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The mystery of beauty.
Spring is a reflection of the glorious beauty of Christ to creation.

God gave us beauty to express his glory and majesty.
One of the characters of God is beauty; beauty is a deep reflection of the Father’s creativity. Very few today appreciate nor understand the purpose of beauty, and due to this ignorance, the enemy has sought to pervert the beauty of God in and around us.

When we read and familiarize ourselves with the account of creation in Genesis, we begin to get the sense the Father’s eternal intention, which I believe is to express his glorious beauty, power, and majesty across the earth. The’s no way we can begin to talk about God without mentioning his beauty, majesty, and glory.

The beauty of God is still relevant teaching we should pay more close attention to even as we are invited to step into a new spiritual epoch. We can choose to shift our focus from the present darkness and begin to pay more close attention to the dawn of the new season, emerging out of the shadow of yesterday.

I believe that within the present challenges of darkness eclipsing the earth that there’s a dawning of a new day; a day where the light of God is becoming even brighter than when we first began.

The choice to choose to see beauty in ashes is a wonderful training we must endeavor to go through, so has to become a testimony of heaven’s brilliance in time where people find it difficult to see nor appreciate the investment of God’s treasure in earthen vessels.

I love to take pictures, and I’ve been able to use my camera to capture the most beautiful images out of the worst condition or situation around. Creating images out the chaotic, life, realities is something I cherish and love as a follower of Christ. it was not always like this. I have had my own share of seasons of pain, frustrations, disappointment, fear, discouragement and even the sense of giving up.

The Father was gracious to me to have given me another chance to see life through his eyes. Indeed, until we learn to see and understand ourselves and life itself through the eyes of the Father, we will never see anything beautiful about our lives.

It takes a person that has been invited to the hill of the Lord to see things and people from an elevated point. when the Lord brought me to have a glimmer of life from an ascended point, it changed my self-perception, and the way I generally see other and things.

Sprint is upon us again; what do you to see? Are you going to fix your eyes and attention on just the troubles, needs, pains, disappointments and failures around you? Or are you going left your eyes and behold the blooming of beautiful flowers springing up all around you?

Many of the flowers grow in the most disadvantaged and marginalized communities. The pain and challenges of our environment do not stop the flowers from blooming when their season arrives. this is a lesson we should learn as we see spring dawns upon us again.

Are you going to allow your fear and worry to rob of the beautiful things the Father desire to reveal to you in this season. There’s more to those beautiful butterflies and flowers blooming; there’s a spiritual message the Father is conveying to you, and you don’t want to miss his voice in this season of [spiritual] spring.

Within the chaotic challenges of life, beauty is all around us. The appreciation of beauty starts with the configuration of our self-perception. When we cannot recognize our own inner self-beauty, it will be hard press to value and appreciate the beauty of others or what is around us.

When the rainbow appears in the sky, it does not remove the reality of the needs, pains, and the complex challenges around us, but it sure does reminds us of the eternal, promised covenant of God to creation.

I live in an environment of two contrast, and I am sure that is this is the story of almost everyone living in one community or the other South Africa. You can be living in some worth define, expensive, beautiful estate when the bridge across your estate or complex is a total reflection a sharp contrast.

A contrast that highlight by the facts of marginalization, poverty, inequality, the lack of essential socioeconomic opportunities and so on. , To, therefore, define your status by where you live is some worth blind and inaccurate at least here in South Africa.

The legacy of Apartheid housing layout is still very much visible in the so-called post-Apartheid political state. I brought out this point to say that living in South Africa, particularly as believers, requires that we keenly understand the true definition of beauty and how to appreciate even in the midst of struggle. But to merely fix our eyes and attention on the darkness of our history is to rob ourselves in the ongoing transformation of a new nation emerging in beauty and glory.

Beauty is not measured nor determined by class, race, gender or wealth. The grace of Beauty is a character that is reflective in the value of self-awareness and self-worth, entrenched in the identity of every human, especially those who have discovered the unconditional, eternal love Christ for them.

It takes a person who appreciates the investment of God in his or her life to see the worth and value of God in others, and therefore, perceive their beauty and appreciates it as they grow and bloom for God and creation.

Beauty is an internal and eternal design of our unique identity and ability, or maybe, our disabilities as the case may be, this means that when we’re able to discern each other’s essence precisely, we can then begin to appreciate each one’s potential and contribution to life.

No one is an accident; we are all born and located where we are for a reason, that should positively impact and transform someone else life.

I try to see and appreciate beauty in everything around me. 90% of my picture are taking in places people will hardly ascribe as beautiful. I’ve been able to see grace, elegance, and beauty through the eyes of God because everything he created was designed excellent and beautiful.


The challenge many are faced with today, especially here in South Africa is that we’ve stopped seeing the inner beauty in ourselves and around us. We’ve become more fixative on others definition and description of beauty either through the social media or amongst other social groups and friends to the point of rejecting God’s eternal definition of who we are and what we represent on his behalf. We are a nation of beautiful people and landscapes, but we’ve allowed darkness to almost cover these beauty.


It’s like the more we absorb the identity others regarding who we are as a nation, the more we lose our moral values and identity.  The lack of seeing and appreciating our self-beauty has led us to become something terrible to each other to the point of manifesting the spirit of Cain-the spirit that kills his own brother.


When what is designed beautiful becomes altered by insecure dysfunctionality and corrupt Imagination, when have then directly, or indirectly turned the image of God into an idol of human craft that will eventually bring sorrow and pain to the heart. To design or craft an image that expresses the beautiful values of God for creation is to extend the glory of God within such fields of existence.


Beauty is a mystery that can only be correctly defined and understood the way God sees his creation in the beginning…after he created man, and he said, it was very good. Goodness and beauty are synonymous to the awakening of light of God within a heart that is once darkened by corruption. Beauty is the act of perfection in creation; it is not the expression of adornment.


Why do today’s Christians, mainly ladies use the term sexy to refer to a beautiful person or image? It’s important we note that sexy and beautiful are two different words that mean two completely different things. Please take note, when human minds and imagination begins to get transformed, they will start to enjoy the art of pure beauty.


Capturing the image of pure beauty through lens view of the transformed mind, passing through eye gate, expressed through the art of (sound) words, writings, or even paintings and photography is one of the glorious mysteries of the redeemed spirit that is called prophetic.


The prophetic is a reflection, and also an expression of the beautiful heart of the heart revealed through various arts and acts. Beauty is not just about what you see; it is about how you understand the value of what you see.

There’s beauty in sight
There’s beauty in sound
There’s beauty in words
There’s beauty in silence

Entering the art of appreciating beauty is first to learn to unlearn the perversion the soul has accumulated as the image beauty. Admiration is a beautiful thing when the soul is free of the wrong definition accumulated by false impression. Inspiration is wonderful when the mind has yielded to the creative life source of the Spirit. To think you can be inspired to create anything outside the life of God is to believe that a fish can survive living outside water.


Not acknowledging the giver of a thing doesn’t make the person less the giver of such a thing. Your acknowledgment of the presence of God in your life only creates more magnificent room for him to do much more you can ever imagine or think. Not recognizing and appreciating does not erode the fact that thing you have belongs to him. Beauty is of the Lord. All good and perfect gifts come from him.

I am an art student; this implies that every aspect of my life is by default drown to the creative life and nature of God…even science is an art of beauty in the sight of the creator. What he imagines, he creates, though we may not see it, the Lord is forever creating new things, yet, ancient in his eternity.

Do you know that the beauty of eternity is both past and future? There’s nothing new under the sun than to appreciate through the lens view of the Spirit what has been brought your path through providence.

enjoy the Sprint of your spiritual season…

Your mind, the last frontier of spiritual warfare 

The battlefield of the mind

The battlefield of the mind.

By Isaiah-Phillips Akintola

Part one

A brief background of the material

Please take note, this material has been put together with the view of assisting members of Christ body globally but in particular, South African believers to understand the nature of the current psychological warfare against her. And to also position her with a clear spiritual insight, mental and emotional (sound) discipline mind in engaging the enemy.

This material does not cover all spheres of spiritual warfare, but seeks to highlight the role the various faculties of the human soul plays in determining and shaping perspectives, habits and behaviors. 

There are multilayered complex social and spiritual issues taking place across communities that is obviously clear that humanistic psychology, as seemly necessary as they are, and of course, the mainstream religious paradigm are not capable of resolving human challenges.

Some of the key answer to these challenges lies in having a clear insight into the anatomy of the human soul. While the footing of this material is purely biblical, I have also taken the privilege of drawing from my own personal life, and the experience of others I have had the privilege of observing through the years of being in the ministry.

The note will be divided into several parts that will be spread across weeks of posting in other to assist individuals follow step by step the building up of their capacity until the full required statue is reach in terms of being able to stand firm against the devious schemes of the enemy. And if the material in any way blesses you, I would greatly appreciate your feedback or comment.  The Lord is building his church and the gates of hell shall not prevail over her.


“For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.” II Timothy 1:7 NKJV
Without doubt, the state or condition of the mind of every member of the body of Christ in this epic season is going to play a crucial role in shaping the direction of the next kingdom frontier.  We are in a season where the spirit of insecurity and fear are becoming some of the most deadliest arsenals in crippling the courage, passion, motivation and drives of those who are being called into the reality of present prophetic kingdom advancement.

Now therefore, proclaim in the hearing of the people, saying, ‘Whoever is fearful and afraid, let him turn and depart at once from Mount Gilead.’ ” And twenty-two thousand of the people returned, and ten thousand remained.” Judges 7:3 NKJV

The current condition of humanity proves that the battle before us can only be won by those who have come into a matured revelational reality of what is referred to as a sound mind. Guarding the loins of our minds with the belt of truth is proving to be one of the most effective weaponry in facing the assault of the present darkness.

How we face and process the sociocultural and religious attacks against the church of the Lord globally will be highly determined by the quality of the state of the mind of each member of the body of Christ. Soundness of mind, which can also be referred to as a well balance, discipline and productive frame of thought, is proven to be one of the key major areas the church of the Lord needs to work on if we are going to win the battle of the days ahead.

The body of Christ in the past has majorly focused on the state of the spirit when it comes to spiritual warfare. We however need to understand that we cannot have all round victory over the activity of darkness without securing total victory in the arena of our mental faculty.

Those who understand the philosophy of war also clearly understand the impact they have over the human mind. In fact, one of the essence of war is to create a sense of fear and forceful submission to the stronger power. Wars are first fought and won in the mental faculty before boots are deployed on the ground. From the advent of time, human battles are designed to be a powerful tool in altering and reshaping the identity and the architectural landscape of nations and societies. The economy and the sociocultural architect of most society today have been undoubtedly shaped by the imprint of fear, designed in the times of war.

A very good example of this statement is the story of most colonized regions of the world but in particular, Africa. Poverty and fear is one of the enemy’s strongest arsenals in controlling and manipulating the image and identity of an entire region or even a continent.  It is said that there cannot be political freedom if there is no economic freedom. This statement is so true. However, freedom are seldom given by captors; they must be taken by those who are ready to fight.

This mean that something has to happen within the psych of individuals and the corporate community to want to be free from the strongholds that keeps them imprisoned. Make no mistake, the church is in the middle of an epic battle that is challenging every strand of truth she has ever believed and accepted. Unfortunately, today’s church, arguably, seem to be loosing the war due to the wrong frame of thought and weaponry we have deployed in the battlefield.


Sometimes back, the Lord began to draw my attention to the subject matter of the battle of the soul as it relates to 1). Seeking to understand the pathway to the complete restoration of all aspect of the human life and its fallen faculties.

2). To highlight the impact of emotional and psychological damage the unregenerated soul creates under the influence of false identity, religious ideology, insecurity and self-interest within the body of Christ and the society in general.

3). To try to understand the creative potential and sheared capacity the regenerated soul can produce when it’s properly aligned and restored to its divine moral position of functionality under the guidance of the ministry of The Holy Spirit and the living word of God.

 I guess the manner in which the Lord related this subject to me is a clear indication that the church and the nations have entered the last frontier of spiritual warfare as the reality of the coming of the reign of Christ glorious kingdom becomes more eminent.

As the Spirit of the Lord began to unfold this words into my heart it’s as if i have never had or studied anything related to the subject of the soul before. It’s amazing to realize the enormous demonstration of governmental power and authority Sons of God are about to manifest on behalf of the kingdom of God as the subject of the souls restoration takes precedence.

However, they will only become a reality when we start giving hid to the current demand of the Spirit, which is to close all gaps of division and segregation within us across the entire body of Christ. Whatever the Church assumed to know regarding the condition of the soul as it relates to the works of human character personality needs to be properly reexamined in the context of the present illuminating light coming from the throne of grace.

The subjection of the unregenerated human thought pattern and the process of the transformed mind has been a fascinating subject to me. Ever since I discovered that one’s initial confession of Christ as his savior does not automatically address the whole issue of the corrupt and degenerated state of the soul’s faculty.

To be continued…