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Apostle Winston Daniels is one of the many few the Lord, in his divine program crossed my path, and I am very grateful for this divine connection. He is a man of great insight and wisdom, who has embraced the path of living through the uncompromised principles and value standard of God’s word.

I have carefully watched and studied his spiritual labor, consistency, transition in the ministry of God’s word. His insight and understanding of the transitional development and restoration of the fallen nature are outstanding.

Very few I have met carry this divine insight into the complex configuration of man’s behavioral pattern. If you’re truly serious in your redemptive work with the Lord, I then strongly recommend his writings, post, and articles.

From time to time, I will be sharing his articles and posts on my facebook timeline. If you, however, wish to be further enriched with his articles, please feel free to check the portalsgate website page menu for more of his life-transforming materials on the page titled KINGDOM PARTNER RESOURCE.

By the way, he never requested this gesture from me; this is my contribution to a grace and a gift whom God is silently using profoundly to enrich the Body of Christ and advance the kingdom of God in this season.

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Every TEST you face provides you an opportunity to obtain a TESTIMONY or a monie.

No test no testimony. God ensured us that He will never test us beyond our ability to handle it. The size of your test reveals how big you are and your hidden abilities.

We get to know ourselves on a deeper level whenever we get tested. Connect with that deeper part YOU! – it will enrich your character and personality.

The test you succeed will take you spiritually higher and make you spiritually richer to become a greater blessing to many others.

God’s strongest people are those who has suffered much pain and hardship. Your testimony makes you a very effective servant or minister of God.

Your testimony gives someone else something to hold on as they go and grow through what they go through. Jesus said, it is more blessed to give than to receive.

It would have been impossible for me to write daily articles to strengthen, encourage and exhort God’s people, if I did not went through all the pain and suffering that I had to face on my spiritual journey. They way UP is always the way down. The way down builds capacity to go UP.

The lowest place in the Kingdom of God is to be BLESSED – The highest place is to be a BLESSING. Getting tested brings blessings.


Part Seven/7


Let’s talk about emotional intelligence. Intelligence sees the bigger picture and how things fits together. It is the finer details of a matter that makes things to work together as one.

People who has financial intelligence knows how to make money. In fact, it is easy for them to make money. People with emotional intelligence can rise above any troubled or pressured situation or circumstance with a pure heart, mind and valuable life lessons that will propel them 4ward.

Emotions and feelings are a tinny part of our human experiences, yet it is one of the things that messes up many peoples lives and relationship, because of our inability to handle emotions and feelings skillfully. Emotional intelligence is a life skill that we must all develop.

I will bullet point elements and aspects of EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE, so that the eyes of our understanding can be enlightened regarding our emotions and feelings:

∆ Thoughts and beliefs are energy containers – it has the power to create.

∆ We think negative thoughts when we feel negative.

∆ Negative feelings are an indication that we have negative beliefs about something.

∆ Feelings are more intense, stronger and heavier than emotions.

∆ Emotions are energy in motion

∆ Emotions can be changed much quicker than feelings.

∆ Emotions can be changed by changing your thoughts or what you think about, however, it takes time to develop new beliefs.

∆ A person who has emotional intelligence can easily identify, define and describe what and how they feel in any given situation. This empower them to control what they feel.

∆ They have emotional strength and capacity to control themselves {self-control) and to behave themselves wisely.

∆ They know very well how to control their emotions and feelings under pressure and to utilize it wisely with the people they engage.

∆ They know and understand that conflict is part of human life, because we are all very different. We think different, belief different, view things differently, behave different, act different, etc.

These many difference can cause friction and sparks, however, emotional intelligent people also understand that these friction can also shape our lives positively by handling conflict wisely and constructively.

∆ Emotional intelligent people have taken the time to journal their emotions and feelings to identify their top ten negative feelings and emotions that they tend to experience mostly.

∆ They also seek to become enlightened to identify the THOUGHTS and BELIEFS that creates those negative disempowering feelings and emotions.

∆ They make time to develop positive empowering thoughts and beliefs to cancel out those negative dispowering thoughts and beliefs through meditation and affirmation. In this way they begin to create more positive feelings and emotions that empowers them to succeed and prosper at the things they pursue and do in life.

∆ They are aware that In this process or journey they will go through many negative emotions and feelings, because things always get worse before it gets better. They are conscious that it is not them being negative, but negative energy leaving their lives for good.

∆ They know and understand that they are human beings and has a social need. They understand the need to develop good social skills to become easy to get along with – to be approachable and easy going.

∆ They give their souls no rest to fully process any negative or bad experience they had to clear out their minds and hearts to the extent of peace. They know nothing can change as long as they think negative about the situation. They even seek council to get an alternative view of the situation. They seek to find something positive about the situation and then walk and work with the positive things about the situation.

∆ They know and understand that their MIND and HEART are their most precious assets and therefore make sure that it never becomes LIABILITIES. They try their very best to keep their hearts and minds pure, because they know out of IT springs the issues of life. To the pure all things are pure…

∆ An emotional intelligent person thinks win-win in their dealings with people. They have the emotional strength and capacity to create win-win outcomes. They do not think lose-win, win-lose or lose-lose.

I have much more to say about this. This is enough for now. Tomoro will be the last article on this critical matter. To be continue… Part 8




Part SIX/6


The foundation for part 6 is 1Peter 5:6-7. In a nutshell: Casting your cares and burdens upon the Lord is an act of humility. Negative emotions and feelings are the cares of life and are mere burdens we tend to carry around.

Carrying them around without sharing them with your Father are a form of pride and arrogance. Moreover, ignoring and not dealing with them won’t make them go away, instead they will go back where they came from and will surface again some other time.

Whatever, we surpress or oppress circumstances will express. Simple, because anything in us will find a way to get out. Because as things are within, so also will it become without. We can’t hide anything!

Furthermore, it is said, that people who are not true to themselves, becomes even more insecure. You are not true to yourself when you try to ignore your feelings and emotions…

1Peter 5:6-7 is a partnership agreement. There is an exchange that take place. You give God your cares and burdens and in an exchange God cares for you and give you His peace in exchange for your trouble. As it is written: Many are the trouble of the righteous, but the Lord delivers them from them all. Can you see the exchange?

Its like going to the shop. You give the money and in exchange you get the product you want. This is exactly what we must do with our negative feelings and emotions. You ought to give it or casts it upon God whenever it surfaces in your emotional or feeling life.

You should not walk around with these emotions and feelings and allowing it to mess up your life, opportunities and other people lives. It is toxic, therefore you must detox yourself by giving it to God through prayer.

Talk to God – open up your heart and mind to Him – share your feelings and emotions with Him. He wants to take care of YOU, but He can’t care for you, if you not talking to Him. It is this simple!

All of our lives we have lived independently from God. We got saved and now we must learn to depend upon God and to put our trust in Him. The truth is: We need God 24/7. We must develop such dependence. This thing is a grace by faith thing. No more confidence in our stinking flesh. It is no longer by power nor by might, but by the Spirit of God. His powerful All knowing Spirit is within YOU.

Have you ever noticed that your emotional mood is never the same as it was when you went to bed? You feel totally different the next morning. This is what happened. You were consciously asleep, but your subconscious mind was awake. This part of your mind works 24/7. It never sleeps.

There was subconscious activities taking place whilst you were consciously asleep.

Old thoughts and beliefs got activated whilst you were asleep and you feel those emotions and feelings when you wake up the next day. This is your past haunting YOU.

The first thing YOU must do when you wake up is to casts these negative feelings and emotions upon the Lord. Otherwise you will relive your past that day. This is how we get stuck in life. That’s why we must detox ourselves daily and renew our minds daily with the Word of God and positive self talk.

In addition: Many of our dreams are merely subconscious activities whilst we were consciously asleep.

You will have a strong sense and a knowing when God speaks to you in dreams. You won’t be able to shake it off. The voice of God is powerful enough to get your attention…

Let’s talk about EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE in our next article. To be continue – part 7


Part five/5


Every parent long to see their kids grow up and develop in all areas of their lives. So also Abba Father. The Father long to see us grow bigger in the way we handle our emotions and feelings; bigger in the way we believe and in the way we act.

Potential is a gift from God and what we do with our potential becomes our gift to God. Potential says, YOU are far more than what you are right now. There are great things in YOU that wants to come out to make a difference in the world. YOU are destined to become a change agent. Yes YOU are!

Your MIND and HEART are essential in all of this. Negative thoughts and beliefs are the enemies of human potential. It causes hindrances, limitations, blockages and even our best efforts get sabotage to release and maximize our potential.

Jesus said to His disciples: Every plant that My Father has not planted will be uprooted. We must partner and co-work with the Father to uproot these negative thoughts and emotions; negative beliefs and feelings. It is written: But whoever fails to find Me harms himself – Prov 8: 36a. We can only fail to find God when we do not invite the Father into our thought and emotional life.

Any time and any place can become the Throne Room of Grace, which is the Divine Place where we can daily obtain mercy and find grace to help us in time of need. Help is 24/7 available to us. Help from the Sanctuary and Strength from Zion. This thought always grips my heart!

Mercy is God withholding punishment that we deserve and Grace is favor and blessings that we do not deserve. This makes me think, how is people making it in this world without such parenthood. Even life with such parenthood can be hard at times. Indeed life without mercy and grace is hell on earth…

In conclusion > It is unwise to try to DO life without God. Indeed, it causes harm, according to Proverbs 8:36a. We should take advantage of the advantage we have at our disposal at any given situation.

Mercy and Grace is an advantage we have saints. We must make the most of it. Its supernatural resources. We will look at how we should work with our emotions and feelings Gods way in our next article… To be continue – part 6


Part four/4


It is written: Nothing outside a man can make him unclean by going into them rather it is what comes out of man that makes him unclean – Mark 7:15. Our thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and feelings are things that comes from WITHIN. No one can think and belief for YOU. Neither can anyone be blamed for our feelings and emotions.

Let’s face this truth and allow
it to set us free indeed:

Negative thoughts, negative beliefs, negative emotions and feelings defiles us (unforgiveness, bitterness, offences, anger, unhappiness, revenge, regret, etc).

These things makes us unclean and attract all sorts of negativity and dirt into our lives. These are the things that messes up our lives.

Lets be blatant honest about this. Negativity is a burden, its darkness, destructive, unpleasant and dirty stuff. It is just not nice to be around negative people – they are unpleasant. Can you work with this truth?

On the contrary, positive thoughts, positive beliefs, positive emotions and feelings are PURE positive energy. This energy purifies, cleanses and sanctify us.

This emotional state set us up to attract positive people and positive life experiences into our lives. It is written: We are being washed through the washing of the Water by the Word of God – Ephesians 5:26. This Principe also applies to positive empowering thoughts.

It is written: To the pure all things are pure, but those who are defiled and unbelieving, nothing is pure. People who are pure always see the good in others. They do not judge, find fault, condemn or criticises others. Does this describe YOU? People who are defiled sees nothing good. They see the glass half empty.

We need to cleanse ourselves from these things by facing our negative thoughts and beliefs; negative emotions and feelings head on. We cannot erase what we do not face.

You won’t skip one day not cleansing your face and mouth. Your face and mouth do not shape your life. Your mind and heart do shape your life. So why not cleansing our minds and hearts every day of our lives?

Keeping your heart and mind clean can be hard work at times. However, they are the basics of life. To be continue… Part 5


Part three/3


As I have previously said > We belief with our hearts and we form thoughts with our conscious minds and we experience our emotions and feelings in our bodies.

Both THOUGHTS and BELIEFS are highly energetic or potent with energy. The very nature of ENERGY is to create. THOUGHTS produces EMOTION and BELIEFS produces FEELINGS. Emotion is energy-in-motion. This energy shapes our:

#Outlook on life
#And our way of doing things.

In addition, the above mentioned directly impact our:

#Sense of worth

How we see ourselves is how others will see us. Remember the words of the Israelites at the brink of their Promised Land. And we were as grasshoppers in their sight. The way they saw themselves have sabotage their chance to enter their Promised Land. How you see yourself will dictate your ability to enjoy God’s very best for you.

How we live is based on our underlying BELIEFS and our lives go in the direction of our most dominant THOUGHTS. We manage our entire lives when we manage our BELIEFS and feelings and our THOUGHTS and emotions.

God said this in Isaiah 14:24a – The Lord of hosts has sworn, saying, surely, as I have THOUGHT, so it shall come to pass. Your thoughts will create your realities. So also with BELIEFS > If you BELIEVE, you shall receive – Matt 21:22a.

We simplify LIFE when we get back to basic. The basics of life is BELIEFS and THOUGHTS. Manage this well and everything else will line up, align and fall in place.

If there is spider webs in your room, it will be a waste of time to every time remove the webs only. And again after some time the webs will get back again. Solution – Find and kill the spider and there will be no more webs to clean.

The work of an Industrial Engineer is to reduce complexity in the production environment to ensure a smooth flow of production. Their task is to simplify processes. And so also with our lives.

Our FOCUS is too widely spread and it complicates our lives. Moreover, it makes us ineffective and cause frustrations. Our core business is to constantly work on our BELIEFS and THOUGHT life. To continually monitor, change, and renew our thoughts and beliefs. And to get rid of negative thoughts and emotions and negative beliefs and feelings.

To be continue… Part 4


Part two/2


For it is with the HEART that we BELIEVE – Romans 10:10a. It is with our MINDS that we THINK. It is with our BODIES that we FEEL.

Our bodies are a feedback system. It tells you what you think and believe at any given moment. We must give close attention to listen to the voice of our bodies.

When you feel anger you body tells you, you have anger and unresolved hurt and pain in YOU. Anger is the way we try to protect ourselves from getting hurt. Your body can also tell you what to eat and what not to eat. Have you connected with the voice of your body?

I remember times when my body told me not to eat something specific. I disobeyed and I vomitted it out afterwards, because it was not good for my body. One become very sensitive to the voice of the body after a long fast.

Fasting cleanses the body and the voice of the body becomes very clear when it is clean. Junk food makes the body numb and insensitive. The alarm switches off!

In the same way do our hearts talk to us through our CONSCIENCE. Conscience is a mechanism that tells us what is wrong and right. Your heart feels this voice. The conscience can become dull when we consistently disobey its voice.

We then do wrong without having a sense that it is wrong. I can clearly remember when I was a young boy and my friends taught me how to smoke. At first I felt horrible when I was in the learning stage.

That was the voice of my conscience. I overrided that voice and I began to feel nothing. Wrong began to feel right. We also experience this voice with how we administer our finances. Those who adhere to this voice eventually becomes financially able & stable.

The voice of the body gives us valuable feedback. Our conscience gives feedback to our hearts of what is right or wrong. We have the power to choose whether we will listen and obey these voices. To be continue… Part three/3


Part one/1


Managing our minds (thought life) and hearts should be considered as a basic fundamental concept since these two things influence all other areas of our lives. This is the art of living. We must learn to DO life skillfully to enjoy it fully.

It is written > Guard your heart above all things, because out it flows or spring forth the issues of life. What’s in our hearts will eventually become a situation and then our circumstances.

Our circumstances are a mirror reflection of what’s in our hearts. As within, so will it be without. It is in our power to uproot unwanted things in our hearts, which we see in our outer world. It’s our responsibility ….

Concerning our minds: It is written: As a man thinks, so is he – Prov 23:7
We, therefore, become what we think about and we bring about what we think about. We have the power to choose what to think.

We will continue with the dynamics of the mind and heart tomoro…


Part Three/3


#Indeed, we live life forward, but we can only understand life backwards. You now look back and you can clearly see that the messy stuff you went through has become your message and all your miseries have become your ministry. This makes you realized that what we go through in life pays out in the long run. This train of thought makes you bold and confident to face anything.

#You have expectations of a long series of good and exciting things happening to you in this new season. You had a series of bad things happening to you during your wilderness/suffering season. When you pick up a stick you pick up both sides. So also with life experiences. The law of polarity says, if you go one extreme you will also go to the opposite extreme.

If your life is not suppose to go into a positive extreme, we in fact says, that the devil is greater than God, since the devil has his chance to take your life into a severe negative extreme. This is big time nonsense! God will and must undo the devil. You shall see good days like never before. God esteem balance. Balance is the result of two extremes – positive and negative. You now live with this expectation…

#You have been schooled to walk in the Spirit by the dictates of the Spirit and to function when you get unctioned by the Spirit. Our ultimate goal is to be led by the Spirit. Those who are led by the Spirit are the sons of God.

You daily bring yourself under the leadership, guidance and direction of the Holy Spirit. This is life forevermore and it makes a huge difference in your day to day life. You know and understand that the Spirit is really the only One who knows the path that leads your destiny.

All these 14 points are areas of growth and development that empowers us to improve the quality of our day 2 day lives. Continuous growth and development is the only sure way to cope with life.

Trouble and challenges will never go away. The steps of a righteous person is ordered by the Lord. You daily work on your ability to become more sensitive and very alert to the Holy Spirit. You daily labor in the Word, because you know the Word is Spirit and life. It sensitizes YOU!


Part two/2


#You have dealt with your trust issues caused by rejection, disappointments, abandonment, betrayal, etc. These things has greatly affected your ability to trust God. You used to easily get stressed out, nervous, fearful, doubtful and insecure under pressure, but you can now rest in God’s dependability, faithfulness and trustworthiness.

Things have changed – you now know in your knower that God will always comes through for you. No matter what… He will never ever abandon you or leave you alone!

#You are no longer devil conscious, but Christ conscious. You are confident that Christ in you are far greater than any attack launched against you. You don’t panic. You declare with boldness and confidence that NO weapon formed against you shall prosper. And you belief that it is so… The devil must back off when you say, shut your mouth and back off in Jesus name.

#You no longer have identity, self image, self esteem and self worth issues. You have been delivered, cleansed and healed from these past issues. You always feel good about yourself and all of this makes a huge difference in your day to day life and your encounters with people are always pleasant. You are easy going, likeable and easy to get along with.

Hey man, this makes me realized that we do not fully comprehend how our life processes changes us in ways we cannot imagine.

#You have successfully completed your wilderness/suffering season. It was bad, horrible and terrible, but the Lord brought you through. You now look back and said to yourself I am so glad that I was afflicted, because the Lord has really changed and transformed me through my many painful processes.

You are just not the same anymore! You now DO life much better and the quality of your relationships have also improved.

The wilderness do more for us than our party times. Never under estimate this deeper work of the Lord. You may look bad on the outside, but inwardly you are being renewed day by day…

#The Throne of Grace has become a real place to you. You go there daily. It makes no sense not pray – prayer has become a way of life to you. You go there boldly knowing that you have free access to the Father, because of the shed blood of Christ. You are accepted in the Beloved. You take your days fearlessly on, knowing that mercy and grace will help you throughout the day when you encounter needs or challenges that goes beyond your abilities or resources.

Indeed our outlook on life changes dramatically after we have been deeply and thoroughly processed by life’s many processes. To be continue…


Part One/1


#Tested faith. You came through many trials, tribulation, hardship, pain and suffering and by the grace of God YOU have kept your faith. Your faith is pure now and are no longer defiled by doubt, unbelief, fear and insecurities.

#You are now fully convinced and persuaded that God loves you unconditionally. You have been rooted and grounded in the love of God. Your faith is now working perfectly every time, because faith works by love.

#You now know by experience how to live by grace through faith. You no longer exert human effort and energy to accomplish things. You live by Gods strength and power. You put no confidence in your flesh.

#You have died successfully to the ‘egoic-self’ over the years. You have absolutely no appetite for bragging, boasting and to talk about yourself all the time. You live to esteem others higher than yourself. You enjoy giving others compliments.

#You no longer only look out for your own interest, but also in the interest of others. You enjoy helping, assisting, supporting others to achieve their interest. You have seen how God makes things happen for people who make things happened for His people. In fact, we serve God when we serve His people. Jesus said, the least you do unto them you do unto me…

#You know yourself well and you continually get profound insights about YOU and who you are in Christ Jesus. And for this reason you don’t live to COMPETE with others, but you use your life experiences, abilities, gifts and talents to COMPLETE others and it really makes you feel good about yourself, because it is always more blessed to give than to receive. You have no need of the approval of others or to impress others or try to prove yourself…

#To be continue…


#It is written: And David encouraged himself in the Lord#

Hey, I intentionally do not give scriptural reference at times, because I want you to become a student of the Word and to search out matters for yourself. That’s empowerment.

Nonetheless, encourage means to put courage into one’s soul.

In addition, courage is not the absence of fear, but inward strength and power to face your fears head on. We cannot ERASE what we are not willing to FACE…

This is one of the ways to nurture, cultivate and develop personal leadership qualities.

You see followers wait for others to comfort and encourage them. Leaders encourage themselves through positive self-talk.

What you say to yourself when the goings gets tough will determine whether you will overcome or going under.

When we speak negatively, we in fact release negative energy that will attract more negativity, negative people and destructive things into our lives.

What we say under pressure reveals whether we are in faith or in doubt. And what we say in any situation or circumstance will either produce victory or defeat…


#This too will pass.

#Gods strength is made perfect when I am weak…

#I will continue to belief that I am more than a conqueror in Christ

#Christ in me is far greater than what I’m going through…

#I know I am never ever alone – God is with me. He will never ever abandoned me.

#God is right now working out all things for my good…

#I came through much worse things in the past. God will again and again bring me through this.

#God brought me here, He will also bring me through this…

#I know my misery will become my ministry to help many people. This process is necessary for my development and growth. I say, ‘yes’ to this school Lord…

#This situation will teach me valuable life lessons that will empower many others. Lord enlighten the eyes of my understanding, so that I can caught the lessons you want to teach me.

Your voice must become louder and stronger than the voice in your head and circumstances. Hey, YOU can’t say nothing. Victory is in your mouth… You can talk yourself into trouble or talk yourself out of trouble…



What I am about to teach here is more real to me than the breath I breathe. The Lord objectively taught me this principle. Principles my friend gives life.

Many years ago, I bought an automatic Honda. All of a sudden, I begin to see Honda’s in the streets like never before. Everywhere I go I saw Honda’s popped up.

The Lord said to me do you see how you have become conscious of all the Honda’s in the streets. I said, yes Lord. He then said these Honda’s were there all the time, but you were not conscious of them.

He then said, that is the power of CONSCIOUSNESS.

Consciousness makes manifest what you are conscious about.

It is written: for it is light (consciousness) that makes everything visible – Ephesians 5:14.

Consciousness = Light. Everything hidden gets exposed by light.

What’s the lesson we can learn from this. It is our responsibility to pass on lessons we have learned to our next generation and we must stop passing on ignorance.

Everything that happens to us happens is because we are conscious of the things that happens to us.

#If we are conscious of evil, we will see evil all around us…

#If you are devil conscious, you will see the works of the devil at work in your life, even though Christ in you is greater than the devil. You got to become Christ – conscious…

#If we are conscious of lack, scarcity, not enough, just enough and insufficiencies, we will experience all these things…

#If we are conscious of our weaknesses, we will continually experience those weaknesses…

#If we are conscious of our strengths and abilities, we will manifest those strengths and abilities in every situation…

#If we are conscious of the GOODNESS of the Lord, we will experience and see His goodness all around us and the more you see His goodness the more you will begin to experience it…

#If you are conscious of the BLESSING that is within you, you will begin to see the blessing at work in your life by day and by night…

#If you are health conscious you will experience good health all the time. Gods ultimate plan for us is not healing, but good health…

#If you are provision conscious you will experience God’s provision abundantly…


#What are the things that you are mostly conscious about?

#Have you noticed how these things that you are conscious about manifest all the time in your life?


You have the power to develop a consciousness of the things you need, want and desire.

These things must become FIRM in your mind and heart through the power of AFFIR-Mations and consistency. Your life goes where your mind goes, because we bring about what we think about. And we become what we think about…

The rest is up to you my friend. I have shared with you a valuable life lesson that the Lord has taught me. Get this principle under your belt…



The world is man’s way of doing things and the kingdom of God is Gods way of doing things.

It written: Unless you become a child, you will not enter the kingdom of God. Let’s unpack this

As a child you learned the ways of the world to live in the world. You again must become a child to learn how to live in the kingdom of God.

Sad to say this concept is not widely taught, no wonder that many believers continue to live life in accordance to the worlds way of doing things. And then mixed it with what they’re learn in Church.

This is a very broad subject. I will therefore, every now and then share bits of pieces. Let’s look at some of the ways in the world that set up people to succeed in life:

#You got to have experiences
#You got to have an education
#You got to be a go-getter
#You got to be an initiator
#You got to know the right people…

Learning new things is easier than unlearning old habits. People who depends on the above things to succeed in the kingdom of God becomes trouble makers, because those tendencies disrupt things in the church world.

Study the people who causes trouble in churches and you will discover that they value those behaviors. Get this: In the world you receive things through achievements, however, in the kingdom you do not achieve things, you receive through believing.

Jesus frequently said, it shall be done unto you, according to your beliefs. Nothing more, nothing less.

It is written: Let the weak says, I am strong because of what the Lord HAS done and let the poor says, I am rich because of what the Lord HAS done. A big amen!

Jesus Christ has already accomplished and achieved everything we would ever need, want and desire.

Philemon 1:6 says to us, that our faith will work effectively when we ACKNOWLEDGE every good thing we have in Christ Jesus.

It is not about being an initiator or go-getter – neither is it by might nor by power to get things done. But by the Spirit and by grace through faith and not by ourselves.

We all got to get into the school to learn how to be led by the Spirit and how to enter into the Finish-works-of-Christ and how to live by grace through faith and NOT by ourselves. Paul said, I put no confidence in my flesh. The flesh counts for nothing.


#It is written: The one who feeds on JESUS will live because of JESUS – John 6:57b

Jesus is called Word of God, according to Revelation 19. And so also the Word of God and God is One according to

John 1.

So how do we feed on Jesus? We feed on Jesus when we:

1. Read the Word daily
2. Study the Word
3. Contemplate on the Word
4. Meditate the Word
5. Confess/Declare/Decree the Word daily…

The essence of spiritual growth is to reach a place where the Word becomes your everything. You no longer look outside for anything. Everything you would ever need, want and desire is locked up in God’s Word. Do YOU believe this?

Is the Word your final Authority and Priority? We have been trained from childhood to live independently from God. We now have to be retrained to become totally dependent on God and on God alone.

Jesus said, the Words I speak to you are Life and Spirit. We consume Life and Spirit when we feed on Jesus. You will eventually become a life-giver and a change agent in this world, because of the life of God and His Spirit that you carry within you.

The Word of God is the Wisdom and Knowledge of God. You will doubtlessly become wise and knowledgeable. It is written: A wise man has great power and a man of knowledge increases strength – Proverbs 24:5.

Moreover, wisdom and knowledge are the strength and stability of our salvation. Make it a priority to feed daily on Jesus. He is the Prince of peace. You will always have peace in any situation and circumstance


It is written: I believed; therefore, I have spoken. With that same spirit of faith, we also believe and therefore speak – 2Cor 4:13

How we live is based on our underlying beliefs. There is a “BS” in you. It’s a belief system.

Everything you choose to belief gets into your BS and things then get done unto you, according to your beliefs.

We release our beliefs and faith through speaking. Remember the words of our Lord Jesus Christ, saying, YOU will have whatever you SAY – Mark 11:23b. Death and life is in the power of our tongues and we will eat the fruit of our words.

As I previously said, FAITH is the currency of the Kingdom of God, just like MONEY is the currency of the world.

Money comes by working for it or it is working for you. However, faith comes by hearing the Word of God, according to Romans 10:17

In addition, faith got to be in your heart and mouth for your faith to produce results. It takes time to get the Word from your mouth to your head and from your head to your heart.

Once the Word gets into your heart, it will first cleanse your heart and then becomes establish within you. It will then work for YOU.

This is life in the Kingdom of our Father. The just shall live by faith. We are called to live by grace through faith and not by ourselves.

Not by might nor by power, but by the Spirit of the living God…


Let’s look into the perfect law of liberty and see what God says about trouble.

Trouble is the result of the earth been defiled and curse. Jesus said, do not let your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.

Let’s renew our minds and perspective about trouble. So that we can look at trouble the way God looks at trouble.

1. Man that is born of a woman is of few days and full of trouble – Job 14:1

2. The Lord also will be a refuge for the oppressed, a refuge in times of trouble – Psalm 9:9

3. But the salvation of the righteous is of the Lord, He is their strength in the times of trouble – Psalm 37:39

4. God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in times of trouble – Psalm 46:1

5. They cried into the Lord in their trouble, and He delivered them out of their distresses – Psalm 107:6

6. The righteous is delivered from trouble – Proverbs 11:8b

Look to the Lord and casts your trouble upon Him and He will save and deliver YOU. Put your trust in Him. Amen


It is written: We are the ARROWS of the Lord

To shoot an arrow you have to pull it backwards. The further you pull it the further it can shoot.

When we get saved, we then begin to experience a lot of change, growth, blessings and the goodness of the Lord in an amazing way. All these positive experiences move and propels us forward in life.

All of these wonderful experiences are cheap growth. Cheap growth is growth that comes through impartation and merely receiving. Expensive growth comes through making sacrifices and when we begin to grow others through discipleship. We grow when we grow others. You can’t stay down when you lift others UP.

Nonetheless, there is a deeper work that God has to do in us. It’s a work that will reshape your BEING, which is the essence of who you are. Being comes before Doing, therefore the Lord will pull you backwards to do a work in you to shoot you out for you to do a work for Him (Doing).

This pulling appears to others that you are failing in life, that you are defeated and that you are a going nowhere person. God wants you to eat this humble pie to work humility in you. Humility comes before honor. Your day of honor will come the day the Lord shoot you forward, and your success will be seen by everyone to bring Him glory

There is a season of moving backwards for the sake of detachment, to finish unfinished businesses, to get rid of issues in your tissues, to fill up gaps in your life, to bring closure to things you could not previously handled well, to relearn lessons you did not caught previously.

The deeper we go within the further we will go in life. There will again come another season of forward movement, and you will attain success you could hardly imagine.


It is written: Jesus is the Alpha and the Omega – The Beginning and the End – The First and the Last – The A and the Z

We can do a lot of things halfheartedly, but I beseech you by the mercy of God not to do Jesus halfheartedly.

Go all the way – give Him your best shot. He was obedient to the point of death, even the Cross. He did it for YOU!

Jesus is both Lord and Christ – we ought to make Him our Lord and truly give Him our everything. Spirit, soul and body. He deserves it. Don’t YOU think so?

He must become your personal Alpha and Omega. Your personal Beginning and End. Your personal First and Last – Your personal A and Z.

It’s going to take time, because this is a process and a lifetime journey.

He ought to be the very First Person you talk to in the morning when you wake up and the last Person you talk to when you go to bed.

I do by letting a few scriptures verses run through my head over and over until I fall asleep. He and His Word is One.

He ought to be the First to think of or run to when you have a financial need.

Instead of thinking who can give you money or what bank can help you. Its pleased God the Father when we first think on Him and run to Him for help.

He ought to be the First to run to when trouble strike you. Instead we tend to talk about our trouble by others to find relief.

To whom do you run to? People should hear afterwards that you were in trouble, but the Lord brought you out.

The name of the Lord is strong tower – the righteous run to it and are safe.

When you make decisions. Do you consult the Lord First or do you make your decisions independently from Him?

Is He the Alpha and Beginning in your decision-making processes?

Concerning a life partner. Is He your match Maker or do you search around for a partner without trusting Him to make it happen for you? Is He Alpha in this regard?

And so, I can go on and on…

We do not have the slightest idea of how radical our lives can change from glory to glory when we put God First in everything we do.

Please allow Him to be your First and Last in everything YOU do. This is the application of the Alpha and Omega principle. The rest is up to God…



This is the CONFIDENCE we have in approaching God, that if we ask anything according to His will, He hears us. And if we know that He hears us – whatever, we ask – we know that we have what we asked of Him – 1John 5:14-15

This verse has changed the way I approach God my Father. Moreover, it has produced a confidence in me that prayer is a powerful thing. Prayer moves God, moves things in us and all around us, especially Word-based prayers.

When you have a need, want or desire first find out what the Word of God says about it. Search the scriptures because therein you will find life, life forevermore. The Word of God = The will of God.

Pray back to God what God says about a matter. Jesus mother told His disciples: Do whatever, He tells you to do and water was turned into wine.

Something good will come from what you tell God to do for you from what He said in His Word.

Praying Word reminds God what He has promised us.

All of Gods promises are yes and amen – 2Cor 1:20. God is NOT a man that He should lie. For whatsoever were written before were written for our learning that we through PATIENCE and COMFORT of the scriptures might have HOPE – Romans 15: 4.

And HOPE does not disappoint us, according to Romans 5:5. Five stands for GRACE – Hope provides a double grace. Grace is Gods riches at Christ expense. Finish works!

Let me give you three examples of how to pray the Word:

1. If you have a financial need pray like this: Lord I thank You that You always provide my needs, according to Your riches in glory by Christ Jesus, according to Phil 4:19. I now belief that I have received whatsoever I need. Thank You Dad!

2. If you are sick pray like this: Lord I am grateful that You have sent Your Word to heal me, according to Psalm 107: 20. I therefore, declare that I am the healed of the Lord. For You are the God Who heals me, according to Exodus 15:26

3. If you are in bondage or feel oppressed or depressed pray like this: Lord I thank You that DELIVERANCE is a benefit of my great salvation. You sent Your Word to deliver me, according to Psalm 107: 20.

I now declare and decree in the name of Jesus that I am set free right now. The blood of Jesus is upon me to protect me and it is against the devil and his foes.

No weapon formed against me shall prosper. Amen!

Don’t make prayer a complicated thing. Say to God what He has said to you. Keep it simple!

There is great power in simplicity. Expect results from this method…


It is written, Jesus turned water into wine

In this God revealed His Divine nature. God is a God of processes and a God of the supernatural.

The making of wine consists of many different processes. Good wine takes many years to produce.

However, in this account God overrides many processes.

He demonstrated His Supernatural powers. This is exactly how God works with His people.

Life consists of many processes to make us whole and complete people and to make us become what God intended us to BE.

For Being comes before Doing and Doing comes before Having.

However, God also want to do a supernatural work in our lives.

Humanly speaking, there comes a time in our lives that we get really tired of being processed, since processes comes with much suffering, pain, frustration and confusion with all its doubts, fears, anxieties and insecurities.

Peter them was fishing the whole night and caught nothing. How frustrating that was to them?

Jesus then showed up and told them to throw their net on the other side and they caught so much fish that they had to share with many other boats on the sea. That was the God of the supernatural.

Isn’t it about time for Jesus to show up and break your frustration, so that you can get a BREAKTHROUGH that will radically change the landscape of your life? It is time for a changed life!

Jesus asked the Father to show us His glory. He said, Father the glory You gave me I have given to them. Gods very best manifest when we begin to wrestle with God.

Jacob wrestled with God and he received Gods very best.

Don’t settle for anything less than God’s very best for YOU. I had a few supernatural life experiences in my life time.

This is when God begins to do what use to take years in months’ time – what used to take months begins to happen in weeks’ time – what used to take weeks begins to happen in a days’ time – what used to take days will happen in hours’ time, etc.

Where there is a DEMAND – there will also be a SUPPLY.

Make a demand for the supernatural. Give God no rest until He bless you big time, and expect Him to take you from glory to glory…


Not only so, but we also REJOICE in our suffering, because we know that suffering produces perseverance, perseverance, character, and character hope -And hope does not disappoint us – – Romans 5: 3-5

Consider it pure JOY, my brethren whenever you face trials of many kinds because you know that the testing of your faith develops perseverance. Perseverance must finish its work so that you may be complete, not lacking anything – James 1:2-4

The things we go through in life reveals much about ourselves. Many are the trouble of the righteous, but the Lord always delivers them from them all.

It reveals your level of faith. Are you confident that what you go through will soon pass? Are you confident that you are never alone? Are you confident that God is a good God and that good will come out of what you are going through? Are you confident that you have an ability in you to go successfully through what you need to go through, because God will not allow you to be tested above what you are able to bear?

What we go through in life provide opportunities for growth and development. If we value growth, development, change, and transformation we will begin to develop a positive attitude towards trouble and hardship knowing that trouble is a means towards greater things like:

1. Hope
2. Stronger faith
3. Perseverance
4. Character
5. Completeness
6. Suffering produces glory
7. Growth and development
8. Change and transformation
9. It will bring YOU to a wonderful place in life where you will lack nothing…

A positive attitude during trials and hardship empowers us to keep keeping on. Money can’t buy these things – trouble is the priceless price we pay. Paul said I rejoice in tribulation… James said I consider it pure joy… What do you say?


#Those who are LED by the Holy Spirit are the sons of God – Ro 8:14b

The term ‘sons of God’ is not a matter of gender. Its a person that had been thoroughly processed by God, to the point of MATURITY, through many painful situations, hardship, trials, tribulation, suffering, including times of confusion.

Jesus is our perfect example and the firstborn among many brethren- He is the Author and Finisher of our faith. He said: I only do what My Father tells me to do and I only do what I see My Father is doing.

This is our growth and spiritual development benchmark. We should only do what our Father tells us to do and what we see Him doing. This requires sensitivity, alertness, and discernment. The Holy Spirit is the most important Person on earth and He ought to become the most important Person in our lives. He is the One Who makes Jesus, the Father and His Word comes alive.

Moreover, He executes God’s plans and purpose in the earth through the sons of God. He is more real than the breath we breathe. It is written: Creation or the earth is eagerly waiting for the sons of God to be revealed.

God has an assignment for the sons of God. Job said the earth is given into the hands of wicked people – Job 9: 24. The earth has therefore been defiled by its people – Isaiah 24:5.

The antidote for this is Isaiah 49:8b: God has given the ‘sons of God’ as a covenant to the people to restore the earth. In Psalms 2:8 God says, ask of Me the nations as your inheritance and the uttermost earth as your possession.

For this to happen we got to come under the Leadership, Guidance, and Direction of the Holy Spirit. He knows exactly how to Execute God’s plan and purpose in the earth and in the world.


But the more they were oppressed the more they multiply and spread, so the Egyptians came to dread the Israelites and work them ruthlessly – Exodus 1: 12#

The Israelites were Gods natural people – we are Gods spiritual people. Egypt is what we call world in our age and Pharaoh was like the devil to Israel.

Israel had a seen devil and we have an unseen devil, yet the methods are the same. The devil’s attacks are heavy and fierce on those who have a big calling on their lives, he dreads them like Egypt dread Israel.

Today I see some of my friends, being greatly favored and blessed by God. However, these friends went through many, many difficult times, suffering, pain, confusion and many trials.

This is what it takes for God to capacitate His people for something great. We should never despise people that seems to go nowhere in our eyes, instead, we should pray for them.

The devil has limited manpower. He, therefore, do not waste his manpower on people who are not a threat to him. In fact, attacks from the enemy is a compliment.

It is written: Jesus learned obedience through suffering. Joseph said the Lord has made me fruitful in the land of my suffering…


#From the fruit of your lips a man enjoys good things – Prov 13:2#

#He who guards his lips guards his life – Proverbs 13: 3#

Again, I am saying we are our worse enemies. We continually say wrong and bad things about ourselves.

We speak down on ourselves – we criticize and find fault with ourselves. We then reap what we say, because death and life are in the power of our tongue.

It is written: Whoever of you loves life and desire to see many good days keep your TONGUE from evil and your lips from speaking lies – Psalm 34: 12-13. Evil and lies are anything that contradicts what God says in His Word.

Joyce Meyer said, many years ago she wrote out a long list of things she desired and confess them daily without having the knowledge of the power of confessions. Everything on that list came to pass and only then she heard about such teachings. I was so inspired!

Jesus said YOU shall have whatever you say. I have built my life on these words for many years and I have seen how my words became a reality.

Rich people call it the ‘leverage of words’. They speak into existence the things they want and desire. We, on the other hand, speak ourselves broke and poor. Things like: I am broke – I can’t afford it – I don’t know how I am going to make it through this month, etc.

Negative words come to pass much quicker than positive words, simply because we are mostly surrounded by negative energy rather than positive energy. You have to create your own positive environment with your thoughts, beliefs and positive words.


How well do you control your lips and tongue? Are you conscious of the words you speak? Do you think what you think?


We, therefore, conclude – to become a godly person we need to add certain qualities to our faith. Our faith is our sure foundation upon which we build certain qualities that will strengthen our faith.

We must add to our faith GOODNESS, to our goodness, we must add KNOWLEDGE. Today we will talk about:

4. Self-control
5. Perseverance
6. Godliness

SELF CONTROL is a fruit of the Spirit, which the Holy Spirit has imparted in us. However, this fruit must become an objective reality, whereby people can see this quality in you. We earn respect when people see how well we behave under pressure.

Faith + goodness + knowledge builds capacity in us to develop and add SELF CONTROL to our knowledge base. Knowledgeable people know how to behave in situations.

As I have previously said, it takes emotional strength and capacity to control yourself well under pressure. This means we must give less attention to negativity and fill our minds and hearts with positive things to accumulate positive energy. It takes positive energy to control yourself.

Faith + goodness + knowledge + self-control enable us to add PERSEVERANCE to self-control. Each building block builds capacity in us to add another building block.

You got to have the self-control to persevere. PERSEVERANCE is to continue steadfastly under difficult circumstances. To keep keeping on, no matter what. The ability to patiently stick to what is right. As it is written: Through faith and patience we will possess what God has promised us. If we endure we shall also reign with Jesus – 2Timothy 2:12

Life does not happen without hardship, pain, suffering, trials, and tribulation. Resistant training makes us strong and develop big muscles. So also do the above things makes us strong and help us grow spiritually. PERSEVERANCE enables us and gives us the capacity to handle any situation or circumstance successfully.

Faith + goodness + knowledge + self-control + PERSEVERANCE are the building blocks that produce a godly person. A GODLY person is one who represents God accurately. He or she becomes a role model to others of what God is all about. Paul said, copy me as I copy Christ.

In conclusion: Cleanliness is next to godliness. A godly person always keeps his heart and mind CLEAN…


We have been talking about the growth and development pathway to GODLINESS, according to 2Peter 1:5. I said James in article 4 – sorry!

My goal today is to elaborate on three of these qualities that we must ADD to our faith.

1. Faith
2. Goodness
3. Knowledge

This faith starts with your belief in God the Father and His Son Jesus Christ. It is the foundation on which we build and develop our spirituality. It is also the currency of the kingdom of God. You can possess and obtain what you need, want and desire by grace through faith, just like we use money currency in the world.

God has given a measure of faith to each believer. Doubtless to say that there comes a level of boldness and confidence with this measure of faith. To become strong and stable in our faith we must add GOODNESS to our faith.

Goodness is one of those qualities we experience very strongly at the beginning of our conversion. I remember how the poor kids by our assembly begin to touch my heart when I got saved. I was constraint to give away some of my clothes. This was God being good to these kids through me.

Once we experience the awesome sense of goodness for the first time we then ought to make it become a habit. Habits get build through repetition. Repetition is the mother of skill. Skill is the ability to do something well with great ease.

Another word for goodness is virtue; Virtue is a life of strong character and discipline. In other words, goodness/virtue produces character and discipline in us.

Faith plus goodness produces a desire in us to know more about the things of God. KNOWLEDGE is an understanding of what God thinks, feel and value. We talk about Bible knowledge here. The Bible reveals the heart and mind of God.

We do better when we know better. Applied knowledge is powerful – we release power when we do what we know. Power, on the other hand, makes things happened. Proverbs 19: 2 says, it is not good for a soul to be without knowledge. A man of knowledge increases strength – Prov 24:5. Hosea 6 says to us: People without knowledge perishes. The opposite also holds true: People with knowledge prosper.

We will continue tomorrow with the other three qualities:

4. Self-control
5. Perseverance
6. Godliness


I want to continue to build on the message of article 3. God the Father wants a godly offspring on earth and in the world. His heart longs for accurate representations.

A peculiar type of people that can reflect His image and likeness. LIFE was and is God’s plan. He is the Author of life. He ought to have the very last say about all things that pertain to life.

As believers, we must value growth and development, so that Christ can become more evident in us. Growth and development enhance change and transformation that speaks louder than words. Paul said, imitate God as dear children.

The Apostle James clearly laid out a growth plan and a sure pathway to godliness. Remember I previously said that the great mystery of godliness is God manifest in the flesh. God wants to manifest Himself through your flesh. There are people i have met that has greatly impacted my life because God manifested Himself through them.


1. Faith
2. Goodness
3. Knowledge
4. Self-control
5. Perseverance

Very interesting to note that GODLINESS is no6. The spiritual meaning of six is “man”. God wants to manifest Himself through a mere human being. He manifested Himself through Jesus Who became the Son of Man.

God my friend is in the people’s business. Some of us are naturally a people’s person. Some of us have to develop this quality. Life is meaningless without healthy positive relationships.

I will tomorrow elaborate on each of the above qualities that make up a godly person when we begin to ADD these qualities to our faith. Your FAITH will become a strong, stable, solid and productive.


We read in Acts 2:36 that there is a three-dimensional relational connection with Jesus. Here Luke said, this Jesus is both Lord and Christ.

1. Jesus 2. Christ 3. Lord

1. JESUS is the One Who became the Son of Man to make us become sons of God. A wonderful exchange has taken place. He took our unrighteousness upon Him and made us righteous – 2Cor 5:21.

To know Him only as Jesus is a one-sided relationship, which makes this connection an outer courts experience. The only difference between YOU and a sinner is Jesus. There are still many worldly things that influence your life. It takes a process to detach yourself from these worldly things. Sad to say that many believers live here.

2. To know Jesus as the CHRIST, we got to die to ‘self’ and all its old going nowhere tendencies and unproductive habits. The goal of the Father is to form Christ in you so that you can represent God more accurately in the world.

It takes time, trials, tribulation, hardship, wilderness experiences and challenging times, much pain and suffering to develop Christlikeness and to become a godly person.

The great mystery of GODLINESS is God manifest in the flesh. God wants to manifest Himself through your flesh so that you can say like Jesus. You have seen the Father if you have seen me. Paul said, it is no longer I who lives, but Christ Who lives in me.

In this developmental process, YOU become anointed and wiser because Christ is the wisdom and power (anointing) of God. This anointing will begin to remove burdens and destroy yokes in your life. This will enable you to minister effectively and to also remove burdens and destroy yokes in other people’s lives.

You will become sought after and you will begin to stand out among the crowd. This is what most people like – they want to shine, but don’t want to pay the price. Nonetheless, what kills the ego also builds our Christ-like character

3. To know Him as LORD is to let Him Lord over every area of our lives. We have now become the Lord’s property. In all your ways you now acknowledge Him and He, in turn, makes your path straight – Proverbs 3:6.

This is a dimension of true sonship. Those who are LED by the Spirit are the sons of God. You no longer have an agenda. You live by Gods agenda. The Holy Spirit is your Leader, Guide, and Director. It is for such people that creation is eagerly waiting to be revealed.

Our spiritual goal should be to get to know Him as Jesus, as Christ, and as Lord. This is the most exciting adventures journey!


Everything in our lives, on earth and in this world happens for a purpose – nothing just happened

The ability to process anything that happens to us is very critical to be able to make progressive progress in life. How are YOU doing with processing issues?

The issues we do not process eventually gets into our tissues. We then become unconscious, which means, we then don’t know that we don’t know.
That’s unconsciousness, which is the root cause of suffering. You are troubled about something, but you can’t put your finger on it.

Can YOU see why it is so important to process what’s happening to us? We cannot erase what we don’t want to face, and we can’t heal what we don’t want to feel.

Every situation or circumstance consists of positivity and negativity. Negativity shouts and screams at us to get our attention. Anything positive in the situation or circumstance are normally hidden.

It takes a negative and a positive to switch on a light. You have to shift your focus from negativity to search out anything positive in your situation or circumstance.

Give your soul no rest, until you find something positive in your situation. Its very possible not to become negative, even though you are in a negative situation.

When that happens, a light will switch on, once you spot something positive, which is called enlightenment or consciousness.

The eyes of your understanding get enlightened and YOU become well able to see things the way God sees it. That my friend is a moment of EMPOWERMENT.

The moment of empowerment imparts power in YOU to walk and work successfully through your situation or circumstance.

Remember my favorite saying: POWER makes things happened. It shifts you to another level or dimension where your issues are nonexistent. The issue that has controlled you emotionally is now under your control. It’s called personal power.

That’s how you regain your power to rule and reign in life through one Man Jesus Christ. Get this pattern under your belt and you will begin to enjoy challenges more and more.

As it is written: We enter the kingdom of God through much trouble – Acts 14:22b. Trouble then becomes a vehicle to transport us to our next level or dimension.


But this one/1 thing I do: Forgetting what is behind me and straining towards what’s ahead – Philippians 3:13b

Letting go and let God is easy said than done. Many of us struggle to process sad, bad, negative, horrible and terrible things that have happened to us.

The year 2018 has come and gone, yet its happenings can stay with us for a long time, which causes us to get stuck in life.

LIFE is dynamic, not static > it’s forever changing. The only permanent things in life are called CHANGE. It’s important to forget those things that are behind YOU, even though it’s hard and challenging…

The year 2019 has its own challenges – it is very unwise to add 2018 unresolved matters to new challenges. We have the tendency to become our own worse enemies.

To STRAIN means to put forth energy, effort, and strength. This one thing you must do: You got to find a way to get over 2018 issues and people who have hurt, rejected, disappointed, betrayed and YOU.

God has wonderful things in store for you in 2019, however, old unresolved matters can sabotage your ability to possess what is rightfully yours in 2019.

Hey, 2019 is a blank cheque. What YOU think, say, belief and do are the things you write on your cheque.

We are all 100% responsible for our lives, accept the things we have absolutely NO control over! Blame and accuse no one > this is your life!