The architecture of life is based on divine inherent principles, values, and premises that must be clearly understood and adhered to from a personal level to a corporate point of view to complete development, transition, and productivity within the human space. The further humans shift away from these core values, philosophies, and standards, the more we will see and experience the degeneration and collapse of all systems and ideological foundations adopted as an alternative


Firstly and foremost, we need to clarify several critical principles as we engage in the prophetic reality of the third day assigned strong apostolic leadership spirit, ordained to lead the Body of Christ forward and not backwards. As we have noticed with the weak Aaronic leadership priesthood. We are told that while Moses was on the mountain, waiting on the Lord for the direction of the way forward, the people could persuade Aaron to lead them back to Egypt. What does leading forward mean for us as individuals and, of course, for the corporate body of Christ in the current prophetic environment in which we find ourselves? It is important to contextualize and personalize this question so that we don't have Aaron, in the name of proximity with Moses, who leads us back to Egypt with a golden calf image.