The two narratives of present day Christianity 


. “Because of the savor of thy good ointments thy name is as ointment poured forth, therefore do the virgins love thee.”  Song of Solomon‬ ‭1:3‬ ‭KJVA‬‬

They are various reasons why people start a ministry, support a godly initiative, or even attend fellowship in places we often call the church. Loving Christ and the things of the father are not as plain and simple as many will like us to believe due to the unseen reasons and motives behind such claims.

The scripture before us gives insight into why people love Christ and his body, and if one does not carefully examine the scripture in its proper context one can easily assume the action and motive of the virgins to be accurate.

When you compare the whole chapter of Isaiah 53 with scripture like Isaiah chapter 4:1, one start to appreciate the concept of sound systematic interpretation of scriptures.  A church whose desire and motive is seeking to eat it’s own (doctrine) food and wear it’s own (righteousness) apparel, and yet still wants to bear the (nature) name of Christ is a church baptized in a strong spirit of deception and delusion.

We are not allowed to bring our own doctrine or idea of faith when it comes to the things of the Spirit. Neither can you define your own standard of righteousness as you approach the reality of the kingdom initiatives. One of the things we will continually see highlighted as we press into the ascended reality of the mountain of the Lord is the constant testing of our motives regardless of how simple or insignificant our actions and appearance may seem.

 There are two main philosophy driving the thrust of what is generally termed as Christianity today.  One is grossly defined by what Christ can do for them or help them to become. While the latter is simply seeking to discover the very essence of which they’ve been created and to live for such in Christ regardless of the condition or social status.

We are increasingly seeing the encouragement of a gospel that accommodate all a sundry in the name of ‘grace and mercy’ whilst the model and value standard of the kingdom of God is continually eroded and trampled upon. These two narratives are aggressively echoed in how we see or perceive a successful or not productive ministry. They define the template of our devotional prayers and general intercession.

They are highly reflected in the lyrics of the songs we sing in our praise and worship time, they are further reflected in the way we receive or give our offerings either financial or material; and of course, they ultimately define how we view and interact with people and the world around us.

So-called highly driven and successful churches and ministries alike today are unfortunately established on the first narrative. Which narrative is your faith walk built on?


The intent of apostolic faith



 the intent of apostolic faith

                                     The intent of apostolic faith

                                           Isaiah-Phillips Akintola

Some few months back, the lord granted me the pleasure of  accessing certain truths regarding what is defined in the word of God as corporate faith; and I think some of the values shared in those words are truly enlightened principles that can accelerate the life’s journey of anyone traveling on the road to Zion in this new day. I certainly do recommend that you take the time out to read them on my blogpost.

Lately, the lord has been pulling my attention again to reexamine another frequency of his truth in the scriptures that expatiate on the character nature of faith. I would assume the Father is impressing this truth to me in particular due to the nature of the days we find ourselves and the kind of posture of heart require if we must advance to the next mountain of his pleasure.

We have entered an era where two opposite and opposing principles are living side by side, and we are required to precisely and effectively define and understand the principle and value model we have subconsciously subscribe to in other to accurately determine the source of our heart purpose and intent.

This deliberate spiritual scrutiny is highly crucial in particular for those who intend to successfully transit in what is today known as the third day ministry lifestyle. Intention, purpose and objective can be subtly corrupt if the source that feed our spirit or soul start reflecting an iota of an ambitious undertone. I cannot overemphasize this. In my almost three decades of ministry, I have discovered that it is so easy to slip from the center-point of divine intent, and this is because of one single deadly poison known as insecurity. One of the greatest qualities of a true follower of the lamb is to be totally secure in him. Insecurity is the breeding ground for all forms of fear and self-centered ambitions.

You will notice in genesis that the lord had already finished his work before he created Adam to dress it. The word dress means to maintain. Maintenance suggest that something is already in existence that only needs to be kept in a particular state or condition.  There are substance both in the spiritual and natural sphere the lord has designed man to maintain. This idea mean to give it life and direction through our presence and visibility.  The first man, Adam shifted from the center point, and therefore failed from his core Assignment which was to maintain the garden. The garden was his wife and every other thing that secure her purpose and assignment in God.

While he had the power and authority to name and nature creatures, he however failed to stop the enemy from having a deadly conversation with his (assignment) wife. Therefore, if we understand that our assignment is more of a spiritual stand in establishing that which the Lord has already brought forth, it eradicate the burden of trying to do something for God.

 Our position is not to try to do ‘things’ but to become what we have been originally designed and ordained to reflect through the image and likeness of the Father reflecting in our lifestyle conduct. Those who go around in trying to create (ministry) thing for themselves because they have become so insecure, then it only proves that something has to be urgently fixed within the dysfunctional reality of their soul.

 While our perceived assignment may reflect a lot of good creative intentions to the natural sight, when they are however scrutinized under a strong prophetic office, we see the shadow of fear, insecurity and illegitimate leadership manipulation as the driver of what we claim to be given by the Lord.

One can have a good intention with a subliminal corrupt agenda. This directly answers the question why very good people in the house of God ends up been corrupt. Corruption of life and ministry is a direct reflection of a slit shift of the heart from the center point. The centerpint of any person or assignment is remaining in the knowledge of becoming like Christ in his true essence, and not necessarily what you have built or achieve in his name. Kingdom centered intent are byproduct of a life that has totally embrace not just the pathway of the cross, but the very essence of the ascended lifestyle.

 If that which is pursuit in the name of God or ministry has not first become a sacrificial burnt offering, the ‘things’ we define to be ministry or great achievements in life will become the very instrument that corrupts the heart.  The definition of idolatry today is not farfetched from the very things we spiritually pursue even in our prayers before God. if the heart is merely seeking to serve Intent without us first capturing the ideology that we are the first and the only work he desire to perfect in the earth, we risk losing the heartbeat of the Fathers prophetic intent, which is a life that has (ascended) risen to him as a living smoke from the burnt offering of the altar of our lives. This is the work of the third day ministry. 

 There is a deception or should I say, a delusion that assumes that the Father is only pleased with what we have achieved or build in his name for the world to behold, most especially when they look grand and lofty. While we most seek to pursuit the pleasure of the father through the expression of what we have been given the grace to construct as portals of his divine expression in the earth, we should never forget that what the Lord is truly searching for is a soul that has willingly offer itself to be beheaded on the altar of the Father’s pleasure.

 These kinds of men are women are the ones Christ can truly and confidently place his life headship upon. The knowledge of what the father seeks for amidst the present darkness will continue to define and separate the two characters of lives found today within the body. As the Spirit of the lord continues to impress these demands on us, we all have the duty to be determined in offering him the pleasure of trust, obedience and sacrifice daily.

 As we see the increase of the activity of darkness manifest in various forms and shape across the globe, we should not be alarm of their threats because there is right now a fresh release of the spirit of supplication and intercession to seek the Lord more than ever before.

 The famine of truth and lack of the presence of the Lord the church had faced in the past decade is coming to a closure, and we are been given the opportunity again to partake of the season of refreshing coming from the presence of the Father.  This release of the grace to pray and seek the face of the Lord will allow the heart to be thoroughly threshed in readiness of to receive an update revelational understanding of the spirit of an overcomer admits the present darkness.

The demand to update and upgrade the quality of our faith to the standard that will make for our advancement is a major highlight in the mind of the Lord.  As a sojourner, seeking passage through time into the eternal realm, we need not only to be reminded frequently of the process and value standard required of us in our mission on earth, but to also learn to keep our eyes on the end of our journey so that we are able to persevere in times of tribulations and adversities. At each season of our migration into that ascended preferred life in Christ, we are introduced to different realities of faith.

Since faith is the core substance that allows us to please God, it becomes highly important for us to understand what pleases him at each injunction of our faith. What pleased him yesterday may be his displeasure today. Journeying into the things of the spirit is an unending reality that requires a childlike attitude daily from us in approaching the spiritual things.

 Therefore, recently again, the good lord caused me to peach my tent by Hebrews chapter 11:27, and as a sat, in search of the revelation and mysteries lucked within the scripture, I suddenly became aware of certain keys laying around for anyone who has responded to the summoning of the Spirit of the Father.

It seem the more we try to read and understand the scripture through the template of what men today tag as the kingdom truth, the more frustrated we have become for the reason that our thought pattern and its process of comprehension is still highly influenced by the knowledge of the three of good and evil.  Many among highly notable preachers and teachers of the word of God today have decided to settle for what I’ll like to refer to as an echo of other preacher word to survive and sustain their ministry.

There is absolutely nothing wrong in listening or even borrowing others concept of knowledge of the word as long as we recognize and acknowledge where they came from. My point is, those who have become lazy and too busy to labor in the place of sacrificing their time and space to pray and meditate on the values of seeking the kingdom first, and above all else should not think the lord will cheaply give them access into the kingdom keys of the third day portal.

Both the cultural environment and operational standard of the third day’s ministry is totally different from how we have viewed, received and function in our earlier ministry camps. While it’s easy to learn and speak the language of the third day ministry, you will however not be able to produce its fruit.

The process it takes to search, seek and discover the knowledge key to access the current mind of the Lord is found in the place of complete blindness to your former operational perception, and the readiness to shut down for a season until your sight is restored through the ministry of another ordained to lead you into the new day.

The template of how you think and see the word of God in regards to its interpretation and benefit has to shift from self-enrichment to Christ been magnified and glorified in your life first, and then through your life to the rest of the world. There are those who have been sent ahead of you to lead and guide you into what you are yet to see. Wearing the cloak of humility is a powerful transitional attitude character that will accelerate you into the next realm of heaven’s designed plan for your life.

The lord is reinventing the framework of our ideology and theology in other for his restored truth to perfectly seat without our soul fighting for space. What the Lord is saying and birthing in this new era demand a complete reorientation of how we see and understand the word who is the personification of Christ. Whatever you think you have attained or achieve for God should be laid as a burnt offering altar for the sacrifice of a new day that will be emerging from the smoke of the pleasure offering of your life raising to the throne the Father.

 The Lord will not cheaply offer you access into what someone else has defined to you as Gods thing. You need to come up higher into the place of sight and understanding to comprehend the new spiritual path created for those who are dead to their own glory.

The mind of the Father is wider and bigger than the entire universe put together a million times. Yet, it could be the closest experience we could ever have we there is a cultivation of the right attitude to listen and discern the lord’s voice.

The word of God is only living and alive only to those who have become completely blind and totally dead to the ways and pattern of this world. Within this pages of the word are journeys you must embark if you desire to see things that are made for your reformation and transformation.

I discovered that the scripture itself is only a portal that introduces us THE ONE CALL THE LIVING WORD. Until a man comes to the end of himself he cannot be introduced to his designed destiny deep within the heart of the father.  Therefore, the unlocking of certain spiritual doors as you open the pages of the word of God is highly crucial to the feeding of your Spiritman, and the deliverance of your soul from the image and culture of Sin. Back to Moses.

Some lesson to learn from Boston bombing

Some lesson to learn from Boston bombing

Our heart and deepest prayer goes out to the city of Boston, and the entire nation of America as they morn the tragic killing of innocent lives and hundreds wounded in this last terrorist attack.

However, as prophetic people, what are the lessons that can be learnt

The nation of America is known and believed to be one of the super power of the world in terms of their system of intelligence and sophisticated weaponry. While they where preparing themselves and their allies incase of a nuclear attack from North Korea, a more subtle enemy saw their focus on the North as a strategic opportunity to distract and invade the nation unnoticed.

1- We cannot live in the delusion of thinking we are secure when our walls and gates are already invaded by the enemy.

2- There as to be a constant redefinition of spiritual intelligence and authority as the strategy of the enemy’s attack changes from season to season.

3- While the power of Gods word is eternal by nature. however, how the word is fashioned, handle and understood within our spirit man must be updated from time to time. Certain spiritual method we once use in defeating the enemy in the past have become just too weak and obsolete in dealing with the more complex challenges of our time. The current speaking and emphasis of the Spirit defines to us the kind of weaponry needed to expose and destroy the activity of darkness. There is a need for spiritual upgrade.

4- We cannot afford to be cut off guard. Our first duty is to prevent the invasion of the enemy, and not to merely manage the assault of darkness on our lives.

5- when you shift from the values, standards and the principle of building your life,family, city or nation according to the divine pattern, you automatically abdicate your authority and power to lead and secure the future.

6- The enemy usually take advantage of a weak-link within. Ones there is devision of vision, purpose, value and objective as a community, the enemy already have access into the land; regardless of how alert and prepared the guards on our walls and gates may be. A kingdom divided against itself cannot stand.

7- True leadership cannot be defined as a gray color, it’s either black or white, true or false. some of the ungodly values and humanistic policies made by lawmakers to accommodate everyone’s ideology or belief system has made the life of the people more vulnerable to attack and destruction.

8- Except the Lord watches our city, all our secured intelligence and sophisticated weapons cannot stop an enemy determine to wipe us off the planet.

9- We are learning daily that even the most powerful nation are still vulnerable once their sense of awareness of the change in season become weakened and dull.

10- The enemy uses terrorism to release and spread the spirit of fear and anxiety in other to cripple society from advancing. We must never give in to the spirit of fear, masqueraded in terrorism.

11- The nation of America and its leadership seriously need the intercession of believers globally.

12- Righteousness still exalt a nation and sin remains a reproach…

13- We must learn to arise and shine the light of Christ kingdom even in the midst of the greatest form of darkness around. The best time to shine the light of God is in the midst of darkness.

14- we need to learn to trust God and not our human wisdom because they will surely fail

15- Any society that rejects the whole counsel of God for living will find it very difficult to experience lasting and meaningful peace and joy

The cost of staying fervent in prayer

The cost of staying fervent in prayer

By Isaiah-Phillips Akintola

Pattern from the Church of Ephesus

Rev 2:1-5

2:1 TO THE angel (messenger) of the assembly (church) in Ephesus write: These are the words of Him Who holds the seven stars [which are the messengers of the seven churches] in His right hand, Who goes about among the seven golden lampstands [which are the seven churches]:

2 I know your industry and activities, laborious toil and trouble, and your patient endurance, and how you cannot tolerate wicked [men] and have tested and critically appraised those who call [themselves] apostles (special messengers of Christ) and yet are not, and have found them to be impostors and liars.

3 I know you are enduring patiently and are bearing up for My name’s sake, and you have not fainted or become exhausted or grown weary.

4 But I have this [one charge to make] against you: that you have left (abandoned) the love that you had at first [you have deserted Me, your first love].

5 Remember then from what heights you have fallen. Repent (change the inner man to meet God’s will) and do the works you did previously [when first you knew the Lord], or else I will visit you and remove your lampstand from its place, unless you change your mind and repent.  AMP

It is quite amazing to see the quality profile of the church of Ephesus as we begin to consider what the Spirit of the Lord is emphasizing to his Church today. The Spirit of the Lord is speaking expressly to his people in this season of lukewarmness.  If you have read the book of Ephesian you will immediately understand the spiritual investment amongst this people. Arguably, this church had one of the most amazing discipleship training from Apostle Paul. Three years was given into laying the foundation of this house. Years after something major had gone wrong with the priority of this people, the Lord had to personally send a little of admonishing and warning to this beloved saints.

What does love have to do with it?

Matt 22:37-40

37 Jesus replied: “‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’   38 This is the first and greatest commandment. 39 And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’   40 All the Law and the Prophets hang on these two commandments.”  NIV

The spiritual defect of the Church of Ephesus speaks volumes of the same spiritual condition of the present day 21st century Church.  Everything seems to be in place in our gatherings except for one thing that is out of place-the genuine love of God. With face value, the church of Ephesus to any human standard can be regarded as an example of a well-structured, matured community of God’s people in the earth. This church’s standard seems to be where the present day body of Christ is heading as a benchmark of perfection yet it is not.  When one starts to highlight the activities and spiritual impact of this community, you immediately see that they truly understand what it means to be a true apostolic productive community yet have left their love for God behind them.

Both their social and spiritual footprint in the society cannot be easily ignored, their ability to stand up to wicked men and expose false apostles and their activity within the body shows the level of discernment and zeal they have for the things of God. Examining the life of this community of Gods people from a face value will certainly deceive anyone.  The Lord who is walking among the seven lampstands {churches} is defining and measuring the standard of what his church should look like at any season in time.  When the Lord scrutinized the foundation of this house according to his calling and purpose, they were found wanting because they have left their first love. This is a serious issue in the sight of God when you consider the importance and function of his love in the heart of his church. They had completely forgotten their life source while they are still very active in their daily ministry.  Considering the crime of the Church of Ephesus one can easily think it’s not that serious but when you consider the impact of the crime then you see the gravity; they had fallen from the height of their spirituality.

The height gained towards the mountain of the Lord has been lost. This scripture is truly a wakeup call for all believers. Irrespective of the height you may have gained spiritually, if you do not continue in the journey of knowing and obeying the voice of the Lord daily, you will find yourself in the same place the Church of Ephesus found themselves.  How many of us today are so busy trying to impress God with our good works while we have totally left behind our first love for God. The moment you neglect the place of his presence in worship and prayer, you will definitely start losing your spiritual focus and priority. Our first love-Christ should be the focal point and the motivating factor of whatever we say and do.

The ascended ministry of prayer

This is where the ministry of prayer comes into effect.  The ascended life is one given completely to the ministry and nature of prayer. The more I understand the ministry of prayer, the more I realize it is the only valid resource given to enhance and advance our pursuit into God. They that must come to God must believe… your believe system towards the realm of God can only be effective on the track of a precise prayer life. The Church of Ephesus in their pursuit of ministry forgot their core purpose in life. In their attempt to make impact and become relevant, they left behind the transforming power of the Spirit. While they are trying to win the world, they left behind the spirit of conviction. We have said in time past that whatever we try to produce in the name of the Lord that is not first birthed in the place of prayer will certainly not produce after God’s kind.

Prayer is the catalyst for kingdom development, transformation and restoration. The release of the present reformation is as a result of agonizing prayers of saints globally.  All believers in this season is enrolled into the strategic intercessory prayer ministry. Ministry is a calling with special gifting or grace to serve God and his kingdom in a specific area of assignment. If there is anything missing today in the Body of Christ it is the pureness of the ministry of prayer. Like I said some time back, the reason why there are so much soulish carnal tendencies amongst believers is the absence of a true prayer life. Prayer is the one key that opens us into a vast realm of life beyond our comprehension. The elevated life in Christ is discovered in the place of prayer. We need to return to our first love so we can once again regain our passion for prayer. The love and passion you have for the Lord should stir your love and passion for those he paid the ultimate price for on the cross.

Precise salvational foundation lays the burden quest to pray and seek the face of the Lord on behalf of others in your family and environment. We cannot begin to comprehend the authority, influence and power we can generate as believers when we start praying relentlessly.  When the Body of Christ starts waking up to her spiritual responsibility, the world will definitely begin to respond to the spiritual climate created by faith and obedience to the will of God.

The church is on a crossroad. We need to decide on which side of the global reality we are going to focus; are we going to allow the negative activities of darkness to stop and deter us from achieving our primary mission? A new generation of prophetic intercession is arising to dislodge the powers of darkness over cities and nations. Our mission is to bring the light of the glorious gospel of the kingdom of God to the darkest places within our communities. Positioning your faith, truth and obedience to God’s desire releases the capacity to make a difference even in every obscure situation. God is calling us to carry the cross of intercession in this crucial season. There has to be a man or woman in the community, city or nation that can change the cause of events through the powerful ministry of strategic prayer. You cannot desire a productive intimate prayer life without preparing yourself for an unprecedented encounter.

Laying foundation for apostolic prayer lifestyle

There is no doubt that prayer deals with the continual transitional process and reconfiguration of the Church’s spiritual structure. Not realizing that everything in the body is organic in nature, meaning that we are designed to continually grow and change even in our concept of understanding how we pray. Many, due to the lack of this revelation knowledge of divine progression have positioned themselves to resist the change required to move up in Christ. The enemy has continually used the power of religion and denominational barriers to hinder the Church from coming into maturity.  The Spirit of the Lord is once again positioning his prophets on the ramp, commanding them to blow the trumpet of a new spiritual awakening and understanding the present marching order of the Spirit. The Lord is releasing prophetic apostolic teaching priests who will imprint the whole counsel of the Lord without fear or favor.  As the Church leaves her needy position for a more responsible and accountable orientation, the ministry of prayer, which is the most commonly abused gift, she must be re-taught from a more accurate apostolic concept so that this present move of the Spirit can impact and transform our planet.

Praying in the prophetic context of the present apostolic reformation is crucial to the precise navigating system of the Church.  Each new level of spiritual development requires new revelational insight in dealing with issues beyond humanistic religious ideologies.  Engaging with the Spirit of prayer requires more than mere utterance, it is the combination of thoughts, desire, passion, will, emotion, intelligence of the Spirit voiced out through your voice. There must be a fusion of life to accurately lay a template of the Spirit of intercession.

When the disciples of Christ asked him to teach them how to pray as John taught his disciples, they were not asking for some kind of appendix or magical formula to prayer; rather the desire to understand why their words in prayer carried little or no effect in regards to changing situations and the condition of things. This obviously informs us that prayer is not merely saying the right word at the right time.

Not being taught to understand prayer and the ministry of intercession as a migrational reality will certainly at one time or the other breed a sense of discouragement, disorientation and in some extreme cases depression when the Lord starts demanding your movement from where you are to the place you ought to be.

You must be ready and willing to exchange your limited perception to a more glorious and accurate description of spirituality.  There is a vast realm of truth waiting for you as you journey through the mountain of prayer. Coming to the hill of the lord will certainly revolutionalize your life as you see dimensions in God beyond your traditional and theological believes especially in the place of prayer and intercession.  Prayer is like trying to connect your desktop PC to the worldwide web. Your mind cannot fathom the realm of information you are about to be expose to.

Points to consider in order to have an effective prayer life in this new season of the Spirit

  1. 1. Willing to change engrained theological opinions to current emphasis of the Spirit in regards to the ministry of prayer and intercession.
  2. 2. You must be ready and willing to consolidate your spiritual hunger in the place of prayer. The moment you become satisfied with where you are spiritually is the day you start falling behind.
  3. 3. Wisdom that comes from above is the signet ring for the present house the Lord is building through his craftsmen. This wisdom must be the plumb line of your spiritual advance in prayer and intercession.
  4. 4. Willing and ready to develop higher vision concerning Gods prophetic agenda and purpose for your life, family, ministry, community and nation in the place of prayer.
  5. 5. Must be ready to become a highly informed person in the theological and doctrinal knowledge of the word of God. This stands as a base to your prayer life. Lacking the general knowledge of the word of God can be very dangerous to your prayer devotion.
  6. 6. Willing and ready to become a student of current global affairs. Your awareness of issues politically and economically within and around your environment plays a key role in the direction of effective praying. While the light of God is advancing, we also need to be fully aware of the deception and schemes of darkness globally.
  7. 7. Willing and ready to upgrade your template of challenging the powers of darkness. While the enemy never changes, his plans and strategies changes from region to region. Warfare must move from mere fighting in the valley realm to taking the battle to the high places where the issues are initiated. In true warfare we must identify philosophy behind human actions.
  8. 8. You must also have the willingness and readiness to walk in the spirit of humility, forgiveness and unconditional love. Knowing that our challenges are not with the people we see but against principalities and power in the heavenly places.
  9. 9. Willing and ready to develop the hearing ears, the seeing eyes and the heart of understanding the direction of the Spirit at every injunction of your intercession. Meaning, you must develop a high level prophetic {anointing} capacity.

10.Willing to initiate and develop a high level productive relationship with your prayer team members. You cannot be a lone ranger when it comes to corporate intercession.

11.Willing to move from a position of pride to a total lifestyle of obedience, faith and courage in your prayer devotion.

12.Willing to leave your ideology of God, his kingdom and people to the present definition of the restoral apostolic ministry of the Spirit.

13.Willing to spend time in the place of fasting and meditation.

14.Prepared to develop a quiet spirit at all times.

These points are there to help you reappraise your prayer journey to the required standard in Christ. May the Lord help us to abide in his love in this crucial season of compromise. Set your heart on the Lord brethren and refuse to be drawn away from him in all you say and do.

The prayer of Soul transformation And spiritual development


Let Us Pray

Please note: this prayer point is not intended nor designed to be a structure model for your own personal prayer relation. This prayer point came as a result of a training we had on building the house of God sometime ago back in the fellowship. I was inspired by our training to pen down this prayer line in the spirit of total surrender to the will of the father. I personally believe it can help jumpstart the process of availing ourselves to the present demand of the spirit, in regards to achieving his eternal purpose in and through our lives.  This prayer is the cry of my own heart and I do believe it should be the heart cry of anyone seeking the appearance of Christ in them.

Let us pray…

Lord, you have called me and I am responding to your calling this very hour. You have invited me and I have received your invitation. I am aware that only those you have invited have the grace and capacity to approach you; I am privileged this day to be counted among those you deem qualified to be purified for your use.  Your word says many are called, but few are chosen; as part of the chosen generation, I yield to the process of becoming a true representative of your desire and demand for my generation.  Lord, as you advance in your mission of purification and transformation; I present my spirit, soul and body to you, as instrument of manifesting your honor, glory and power in the earth.

I am your house and this day I allow you entrance into your dwelling place. The place you bought with the precious price of your Son’s blood on the cross, I do recognize that you own me and I am your bondservant. This day, I open the door of my life for you to begin the work of pruning and renovation, Lord, I am your house, remove all that needs to be removed, destroy all that needs to be destroyed and restore yourself in me accounting to timing and mercy.

I realize that my life has been limited through the strongholds of my past, a past I have refused to speak about because of the fear it always causes me, a past I sometimes pretend doesn’t exist. Lord I do understand that you cannot truly heal and restore me until I truly allow you to take charge of my past and present burden.   My past fear and failure has kept my soul imprison but I know you are willing right now to free me from these strongholds.  Strongholds I have allowed into my thinking and reasoning faculty to determine my future. I have indeed allowed strangers to invade your temple, which is my body; by bringing false image into your house.

Every false altar and idol I have allowed access within my thoughts, emotion and feelings,   pretending to give me peace and joy I cast away right now. This moment, I bind my will and desire to the authority of the kingdom of God and I lose the hold of the enemy over my mind in the name of Jesus Christ. I break every allegiance I have with false gods seeking my worship. I declare that my life is designed for the glorious manifestation of Gods purpose in the earth.

Father, I am ready and willing to submit to your process of pruning so I can be perfected in your likeness and nature.  I am your vine, so prune me that I may bring forth the best of your fruits and wine, Lord I know there might be times when I am going to complain about the process of the pruning and the pain of conforming into your image, yes I know those days will surely come. I understand that change comes through pain and dissatisfaction but I understand that it is for my good.

As you begin to demand change in my life, help me to always remember that it’s for my reformation, development and transformation according to your word in Hebrews 12 and Philippians 2.  I submit to your process and pattern of building; build this house-my life, according to your plan, design model, Father.  Send your tools and material of perfection across my path; help me to see them when they arrive so I do not fight what you have ordained for my reformation.


Therefore Lord, I fully yield to your hammer of breaking my stony heart into shape, I yield to your chisel; carve and shape me according to my ordained destiny. Engrave your law and covenant upon the template of my soul. Father, it’s not my will but your will be done! Let your kingdom come this day into every aspect of my life. Break every loftiness and pride in me; destroy the false personality that words and family have built within me, expose me to your illuminating light like you did to Saul who became Paul. Let the veil of religion and humanistic tradition be completely removed from me, so that I can see you in the holiest place of your sanctuary within my heart.

Father, you are the potter and I am the clay so shape me with your apostolic hands of grace and mercy. Build me with your tender love and goodness, bring me to the place of complete death to my own ways so that I may find your way, truth and life in all I say and do. Bring me to the end of my day, that the mystery of your seventh day may begin in my life. I am done with the day of man; translate me into your ascended life.  Christ my Lord, you are the desire of the nations, let my life be an instrument, designed to radiate your glorious appearance all across the globe.

Breakdown every wrong image and ideology of your nature and character built within my mind. Destroy the false order of Babylonian lifestyle within my soul, put to end my own day and let your day begin immediately. Lord I yield my spirit and soul to divine union with your word, I offer myself on your altar of sacrifice.   Grant me the focus and strength to journey on until I am restored into the original image ordained for my life. My desire is to diminish in every area so that you my Lord may increase in every area of my life. I will not go the way of the world; rather I go through the straight and narrow path that leads to life.

You are my life, therefore I do not worry about my life, what to eat, drink or wear. Your life is more than these; I choose the higher life in Christ, a life that is eternal in nature, a life that grants light into every dark area of existence. This day, darkness has no more power over my soul because I stand in the position of the transforming light of Christ. My entire life is illuminated through the proceeding word of God.


Understanding of the Holy one is given to me; therefore I am not confused about the things of the Spirit, The Holy one guides me, leads me and directs my path to the will of the Father on a daily basis, I do not rebel to his counsel, I do not grieve him; rather I bring him joy through my daily obedience and submission to his voice.  My Father, as I am growing into all things, my life is not bound in any way to this earth system.

I am free from the curse of the Law, therefore, I live and walk through your sustaining Spirit of grace and mercy, increase of kingdom truth is my portion, increase of your kingdom life is my passion, and the increase of your wisdom and revelational understanding is my pursuit.  I will not stop seeking your face and desire in all that I do. I cultivate a lifestyle of continual communion with your Holy Spirit and word. Speak to me that I may hear your heartbeat.  I receive the seeing eyes, the hearing ears and the heart of accurate understanding. Like a child growing up to become a son, this day I declare that I am changing into the image of My father, therefore, the ministry of Sonship is my portion; I am rightfully taking my place as he assumes his place within my heart.  I am born of God and I am not limited in any area of life.

I bring forth after the image and likeness of the incorruptible seed. Yes, this day the seed of life is quickening my mortal Body and I am producing after the nature of the holy one who dwells in me. Greater is he who lives in me than he who is in the world.  I am neither afraid nor anxious because the Lord has not given me the spirit of fear, I do not walk in anxiety because my mind stays on the Lord all day long.  He lives in me; therefore, sickness and disease of the soul and body have no place in my body.

I do not lack anything good because the word of truth says, if I seek first the Lord’s kingdom and righteousness, all things shall be added to me; I seek the righteousness of the kingdom of God in truth and in Spirit.  I walk in the consciousness of what I say and how I respond to people around me, I will be guided by the Holy Spirit in my choice of words, I will be directed through the life of Christ within me, I will not allow my flesh to dictate how to response to complex issues. I know that I am a city set on the hill and I will display the wisdom and knowledge of God as Solomon did in his time. I will rightfully represent His mind in all things and to all people in need.  My life this day is a testimony to many who will cross my path, they will see Christ in me, my words will build, encourage and not destroy them, my words will encourage and not tear down, and my words will sustain and not drain people of life. I am a light giver; I am a life giver. I will give what Christ has given me to the world around me, they will see Christ in me, through me the glory of the Lord’s kingdom will be made manifest in Jesus Name… amen


Josh 1:8

8 Do not let this Book of the Law depart from your mouth; meditate on it day and night, so that you may be careful to do everything written in it. NIV