The craving for the power to control and manipulate information, and how we consume what we see and hear, especially on the internet has become increasingly stronger to the point that the issues around the Coronavirus have deeply highlighted this evil of lies and disinformation. We have highly intelligent Christian professionals across the globe warning us regarding the agenda to censor and limit the voice of the people through using the social media platforms, especially when the powerful mainstream media realizes they are losing their audience and market share globally.

the function of a cyber church in a cyber age

This spirit of Cyrus as we've seen it is manifesting in an increased level in our time through individuals leading the frontier of technological breakthroughs and development in the Silicon Valley. This spirit is usually released at the threshold of a new prophetic turn in the earth. new technology are signs of impending coming judgement of the Lord like we see in the days of Noah.

This grace in most cases, function through men and women we may not term as religious, yet the father raises them to strategically release creative opportunities and resources for his Church and purpose to be known. These individuals accelerates and further amplify the prophetic voice of the Lord across platforms and system especially in marketplace.