Your mind, the last frontier of spiritual warfare

The soul houses sensory cognitive navel system and other human behavioral science, which ultimately defines emotion, feelings, thoughts imagination, attitudes, ideas and desire, intellects, creativity and other human actions. Traditions, Beliefs, and other human cultural identities are all parts of what is formed within the frame of the human soul. This is basically the realm where human personality is formed or shaped. Indeed, the salvation of the spirit man kicks start the process of the rebirth of the self-centered inherent nature of the soul until the entire soul faculty becomes consumed in the light and glory of Christ already alive within the spirit-man.

Your mind, the last frontier of spiritual warfare 

The battlefield of the mind. By Isaiah-Phillips Akintola Part one A brief background of the material Please take note, this material has been put together with the view of assisting members of Christ body globally but in particular, South African believers to understand the nature of the current psychological warfare against her. And to also … Continue reading Your mind, the last frontier of spiritual warfare¬†