Engaging the high place of your father’s house as you engage 2017

Generational issues are one of the most challenging factors that homes, family, and the community are grappling with. Yet, this is one of the least understood spiritual concept in the scripture. It's extremely important we locate and develop the boldness and resolve to engage the high place of our father’s house. It is unfortunate that we still see folks today who desire to engage in some form of apostolic reformation assignment who are yet to effectively locate and deal with the immediate high-places of their homes and lives.

Your mind, the last frontier of spiritual warfare 

The battlefield of the mind. By Isaiah-Phillips Akintola Part one A brief background of the material Please take note, this material has been put together with the view of assisting members of Christ body globally but in particular, South African believers to understand the nature of the current psychological warfare against her. And to also … Continue reading Your mind, the last frontier of spiritual warfare