wisdomspeak quotes

wisdomspeak quote is both a daily and weekly quotation, drawn from various biblical values and principles that seeks to highlight key important directions in resolving complex human challenges. The word of God is filled with precise answers and a solution that can effectively assist with resolve personal and corporate issues of life.






This quotation speaks to the laying of the proper foundation in building effective leadership.


This quotation speaks to the burning desire of seeking the presence of God in all we do and represent.

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Nearly every aspect of the Christian faith doctrine is being disputed today, and it appears our church leadership has very little answer in defense of this challenges. The church needs to wake up


Every season in the life of a believer requires a different concept of spiritual posture and approach in living successfully. This scripture admonition by apostle Peter in 1 Peter chapter 1:13 shows us how to position our minds in readiness to effectively engage these days of the end.


Biblical truth must be relevant in three realms for such truth to be effective in representing God’s divine counsel.