Creation speak images


Life is an Art of endless creativity

Designing or taking pictures to me is more than just an art, it is one of the ways of expressing my prophetic makeup and identity. I see and hear the voice of God through the image of nature. Everything close to me, living or non-living, display a fingerprint of the Father’s wisdom and majesty. The darkest of night amplifies the magnificent beauty of the countless number of stars and galaxies in the sky, while the sun radiate his grand power to sustain all things through the brightness of his word, sustained by his life called the light of the world.

The mountains and the mighty wave of the ocean reveals the powerful force of God’s presence, authority and dominance over his creation. The sand on the seashore tells of the infinite nature of Christ, the ever-increasing wisdom that cannot be challenged nor hindered regardless of new scientific discoveries. Each plant, in its beauty, arrangement, and blooming season, speaks volume of the various shapes and shades of the Father’s love, mercy, and grace.


Humans, at various stages and seasons of life are the reflection of colors, characters, believes and highly complex expectations. What humans do in their various life stages and assignment is more than just the art of survival or even happiness, but the very impression of their inner philosophies and spirituality.

The architectural concept of various designs which we greatly admire speaks of the passion for giving life to the creative image within them. Occupation is an expression of art in multiple levels that take a particular prophetic understanding to unravel and appreciate. Art is more than just the release of what man sees, feel, think, or even wish, but the cry to be free from the self-imprisonment inherited from the fall of the first man in the Garden.

Art to most humans, is a window into the realm of the limitless imagination of the one created in the likeness of the unlimited God. Art is a powerful, prophetic tool that seeks to give voice and shape to the inner depth of what we see but unable to effectively articulate. However, when we discover that heaven has placed eternity within us, we start breaking away from the limitation that has kept us in captivity, and we begin to move into the boundless realm of creative possibilities.

Beyond these expressed views, humans are a component of various emotional and spiritual characters that is often captured through [music] sound and images. What we see in the picture tells us more about people than what they say in words. To capture the essence of an image is to capture the eternal reality of things, including human behavioral patterns, attitudes, and challenges.

I, in particular, love the image of nature; sometimes the abstractness of an imaginary image speaks more profoundly to the inner realities of our joy, pain, or even life struggle. There is more to discover in pictures than what we merely see in three-dimensional figures or colors. Dreams are filled with voices and images; some are pleasant while some are frightening, yet, they are a heavenly language of images, conveying profound realities, spoken in the riddle of similitudes crying out for freedom and possibilities.


Just before the blooming season.



It is the home that matters and not the house.



The world is an ecosystem of contribution.


There’s life outside the aquarium, refuse to be limited.



The fruit of the tree of life.


I am ready to fly.



Even the dry wood has its function in creation.