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A Christian refresher

By Isaiah-Phillips Akintola


1 Corinthians 12:11-13

Now these things happened to them as examples and were written down as warnings for us, on whom the fulfillment of the ages has come. So, the one who thinks he is standing firm should be careful not to fall. No temptation has seized you except what is common to man. And God is faithful; He will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear. But when you are tempted, He will also provide an escape, so that you can stand up under it.


Correct [vision] perception, and the proper management, or maintenance of our faith in the Lord does not only build a sound spiritual life, but also accelerate the Lord’s prophetic intension and dealings in an individual, or within the development of a kingdom, corporate community.

In our movement towards the day of [maturity] perfection and manifestation, it is becoming more glaring that maintaining a well-defined, and focused biblical, philosophy of prophetic sight and faith as part of our core spiritual components will greatly enrich and enhance our journey.  I regard these two, vision and faith, in my opinion, as twin value standards, designed by The Lord to work hand in hand in the reformation of our spiritual DNA unto that order of the ascended life in Christ.

Integrating this truth within the ongoing formation of kingdom culture, lays the precise footing, strong enough to build that divine Ark, ordained to transport us to the mountain of the Lord, even through the ongoing flood of destruction sweeping across cities and nations of the earth. Constructing a solid, broad-based spiritual structure with the capacity to house all of the Father’s prophetic intensions and purposes within the spirit-man requires a holistic paradigm of what Kingdom faith means and represent.

 You will agree with me that the moment The Lord summons or enlist an individual in the process of transition and restoration, there is first an aggressive process towards the correction of sight and the operational faith philosophy of such a person.

 The reason for this first position of call is clear in the scripture; the correction, or would I say, the right perception of vision and faith lays the foundation for any form of relationship, interaction, engagement or transaction in spiritual matters.

If this is the case, then it is important we reclaim the true definition of [sight] vision and faith so that we don’t make the mistake of building on the general assumed definition that is prevalent in most Christian community today. Like any other gift or grace (special resource or capacity) given to enhance our kingdom culture, vision and faith are not exempted from perversion and their extreme misappropriation.

 The moment spiritual gifts or values are reduced to the mere gaining of perishable material objects, they become abused and corrupted. I do understand why this is so; blindness to man’s corruption and his complex inner deficiency has been a key player in preventing him from precisely seeing the core objective for spiritual gift. Let him who think he stand take hid least he falls.

This is the time to test the footing and philosophy of our sight and faith again if it still aligns to the very divine will and standard of the father. These words may sound elementary to some of us, but they are the very foundation on which the framework of our spiritual structure is built on.

Celebrating 500 years of Martin Luther’s reformation And the present state of the church, and the way forward

celebrating 500 of reformation








By Isaiah-Phillips Akintola




This message you’re about to read is a generational truth. Meaning, this is not a general conventional message you’ll hear on Sunday. Generational truth can be defined as a truth, message, or revelation that cuts across our various levels of our spiritual orientations, perspectives and understanding.

It seeks to bring insight and wisdom where there’s been confusion with regards to the dealings of the father within certain seasons or epoch. Generation truth cuts across the atmosphere that binds us to a certain frame of spiritual thought, voice, or even dealt with in a particular geographical region or community.

This truth is usually transcendent of our limited revelatory knowledge or even spiritual culture and expectations. Its ultimate purpose is to effectively close an epoch or generation as it ushers in the next phase of the speaking of the Father without leaving any loose ends behind. Generational truth brings clarity as it bridges the division and schism within the body, especially in the area where heaven has begun to announce a new day.


I will start out this article from a backdrop of a similar sort of spiritual environment Martin Luther and the rest of the early church fathers found themselves in regard to the perversion of the word of God, and the entire spiritual culture of the church back in the early century.

By the time Martin Luther, who, himself, was formerly part of the religious, organized system of the Roman catholic church realized the sacrilege the catholic church had committed to the principles and value standard of God’s word and the body of Christ, he could no longer be satisfied, or silent with his religious monk practice, he knew he had to challenge the evil beast of Catholicism, defacing Christ, his kingdom, and the image of his church on earth.

When the Lord finally opened his eyes of spiritual understanding of the powerful principle of the just living by faith and not through what the Pop and the papacy’s tradition teachers, he was indeed ready to have a showdown with the entire Roman catholic church order.

 The courage to speak and challenge the falsehood was summoned through what he had encountered through the written word of God. As we know back then, the Bible was only available to the Pop and very few elites amongst the religious order of the catholic church. Ignorance and spiritual blindness was perpetuated back then by keeping the written word of God away from the general public. All kinds of lies, deceit, falsehood, occultism, and satanic practices had been brought into the Christian faith. In fact, the church had become a den of thieves and armed robbers. The house of God had become a house of idolatry and witchcraft practice.

 As Martin Luther was determined to find a way to break the spell cast upon the people of God and the nations through the cult of the papacy, we also in this sacred day of the Lord must be determined to break the religious, humanist  spell cast upon the present-day church.

There’s no doubt that the Lord Jesus Christ is now releasing the spirit of Cyrus across the globe with the mandate to restore his living temple across the nations, and this is being down through resources and technological capacity like the internet, social media and other strategic means required to fast the movement of the rebuilding of heaven’s initiatives.  This is the third day of the Lord; a day of the third reformation, and we are excited to be alive in this sacred season of the Spirit.

Those called, graced and processed for this present third day reformation must arise with faith, courage, wisdom, holy zeal challenge demonic powers, position to resist the advancement of the kingdom of God across the churches and cities.


Today, there are powerful, seductive humanist western [cultures] philosophies that has been methodically mixed with today’s Christianity, just has we have African animalist beliefs and traditions, imported and mixed with biblical, spiritual philosophy, such that most of the understanding and knowledge that drives what is today defined or celebrated as Christianity across our cities, are powerful demonic, foreign values, sourced from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, the spirit of the strange woman who has captured the souls of men; and of cause, the kings of the earth who have also decided to lay in bed with this woman.

These are the nature of the entities and personalities we have allowed to freely coexist with us in the guise of trying to fill the house of God with souls. Instead of the church capturing and influencing these nations with the eternal truth and culture of heaven, we’ve been rather capture and assimilated into their own Babylonian ways of thinking.


Personally, one of my prophetic assignment as a gatekeeper, is not to merely guard the walls and gates of the ecclesia from the spirits of these foreign invaders, but to also make sure there’s preservation of the sacred order of our kingdom apostolic faith-life, and our citizenship identity as we continually engage with society in the advancement of our movement in the earth.

The idea of a sound, apostolic spiritual tradition has almost been eroded from today’s church. Apostolic faith tradition is that spiritual culture and identity the church of Christ was established on at its very inception, and yet, it is the list known and practiced in the body of Christ today. Without understanding the very culture and philosophy that drives the spirituality of the church, it becomes very easy to accept any form of spirituality as long as they sound good and feels good.

This explains why many church leaders today are subtly embracing the demonic New Age/ ancient Greek mythology philosophy.  The culture of the Christian faith is one of the most powerful virtues we have that clearly separates Christianity from other religions, especially the eastern religion that practice false piety, self-discovery, and a soulish philosophy of love.


 As the church continues to get bombarded by a foreign, humanist concept of freedom, liberty, and love in the name of democracy and the New Age ideology, we need to recapture our biblical definition and values system of Christ centered love in the context of what redemptive freedom is, and means to the overall development of our apostolic faith.

As we are expected to grow in all things into the full status of Christ as his body in this season, so we have to guide our understanding of precise kingdom community life and its interaction, so we are not misled by a strong spirit of the anti-Christ and delusion in the name of exercising spiritual liberty and democratic right.

The deception and seduction of freedom and self-actualization philosophy are some of the most powerful weapons the enemy is using today to lure many away from the pathway of sound apostolic community and their heritage in Christ. A precise, biblical concept of spiritual freedom is constrained and guided under the strong, governmental leadership of the Holy Spirit and his vetted apostolic elders at the gates.

Our liberty cannot be known or expressed outside the values and laws of the Spirit which are manifested through the nature character of the fruit of the redeemed spirit.   As long as we cannot adequately define to our people what sound apostolic community is and mains before the father and our gathering, we will remain potentially deceived by the ministry of the angel of light who is Lucifer himself. For as long as we cannot differentiate the false light from the true light we cannot fully appreciate the glory of God even when we are attracted by the father’s presence.

  The new age philosophy and interpretation of globalization is currently contending with the spiritual definition and meaning of a true, kingdom global order of Christianity. It’s important we separate these two in clear definition and values standard.


While we may both be expressing the same language of globalization, we, however don’t mean the same thing in values and objective, and I strongly believe we need to identify the difference. There’s no doubt about the current global church movement the Father is building today as we continue to witness the collapse of the prison walls religious bondage, manipulation, and authoritarianism in the church.

In the past ten years or so, we have seen what many leaders refers to as rebellion in the church in that many of their flocks now have access to express their own experience of faith and encounter with their heavenly father without necessarily standing behind a pulpit in their various church gatherings.

And the fact is, most of these folks might never have had the opportunity to be given the mic to share their experience and testimony of their spiritual dealings and walk with Christ because they are seen as unworthy enough to come share the front role stage of the church with some of the ‘most spiritual’, and highly influential rich folks.

The world of internet and social media like your WhatsApp, Facebook, and YouTube has not only given the opportunity for everyone to express themselves, and learn something new, but has also given everyone the platform to become a voice, and of cause, hear the voice of everyone, regardless of their spiritual background and orientation.


to be continued…




by isaiah-Phillips Akintola

While it is true that we are in the days of apostolic reformation. It is equally true and important that we must understand that the current, underpinning, value principle of the life of this present reformation is restorative in all definition and spheres.

The point of the accuracy of this restoration culture is a strong apostolic prophetic spirit and mentality, which, of course, connects all the various stages and components required for a sound, holistic, emergence of a powerful kingdom community.

The new normal of the present prophetic emphasis is the expression of a well-informed, restored and matured spiritman, with eyes to discern and measure all the various angles and dimensions of kingdom activity across the earth without prejudice or misjudgment.

It must not be seen that our apostolic or prophetic stream and its lingual (cultural) identity is a clone expression of a particular, narrow interest or emphasis, regardless of how large, influential or enriched such community may look.

The authenticity of our unique spiritual identity within the overall corporate restored community is crucially significant.

  One of the primary reasons we see and hear so much of what may be termed today as kingdom initiatives, with little or no transforming, enforcing divine authority, is simply due to building out of context and a deep reflection of a copied or cloned ministry.

When our understanding of the present apostolic emphasis is not adequate in total sync with the father for the season, we move out of order, and create greater disconnect within the body generally.

For instance, the fact that almost every pastor today has suddenly become an apostle, and their wives promoted to the position of a prophet or prophetess, certainly indicates something is critically wrong with our measuring value system and perceptional function of these ascended governmental ministry gifts and office.

In other words, we’ve got to be hundred percent certain that what we currently have in our equipping apostolic building tool box, are all restored, upgraded version of the kingdom, ascended progressive truth.

We cannot afford to be carried away through the eagerness and excitement of a move, without clearly defining the heart and mind of the father within the context of his move both locally and globally.

The huge amount of the present emphasis and activity of the Spirit of the Lord in this season, is seeking to restore back lost ancient truth, lost image and identity, lost position and value system, integrity, faithfulness, righteousness, lost principle and lost ethical value standard of the kingdom and so on.

Our understanding of the present location of the Lord within his church defines and contextualize what needs to be changed, updated, or even completely deemed as obsolete as we forcefully press towards to that advanced, ascended positional reality in Christ.

We have to engage the prophetic and apostolic office out of its seemingly infant position, especially in this part of the world.

Our prophetic sight must shift from the mere attitude of giving and receiving of prophecies and blessing, to its ascending restorative, reforming and transforming constructive capacity.

 If your knowledge of the prophetic has not been weaned from the basic, elementary position of blessing and motivating people which is in fact needed, you are therefore, hindering the larger portion of the body from developing and maturing into the full stature of Christ.

The intent of apostolic faith



 the intent of apostolic faith

                                     The intent of apostolic faith

                                           Isaiah-Phillips Akintola

Some few months back, the lord granted me the pleasure of  accessing certain truths regarding what is defined in the word of God as corporate faith; and I think some of the values shared in those words are truly enlightened principles that can accelerate the life’s journey of anyone traveling on the road to Zion in this new day. I certainly do recommend that you take the time out to read them on my blogpost.

Lately, the lord has been pulling my attention again to reexamine another frequency of his truth in the scriptures that expatiate on the character nature of faith. I would assume the Father is impressing this truth to me in particular due to the nature of the days we find ourselves and the kind of posture of heart require if we must advance to the next mountain of his pleasure.

We have entered an era where two opposite and opposing principles are living side by side, and we are required to precisely and effectively define and understand the principle and value model we have subconsciously subscribe to in other to accurately determine the source of our heart purpose and intent.

This deliberate spiritual scrutiny is highly crucial in particular for those who intend to successfully transit in what is today known as the third day ministry lifestyle. Intention, purpose and objective can be subtly corrupt if the source that feed our spirit or soul start reflecting an iota of an ambitious undertone. I cannot overemphasize this. In my almost three decades of ministry, I have discovered that it is so easy to slip from the center-point of divine intent, and this is because of one single deadly poison known as insecurity. One of the greatest qualities of a true follower of the lamb is to be totally secure in him. Insecurity is the breeding ground for all forms of fear and self-centered ambitions.

You will notice in genesis that the lord had already finished his work before he created Adam to dress it. The word dress means to maintain. Maintenance suggest that something is already in existence that only needs to be kept in a particular state or condition.  There are substance both in the spiritual and natural sphere the lord has designed man to maintain. This idea mean to give it life and direction through our presence and visibility.  The first man, Adam shifted from the center point, and therefore failed from his core Assignment which was to maintain the garden. The garden was his wife and every other thing that secure her purpose and assignment in God.

While he had the power and authority to name and nature creatures, he however failed to stop the enemy from having a deadly conversation with his (assignment) wife. Therefore, if we understand that our assignment is more of a spiritual stand in establishing that which the Lord has already brought forth, it eradicate the burden of trying to do something for God.

 Our position is not to try to do ‘things’ but to become what we have been originally designed and ordained to reflect through the image and likeness of the Father reflecting in our lifestyle conduct. Those who go around in trying to create (ministry) thing for themselves because they have become so insecure, then it only proves that something has to be urgently fixed within the dysfunctional reality of their soul.

 While our perceived assignment may reflect a lot of good creative intentions to the natural sight, when they are however scrutinized under a strong prophetic office, we see the shadow of fear, insecurity and illegitimate leadership manipulation as the driver of what we claim to be given by the Lord.

One can have a good intention with a subliminal corrupt agenda. This directly answers the question why very good people in the house of God ends up been corrupt. Corruption of life and ministry is a direct reflection of a slit shift of the heart from the center point. The centerpint of any person or assignment is remaining in the knowledge of becoming like Christ in his true essence, and not necessarily what you have built or achieve in his name. Kingdom centered intent are byproduct of a life that has totally embrace not just the pathway of the cross, but the very essence of the ascended lifestyle.

 If that which is pursuit in the name of God or ministry has not first become a sacrificial burnt offering, the ‘things’ we define to be ministry or great achievements in life will become the very instrument that corrupts the heart.  The definition of idolatry today is not farfetched from the very things we spiritually pursue even in our prayers before God. if the heart is merely seeking to serve Intent without us first capturing the ideology that we are the first and the only work he desire to perfect in the earth, we risk losing the heartbeat of the Fathers prophetic intent, which is a life that has (ascended) risen to him as a living smoke from the burnt offering of the altar of our lives. This is the work of the third day ministry. 

 There is a deception or should I say, a delusion that assumes that the Father is only pleased with what we have achieved or build in his name for the world to behold, most especially when they look grand and lofty. While we most seek to pursuit the pleasure of the father through the expression of what we have been given the grace to construct as portals of his divine expression in the earth, we should never forget that what the Lord is truly searching for is a soul that has willingly offer itself to be beheaded on the altar of the Father’s pleasure.

 These kinds of men are women are the ones Christ can truly and confidently place his life headship upon. The knowledge of what the father seeks for amidst the present darkness will continue to define and separate the two characters of lives found today within the body. As the Spirit of the lord continues to impress these demands on us, we all have the duty to be determined in offering him the pleasure of trust, obedience and sacrifice daily.

 As we see the increase of the activity of darkness manifest in various forms and shape across the globe, we should not be alarm of their threats because there is right now a fresh release of the spirit of supplication and intercession to seek the Lord more than ever before.

 The famine of truth and lack of the presence of the Lord the church had faced in the past decade is coming to a closure, and we are been given the opportunity again to partake of the season of refreshing coming from the presence of the Father.  This release of the grace to pray and seek the face of the Lord will allow the heart to be thoroughly threshed in readiness of to receive an update revelational understanding of the spirit of an overcomer admits the present darkness.

The demand to update and upgrade the quality of our faith to the standard that will make for our advancement is a major highlight in the mind of the Lord.  As a sojourner, seeking passage through time into the eternal realm, we need not only to be reminded frequently of the process and value standard required of us in our mission on earth, but to also learn to keep our eyes on the end of our journey so that we are able to persevere in times of tribulations and adversities. At each season of our migration into that ascended preferred life in Christ, we are introduced to different realities of faith.

Since faith is the core substance that allows us to please God, it becomes highly important for us to understand what pleases him at each injunction of our faith. What pleased him yesterday may be his displeasure today. Journeying into the things of the spirit is an unending reality that requires a childlike attitude daily from us in approaching the spiritual things.

 Therefore, recently again, the good lord caused me to peach my tent by Hebrews chapter 11:27, and as a sat, in search of the revelation and mysteries lucked within the scripture, I suddenly became aware of certain keys laying around for anyone who has responded to the summoning of the Spirit of the Father.

It seem the more we try to read and understand the scripture through the template of what men today tag as the kingdom truth, the more frustrated we have become for the reason that our thought pattern and its process of comprehension is still highly influenced by the knowledge of the three of good and evil.  Many among highly notable preachers and teachers of the word of God today have decided to settle for what I’ll like to refer to as an echo of other preacher word to survive and sustain their ministry.

There is absolutely nothing wrong in listening or even borrowing others concept of knowledge of the word as long as we recognize and acknowledge where they came from. My point is, those who have become lazy and too busy to labor in the place of sacrificing their time and space to pray and meditate on the values of seeking the kingdom first, and above all else should not think the lord will cheaply give them access into the kingdom keys of the third day portal.

Both the cultural environment and operational standard of the third day’s ministry is totally different from how we have viewed, received and function in our earlier ministry camps. While it’s easy to learn and speak the language of the third day ministry, you will however not be able to produce its fruit.

The process it takes to search, seek and discover the knowledge key to access the current mind of the Lord is found in the place of complete blindness to your former operational perception, and the readiness to shut down for a season until your sight is restored through the ministry of another ordained to lead you into the new day.

The template of how you think and see the word of God in regards to its interpretation and benefit has to shift from self-enrichment to Christ been magnified and glorified in your life first, and then through your life to the rest of the world. There are those who have been sent ahead of you to lead and guide you into what you are yet to see. Wearing the cloak of humility is a powerful transitional attitude character that will accelerate you into the next realm of heaven’s designed plan for your life.

The lord is reinventing the framework of our ideology and theology in other for his restored truth to perfectly seat without our soul fighting for space. What the Lord is saying and birthing in this new era demand a complete reorientation of how we see and understand the word who is the personification of Christ. Whatever you think you have attained or achieve for God should be laid as a burnt offering altar for the sacrifice of a new day that will be emerging from the smoke of the pleasure offering of your life raising to the throne the Father.

 The Lord will not cheaply offer you access into what someone else has defined to you as Gods thing. You need to come up higher into the place of sight and understanding to comprehend the new spiritual path created for those who are dead to their own glory.

The mind of the Father is wider and bigger than the entire universe put together a million times. Yet, it could be the closest experience we could ever have we there is a cultivation of the right attitude to listen and discern the lord’s voice.

The word of God is only living and alive only to those who have become completely blind and totally dead to the ways and pattern of this world. Within this pages of the word are journeys you must embark if you desire to see things that are made for your reformation and transformation.

I discovered that the scripture itself is only a portal that introduces us THE ONE CALL THE LIVING WORD. Until a man comes to the end of himself he cannot be introduced to his designed destiny deep within the heart of the father.  Therefore, the unlocking of certain spiritual doors as you open the pages of the word of God is highly crucial to the feeding of your Spiritman, and the deliverance of your soul from the image and culture of Sin. Back to Moses.

The rediscovery of faith part one


By Isaiah-Phillips Akintola

Prophetic perspective into the

Spirit and life of apostolic faith


This article is a sequence to a write-up made earlier this year on managing your faith in a season of transition. To fully grasp both the focus and direction of this writing, I will urge you to peruse through the previous articles on managing your faith in season of transition and development.

Life, as describe and prescribed by the glorious revelation of our Lord Jesus Christ is becoming more real as the only structure required for the ecclesia in moving towards the glorious manifestation of the kingdom age. As the humanistic definition of life and its existence continues to cascade into fear, doubt and uncertain, life will become even more unbearable and frustrating to millions who will be desperate for any form of answer.

The general deterioration of leadership, integrity, and the collapse of socioeconomic security across the regions of the world has continued to shape how society, including some part the Christian community sees the future.

The advent of Ukraine’s civil war, the full bloom of anti-God, humanist policy in the American government; the rise of the ISIS Islamic extremist group, BOKO HARAM, EBOLA in West Africa, extreme climate change, and the most recent collapse of the economy of both China and Germany, which are generally assumed to be two of the most stable and strong economies globally are all pointers to what the world should be expecting in the days ahead.

The two streams of global events

It is important we highlight again, these two streams of events taking place concurrently globally. Without putting things in their right perspective, we may be seduced and dragged away by what may seem to be the obvious from the natural human perspective, while we are completely shot away from divine factors, shaping, and determining the direction of things towards the ultimate end.

One of the limitations of the falling unregenerated man is the fact that with all the scientific knowledge and technological advance at his disposal, he still cannot truly make sense of things beyond his sensory faculty. What a shame to find yourself limited to only things your sense can only comprehend. Life is certainly beyond the act of breathing in and out.

If you are still struggling to come to terms with the fact that you are a spiritual being designed to function in a completely spiritual state not bound to time, space or circumstance, even then I am afraid to inform you that you are already a victim of all that is happening or will be taking place in the near future.

And if you have come to a certain awareness of a spiritual state that is not accurately aligned to the prescribed moral, spiritual value standard, am afraid to inform you that you’ve also been lied to, and the enemy will continue to deceive and manipulate you until you make up your mind to reconnect yourself back to Christ Jesus your only hope and redeemer.

My focus in this article is not really to dwell around what is happening from the carnal human viewpoint, while this is highly important and necessary, and should be given the right space it deserves. However, my mission through this article is to try to prophetically convey the mind of the Lord in terms of his present apostolic reformation initiatives across the globe.

The Lord will have us accurately understand the new path-growth requirements for the perfecting of his ecclesia in the 21st century in order to fully function in the spirit of perfected faith. Righteousness, peace, and justice, clothe in the garment of the full revelation of Christ light must lead this new order of priesthood until the very foe of his Church becomes vanquished in the authority of the sword of his mouth.

The further we ascend into the reality of his appearance within us and around us, the more we need to evaluate and thoroughly reexamine not just ourselves, but how we have managed and Steward the [spiritual] things given to us for the readiness and the perfecting of the Saints and the nations in general.

The dawn of this season of the end is ushering into our lives a profounder and richer revelation of Christ life within each of our vessels, such that the footing and the current framework of this kingdom activity is in no doubt bringing the Church and creation closer into harmony with his creator.

As heaven continues to open the doorways, pathways, and highways within our spirit to the new impression and expression of the Lord, you and I now have a lifetime opportunity to totally unclothe our minds from old rigid, humanistic and religious pattern of thinking and behavior. The religious strongholds that have for a long time defined the state and condition of the Church of the Lord must now give way to the current prophetic declaration and proclamation of this new company of people carrying the very DNA of the Spirit of the Lamb.

 The birth of the apostolic reformation move in the late 80s has now reached a new zenith in the Spirit of transformation, which now requires a different template of faith it its prophetic operation and expression.

As Moses, who through his apostolic mandate brought Pharaoh and the entire house of Egypt to a new height of judgment which finally compelled Pharaoh to let God’s people go. The Lord is now bringing the prophetic activity of his ecclesia within the nations to a new dimension of prophetic warfare that requires a renewed sense of governmental authority and power, established in a well-footed postured of the Spirit of a sent one.

 There’s been a solid establishment of an insightful truth within the body of Christ for the past twenty years or more, which says new wine, can only be poured into new wineskin. This truth cannot be more resonant in this hour of redefinition of faith and its required components of its operation.

The lord is certainly pouring new and strange things within the spirit of his apprehended one’s. However, these outpourings can only be understood and applied through a renewed and a well-developed complex human behavioral pattern of lifestyle, established on the firm-footing of a sound biblical concept of faith. This is the day of the new things of the Spirit and a new wineskin {spiritual mentality} is required for you reading or listening to this message.


Building the new on old foundation


The redefinition of faith to heaven’s divine purpose and perspective is highly crucial to the execution of things of the Lord in this epic season. One of the main reasons why it seems a lot of the initiative and deceleration of the current prophetic apostolic ministry are being refused or rejected, is due to the fact that the spiritual template or the foundation of the people receiving this divine initiative is still defined in the former concept of faith introduced from the past Pentecostalism paradigm.

It is a shame and disheartening to see many who were in the Frontline ministry of the apostolic reformation move back then, now back into the old ritualistic charismatic self-motivated stream.

My heart is sour and truly distress when I see or read what some of these people now promote as the kingdom apostolic message. In the early days of the apostolic reformation move in Nigeria, I saw this issue becoming a major challenge and I tried to rectify it by speaking to some of the Frontline leaders about it, but they refused to listen to the point I was basically sidelined. Today, we are seating with this issue of even some completely in a backsliding state.

Trying to rush into building on a foundation or footing that is not solidified is creating a potential for a major disaster. Building an initiative designed on prophetic lifestyle takes both time and patience to prove that the foundation is ready to carry the weight of whatever is going to be built on it.  The Pentecostal paradigm of faith cannot carry or understand what the Lord is requiring from you and me in this new day.

Pastors and Church leaders are afraid to lose resources and Church members; therefore, they will rather tone down the demands and requirement of the message to keep favor and money flowing in from their (church members) fans. This is one of the primary reasons why people are feeble when it comes to going into the next reality of heavens demand for their generation.

What is Lord is saying for this new season will require you and your entire church team or members to die to what use to work in order to step into the new normal of the Spirit. Faith, as the access key into divine things, is currently being redefined and evaluated across the body of Christ for the work of kingdom harvest to be effective and productive in the 21st century.

This is one of the reasons I strongly believe the Lord will have me write on this issue, at least for the edification and perfection of those who will be accepting the call to follow Christ pathway in this end of time.

As believers who have been on the journey for a while needs to accept the idea of getting accustomed to the continual visitation of foundational truths, especially in areas we might have assumed we are already established, in terms of the life and ministry of Jesus Christ, the purpose of his Church, and the requirement of kingdom service.

The footing or idea on which we have established divine things are being revisited and shaken to their very foundation by the releasing of the ministry of the sons of God.  Nothing of the wisdom of man, mingled with divine things will be allowed into this next reality of kingdom life.

Certainly, our ignorance or carnal agendas for the things of the Spirit, regardless of how innocent they may look or sound will not be allowed into this next epic season of warfare and kingdom activity.  The purity of heart, motives, and desire in handling the things of the Lord is a high watermark in the spirit of the new day.

 This is the reason the Lord is seriously addressing the whole issue of misrepresentation even among them who see themselves as apostolic reformation preachers.  If there’s one single area where the enemy seems to have continued to take advantage of the ignorance of the people of God, is in the realm of comprehending the true meaning and operation of balanced prescribed biblical faith.

Faith, like many other spiritual tools assigned for personal and corporate church perfection has been mishandled, misinterpreted, therefore, misrepresented on a very large scale most especially in the West, and currently in the continent of Africa where materialistic paradigm has reached a new height.

Apostle Paul strongly warned the Corinthian believers against allowing their faith to stand on the wisdom of men. If you ask me, I believe these same warning needs to be passionately reechoed within the minds of this present generation of believers.

Today, many, even amongst so called word-based faith ministry cannot accurately differentiate between a Christ-centered, Faith and a New Age religious model of faith.  The self-centered message built around faith today is worrisome when you consider the number of people whose faith now depend on a ‘so called gifted man of God’ rather than the God of the man.

 I had the opportunity recently to watch a video of a particular ministry here in South Africa, where the pastor of this denomination told a large number of his congregation to eat grass. This same man was shown recently on one of the prominent local TV stations asking his congregation to drink petroleum he claimed has been miraculously turned into juice.

Now, we may agree that this incident is merely an exception; but the truth is, the whole concept of falsehood and deception is growing very fast in the body of Christ to the point that even those who once knew the truth are forced to join these charlatans.

 My point is, we can no longer ignore this mass misrepresentation of the sacred things of the Lord. As custodians of the message of righteousness and human redemption, we need to sound the alarm, warning every believer to watch out for this deceptive message of misrepresenting the way of the Lord.

Christians across the world must stop depending on these false prophets who claimed to be serving God. The only time in the scripture we see a human being led to feed on grass was a clear reflection of God’s judgment on the King of Babylon which was due to the pride of his heart.

Please note I am not suggesting you stop listening or following the divine instruction given to by your set-man or pastor, like many will prefer to be called.  You as a believer, redeemed by the blood of the Lamb, owes yourself and your Heavenly Father the duty and responsibility to read, study and continually meditate on the living word of God in such a way that your spirit is always on alert against whatever that is not in consistency with balanced biblical truth.

 It’s time to sit down, learn and allow the Holy Spirit in you to guide and direct you step into the solid knowledge and revelation of Christ. If you are a true passionate seeker of the way of the Lord, you will be divinely guided to where you will be fed properly and taught the true way of the Spirit based on the current speaking’s of the Lord.

Faith in God and his purposes is crucial to your development and perfection; you cannot afford not to know what the Lord is saying or doing about that which will eventually determine your life, family, and future destination.

The discipline to become a student of the word of God in this new day is highly important for escaping seduction and the deception of religion. The entire letter of Apostle Peter deals with this issue of understanding the principle, power, and life of Christ centered faith. The spirit and doctrine of faith, centered on the revelation of Christ needs to be taught and established within the template of our understanding as we further press into the confluence of a new spiritual plain.

Reading the Epistles again in light of the current emphasis of the Spirit, in my opinion will not only refresh our mind, but further enhance our comprehension of what the Lord is about to do in our time. This is the hour we need to incline our spiritual ears to listen to what the Lord is saying.

The Lord will continue to shed light on this area, and we need to truly open to this faith awakening so we don’t become a casualty of the current speaking and manifestation of the Spirit. It’s should interest you to know that the season of the outpouring of God Spirit is both a type of bliss and great judgment.

To assume that the release of the Spirit only brings blessing and favor, is to be misled. That’s the reason the Lord, in his mercy is sending the prophets and watchman to warn, prepare and train his people before the outbreak of his Spirit in a greater measure.

When the Lord begins to deal with you, especially in the area of your faith commitment, that should not be a time of rebellion or resentment; rather, you should allow his light to penetrate the deep recess of your heart and change to the required wineskin of the Spirit. So, what is this concept of faith we need to rediscover? Let’s journey into some spiritual perception and definition here:

Defining the generic term call faith

Titus 4:1

To Titus, mine own son after the common faith: Grace, mercy, and peace, from God the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ our Savior.

The word common does not suggest this faith is cheap or common as one will define the word. This word suggests to us its universality and accessibility by all members of the body of Christ. In other words, one of the duties of the ascended ministry gifts is to Crete divine platforms in the culture of kingdom lifestyle where everyone in the church understands their place, identity, and a measure of faith such that there can a proper flow the Spirit of grace and learning without friction. This is basically like what you see in a family, everyone born into a family carries his or her own unique identity, but all share the same surname.

The common faith is that spiritual seed we all carry and share together that enables us to trust, share, defend and interconnect our lives for the fulfillment of heaven’s purpose.  This faith, like Paul suggested here is solidly built on the foundation for a relationship and divine activity.

Paul was able to leave Titus in Crete because of this KOINOS (share of all) faith. When we are yet to build this type of faith in our so-called kingdom community, we still, do not have a proper footing of a lasting service.

When we talk about faith we are not limiting its reference to the ability to release one’s personal {believe system} grace to receive a gift or blessing from the Lord, No.

We are referring to that complex generic term which defines the common identity, culture or even the ideology that both defines and describe our awareness of the things of God, and the operational template of our knowledgeability of the Father and depth of the revelation of Christ the Son; to the extent that this inner awareness and understanding, shapes and impacts to a great deal how you and me relate not just to this things of the Spirit, but also the protocol or ethics code which defines the shared life of the community of Gods people.

When studying the word, I am sure you must have come across various use and application of the term faith. This is because the word faith, as I have previously referred to applies to various spiritual meanings and emphasis.

One needs to first understand the context to which faith is in use for one to precisely grasp or define its meaning and purpose. That is the reason the general theme for faith in the book of Hebrews is absolutely different to the theme of faith in the writings of Apostle Peter, James, Titus or even Jude for that matter.

They all have some unique and common truth and principle to share regarding the mystery of faith, but only in the mystery of the ascended revelation of Christ fullness do we begin to appreciate the life, authority, and the operation of the ascended faith.  Learning and having the various parts of sound balanced biblical faith is one of the noblest things you can do as a believer because it shows the degree of your spiritual awareness of kingdom lifestyle.

 In my opinion, it will be a disservice to merely limit the teaching or revelation of faith to what we have had or learned in our early days of charismatic Pentecostal knowledge and experience.

Faith is an ongoing spiritual journey that those not only bring us into a fresh rediscovery of the divine things, but also carries the divine capacity to lead us further into the next reality of the Father’s demand both on a personal or corporate level.


The way of Disciple ll

The way of a disciple part II

by Isaiah-Phillips Akintola

Matt 28:19-20

9 Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, 20 and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.” NIV

In my first article posted on my face book timeline ( titled ‘the  way of a disciple’,  I tried to paint a well graphic picture of what might have sound like an extreme concept of discipleship training.

 One thing I will like to bring to focus before we step further into this article is that Christ himself is the one that disciple his followers through the various ministry organs he left with his Church. The component of individual discipleship journey is structure within the frame of vision or assignment giving to its core leadership.

While there are fundamentals we all must have and share as followers of the lamb. However, each of us must precisely discern the unique templates and pathways, designed to bring those we care called to disciple into the reality of development and maturity in Christ. The process of pruning the flesh is a difficult undertaking if you have not seen the importance of surrendering your soul on the altar of sacrifice. Following The Lord is the most beautiful experience any believer will ever have, yet it remains the most challenging call of our spiritual journey.

The scripture said concerning our Lord Jesus Christ that he had to learn obedience through the things he suffered. Meaning, suffering becomes of one of the key components of accelerating the purposes of God in his life in other to bring him to the finish.  I hope has you read through this introductive  article you will sincerely open your heart to the Lord and allow him to culture and reeducate you.

Examine yourself

It is becoming more important as followers of the lamb to constantly revue the fundamentals of our faith and hope in Christ. It is safe, especially in this day of the new age Christianity. A Christianity without the cross to keep us focused and balanced in our doctrinal standard, will not only seduce out of our relationship with Christ but will also shipwreck of our faith. To precisely maintain a high-level prophetic perspective on the reality and advancement of the kingdom within us we need to reconsider the subject of discipleship, lest we find ourselves to have drifted from the ancient path.

In days where churches and its leadership are constantly offering their followers a Christianity without a personal cross, we need to raise the bar of our movement by keeping the (burden) weight of the cross firm on our shoulders so as to maintain the outflow of the spirit of joy amidst the present sorrow eclipsing the nations. Our prophetic perspective only gets calibrated when we constantly revisit those memorial pillars erected on our spiritual journey.

2 Cor 13:5 Examine yourselves to see whether you are in the faith; test yourselves. Do you not realize that Christ Jesus is in you-unless, of course, you fail the test? NIV

I guess in coming days or weeks as the lord will permits we shall be looking into the core fundamentals of our faith and hope in Christ, we shall once again consider the definitions and values of the Church. The culture of heaven emerging within us and how we are expected to interface with Babylon so we don’t get misdirected by compromise. It is crucial we properly consider the purpose and objectives of the existence as members of Christ Body as we thrive toward the finish.

The subject of fulfillment of the great commission is being highlighted in the Spirit. The prophetic purpose of Gods seed and the field must be accurately defined if we are truly going to see the glorious emergence of God kingdom across the nation. a sense of purpose and kingdom objective must dawn on you and me.

Matt 16:24-26

24 Then Jesus said to his disciples, “If anyone would come after me, he must deny himself and take up his cross and follow me. 25 For whoever wants to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for me will find it. NIV

A variation of faith

There is no doubt that the activity of Gods prophetic move in this season is accelerating with great power. However, there is a variation of this understanding from nation to nation and city to city. while the Spirit of the Lord is blasting a wakeup call across the atmospheric dimensions of human society, the unfortunate truth is that many cities, families, churches and individuals are not only fast asleep to this movement, but are yet to form the basic spiritual template that enrolls them into Gods boot-camp.

Discipleship is boot camp. More than ever before, there an urgency to call believers both old and young back to base. The lord wants to recalibrate our understanding regarding the discipline of discipleship. The quality of Christianity we are practicing and producing as regents of Christ is definitely not making the required impact in the society due to the misunderstanding of the whole concept of apostolic discipling. It is no secret that today’s Christianity is become a trendy terms. People of various beliefs and ideology find are it more comfortable to go to Church on Sunday and still maintain their ungodly character.

There was a time in history where you dear not openly declare allegiance to Christ or be found amongst his follower lest you pay the ultimate price. Those who dear to openly proclaim their union with our Lord Jesus Christ where brutally murdered openly. Well, the reverse is the case in our time.

Are we saying the time of persecution of the church is past? Is the enemy no longer interested in keeping people away from Christ? Alternatively, are we faced with another kind of satanic strategy to weaken and water down the gospel? Right before our very eyes, we are watching how the enemy is taking advantage of the mass media to blur the gospel. Church leaders with mega structures are daily being seduced and deceived into thinking that they do not need to preach Christ and the cross.

The cross, the power of the gospel

It is highly important to state that the message of Christ and his Cross-is the anchor of all other principles and values of the Christian faith. To shun the cross is to shame Christ. A life without the cross is as good as dead. The cross is the place of divine regulation and advancement of your spirituality. The standard and quality of our Christianity is measured at the foot of the cross. In addition, everyone you met today either are a member of a church or affiliated to some Christian organization.

When you ask believers about the foundation of their faith in Christ, you will be surprise of the type of flimsy and shallow answer they are unashamed to give. I feel so a shame of what we have reduced Christianity to, how many people you personally know that are making mockery of the church just because we have refused to be a disciple of who we claim to be following. Majority in the society see most Christians and its leadership as bunch of hypocrites. You may think am being critical. Well you are right. My duty is to constantly blast the prophetic trumpet, warning everyone to adhere to this call. If someone does not get a wakeup call and start heading towards to the foot of the cross where they can be accurately disciple, am afraid things are really going to become disastrous for the body of Christ but for the world in general. This is the day of apostolic discipleship!

History bears witness of the fact that the Church, in each season of their journey clearly understood their enemy and its strategies of operation, thus, they were able to build an impregnable spiritual mentality through the platform of apostolic discipleship. The 21st century church seems not to be aware that she is in the middle of a highly powered strategic battle; battles that can only be fought and wan through the revelational experience of Christ- our wisdom.

The power of the early church

The early church was able to resist the enemy not by share-will power, or some new age information, cover on the guise of ‘ rediscovering your inner power’. They overcame the forces of darkness through a balance and defined doctrinal kingdom authority.

Their love, faith and hope in the authority they have received through impartation in the school of Christ made the difference. In them, is a type of a creative spiritual (organs) structure capable to withstand the gates of hell while they are busy discipling (building) the nations? The testimony of this present day Saints seem far from the creed of Past generation of believers. We have managed to build mega structures across the nations without the capacity to disciple the nation. The reason for this is due to the almost none-existing doctrinal base teaching.

The unfortunate truth is most of what we have built in the name of church are just too weak in dealing with the issues of human and socioeconomic regeneration. These weak church assemblies are no better than professional counseling centers. Centers designed to help people manage their emotional needs, pride, fears, insecurity and rebellion.

We cannot build a strong discipleship base community when spiritual leaders are afraid to confront the arsenals of darkness within the minds of their congregation. no human soul can resist the power of sound biblical discipleship.

As long as messages that flare people’s emotions are encourages false traditional beliefs are accepted, it will remain difficult to completely demolish the ruling principalities over communities. The approve pattern of building a fortress church that advances the kingdom of God admits the systemic darkness of our time is by revisiting the concept of apostolic discipleship.

Jesus is the way, the truth and the life of everything you as a member of his church stands for and should represent. This pattern has not change and will never change till the Lords return. The place of disciple is a call to the carry your cross and follows him daily. Sound biblical discipleship teaches us how to live as humans with divine nature. Irrespective of your gender, age or nationality, the platform of discipleship in the church becomes our educational center, a place we issues of our identity and insecurity are completely vanquished. High-powered disciple doctrine deals with the issues of character development and formation of kingdom values within man.

For a while, the church had dwelled on building a community of people that are gift and prosperity driven and there should be anything wrong with that. The fact is, they are our inheritance as we join the family of God we do need people to adequately teach us how to take delivery of them. The cause of disagreement is our misplaced priority regarding the things of the Spirit. We cannot neglect or sideline teaching regarding restoration of the spiritual man and the transformation of the society to seeking how to amass personal wealth. This is not the way of a disciple of Christ. The wrong emphasis in the Church has created a generation of people in the church that only sees themselves as Christ fans and not followers.

A lesson from Simeon

They love the fact that they do not have to be hundred percent committed to Christ. They love the fact that sacrifice can be an optional thing. They can still come to church, even play a role in church activity, and still keep their old ungodly ways without anyone challenging them.

They are free to continue in their ungodly character one another without any form of discipline. The starting point of being a member of the body of Christ is character formation and not talent or gift. They are very aware that they are a plus to the membership of the church, sending away will mean a minus not just to the membership but also the church’s budget.

This was clearly exemplified in the book of act when Simeon claimed to have giving his heart to the Lord but something deep down his heart is yet to shift. we saw how driven and excited he was when he saw that through the laying on of hand of the disciples the power of God can be transmitted in casting out evil spirits.

Anyone of our spiritual leaders today could have just been deceived just like Phillips the evangelist was. For someone of the caliber of Simeon to claim he just gave his heart to the Lord, I know leaders who will immediately give a front role preference without authenticating the condition of his salvation. Simeon had deceived the man of God by thinking that had a genuine desire to buy the gift of God until Apostle Peter with high level discerning capacity and boldness was able to see through his heart and intention.

How could this be since he had just confessed Christ as his lord. Well, he might have acknowledged Christ to be his Savior but Christ is yet to become his Lord. The issue of the Lordship of Christ is where most Christians are still struggling. Why? The Lordship of Christ requires that you die completely to your false formed identity. It demands that nothing or anyone else take preference in your heart. Christ and him alone must be seated and crown king of your life.

This rigorous process of soul transformation is what is yet to begin in the heart of Simeon, thus we find his old selfish ambition showing up. Simply put, Simeon is yet to be disciple. Could this story be a true reflection of what is presently happening today in the Body of Christ? Mind you, we all came to Christ just the way we were in our old pattern of thinking and there nothing wrong with that. But the moment you come to Christ, you are given a new operating system. Your old former ways of thinking and behaving becomes obsolete.

New thought patterns are required to be formed through your daily meditation on the word of God. Prayer, fasting testifying of what the lord is to you now becomes your most priority. You become a disciple of Christ school.

A way of escape

As the Lord highlights once again the issue of core discipleship as a key factor to building a new order of believers whose spiritual capacity brings to bear the operating light of Gods within the nations. It becomes imperative for all Christians living among a highly polluted Babylonian society to raise their spiritual barometer to a new height of competence.

It became highly important more than ever before for you and me able to discern the strategic activity of the unsurrendered soul, as it constantly seek to blur and deaden once passion, faith and hope in the things of God.

The present intention of the ministry of darkness is well defined in the sense that it not only seeks to neutralize your faith advancement but also seek to keep believers in rebellious condition to the order and principles of the Lord. In the last two decades we have seen a drastic drop in the in the character quality of most Christians across the nations. However, huge stride has been achieved in some communities that have allowed the message of the kingdom reformation into their homes and churches.

The church who is the progenitor of the core values and principle that changes society have been in slumber and misguided at the same time due to the acceptance of the utilitarian gospel. As long as members of the body of Christ continues to celebrate a type of Christianity whose culture and philosophy is to merely to maintain the status quo; am afraid, the objective of discipling the nations for the will remain futuristic.

True ministry, which is a call to completely yield to Christ character begins with a well-defined and structured revelation of Christ the Messiah. Until the life and nature of the King himself becomes entrenched within the template of your existence, you cannot carry or represent his life and ministry within the human society.

Please let us note that Christ disciples are called to first be with him before they are sent to represent him. Meaning, the formation of Christ within becomes the portals into the reality of apostolic service. How do we adequately deal with the principle of representation when the issue of loyalty and allegiance to Christ and his body is yet to be resolved? This basic doctrinal issue must be resolved before one can truly say one is a follower of Christ.

The Church in a crossroad

There is no doubt the church of the Lord is in a crossroad. A crossroad that ultimately defines how we are going to reach the nations. The nations are waiting for the manifestation of the sons of God and not members of denominations. sons of God clearly are the only approved carriers of the power of global reformation and transformation.

However, these Sons are birth through the gruesome training of discipleship. Without discipleship, there cannot be a manifestation of sons of God. Sons are birth through the womb of respect for Christ and his leadership. Trust, humility, obedience, submission honor and respect for Gods set-men are all core valued of the way of a disciple. A true disciple will not betray his allegiance to those set over him. He or she will respect the protocol of the leadership. Those who are unwilling to submit to the governmental order and structure of Christ through his body have no place in the building process of Christ Body. The church of the lord is not divided!

Christ and his body cannot be divided through isolated revelation. The administrative structure of Christ is his Church. While there are those, who have raped and are still raping the bride of Christ does not mean that the leadership system of Christ is obsolete or none effect. The lord is still building his Church within the hearts that has allowed his pruning hook to operate in their lives.

In my seven years of interaction and relationship with Christians in the South African context, I noticed that many find it highly difficult to recognize, submit and accept leadership authority. Initially I thought it an individual problem until the lord opened my spiritual eyes to see that it is a national problem.

One of the ways we are nationally transformed is through the operating pattern of discipleship. When church leaders do not see the reason why they should inculcate kingdom values into the message they preach, society will remain misguided and rebellious. The various national problems we are faced with today are issues that can easily be dealt with if churches are truly making disciples of all nations according to the scripture. The one and single commission we are assigned is to make disciples of all nation, irrespective of their historic or cultural orientation.

One of the reasons why the lord permit proliferation of Churches is not for money venture but rather to easily gain access into communities so they can be changed for the Lord. The ungodly cultural and traditional badges we carry to house of God should not be allowed to stay.

The church, a nation within a nation

The church of Christ is nation operating with human society. Meaning, The church has its own culture and traditions that must be adhere to the moment you accept the Lord. In the Church we are not only interested in your confession of Christ as your savior, there has to be an outward manifestation of a refined attitude and character, your perspective to life and the people around you changes for the better.

Now, you belong to Christ and you will have to learn to submit to the various organs he put in place to develop you until you come of age. I have had many today who say they are not obligated to submit to any human author except Christ. This is completely out of order. Jesus rule and reign in our lives through the structural order of his Church. When I mean his Church, am not talking about some building someone erected because someone feels he or she is call into the ministry.

I am not talking about some church some groups of church leaders sent you to start for them because they need to increase their monetary investment in other part of the cities or nations. The authority of Christ church, which you are ordered to submit to, comes through the evidence of the life and government of Christ in the life of his representative. Not only we will you see the fruit of Christ Spirit in operation but your life will constantly be demanded to change. The power of the word coming from such house will prick your heart and sometimes cause you to be offended.

The gospel of Christ is a rock of offense and a rock of stumbling to those who are perishing. The gospel of Christ is certainly not about making you feel good but about changing you inside out. it is time to submit yourself to the leadership of Christ in those he has sent to you. Stop claiming rights and equality with your spiritual leaders.

You will never be able to receive blessing and impartation of truth from those you do not respect. This is kingdom principle. If indeed you are Isaac-the promised child of God, you will allow yourself to be laid on the altar as sacrifice without questioning the authority of your father. It is to you stop manipulating authority. Submit and are transformed.

The only way you and me will remain vibrant and relevant in this epic season is to ask ourselves this important question, am I still a disciple of Christ? If the answer is yes, whom am I following in Christ? Paul said to the brethren; follow me as I follow Christ. If you find it extremely difficult to follow those who know better than you do, there is every possibility that you either insecure or full of pride.

a nation like South Africa has one of the highest levels of crime and divorced rate in the world that immediately tells you the kind of discipleship ideology is required to to correct the abnormality. When a nation’s moral values are almost destroyed both from the Church and from its legal institution, we certainly do not expect such society to express sound moral value. If in the name of freedom and democracy someone can paint the picture of his president with his exposed genital, something is definitely wrong. You may be wondering, what does this have to do with discipleship? Well, if the mission of the Church is to infiltrate the nations with gospel of Christ through the platform of discipleship is not it obvious that someone somewhere is not doing is work?

The mission of the body of Christ starts by reaching one person to transforming the whole landscape of a nation. The various platforms that have been provided for us to quickly do the work of global discipleship are been used for selfish interest and this has contributed to the decimal performance of the Church.

The channel of approval

The way of discipleship, without doubt is the approve channel designed to bring us into the glorious dimensions of the mysteries of the kingdom of God in this prophetic day. We notice in the gospel that our master spoke to two types of audience. The first are those himself call ‘those outsiders; this are the multitudes, they followed for what to gain for themselves rather than becoming a disciple of him. Their allegiance is somewhere else even though you will always find them within the circle of Christ followers.

These are disciples of other cultures, traditions and faith like the Pharisees. Their intention is not submit to the process of transformation. Irrespective of their religious intellectual wealth, the teachings and principles regarding the kingdom of heaven is alien to them; they may be beneficiaries of the goodness of Christ but the way of spiritual insight is completely far from them.

The Lord said concerning them, eyes have they but cannot see, ears have they but cannot hear lest they should understand and turn and repent. This category of followers of Christ are not seeking to change, rather, they seek to circumvent the truth and principles of the kingdom of God. No matter how they try to comprehend what the lord is saying, the just cannot. The latter are those he called his disciple. The mysteries of the kingdom of heaven are revealed to them. Why? They do only have access to Christ personally; they have completely broken their allegiance to their old ways of existing. The nature and life of the first Adam is shattered from their soul totally.

Amongst these followers, you’ll find the company known as the Peter, James and John company. These men were not only invited to behold the glory of Christ on the mount of transfiguration but were also given the privilege to join force with Him in interceding before his crucifixion. With this level of closeness comes a huge sense of responsibility and accountability

Furthermore, there are those who set themselves apart through the type of relationships they had with the Lord and the various organs of his Body. Then you have the 70 and the 120 who were sent to represent Christ in various cities.

The impact of a disciple

These disciples carry within their spiritual structure, the life and power of influencing and transforming their family and society. When we consider the quality of life lived by these ordinary men called Christ disciple, one cannot but wonder if we are reading the same bible today. You will notice that the statement of the great commission sets the precedence of the type of Christianity needed in the society. One cannot but wonder if indeed the church clearly understood the requirements and demand of fulfilling this mandate.

The lord is counting on you and me to fix the problem of misplaced priority in his body. When we take a general survey of quality of Christianity being practice across the globe today one cannot but ask ‘what went wrong with the message of doctrinal foundation?

I am fully aware that Christianity and its way of practice differed from nation to nation. Society feeds on the ideology promoted by the mass media even if it really does not represent the whole truth. Many have become victim of media propaganda due to lack of prophetic understanding and awareness from spiritual leaders. Shipping the soul of our society require more than what we do in Church.

There is no way we can effectively fulfill the demand of the great commandment or the great commission, without first settling the issue of disciple in our hearts. A follower of the Way of the truth understands the implication of becoming a disciple. They understand this in the context of not just going to Church but denying themselves. The know that becoming the Church that represent the image and glory of Christ amongst the nation is not an option but a mandate. The intensity of darkness to keep people, especially Christians from entering the fullness of God plan must be stop through rebuilding of the ministry of discipleship.