About Us

The core purpose of this blogsite is to offer you the reader, the most excellent, practical, ethical and spiritually based resource material for your development. The idea is to enhance your spiritual, psychological and emotional intelligence in this season of uncertainty. For those who are already working towards the process of being transformed, this blog will enhance and consolidate your journey in such a way that will broaden and accelerate your reformational development. The focus of this site is to be an online apostolic cyber hub, where you have the opportunity to share, comment and offer others your honest advice on the challenge of living life according to God’s divine standard.

Portalsgate is an itinerary ministry which offers a well-balanced biblical resource for personal and corporate church development.

It’s founder, Isaiah-Phillips Akintola has pioneered various initiatives in the past 27 years, from local church establishment to developing leaders in the corporate world and in the body of Christ.

He has continued to foster the spiritual development of men and women who are team players in key leadership positions today.

His passion to see a well balanced, equipped, developed and functional (body of Christ) ecclesia is evidently clear in his concept of prophetic teaching and in the delivering of his assigned apostolic mandate, which is guided on the core footing of the revelation of Jesus Christ.

He has continued to apply his prophetic intercessory depth and insight to raise a generation of young leaders who can engage their lives and the larger society with a keen sense of a powerful creative prophetic competence.

These young leaders, like Joseph or David, can display multidimensional (skill) grace as the needs arises to lead, guide and offer solution in various fields of life.

One of his ultimate desire is to see the ecclesia in his generation function as a perfected corporate man, living in the full, authentic manifestation of an apostolic culture also known as the unity of the faith.

The days are upon the Church where we need to arise and build an apostolic system of existence that doesn’t only have the capacity to preserve the ancient truth, but also carries the capacity and grace to advance the purposes of Christ and his kingdom within the interiors and exteriors of all human existence.

He believes that truth once preserved and passed down through the sacrificial lives of the Saints should be given the voice to speak among the nations. The accurate representation and proclamation of ancient apostolic truth has never been so eminent.

I believe it is my duty as the Lord’s Portal in this epic to remind readers of this blog of their responsible to preach, teach, preserve and advance the undiluted message of the kingdom of God without delay or compromise. The kingdoms of these world shall become the kingdom of our Lord and his Christ…