The principle of undressing for redressing  




Do you know that your destiny could be hanging on the kind of question you’ve been asking yourself for decades? You need to move from the ‘why to the what’ question if you desire to see a change in your life, career, and relationships  

Many have failed in the past, including me to some degree, not because we are not born intelligent, but because we are deficient in asking and answering questions. Asking questions has their advantages and of cause their disadvantage if wisdom is not allowed to guide.  Questions can provoke as they can inspire. When a question is cynical, then you need the highest grade of wisdom and intelligence to effectively respond, so you’re not entrapped. Yet, there can be no development without asking questions, particularly the right ones. The technological advancements made today are a direct result of questions asked.

Questions can open a new frontier of knowledge, creativity, development, and productivity if we know how to ask the right questions. One of the primary ways God trains and develop his disciples, particularly, those who will be entering the prophetic arena, is through asking them a series of questions. The Bible is filled with chapters and verse where man is not the one asking questions, but God himself doing the asking.

 The purpose of asking and answering questions is to test intelligence. The word of God is filled with questions and answers, and if we learn how to process, question either from a deep philosophical point or from an ascended spiritual point, we have the edge in dealing with the highly complex realities of life.  The technic, or should I say, the philosophy of asking and answering a question is one of the most important keys to success in any field of existence, yet, it is the list taught in schools, and regrettably, in most Church communities today.

The issue of the understanding question and knowing ‘the how’ to process them before answering is something I’ve discovered as one of the most important keys to human development and transformation yet; it is increasingly becoming less understood by many, particularly the 21st-century society.  Many of us have been asking the wrong questions all our lives and that’s the reason we still seem to be stocked in the same old spot of mentality.  An immature person does not know nor understands how to process life’s question, particularly, when they are spiritually based. I grew up asking questions but unfortunately, they were the wrong questions.

Many fallen humans began life on the wrong footing, but that does does not mean that the good plan and purpose of the Father for our lives has changed because we asked the wrong question. God’s plan for us are eternally set to bring us to the place of his ordained prophetic program but we need to know how the principle of life works in order to set in motion the right value system that aligns us to effective living.

You cannot start your life or the life of your children by asking the wrong questions as assume you will end up in the destined planned of the Father for your life.  When your life begins with wrong influence, environment, people, challenges, seemingly failure, there’s every tendency that you start processing those challenges with the wrong emotion which is usually done by asking the why question. The question of why did my Father leave my Mom?  Why did my uncle rape me and my sister, why can’t I be smart like that other girl in my class? Why am I an orphan?  why didn’t I get the Job? Why do I keep going back to the same sin?

Due to asking the question of why, many today are faced with the grim dilemma of disappointment, discouragement, and suicide because they seem to be asking the wrong question. The principle of motivating yourself is edged on the concept of asking the right question. You can also be demotivated by either not understanding what is taking place around or within you, or simply asking the wrong question and listening effectively for to the correct answer.

The wrong question will never lead to the right answer. I am sure you’ve heard of the statement, there’s nothing like asking the wrong question, that may be true to a certain level, but if you genuinely desire to fast-track your destiny, you need to learn the art of asking the right question. This challenge, as I have noticed it is not just a secular human issue, but more of a spiritual one if we critically examine it.

How many times you’ve tried reading the Bible or process what a passage is saying, but you seem to be clueless understanding what the scripture is communicating? How many times have you tried praying, but seem not to hear any response from God? The challenge is not just about what we are seeking in terms of prayer but the context of how we frame our request before the Father. It is often about not asking the right question when engaging with the things of the Spirit.

 The matters of the Spirit just like in the natural are based on how we intelligently process questions or problems. If your concept of treating life challenges either in marriage, school, or workplace is based on why and not what, there’s every possibility that you will not arrive at the correct answer, and you know what that means, the problem continues unabated.


There are two most important questions you will ever ask in your journey of life, and they are the question of why and what.  How you view these two questions speaks a lot about knowledge, wisdom, and perspective to life. If your view of life is fixative on why? You will not only be spiritual and emotionally drained and be limited in your options of answers, but might also be psychologically and emotionally crippled from reaching your life full potential.

The what question gives you the insight of opportunity to see your life and its complex challenges or even the trials playing out on a daily basis as a real opportunity to turn failures into triumph than being a victim. The why question makes us a victim rather than an indeed engineered system solution. How you approach the subject of ‘why and what’ is as critical as understanding the essence of your existence. If have highlighted this point as an important pointer to moving towards that position the Father will have you and me come into in this next phase of our advancement in spiritual realities.

Let’s stop living our lives on the why me question, and start moving towards asking the Lord, what are you doing so I may align myself to your will. aligning your will to the Father’s divine purpose begins with knowing the what question. When the what question becomes clear, then you are ready to face any challenge, trial or need because you have a perspective on the problem or battle at hand. Many have given up before the breakthrough arrived, many have opted for separation and divorce before the breakthrough comes because they were building their expectation on why instead





Wisdom builds her house series.

By Isaiah-Phillips Akintola


Here are the rest essentials we need to either remind ourselves or build within the spiritual template of our being as we move further in fulfilling our various missions and life objectives. These are not exhaustive in themselves, however, but they give us some of the guidelines into the foundation that keeps our focus and objective in harmony with the character consistency for a successful developmental journey.

Here’s our foundational scripture again.


Luke 14:

28“Suppose one of you wants to build a tower. Won’t you first sit down and estimate the cost to see if you have enough money to complete it?

29For if you lay the foundation and are not able to finish it, everyone who sees it will ridicule you, 30saying, ‘This person began to build and wasn’t able to finish.

Highlighted points to consider:

  1. Desire and pursue to be a person of integrity. Learn to practice keeping your words and promise. Never promise what you will not keep. Always stand by your promise even to your own hurt. Let your yes be yes, and your no be no. The lack of integrity devalues you and your relationship with people, even if you’re a person of great wisdom and revelation. If I cannot trust your promise, you have no voice or message to offer.
  1. Daily make it a conscious priority to practice killing the spirit of covetousness, and the manipulation of others to force them to do things for you, for this is witchcraft in operation.
  1. Be quick to repent of a known, revealed sin, and daily ask the Holy Spirit to reveal any hidden sin in your life so there’s no hindrance between you and your Heavenly Father.
  1. Practice blessing people around you with good, motivational, encouraging words even in days you may not feel like doing it. Remember, goodness is not the act of feeling. It is the attitude of love and care. Beyond this, seek to bless others with financial or material substance, especially if you live in an environment where such practice is uncommon. Gain full mastery over the spirit of materialism and mammon, even as you learn to value money by investing it into things and people that adds value to your work with the father.
  1. Daily long to pray for your friends, family, colleagues, neighbors, spiritual leaders, and the ministry community you belong. Pray for those in political and business leadership, pray for your nation, and other regions of the globe. Develop the love for the ministry of governmental intercession.
  1. Make it your priority to quickly ask or receive forgiveness from others.
  1. Make it your choice and practice to know and develop in the practice of obeying the will of the father for your life. Trust the lord to give you a clear prophetic insight into his agenda for your life, family, ministry, and even for your nation and generation.
  1. Seek to improve yourself in the core areas of your vision assignment. Don’t give in to procrastination or the fear of insecurity. Be the best in your field of business or Career. Be a true kingdom professional representative wherever you are placed or called to function.
  1. Be creative and prompt with time. People usually rate and value you by how you spend your time.
  1. Seek to be a person of insight, wisdom, and rich understanding not just on the issues of time and season, but also in the way you interact with people of other culture or nationality.
  1. Make it your practice to stay away from people, places and things that may stir your soul to be lustful and carnal.
  1. Always create an atmosphere that is conducive for you to hear the voice of God, and freely move in the direction of the Spirit. Vigorously pursue the development of the spirit of discernment all the time. Remember, everyone you meet daily are first spiritual being. Therefore, learn to relate and respond to them as one.
  1. Be in charge of your (money) income regardless of how small or big it may be. Don’t let trend, fashion, the media, and your insecurity determine how you spend your money and other resources. Learn to streamline your income to areas that can add value to your life. invest in assets and not in liability.
  1. Seek to improve your value in the relationship the father has given to you. Look for ways to add value to people in your life. Don’t use people. Rather invest in their grace, gift, and skill so that they can reach their full potential.
  1. We all are called into some form of leadership responsibility. As I will regularly say that leadership is first a spiritual state before we recognize its responsibility. You need to continually build your leadership grace, insight, and skill through the various avenues the father has planned for you daily.






The power of an authentic life


By Isaiah-Phillips Akintola

I know the first thing that comes to mind when you read this headline is that it sounds contradictory to what the scriptures says. Well, it may seem so, but it doesn’t if one carefully looks at the context and direction of my observation. Indeed, it was the Lord who said it was not good for man to be alone-all one.

Nevertheless, the aloneness of man, biblically speaking doesn’t in any way suggest that Adam was lonely. The purpose he was given companionship was designed for something far greater than his emotional need could comprehend, at least before his fall in the garden. In fact Adam was not aware he add any other need until the father decided it was not good for him to be alone. This issue was never about loneliness, but for that of purpose that far outweigh any sense of human need.

The definer of Adams fulfillment and satisfaction was his creator. Companionship and relationship was, and is still designed for a higher divine prophetic agenda.
Loneliness was the product of the fall, and it’s still very much is, in our 21st century post-modern humanist, self driven society.

Being alone in the sight of the father is not just a reflection of an inadequate capacity to effectively carry out a function, but to however reflect a balanced spectrum of a superior intelligence, ordained to show forth the multi-dimensional wisdom and glory of the creation of man in the class of divine beings.

Marriage was part of the father’s eternal grand design to portray his majesty, glory and sovereignty. We know that marriage has never been the idea of man or cultural belief.
Marriage is the first spiritual and the most powerful human institution, created by the father to display his eternal purpose for creation across the entire universe.

In other words, if you got married just because you were lonely, or for any other reason, outside of the divine blueprint, ordained for marriage, I am afraid, such marriage will lack the required joy and intimacy intended to attract the full blessing of the lord.  While this point is not the aim of this short note, I however felt it would be right to add this in the context of my point which is being alone.

We observed how our lord Jesus Christ, in several occasions, withdraws himself from the crowd to hear the next agenda and direction of the father for his earthly assignment.
It appears after every breakthrough and push towards his prophetic purpose, there is a withdrawal from the people.

The place of his withdrawal was the place of his vision and strength. He was a man of the people, yet he adequately understood why he must conceal himself from the same crowd he was sent to save. This is wisdom in display.   Amidst the endless pursuit of humans, vigorously seeking various forms of friendship and companionships.

However, the beauty of what each of us can bring to such position of (companionship) relationship, that’s if we succeed, will be ultimately determined by what has been carefully drawn and milked out from the quality of our seasons and time of aloneness. The best of our intelligence and productivity in any sphere of discipline is extracted from the point of qualitative quite time of being alone.

Think of this for a second, a person cannot acquire or experience a sound, well informed, qualitative education without investing seasons of quiet time to learn and be developed. Learning requires being alone. How many marriages, concerns and ministry functions today are failing for the singular fact that people have refused to spend quality time to learn to be alone in learning before engaging in such enterprise.

 When you always engage people, who are highly assuming or presumptive in their decision and judgements, that’s a clear sign that they’ve refused to learn the act of listening carefully in quietness before responding.

This kind of individuals do not just cause harm to their company, but also in their relationships even domestically. Maturity, specifically in spiritual matters requires a continual withdrawal from the crowd and public eye to learn, see and know how things are in order to effectively respond with the best of ascending knowledge and wisdom.

There’s the temptation to always look for the opinion and observation of society to afford us a sense of a pass mark even today on social media. We like our posts and remarks to be given a thumb upwards. The irony of this is, someone may like what you’ve posted, and may have benefited from it, and yet may not sense the need to click the like button. How would you judge or measure such behavioral expression?

In most cases because of our humanity, we feel sad for our post not being liked or noticed. It is my impression that people should as much as possible, especially if they are friends, should try to encourage each other by commenting and liking each other’s page.  Even so, if there’s no such response, and you know that what you’ve posted will benefit someone out in that respect, then, merely leave your post or comment there with a clear conscience, knowing fully well that you’ve done your part.

We need to learn to be around crowds, yet precisely be matured in discerning when the father is calling us to be alone with him. In a time when we are constantly being bombarded with all types of noises, especially from the world of news media, social media, sports and unending church programs, we must learn to be alone.

It is the spirit of rejection and insecurity that makes us feel frightened, or look to be losing our hold and control over people close to us, or even our spouse when they are going through a period of being called to be alone.

Every human, single or married needs that seasonal periods of being entirely. It is part of our human construction to find and rediscover ourselves within the context of the world we live in. How many leaders of companies and spiritual elders who desperately need that time for themselves by themselves and without any kind of interference from anyone.

This is a powerful healing therapy that is missing and lacking in our today’s busy life. I am not merely talking about going on holiday with your family. I am referring to that period you need in taking stock.

Learning to evaluate and determine the next step in your life’ journey is a powerful virtue of maturity. A time to stop and look at yourself in the mirror and evaluate how far you’ve come and talk to God in that personal, intimate relationship you’ve missed out for a while, even as servant-leader in ministry.

This is the point where you get to take a lot of things in, and can critically put things in perspective, especially in things that deals with important decision making.  A good successful leader makes a period of aloneness one of the most prioritized points in his or her endeavors. We can see that being alone does not necessarily mean loneliness or disengagement from divine activity.

One of the key manifestations of insecurity and false spirituality is the exhibit of a high-level sense of activity, especially when it sounds or looks highly spiritual. It is almost a general notion and acceptance that when we are seen to be seriously engaged in some form of activity, especially when it implies public view and their approval of acceptance of success, Which in this context may represents some act of the rigorous, unending church service and programs many of us are involved in with little or no resounding result of course, from heaven’s perspective.

We demand to learn and accept the beauty of being alone again and not feel guilty of what others may think or say about your season of silence.  Your productivity in any relationship requires that sometimes, you need to separate yourself for a season, stay away, or even move away to a different region or location as the Spirit of the Lord will lead you.

There’s a need to carefully follow the voice of the father’s direction for your life and that of your family during this epic season.  Being alone, specially when it is spirituality stirred, should always be seen as a virtue of a healthy productive life development.

Redefining manhood

Bringing the core reality of man into existence




BY Isaiah-Phillips Akintola

There is certainly no doubt that one of the greatest battles the church and creation is currently faced with since the advent of the fall of man in the garden, up unto this very moment has been the continuous, relentless assault on the precise definition of man’s integrated image and identity.

Within the framework of man’s true image and identity lies the divine power and authority to change and transform the destructive mechanisms being used by extremist religious sects and the humanist system currently governing the larger part of society.

A man with a restored image, carries the very essence and value standard to reform, transform and ultimately restore creation back to its original ordained place in God.

The determining breakthrough factor of any society is largely hinges on the visionary capacity of its men. The advance of any nation is largely determined by the quality of its men. Highly productive, visionary sustained societies are birthed by quality men who are very well-developed, skilled, informed, and driven by strong ethical principles.

Men, by design are visionaries; they are pathfinders with a strong sense of INTENT, PURPOSE AND DIRECTION. Ideally, their adventurous nature allows them to break into new grounds and territories with little inhibitions. 


Although they may be leaders, but sometimes not too effective managers, and that is the main reason, the Lord places wise and virtuous women around them, who are wired with exceptional qualities of managerial skills to help them carry out their assignment. Whenever their inborn qualities are not functioning the way they have been designed, it simply means that something has gone wrong that needs to be urgently fixed.

We do know that the unholy conversation between Satan and Eve, and the subsequent deception that led to the fall was indirectly targeted at Adam and the male race. The assault did not just distort and neutralize God’s ordained image and identity in man, but having cost him his position of relationship with his heavenly father, he subsequently lost his assigned authority as the chief administrator of God’s estate.

Subsequent struggles, from the days of Cain and Abel, to the epic battles of our Lord Jesus Christ in the wilderness, and that of the garden of Gethsemane before his death and resurrection were all contentions for the eternal seed and identity of God in man.

The nature and scale of the battle also shifts at different levels. From being an internal contradictions within an individual to contending with socio-cultural forces, it can also assume a powerful ideological dimension of the state’s warfare against religion.

The plan to neutralize man’s spiritual IMAGE, IDENTITY and FUNCTION identity, and therefore, his ordained assignment within the structure of his family, home and church and the larger society has never been so ruthless severe.

It is extremely impossible for a state to assume the place and function of a man, and expect society to run smoothly. It is becoming evidentially clear that under today’s concept of democracy, just like in the days of communism, the state is trying to take total control with regard to how the home and families should be run.

Men are being stripped of their manhood in the name of promoting human rights. The ravaging feminist ideology, an off-shoot of humanism will not only destroy the family, but will also destroy the society as a whole.

In the context of a home, it is important to state that the notion of a rivalry between the man and the woman is alien to the original divine plan. God, in His divine order has set things in place, including how the male man and his family ought to live, and if we follow His values and set principles, we will enjoy a blissful society. The more rights the state tries to strip from men, the more dysfunctional society will become.

The way to empower women and children is by empowering the men with the Spirit of their Heavenly Father. The more men learn of their original identity in Christ, the easier it becomes for them to sacrificially offer their lives for the provision and protection of their family and community. It is highly important that I stress that the battle of the 21st century society will be determined and won by the quality of men produced by the society, and not the other way around.

As the Lord highlights the key qualities of men that He will use in this season to challenge the assault of darkness, we need to remind ourselves that we have to first unclothe our minds from the soulish carnal garment of Saul and that of Babylon with which we have been clothed by our natural birth circumstances.

Who we are, and the exploit we are able to carry out on behalf of God’s people will ultimately be by the quality and state of our spiritual and mental states. David learnt to unclothe himself first from the mentality of Saul before he faced Goliath.

“Then Saul dressed David in his own tunic. He put a coat of armor on him and a bronze helmet on his head. David fastened on his sword over the tunic and tried walking around, because he was not used to them. “I cannot go in these,” he said to Saul, “because I am not used to them.” So he took them off.

“Then he took his staff in his hand, chose five smooth stones from the stream, put them in the pouch of his shepherd’s bag and, with his sling in his hand, approached the Philistine.”

Your mentality defines your internal awareness and competence; in other words, the garment you wear will either prepare you for battle or prevent you from standing out when Goliath come calling.

 Many of the men of our time truly have the desire, and even to some extent, the passion to want to bring change to their family and community but they are wrongly dressed.

Wrong value standards like that of King Saul is certainly a wrong gear-amour to wear in the days of confronting the horns and the [principalities] gates hindering the rise of the church and nations in fulfilling their destiny.

The scripture above highlighted four insightful conversations between King Saul, David the Shepherd boy, his brothers and Goliath of Gath. These conversations actually reveal whose manhood was adequately prepared and ready from all the four characters.

Extracting certain core principles for the reality of manhood from the 1 Samuel 17:28-40 in my opinion, gives insightful wisdom to how to deal with the issue of a true visionary, competent company of men ready to bring deliverance to this generation.


Let’s highlight these four key conversations;

  1. 1. First conversation with Eliab, David’s eldest brother:

When Eliab, David’s oldest brother, heard him speaking with the men, he burned with anger at him and asked, “Why have you come down here? And with whom did you leave those few sheep in the wilderness? I know how conceited you are and how wicked your heart is; you came down only to watch the battle.”

  1. 2. Second, the conversation of David with King Saul:

 What David said was overheard and reported to Saul, and Saul sent for him. David said to Saul, “Let no one lose heart on account of this Philistine; your servant will go and fight him.”

  1. Third, the conversation of Saul with David:

Saul replied, “You are not able to go out against this Philistine and fight him; you are only a young man, and he has been a warrior from his youth.”

  1. The last conversation which is the declaration of Goliath

Is the key point we shall be considering.



First Samuel 17

Goliath stood and shouted to the ranks of Israel, “Why do you come out and line up for battle? Am I not a Philistine, and are you not the servants of Saul? Choose a man and have him come down to me.

If he is ABLE to fight and kill me, we will become your subjects; but if I overcome him and kill him, you will become our subjects and serve us.” Then the Philistine said, “This day I defy the armies of Israel! Give me a man and let us fight each other.” On hearing the Philistine’s words, Saul and all the Israelites were dismayed and terrified.

Woe to you, O land, when your king is a child, and your princes feast in the morning! Blessed are you, O land, when your king is the son of nobles, and your princes feast at the proper time— For strength and not for drunkenness! (Eccles 10:16-17)



These two scriptures introduce us to the whole essence of the subject matter of the reality manhood, and I do believe that as we approach this subject from the accurate realm of the knowledge of the tree of life, we will be able to systematically identify and neutralize from within the inner man, the carnal fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. This latter has been the source of all known natural concepts of manhood. It is important that we do not base the interpretation of spiritual reality on carnal humanistic wisdom and ideology.

The approach of defining manhood from spiritual the dimension should further enhance the strength, courage, and determination of our spiritual pursuits unto that zenith of a perfect corporate man, which should be our default operating pattern in Christ.

The sad reality of Goliath’s unprecedented challenge was that not a single man in the entire parade of King Saul’s army, including the seemingly strong brothers of David were brave enough to face and challenge Goliath.

To understand the reason why King Saul and his men could not face Goliath, we need to look into the structure of Saul’s inner configuration; what kind of man was he on the inside? The architectural configuration of Saul’s inner make-up is a powerful indicator of the kind of values system that defined his manhood’s outlook, especially with his men on the battlefield.

It is clear that the life of Saul directly or indirectly impacts the moral capabilities of his men. A man (i.e. leader) with the right inner configuration will not only motivate and inspire other men within and around his world to function with uttermost skill and capacity, but will also equip them with the necessary courage and determination to advance and succeed in carrying out their assignments.

Saul, like Goliath, represents various layers of predominantly soulish, satanic strongholds and systems, positioned within and outside our world’s environment, and David represents a type of quality and character icon required to challenge and defeat this principality known as Goliath.

Therefore, accurate manhood exudes the qualities of a courageous fearless life to challenge and overcome the various satanic hindrances against the advancement of the people of God from one point of transition to the next.

The evidence of the days we live in both from the economic, sociocultural, geopolitical, and the religious ideological extremism, demands a total shift in the configuration of the male man from the old pattern of a weak, carnal and lack of visionary character lifestyle, to the very nature of a well perfected, ascended vision driven nature of the second man, the last Adam.


David, to some degree speaks into some of the core character qualities the lord is looking for in the men of our time for us to be truly empowered to take on the challenge of the Goliath of our day.


The remark of David to Saul in terms of his identity and believe system proves to us that, though he lives in a society that is generally controlled and influence by the King Saul ideological beliefs, he draws his own identity, ideology and inspiration of life from a higher dimension everyone else seem to be unaware of.


Even when the king tried to enforce his concept of manhood and warfare on him, he will not give in because they are alien to his identity. He said to the king, I cannot go with these because they have not been proven. Here is a powerful concept David is showing us that for the fact that the instruction is coming from a highly respected and influential person does not make it acceptable.


He proved to the King and all the men of his generation that there is another realm where true men gains insight, instruction and direction that transcend this limited weak realm of existence. The scriptures said he reach deep into his shepherd’s bag for one of the five smooth stones he had earlier collected from the river.


This young lad once again is calling and challenging the men of South Africa and this generation to gather at the foot of this epic battle season, and start learning again what it means to be a real man who will stand up to the challenge, and completely defeat  the Goliath’s of economic, sociocultural and religious giants of our time. It’s time to undress our minds from its weakness and dysfunctional past. It’s a new day to war in righteousness.


Contemporary patterns often demonstrated in the economic, socio-cultural, political, and  religious contexts reveal the need for a total shift in the configuration of the male man from the old pattern of a carnal, spiritually sightless and character-deficient personality to that of the morally whole well perfected, ascended vision-driven nature of the last Adam, the man Jesus.

Solomon further expresses his apprehension regarding a city, family or society that positions immature men in highly sensitive leadership position. In fact, he sees such blind decision as a curse on the entire community, city or nation.