I WAS BORN TO PRAY… By Isaiah-Phillips Akintola. My entire journey and spiritual history can be summed up in one word, prayer. This post was first published on my Facebook page in 2018 to encourage my followers and friends. I have written extensively on my journey and experience around the ministry of prayer. I was … Continue reading I WAS BORN TO PRAY.


This relevant prophetic sound recaptures the unique ascended priestly governing order of the Church of the firstborn also known as the Third-Day’s Church being ushered into our various spaces in maturity even as we continue to behold the implosion and the dying days of a Church system built by human wisdom and strength. This is the day of the repair and restoration of the fallen tent of David, and this will require a new breed of spiritual leaders with a well matured, governmental spiritual competence to redesign and engineer the restoration of this order of a Davidic house. This is the day of the repositioning of Moses on the mountain of victory as Joshua engages in battle with the Amalekites, and this will demand a new company of intercessory entities with the eye of an eagle and the courage and strength of a lion, yet, with human face and heart to be positioned on the watchtower. This is the day of the reopening of the temple doors of the house of the Lord that has been closed by the unfaithfulness and failure of the immediate past priestly generation.


I explained to them that only in the place of prayer can their spirits become strong [impenetrable] and secure if they chose to enroll in the gym of prayer school. Many have enrolled in all forms of spiritual school, including the prophetic, apostolic school, but have deliberately rejected the school of prayer intercessory to their detriment.


Intercession is a spirit of divine intervention, and we are given such privilege to employ the power of intercession in changing the state of human affairs. If we're going to move further into the realities of God's counsel for this new day, even as we continue to witness the devastation taking place across the earth, we must have a posture of men and women called to pray and intercede for their nations.