SOUTH AFRICA AND ITS SEXUALIZED CULTURE. Grappling within teens girls ¬†Motherhood culture... ¬† By Isaiah-Phillips Akintola On Friday, the 6th of September 2018, I listened to a troubling presentation done by stats SA, Home Affairs, and the department of education on SABC on the impact of teenage pregnancy in South Africa. Information … Continue reading SOUTH AFRICA AND ITS SEXUALIZED CULTURE.

iXenophobia, afrophobia, racism and its solution in south africa

In all fairness to a society that has just ended three centuries of protracted battle of seeking her freedom, liberty and prosperity from the colonial apartheid junta, in my opinion, was not really given the necessary opportunity and space to heal properly, and to effectively disarm her mind from the perpetual war like attitude culture, cultivated in the days of the great resistance and arm struggle, which unfortunately is still the very default template driving the psyche of the society.