Your mind, the last frontier of spiritual warfare

Your mind, the last frontier of spiritual warfare

Your mind, the last frontier of spiritual warfare


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your mind, the battlefield of the last day spiritual warfare

Primary spiritual knowledge in engaging the complexity of the soul’s faculty

By Isaiah-Phillips Akintola

The subjection of the unregenerated human thought pattern and the process of the transformed mind has been a fascinating subject to me. Ever since I discovered that one’s initial confession of Christ as his savior does not automatically overwrite the whole issue of the corrupt and degenerated state of the soul’s faculty.

Old imbibed habits, attitude and ideological beliefs locked within the soul realm, still to a very large degree, influence the view and decisions made even after the acceptance of the Lord. While the new life received at the foot of the cross did reawakened the dead human spirit, the process of the transformation and restoration of the sensory and emotional faculties of man through the power of the word however needs to kick starts the required change within the mind, so that there can be a synchronized lifestyle into one new man, reflecting the life and character nature of Christ in its fullness.

“For He Himself is our peace, who has made both one, and has broken down the middle wall of separation, having abolished in His flesh the enmity, that is, the law of commandments contained in ordinances, so as to create in Himself one new man from the two, thus making peace, and that He might reconcile them both to God in one body through the cross, thereby putting to death the enmity.”
‭‭Ephesians‬ ‭2:14-16‬ ‭NKJV‬

A positive change in human character is hugely determined on the reformation and transformation of the thought and perception of man. Real lasting change is initiated through the inner working of the spirit of salvation within man’s faculty. This salvation, further proceeds to the seat of the soul, the realm of self-awareness and behavior.

The soul houses sensory cognitive navel system and other human behavioral science, which ultimately defines emotion, feelings, thoughts imagination, attitudes, ideas and desire, intellects, creativity and other human actions.

Traditions, Beliefs, and other human cultural identities are all parts of what is formed within the frame of the human soul. This is basically the realm where fallen human identity and personality are formed or shaped. Indeed, the salvation of the spirit-man kickstarts the process of the rebirth of the self-centered inherent nature of the soul until the entire faculties of the soul life becomes consumed in the light and glory of Christ image, already in existence within the spirit-man.

As simple as this truth may sound, it however remains one of the most difficult principle for many in the Body of Christ to understand, accept and practice. There is absolutely no way the culture and life of the kingdom of God can fully manifest through a mindset that is easily influence by the ideas and suggestions of humanistic and satanic ideological beliefs.

This has been an ancient battle that has almost destroyed the human race, and of cause, weaken the the church from exhibiting her governmental authority. The enemy has strategically establish a foreign rebellious way of thinking to the first man and his wife when he suggested that eating the forbidden fruit will open their eyes and they will be like God.

I felt it is important we clearly understand the whole concept of spiritual battle from a precise and broad biblical definition so we don’t find ourselves like the person who is beating the air according to Paul’s description in 1 Cor 9:26. This is a topic many have spoken and written about with great insight.

However, I strongly believe the Lord is shedding more light and broadening the spiritual insight of the church as it relates to the current position of the church in the place of kingdom advance. The light of divine truth is fast moving from the outer reality she has camped for a long period. The second day journey of truth demands we understand the present phases of the Spirit in terms of the progression of our salvation into the preferred place in God.

The salvation of the soul paves the way for man’s total reformation. It is at this point the nature and image of the last Adam becomes fully manifest in and through man. Both the life and the mind of Christ flows through this regenerated spirit, soul and body. Every aspect of the sleeping man from the fall in the garden is completely awakened through the power and glory of Christ.

The nature of the mind we are made of plays an important role in shaping and determining the kind of life and future we are going to experience both from a personal level to a more corporate global reality.

The fact that it is an open declaration in the word of God that the regenerated Mind is the (temple) habitation of God makes it even more challenging for every true follower of our Lord Jesus Christ to maintain a quality life of thinking that does not give in to challenge and assault of the enemy who is bent on corrupting the thought process and imagination of all men.

The enemy’s chief mission is to make sure that believers don’t live up to the standard value set in God’s word. We shall further look into the scheme of the enemy as it relates to the condition of human thought pattern.

Suffice to say, by divine construct, man is designed in three corporal departments, which are his spirit, soul and body. Two of these parts cannot be seen with the carnal eyes, while the last, which is man’s biological part gives covering and expression to the rest.

Our lord Jesus Christ gave an insightful example to differentiate the function of man’s tripartite reality according to mark7:15. What goes into a man, meaning, that which enters through the stomach as in relating to food is not what defiles a man.

He went further to explain also that what comes out of the man, meaning from his spirit or soul is what makes him on clean. Man’s defilement is based on the state or condition of his frame of mind which is housed by his soul. The soul houses all the psychological and emotional realities of a man’s world. We shall further examine this highly important principle.

Let us however understand this basic but highly critical protocol of human regeneration. The spirit, at the point of salvation is reawakened from spiritual death while the soul remains unsaved but can be influence to follow the direction and leadership of the regenerated spirit if its properly built and disciplined .

This however, is not be possible until the spirit man is energized with the life and light of Gods truth until it regains full authority and dominion over the total man. This is what Paul was trying to communicate to the Church in Rome, according to Romans chapter 12:1-3. The faculty of the three personality of man are patterned to function in harmony so their victory can be assured against the assault of darkness.

Your mind, the last frontier of spiritual warfare 

The battlefield of the mind

The battlefield of the mind.

By Isaiah-Phillips Akintola

Part one

A brief background of the material

Please take note, this material has been put together with the view of assisting members of Christ body globally but in particular, South African believers to understand the nature of the current psychological warfare against her. And to also position her with a clear spiritual insight, mental and emotional (sound) discipline mind in engaging the enemy.

This material does not cover all spheres of spiritual warfare, but seeks to highlight the role the various faculties of the human soul plays in determining and shaping perspectives, habits and behaviors. 

There are multilayered complex social and spiritual issues taking place across communities that is obviously clear that humanistic psychology, as seemly necessary as they are, and of course, the mainstream religious paradigm are not capable of resolving human challenges.

Some of the key answer to these challenges lies in having a clear insight into the anatomy of the human soul. While the footing of this material is purely biblical, I have also taken the privilege of drawing from my own personal life, and the experience of others I have had the privilege of observing through the years of being in the ministry.

The note will be divided into several parts that will be spread across weeks of posting in other to assist individuals follow step by step the building up of their capacity until the full required statue is reach in terms of being able to stand firm against the devious schemes of the enemy. And if the material in any way blesses you, I would greatly appreciate your feedback or comment.  The Lord is building his church and the gates of hell shall not prevail over her.


“For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.” II Timothy 1:7 NKJV
Without doubt, the state or condition of the mind of every member of the body of Christ in this epic season is going to play a crucial role in shaping the direction of the next kingdom frontier.  We are in a season where the spirit of insecurity and fear are becoming some of the most deadliest arsenals in crippling the courage, passion, motivation and drives of those who are being called into the reality of present prophetic kingdom advancement.

Now therefore, proclaim in the hearing of the people, saying, ‘Whoever is fearful and afraid, let him turn and depart at once from Mount Gilead.’ ” And twenty-two thousand of the people returned, and ten thousand remained.” Judges 7:3 NKJV

The current condition of humanity proves that the battle before us can only be won by those who have come into a matured revelational reality of what is referred to as a sound mind. Guarding the loins of our minds with the belt of truth is proving to be one of the most effective weaponry in facing the assault of the present darkness.

How we face and process the sociocultural and religious attacks against the church of the Lord globally will be highly determined by the quality of the state of the mind of each member of the body of Christ. Soundness of mind, which can also be referred to as a well balance, discipline and productive frame of thought, is proven to be one of the key major areas the church of the Lord needs to work on if we are going to win the battle of the days ahead.

The body of Christ in the past has majorly focused on the state of the spirit when it comes to spiritual warfare. We however need to understand that we cannot have all round victory over the activity of darkness without securing total victory in the arena of our mental faculty.

Those who understand the philosophy of war also clearly understand the impact they have over the human mind. In fact, one of the essence of war is to create a sense of fear and forceful submission to the stronger power. Wars are first fought and won in the mental faculty before boots are deployed on the ground. From the advent of time, human battles are designed to be a powerful tool in altering and reshaping the identity and the architectural landscape of nations and societies. The economy and the sociocultural architect of most society today have been undoubtedly shaped by the imprint of fear, designed in the times of war.

A very good example of this statement is the story of most colonized regions of the world but in particular, Africa. Poverty and fear is one of the enemy’s strongest arsenals in controlling and manipulating the image and identity of an entire region or even a continent.  It is said that there cannot be political freedom if there is no economic freedom. This statement is so true. However, freedom are seldom given by captors; they must be taken by those who are ready to fight.

This mean that something has to happen within the psych of individuals and the corporate community to want to be free from the strongholds that keeps them imprisoned. Make no mistake, the church is in the middle of an epic battle that is challenging every strand of truth she has ever believed and accepted. Unfortunately, today’s church, arguably, seem to be loosing the war due to the wrong frame of thought and weaponry we have deployed in the battlefield.


Sometimes back, the Lord began to draw my attention to the subject matter of the battle of the soul as it relates to 1). Seeking to understand the pathway to the complete restoration of all aspect of the human life and its fallen faculties.

2). To highlight the impact of emotional and psychological damage the unregenerated soul creates under the influence of false identity, religious ideology, insecurity and self-interest within the body of Christ and the society in general.

3). To try to understand the creative potential and sheared capacity the regenerated soul can produce when it’s properly aligned and restored to its divine moral position of functionality under the guidance of the ministry of The Holy Spirit and the living word of God.

 I guess the manner in which the Lord related this subject to me is a clear indication that the church and the nations have entered the last frontier of spiritual warfare as the reality of the coming of the reign of Christ glorious kingdom becomes more eminent.

As the Spirit of the Lord began to unfold this words into my heart it’s as if i have never had or studied anything related to the subject of the soul before. It’s amazing to realize the enormous demonstration of governmental power and authority Sons of God are about to manifest on behalf of the kingdom of God as the subject of the souls restoration takes precedence.

However, they will only become a reality when we start giving hid to the current demand of the Spirit, which is to close all gaps of division and segregation within us across the entire body of Christ. Whatever the Church assumed to know regarding the condition of the soul as it relates to the works of human character personality needs to be properly reexamined in the context of the present illuminating light coming from the throne of grace.

The subjection of the unregenerated human thought pattern and the process of the transformed mind has been a fascinating subject to me. Ever since I discovered that one’s initial confession of Christ as his savior does not automatically address the whole issue of the corrupt and degenerated state of the soul’s faculty.

To be continued…