself back to divine order and functionality, you must identify your biblical, spiritual bloodline, and am not talking about you tracing your root to some natural Jewish tribe in Israel like many are doing today in America or Africa.

This is a spiritual thing that the father that can only be done through the guidance and leading of the Holy Spirit.  If your heart is truly searching and you’re open to the word of God, the Father will connect you to your place and tribe, and there you will truly find rest for your soul. Your eternal, prophetic assignment on earth is what defines your genealogy and tribal, kingdom community.


article 3



By Isaiah-Phillips Akintola

About five years ago, the Lord granted me a rare opportunity within the vastness of his grace to train and interact with few brethren back then with regards to some of the core character components, the nature and function of the prophetic ministry.

Somehow, after the training, I was not opportune nor permitted to speak, nor to publish the material on my blog which I will usually do with most of my materials for reasons only known to the father.

Not too long ago, I began to sense and feel the urgency in my spirit to revisit the subject, but I must admit that I have somewhat, unduly procrastinated on the matter until late 2015 when I received a message from a very dear brother who wanted my view on the ministry of a prophet.

I felt convicted, and instantly recognized that it was the Holy Spirit indirectly prompting me to update and release the material for the spiritual edification of those who might need certain fundamental understanding, or clarification regarding the subject on the prophetic.

I could still remember the very first time I tried putting a comprehensive material together relating to this subject, was about two decades plus ago.

This was just before the apostolic reformation stream began to gain popularity in some part of the [Nigerian] West African church community where I have had the opportunity to pioneer a work for the lord for about two decades plus.

Back then in the early 80s when I gave my heart to the Lord, the subject or the ministry of the prophets was at his pick in terms of giftens and manifestation. The focus then was mainly founded on two premise; 1] the use of the gift for personal [material and emotional] blessing. 2]

The use of the gift for eschatological end time events. The intensity of global political realignment caused many to major the prophetic on not just the coming of Christ but also on the manifestation of the anti-Christ-known as the man of Sin.

Back then, I was doing a series of study on the fivefold ministry gifts, and of cause, my major was in the prophetic office and its various organs of ministry, but unfortunately the material got missing in one of the commercial computer centers we were using back then for our ministry stuff.

Those were still in the days of floppy disk storage, and of cause virus infection was quite high back then. The truth was, losing those resourceful materials was quite painful and I could not just summon up courage and motivation to rewrite the material again after the incident.


Having operated in the prophetic grace for almost three decades, I have witnessed few extreme of the prophetic, and I have been graciously opportune to also see various seasons of prophetic shifts and emphasis function both within the body of Christ and across the nations respectively.

And if I may quickly add, I Have also witness lots of gimmicks, weird, unbiblical and satanic stuff imported into the house of God in the name of Christ and the prophetic ministry just as we can see today.

This misrepresentation has caused a huge dysfunctionality and damage to the image of Christ and his Body across the globe that when people today hear that you are a prophet, their immediate reaction is to look at you first with a very suspicious perception, and I truly do not blame them because many have sadly been injured and hurt to the point of almost been destroyed by these impostors who send themselves and represent their own selfish interest in the name of a prophet.

The truth is, there is a lot the body of Christ is yet to know and thoroughly understand in terms of the precise footing and foundation of the character nature and functionality of all the ascended ministry gifts, but in particular, the office and gift of the prophet.

Through this note, my aim is to introduce you to the office and ministry of a prophet from the point of one who is graced with a watchman’s spirit and priestly prophetic teaching foundation, and maybe, you can journey with me on a narrow, ancient route that may possibly recalibrate your heart, sight and hearing capability.

It is indeed my desire that your faith and that of many within the present kingdom advance will gets energized with the capacity to press beyond the boundaries men and religious system has set in both defining and measuring what they assume as the prophetic ministry.

This resource should help in identifying what I call a prophetic spirit, a prophetic gift and the office of prophet. I have through the grace of God used my own personal experience and revelatory insight in the word of God to highlight the office of the prophet, built on a solid foundation of biblical truth and its guiding doctrines.

I pray and hope that you will open your heart to the truths locked in the material because it has been written through the divine guidance and inspiration of the Spirit. There is nothing of self-glorification or man’s agenda here.

My desire is to see that the corporate body of Christ quickly and accurately return to the apostolic pattern given to her at the ascension of our lord. The prophetic ministry, like the rest of the ascension ministry gifts are the very extension of Christ life and desire for the building up of the saints and the restoration of creation from the bondage of the fallen Adamic nature.

Meaning, they are not the idea of some religious groups or denominational system. Neither are they the figment of some intellectual humanistic ideologies that has been allowed to infiltrate and almost replace the function of the ascended ministry gifts today in some church communities. This is Christ very life, expressing himself in some very unique dimensions without division or friction of intent. Here are some ways or forms the life and ministry of Christ is expressed through the prophetic spirit:


I was early introduced to the prophetic ministry in the 80s when I gave my life to Christ in what can be referred to as a hybrid Pentecostal Charismatic community setting.

My pastor was a highly-gifted faith-prosperity preacher who was much connected to the Oklahoma faith-prosperity movement in America.

He used to make lots of trips overseas to invite seasoned ministers of the gospel to come preach and teach in his church, and I can tell you back then, the experience was like heaven on earth.

I could not just have enough of God’s word. We were exposed to books on various topics, tons of tapes and cd’s of great preachers who have had deep revelatory and intimate experience with the Father were available at a very low cost.

The entire system and its general culture was my first spiritual library that taught me things I could never have imagined knowing and understanding in relating to spiritual realities.

I was in my secondary school back then, and things back then were quite difficult for me as a teenager growing up, but I found solace and comfort in the church community until I was finally employed as a staff of the church, and later became the personal assistance to my pastor.

I saw as a divine opportunity in my call to serve him but, I had no clue to the degree of the vastness of this opportunity until as was exposed to my pastor’s personal library. It was a wow moment for me!

Back to the church meetings, the presence of God was quite visible and the ministration of praise, worship, intercession and the word was excellent in terms of the emphasis of the season.

The culture of the house was charged with faith to the degree that anything is possible. People stayed in Sunday service for close to six to seven hours. In some cases, brethren said from morning till evening before leaving for home. The church atmosphere was so rich and inviting that people literally don’t want to leave.

The presence of God was tangible, and miracle was a natural occurrence back then. My spirit yarns and longs for more of the intangibility of the presence of God, and soaked in every word declared, especially those that has to do with the spirit and act of prayer.

Some of those invited guests used to touch on things that sound strange back then to many of our guys, but somehow, they resonate deep within my spiritman. A longed for more of what I was hearing even though I didn’t fully comprehend what was happening in my own life. I could still remember during one of the morning session seminars, we had what was called prophetic impartation.

There were this team of men and women who came from United States to the church and somehow, I found myself standing in front of the head of the team, and a elderly women who was a prophet, and she began prophesying into my life. Wow! I have never in my life seen or experienced such a thing before.

This experience was strange to some the brethren back then, but the impartation of words was like you been heat with a wild wind. I was so fire up that I could stay awake all night just praying and seeking the face of God. I wanted more of God in my life that religion and even that charismatic experience I used to love was no longer satisfying for me.

Sometimes later, I had an encounter that finally did it for me in terms of been called into ministry. I had what was known as an open vision. Please note, this is not a doctrine and should not be seen as a template of anyone’s calling into ministry.

Heaven uses the various dealings and experiences of our lives to shape and fashion how we are called to respond to Gods voice and demands. What works for brother A may not necessarily work for Brother X.

I needed to share this experience to buttress the fact that regardless of how horrible, terrifying or dysfunctional your life’s foundation maybe, if the lord points his finger on you, you cannot run or hide from his call.

I can tell you, I grow up with a much-damaged self-image and identity. This dysfunctional state brought me to a point where I had concluded that there is no God. The image of God painted to me by the church and the highly religious family around me was completely different to the experience I was having, so I decided it was over with the issue of the existence of God.

Anyhow, years later I finally gave my heart to the lord and I was at church auditorium praying with the rest of the brethren on this particular day.

I used to like facing the wall while praying. In the intensity of my prayer with my eyes wild open, I saw the picture of myself projected on the wall I was facing with a megaphone, preaching in a particular street that I can still see as I am writing this note.

It was the most frightening thing I have ever experienced. Yet, I was highly trilled and feel with joy at the same time of such an encounter.

While I was still trying to look around if someone else saw what I was seeing, the picture disappeared and that was it. The rest was for me to figure out by the leading of the Spirit of truth what the Lord was saying to me.

And I can tell you that it took me years to begin to gain insight and understanding regarding what the Lord showed me back then. I initially thought I was called to be an evangelist, so, from 4am, I am up praying until around 5am when I usually get ready to go out and preach on streets as people get ready to go to their various workplaces.

Preaching on the street was my work and I loved it with all my heart. My voice was the alarm bells of many back then. I was determined that people must first hear my voice before the Muslim call to prayer starts around pass five in the morning. Talk about zeal, I was highly zealous for God.

Oh, I preached my heart out in meetings and buses. Preaching inside buses was my favorite in those days. God used me mightily in the gifts of faith and miracles, coupled with my psalmist grace. The presence of Jehovah was electrifying back then.

The issue of how God speaks and how we are to listen and respond to him, I think is still a big issue the church corporately still need to devote quality time and space to rediscover. If I had someone around back then who could help in interpreting what I saw, I am very sure I could have gone far in the assignment of heaven for my life.

The spiritual experience I had back then sent me on a journey of trying to discover what on earth I was assigned to do for the lord. I was very much aware that the hand of the Lord was upon me but I was clueless regarding the particular area He wanted me to function.

to be continued 

the war cry of the Spirit

I hear the war cry and I feel the terrible wind from the east blowing as the mighty warriors of the Lord emerges from the desert of their transition

I hear the war cry and I feel the terrible wind from the east blowing as the mighty warriors of the Lord emerges from the desert of their transition

2015, the beginning of a new season in apostolic warfare

The sound of the horns and the four craftsmen

 A prophetic declaration


I hear the war cry and I feel the terrible wind from the east blowing as the mighty warriors of the Lord emerges from the desert of their transition.  A season designed for your hiding and training is past, a new chapter is opened for the unfolding of heavens prophetic counsel to emerge. Now is the time to engage to horns over your city and the nations.

Let wisdom guide and guard your heart. Allow understanding to direct your pathway unto the battlefield.  See, the old is rolled away, a new day is being ushered in says the watchman and the gatekeeper. Fastened your eyes on him who stands at the ramp; See him that calls from the highest mountain, guard the loins of your heart in the Spirit of truth and righteousness, and give the Lord no rest until Zion once again becomes a city of praise.

The day of the Lord is near, proclaimed the watchman over the city, the day of great darkness and unprecedented light, a day of joy and a time of great sorrow. A day of victory and a day a defeat; Get prepared, fasten your eyes and feet on the words that has gone ahead of you, sandal your feet with the boats of the readiness to proclaim the emergence of the Lords kingdom in power and great glory.

See the salvation and the vengeance of the Lord galloping into the cities of the nation as he sets his people free from the bondage of low self-esteem and poverty of the spirit. Break the power of Pharaoh over the people of the Lord. Declare freedom and liberty over the house of Lord.  Break down the walls, shatter the prison doors and let his fame be proclaimed amongst his people and they go forth representing the knowledge of his glory.

Sound the trumpet, gather the prepared ones. Proclaim to them the strategy of entering the Promised Land; show them the heart of the Father. Let the army of Joshua arise, an army once scattered and shattered by the spirit of pride and self-dependence. Let the army of Joshua arise from the valley of dry bones.

Let this army called to function in the spirit of humility and compassion fight until the knowledge of Christ glory fill the earth. Let this army of kingdom of priest carry the Ark of his presence as he led us to victory.

Let the army of Joshua arise. Lord, baptize us with your fire, purify our hearts and mouth as we declare your kingdom come over the regions and cities. Help us to submit to one another in the order of your desire.

Help us to see and acknowledge your grace in the life of our brethren. Help us not to undermine your leadership in and through the lives of our brethren. Help us to love and connect to our ordained place of functionality within your body. Grant us the fullness of your grace to see and adequately identify your supply chain within the body so that none may lack.

Our lack is due to the unwillingness to see and accept our assigned ministry for each other. Deliver us from mammon and materialistic tendencies that has become a huge hindrance for the development and advancement of your kingdom initiatives.

Deliver us from fear, pride, prejudice and racism. Help your church to realize that our identity transcend biological or geographical boundaries.  Set us free from insecurity and low self-esteem that hindered us from believing and accepting our brethren. Help us to celebrate your mercy, goodness and favor in the lives of our brother even if we seem to differ on some things.

Help us to know that we can never win the enemy without loving, caring and submitting to your prescribed pattern of community life. Lord, you are calling your church to locate their individual place, and rightfully function in it with full capacity of the grace given for such a location.

Lord, may 2015 be the season of this divine location so that we may maximize the power and authority of your kingdom in defeating the enemy both within and outside the camp. Lord, may you church arise!

sensing the coming of the Lord

Sensing the coming of the Lord

By Isaiah-Phillips Akintola

 Brethren, I felt a deep impression to share these lines of thought as the Lord brought them again to my attention few days ago. i strongly believe that am not the only one hearing the footsteps of the Father walking within my Garden. Through hindsight, we have learned that when the Father shows up to inspect the Gardens of our hearts, we do not go hiding and covering ourselves with fig leaves.

 When the Spirit of the Lord requires us to give an account of our current location in the mandate of our transition into kingdom lifestyle, we do not shun his voice or get angry at the message or the messenger. Rather, we should constantly respond by exposing ourselves to the ministry of the truth, so that God’s light can penetrate and expose those hidden unresolved issues in our lives. I presume the desire of every professed Christian should be the appearing of the Lord within their hearts.  Here is my consolation,

As for me, I shall behold thy face in righteousness; I shall be satisfied, when I awake, with beholding thy form. (Psalm 17:15 ASV)

There is no doubt about the clear expression of God’s present objective regarding the state of his Church, meaning, our lives personal and corporate. As a portal, positioned at the gate of intercession and divine transaction, it is our calling and chief duty to make sure that everyone gains unhindered access to the current move and proclamations of the Lord over their lives, ministries and nation.

In this prophetic day, no one should be disenfranchised from hearing and discerning the path of the Spirit for his or her society. It’s sad to know that in this season of the speakings and movement of the Lord within our gardens, many are still found hiding without a sense of faith and hope in the unconditional love of the Father.

A word of encouragement

If you are one of those who have been negatively impacted by the personality war and frivolous materialistic attitude been displayed in the body of Christ for a while now, and you have decided to give up your Christian journey to the place of the Father’s approval.  Well, I will encourage you to stop, think and ask yourself this question, are you following God or following men? It is high time you take your eyes off men and start focusing on what God is doing within you through men.

God uses his men as gifts to train, develop and mature his church so they can do the work of their ministry within his body and across the nation. However, these men are not God; they are just instrument in the hand of the Father of all spirits.

The enemy has deceived many of us to almost see men of God as gods.  We can only be discouraged when we constantly fix our attention on men and their powerful gifts. Both the gifts and the men belong to God. Having said this, you will be in great danger of judgment before the Lord to think you can dishonor or shame Gods servants. The word of God told us to follow and respect the grace and calling of those, he has anointed over us.

The standard of the Father for honoring, respecting and dignifying his servant will not change. we need to find the balance of following God in the lives of those placed over us to guide us to that greener pasture in Christ. While this parchment may not be classified as a professional writing, it passes across the message God is emphasizing to those who need to hear the voice of the Lord. so, please bear with me if I jump from point to point. Am only writing as the Spirit of the Lord impresses his thought within my heart. Am only a pen expressing the heart of the Father for this generation.

Back to the message, God is calling you to a new level of understanding of relationship with him and others around you. The Father will use men and other means within and outside the body of Christ to bring to perfection his purposes and destiny for your life.

Therefore, wake up from your backsliding state. Get moving as you repent from your own person contribution to the mess in the Body of Christ because we are all guilty of the present state of the Church.  God is speaking. Let those with the ears to hear, hear what the lord is saying to his Church.

 Correcting spiritual perception

One of the most important desirable goals of any believer is to have his or her spiritual faculties well informed and developed in such a way that enhances his spiritual walk. Maturity is first an awareness of one’s spiritual personality. Meaning that one is awaken to his spiritual identity and culture. Secondly, it is the ability to differentiate with clarity the voice of the Lord within once spirit in the midst of thundering and compelling humanistic culture and ideologies.

As a Christian, we live in two realms of life, which are both physical and spiritual by nature. However, how we understand and interface with these two realities defines to a large degree how we perceive God and relate with the world around us. God is a Spirit and he relates with his people through their transformed spiritual faculty.

A person can be so filled with words or language that sound so spiritual, and yet be completely blind and clueless to the basic doctrinal foundation of the faith.  In my two decade of spiritual walk, i discovered a powerful paradox in the body. People who often project a sense of spirituality in most cases are disconnected from the life and basic characteristics of sound bible foundation.

I also realize that this disconnection as to do with the inability to connect with spiritual matters. What most people, including church leaders, term as spiritual, are just spooky religious activities.  Understanding the spirit realm and how it interfaces with human personality and the physical realm are acts that can be develop through sound prophetic biblical teachings.

While it is easy to go to Church, attend Christian conferences, and amass as much information one could gather regarding God and his kingdom, very few can truly relate within their hearts to what God expect them to know and become in the reality of Christ redemptive purpose.

Information and revelation are good if one understand their importance. However, if basic foundational doctrine of Christianity is yet to be establish within a believer, the whole purpose of amassing revelation becomes irrelevant.  Recipient of revelation must be first taught how to develop his or her spiritual faculty. I took this time to first explain the point am trying to pass across in this writing so the readers can connect to what the Spirit of the Lord will be saying to them. There are no magic to the things of God.

You need to desire the sincere milk of the word so you can grow. First the natural, then the spiritual. The operation of our mental faculty shows us the presence and functionality of our spiritual personality.  The word of God is explained in words, parables and symbols. When God start speaking to us concerning his coming we need to have the right template of understanding, so we are not misguided by false religious prophetic expectation.

Shadow of things to come

The scripture below gives us deep insight into what the Lord is emphasizing to our generation. While this word might have been fulfilled in one dimension of the life of Noah, some four thousand years ago, it remains a highly relevant prophetic compass to the present agenda of God for human transformation and ultimate restoration.

 The first sentence of this scripture gives us a clue to what the Father desires us to know as the driving force of his kingdom within the hearts of men. “As it was in the days of Noah, so it will be at the coming of the Son of Man. In this parchment, we are not majoring on the final arrival of Christ back to earth but on the principle that triggers the kind of posture we are demanded to build before the lord’s final return.

As it was in the days of Noah, so it will be at the coming of the Son of Man. For in the days before the flood, people were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, up to the day Noah entered the ark; and they knew nothing about what would happen until the flood came and took them all away. That is how it will be at the coming of the Son of Man. 

Two men will be in the field; one will be taken and the other left. Two women will be grinding with a hand mill; one will be taken and the other left. “Therefore keep watch, because you do not know on what day your Lord will come. But understand this: If the owner of the house had known at what time of night the thief was coming, he would have kept watch and would not have let his house be broken into. So you also must be ready, because the Son of Man will come at an hour when you do not expect him. (Matthew 24:37-44 NIV)

Sensing the coming of the Lord into your heart

The progression of the coming of the Lord within our lives will be characterized by a deep sense of domestic and social responsibility. in other words, Our engagement with the reality of commerce, and other secular and socioeconomic issues will live side by side with the dimension of a life, seeking the appearance of the Lord within their humanity in this last days.   One of the things you need to know by revelation as believers in the 21st century is that the appearance of the Lord for your life will be in the context of your engagement with highly complex social issues.

The test of your spirituality will be in the marketplace and not necessarily within the four walls of a church. We attend church to receive knowledge and information regarding our assignment in the field. The field, which is the unique Garden the Lord gave to us to cultivate, requires our continuous engagement. However, the state and posture of the heart in working in these fields could either approve or disapprove our lives before the Lord.

The scripture introduced two Characters of men walking in the field. The word says one will be taking while the other will be left behind. This principle sets a high apostolic precedence for the 21st century believers. While religious mentality will interpret this scripture to mean the activity of rapture. insight into the Spirit of revelation informs that this is a present reality within the lives of men. while the scriptures gives us the physical activity of these two men, insight into their heart shows us the type of activity taking place. on a face value, no one will be able to ascertain who is spiritual or not but the following verdict explain their true condition of life.

The important point here was not what they were doing but they connection and location of their heart. The conditions of the heart in the days we live in determine our success or failure in spiritual walk.

The approval of these men was not base on their physical location but on their awareness of the demand of the kingdom at every injunction. The whole concept of approval and disapproval of a life is played out in what their heart was searching for while walking on the field. The field here is the concept of doing business or working at the marketplace.

 In the marketplace, you are expected to interact and interface with all kinds of people, believers and nonbelievers alike. While your community or workplace may not offer you the best spiritual environment, you however, have learnt to cultivate a condition of heart whose spiritual frequency  is forever linked to God’s throne.

Moving into that realm of life where your physical location or emotional condition does not stop you from sensing the voice and the presence of the Lord indeed  puts you in an advantageous position over the negative interference around you. While these two men were working on their fields, one clearly understood his main assignment; he knew what was most important to his life. While offering his expertise in the marketplace, he will not be deceived into thinking that making money or being promoted is all about life.

He understood that his life here on earth carries a more eternal purpose than his temporary location in Babylon. This man walking on his field learned to wait constantly at the doorpost of the Lords speaking over his life and family. Working in our various fields is a noble thing, and heaven desire us to offer our best with the consciousness of been rewarded by the lord at the long run.

 We cannot disengage with life and think the Lord will commend us. Having said this, we need to understand the context to which the Lord will have us engage with the society. Our engagement with the secular world is deliberated and strategic.

In other words, our understanding of kingdom mandate keeps us well positioned in various sphere the Lord will have us represent him. if you are working or doing business in a secular environment, meaning that people you interfacing with a none believers, you must keep in focus the Lords kingdom interest.   your life is the investment of God within that sphere of field. Everything you do or say should be in the consciousness of the harvest of the lord. Remember the issue before us is to been able to sense the coming of the lord at all times, regardless of where we find ourselves,

The devotion of a believer is not limited to a time bracket. a life of continuous interaction and relationship with the Spirit is the hallmark of sound spirituality. As darkness continue to cover the earth of men, we as agents of light must remember that the glory of light is shining in the midst of darkness.

Every time we find ourselves in the field, we must have the posture of a person ready to be ((taken) approved. we never allow the glory of working in the field to make us drunk such that we start acting in a foolish way like Noah did after the flood. The produce of our field must be offered to God and not for our self-indulgence. We need to learn from Noah.

An example in Daniel

 Gods coming is a progressive dealing of the Spirit within the hearts of believers that keeps them sensitive and responsive to the move of God irrespective of their political or socioeconomic stators. Daniel was a statesman in the land of Babylon, yet he clearly understood that his field is a portal to the invitation of the Lord into that sphere of life.

He never considered himself a statesman but a prophet sent to do damage to the foundational structure of the culture of Babylon through his stand for righteous and justice.  Daniel was God’s prophet ever seeking the appearance of the Lord within his mortal flesh in a compromising secular society.

Despite the condition of environment we may find ourselves forced to offer service, the window of our hearts must be perpetually open towards Jerusalem. Jerusalem symbolizes where we draw our prophetic strength, vision and motivation to stand tall amidst the compromising cultural values of Babylon. The signal of our spirituality is either weakens or strengthened by how long we are able to keep the portal of faith alive in a humanistic secular society.

The demand of sensing the coming of the Lord into our lives, put into perspective when studying the life of a man like Daniel; when we find ourselves in a condition where we are call to compromise our spiritual value amidst powerful personalities.  Maintaining your guiding ethics keeps you on the mountaintop to see and share in the glorious conversation of the ascended ones.

Daniel showed us how to keep watch of the coming of the Lord while living in Babylon.  The scripture says he prayed three times a day. To Daniel, prayer is not just dispatching some request for God to answer. Rather, prayer to him is his life source, in the midst of death. His position in prayer puts him ahead of the complex challenges facing his life at the workplace. his ability to interpret the Kings dream put him above his detractors.

Not even the conspiracy of the people or the verdict of the King could stop Daniel’s passion of walking with God in a dry and thirsty land where there is no water. One of the most effective tools the enemy has constantly used to frustrate and deflate the passion of most believers, is the issue of walking or living in a hostile environment to their faith. Until believers know how to appropriate their spiritual dominion wherever they find themselves, am afraid they will not be able to witness the appearance of the Lord within their hearts.

If you as a believer are still been influenced by the dominant cultural baggages of the society, how you can effectively sense the direction of God into those areas your family or community?

The challenge of weak spirituality is dealt with when you are fully aware that God wants to come and live in every dimension of your existence.  Therefore, your field becomes your altar of connecting to the divine council of God. Closing the Gap between the state of your heart and the field of your assignment is highly crucial to sensing the walking of the Lord admits your garden.

If you are one of those believers who think they will be a better Christian if only they can walk in an environment that is less hostile, you need to think again. The lord wants you to change or regulate the climate and atmosphere of your community.

You need to learn to depend on the power of governmental intercession in breaking the stronghold of your workplace or community. Creating an environment that allows God into your Garden is the most important battle you must fight and win in this epic season.

 Stepping into the reality of the day of the Lord

As we step into the full wave of what is known as ‘the day of the Lord, we are demanded to vigorously scan and expose the false religious order, and other dysfunctional dimensions operating as a our default templates. The ability to sense the appearing of the Lord within us should be a joyful experience.

However, it could be a time of great pain and distress if one is not properly ready because it could also destabilize your whole definition of spirituality. if your life’s foundation is not solidly build on a well-balanced and secured revelation of Christ. Meaning that you need to be certain that your perception of the word is balanced and not lopsided.

 As we proceed further, I would like to debunk the theology that limits the coming of the Lord to one singular experience known as the ‘rapture’. The coming of the Lord as been a continual experience from the creation of man in the garden until this present moment. This ‘now’ moment’ in your life is experiencing the coming of the Lord that should be realigning the internal structure and faculties of your spiritual temperament.

The coming of the day of the Lord

The word of the Lord tells us that God usually come down at the ‘cool of the day’ in the garden.  We know that there was an interruption of that glorious experience of the coming of God through the invasion of Sin in the garden.   Even after the fall of man, God still came walking in the garden calling on the man he put in charge.

This is an important aspect we need to know regarding the nature of the Father. He is forever coming, like any responsible leader to see the state of his estate. Today, the garden is not a physical geographical location but the heart of men, and God is still walking amidst that Garden.

Whatever he called us to build must be able to stand in the season of his coming. Adam was nowhere to be found in the day the lord appeared in the midst of his garden. As the lord once again prepares to inspect the garden he places in our charge, I hope we will not be found hiding with fig leaves.

The ‘day of the Lord’ is a sacred issue that cannot be addressed with levity or a frivolous attitude.  Whatever we doing right now should be gravitating us towards the reality of ushering Christ into the areas we are yet to give up.

 The day of the Lord demands, we adjust our priorities, put off the evil idols within and around our lives. Before we see the final appearance of the Lord, his Church and the nations will continue to witness his coming in various forms and seasons that will highlight certain issues he wants us to deal with. As you are reading this parchment, the Lord is coming to specific areas of your life that requires your immediate attention and adjustment.

What the coming entails

You cannot afford to harden your heart or put off the voice of his speaking over the issue.  What is that thing the Lord is demanding from you? Absolute obedience is required when the day comes upon you. When the day of the Lord came upon Noah, he was plunged into decades of building a quality of system that could him and his household in the coming destruction. When that day came upon Abraham he completely abandoned is known as his ‘father’s house’ and journeyed into a strange land without looking back.

 The promised child, he waited for twenty-five years to receive was laid on the altar to be sacrifice at God’s request. What a life. No wonder Abraham was qualified to be the friend of God. The day of the Lord came over Pharaoh and his system of enslavement, the children of Israel who had been in bondage for four hundred and thirty years where released with great compensation.

 The word of the lord says ‘ a day before the lord is like a thousand years and a thousand years is like a day, what a paradox.  In other words, timing and seasons in the Spirit are relative. The dealing and operations of the Spirit of the Lord regarding your life, family or city are only relevant to your level of awareness of Gods prophetic agenda. The demand of the Spirit does not flow with human circumstance or challenges. Rather, they are stirred through active connection to divine injunction. when we study scriptures and we are able to accurately relate to its desire and demand at all point of our transition, we get better prepare for the coming of the Lord.

The end of the day of man

The day of the Lord brings to a perpetual end, weak humanistic tendencies, lock within the operations of human existence. His day brings to an end the dimension of the sixth days within us. six symbolizes the order of man, or what we can also call the operation of the flesh. This is the day of the Spirit. it is the seventh day; in the seventh day the things of the Spirit  cannot be handle or experience from the outer court dimension of our lives.

The seventh day is about life in the Spirit, a life beyond the veil. The seventh day brings to bear the glorious reality of the Father’s kingdom within the life of the Church. in this new day, perfection is not just a requirement, it is the standard template that drives every thought, intent and transaction of our lives. The day of the Lord is about the bringing forth of the new man, it about the releasing of a new order of priesthood who are ready to represent the kingdom of God in every area of human life.

 Closing the distance within us

Regardless of what we have read or know about the coming move of his Spirit, if our heart and thought does not engage with this current emphasis of the Spirit, am afraid, we will not be able to step into the reality of our prophetic inheritance. Preparing for the coming of the day of the Lord seeks to highlight those hypocritical dimensions that have taking the position of the Lord in our lives.

The hypocritical order that says the right things but does entirely something else must be brought to a stop. If we truly desire to grow and mature in the things of the spirit, we must individually examine ourselves and bring to a closure the distance within our hearts. In other words, the divisions hindering us from coming into oneness with our creator and ourselves must end.

In the day of the coming of the Lord, division within our lives must an end! One of the major challenges of division within us is a Pharisee spirit. The Pharisee spirit is set in motion by a hypocritical attitude.  Hypocrisy is a dysfunctionality of character that is usually displayed through a dysfunctional identity, manifested in fear, insecurity, pride and a powerful religious spirit.

 This spirit hinders both the mental and spiritual development of a person or community. When there is an hypocritical dimension within our behavior, it not only hinder us from growing spiritually but also destroy relationships and other built spiritual values.

Dealing with the Pharisee order

One of the prophetic words that have been coming of late is that God is about to show up in his house and the nation as a mighty RIVER. While the river could symbolize times of great bliss and refreshing from the presence of the Lord.  However, the river could also be a symbol of judgment. The flow of a river exposes garbage’s and anything that is not solidly rooted or built. The river of God is coming to purify our soul from all forms of duality.  The consequence of this is, they are going to be an exposure of the false hidden attitudes of our lives. Behaviors that do not march with the order and standard of the spirit will be exposed and judge through the river.

The life of a Pharisee encapsulates a false lifestyle. The hypocritical order that say but does something else must be brutally dealt with.  If we truly desire to grow and mature in the things of the spirit we must individually examine ourselves if the spirit operate in us.

The issue of hypocrisy is one of the most deadly weapons at the disposal of the devil. Why? It masked itself on the guise of spirituality and good works.  It has a form of godliness, it has the ability to display what looks like righteousness while the heart is completely disengaged. Matthew 23

Brethren, our redemption is nearer than when we first believe. We therefore must make sure there are no stuff in our lives that belong to Satan. Jesus said, the prince of this world came but found nothing of himself in me.  What are a standard of life set by the master himself. if we are going to represent Christ in our various sphere of life, we then must make sure there are no goods of the Babylonian buried within our camp.  Joshua 7:21

The demand of his coming

As the Spirit of the Lord sounds a new marching order, everyone within the camp is required to remove the Saul’s garment. You as a Davidic company, desiring to fight in the Lord’s battle must not borrow {carnal) soulish operating system. There has to be an awakening from the deep spiritual slumber plaguing our soul.  It is time to be cloth with the full amour of righteousness so we are not found naked and ashamed in the day of the Lord’s appearance.

 The expression of the kingdom of God, which most Christian desire to see can only take effect when the nature and life of the King is well seated within the operational template of each of us.

it is important we emphasize that the kingdom of God is within us and not some charismatic induce show we often display. if we build our expectation on some religious and psychological managerial performance, we will certainly miss the coming of the Lord within our lives for this  season.

The dawning of this new day demands a different condition of heart. a well refined and circumcise heart is the longing of heaven. David prayed in Psalm 51, create in me a clean heart and renew a right spirit within me… How clean is our heart? What are the qualities and characteristics of a clean heart?  How renewed is our spirit? How united is our thought and desire with that of the Father? How joint are we in the reality of the corporate faith that will bring us into maturity?

 Remember, the move of the Spirit starts with the circumcision of the heart and not the performance of an act. For far too long we as the Church of Christ have majored on the minor while we have minored the major. The scripture time and over again shows us the priority of heaven on earth.

There has never been a move without God first searching for a type of quality of life that he can interface with. We have an example in a man by the name Enosh. Enosh lived couple of years down the fall of the first man in the garden; however, he never allowed the condition and judgment of the fall to dither him from calling upon the name of the Lord.

Learning from Enosh

He pioneered a generation of people who decided to serve the Lord. I strongly believed that it was the life of this man who inspired Noah to separate himself from the perverted humanistic standard ruling his world.   Seth also had a son, and he named him Enosh. At that time people began to call on the name of the Lord. (Genesis 4:26 NIV)

A heart like that of David is necessary if you are going to meet with God in this season of his coming.  The posture and condition of spirituality can no longer be hypocritical, meaning that, we cannot afford to live in a dimension of division. There a various dimensions of divisions in our lives. From the things we say to the condition of our thinking and perception are regulated by a false order of pretends.

 The prejudice and schisms operating in our thinking as the church of the Lord must end.  In this day of the coming of the Lord into his temple, there has to be a total deliverance of our ideologies and psychology.  The cleaning of the temple that will house the presence and glory of God in this new day must be thorough.

 if you are one of those searching and longing with an unsatisfied desire for the full manifestation of your prophetic destiny, you will agree with me that we have not done enough in terms of dealing with the distractions  and false operating system within our behavioral patterns. Our prophetic destiny, meaning that which heaven has predestined for you and me to become before there interruption in the garden has never been so eminent.

 The day of the Lord’s harvest

This is the day of the Lord’s harvest. The Lord is harvesting every inaccurate order operating within our faculty. The duality of character behavior, frustrating the outflow of life of God is coming to an end.  As the work of this ingathering intensifies across churches within the nations the Lord is sending the ministry of his apostle and prophets to  separate the holy from the profane, the sheep from the goats, the  light from the darkness, lies from the truth.

 The appearing of the Lord in his temple is setting a new order of existence within the cultural lifestyle of the people of the way. Can you hear the sound? Can you feel the blowing of the wind of change? are you prepared to change your rigid wineskin so you can partake of the new wine of the Spirit?  the Lord is coming with vengeance in his hand. It is time the heart connects with the Spirit of truth so that the false order can be accurately dealt with.

 Seasons of his coming

Before the final appearance of the Lord, ‘the church of the first born’ has been witnessing a continuous descending of the temple of Lord within the hearts of men.  This coming temple has become the plumb-line  of our spiritual standard. The culture and philosophy of heaven must override everything we represent in our humanity. As the Spirit of the Lord continues to work amongst his people through the imprint of the revelation of his Son. we are seeing the exposure and judgment of every rebellious order.

 The grand appearance of the lord within the recesses of our hearts has never been so eminent. The divisions within our internal structure must be put to an end. The scripture says, a kingdom divided within itself will not stand. To the degree we are internally divided is to the degree we will exhibit strife and division in our relationships and the corporate gathering of the Body of Christ.

It is our chief duty to make sure we shorten the distance and close every hypocritical gap within our lives. we must filter out the ambitious evil imagination-warring within our soul. The Lord wants to seat over each dimension of our mental and spiritual faculty.

The ideology that drives our words and action must be sourced from Christ and him alone. while you are working on your assigned field, remember that the day of the lord will appear. therefore, keep yourself from the idol of materialism. set your heart on the things above and your will not be found nicked in the days of his appearance,