The impact of crime on human development

crime is first a state of the human mind before it becomes a destructive action


Edited and modified into parts

 By Isaiah-Phillips Akintola

Part one


Almost everyone at one point or the other has been a victim of crime or some form of violation. You don’t really need to turn on your radio or TV to see the depth of authority and influence man has abdicated to crime and its related challenges, especially here in South Africa where I presently reside. From white color crime to domestic, or gender-related crime, all occupy a larger part of our socio-economic life.

A sloth of half an hour News, twenty five minutes of it is religiously dedicated to reporting on crime and criminal related issues, and this is fine because it gives us the necessary insight regarding how government and its affiliates are winning or losing the battle against criminals.


The purpose of this article is not seeking to discuss the scientific cause of crime, but seeks to offer a more accurate biblical perspective in terms of how the inherent human nature defines action and behavior either good or bad.  This position of view gives us clear insight into the understanding of the depraved nature of those who perpetuate criminal activity in the society.  It is my view that true science corroborates the already revealed truths and facts regarding the existence of God, the creation of man and how He (God) designed and structure life in general to function. Whatever solution we seek to offer in terms of socioeconomic human development and its complex challenges, without full consideration of the moral principles and core values establish regarding the spiritual and psychological formation of man will certainly not provide us the required lasting solution.

I am aware of the various beliefs and ideology today’s humanistic society nurses regarding the existence of God and his position as the creator of all things; it’s not my intention to use this medium to argue or try to prove the existence of God, and his place of authority over society. The fact is, the Lord does not need any human or person to defend his reality of existence.  Every prophetic declaration made regarding a nation or society the goes against his lay down principle or standard are occurring in an undoubted precision.

 Furthermore, the reality of the God’s government over nature and the human society is crystal clear as day is from the night. Weather we believe or reject the authority and sovereignty of God; it makes very little difference to the position or influence of the truth over all creation.  CHRIST, THE TRUTH does not need some form of man’s approval to remain truth. He is the way, he is the truth and he is the life.


Let’s start by establishing this point; to understand criminals, and their criminal behavior, we must first establish a general Biblical truth, which is, all unregenerated humans regardless of the socioeconomic background, portray certain degree of corrupt tendencies, no matter of how they try to exhibit good conduct. In some cases, when humans portray seemly good behavior, they are desperately displaying signs of rejection, isolation and deep emotional breakdown. When we ignorantly limit our judgment of human conduct to an outward display or practice of good character, especially in an environment where abuse, marginalization and chronic poverty has been perpetuated can be an effective disguised mechanism of people’s inner condition.

A relevant example is prostitution. Naturally, one would assume that those who venture into prostitution love the pleasure of sex. But it has been proven that the reverse is the case. Most women are pushed into this dehumanizing trade due to rejection, insecurity, hatred and poverty to mention a few. It will amaze you what rejection and insecurity can cause you to do in the disguise of displaying some form of ‘good behavior’.

The issue of human conduct has today been viewed as relative from humanistic point.  Whatever fact, truth or principle man tries to establish, are usually built on certain level of philosophy or ideology. When perspective is mired by wrong believe system, cultures and tradition, regardless of how ancient or modern, it is usually very difficult to objectively conclude on what is right.   



The recognition of corrupt or perverted human character as part of his daily life lays the precise blueprint to identifying the root of criminal tendencies and also gives us the clear insight into how to deal with it.  One of the inherent natures of man after he disobeyed Jehovah and was cast out of the paradise of God was death or what is also known as corruption.

Death, the decaying and collapse of man’s ethical moral standard became the core operating system of life outside the Garden of Eden. Adam, the first man was not only stripped of his spiritual relationship with his creator but lost his legitimate administrative power to govern and regulate his own life and the earth he was placed in charge. Man lost his compass of direction and became a slave to a strange foreign system of operation known as darkness.

The word of God informs us that from the position of man’s fall, his inclination was continually evil. (Genesis 6:5). Man’s inherent ability to express love and goodness became lost and corruption sets into his life and the entire human race. Meaning that everything man seeks, think and desire became driven by self-ambition, which is ultimately the breeding ground of all forms of criminal tendencies. Corruption is the decreasing and decaying of what man is.


While we have develop educational system to try to teach man some principle of ethical moral values, in terms of proper management of his corrupt tendencies, particularly in area of business management and social relation. It has however been proven difficult for the same person who tend to project this good ethical business relational management skill to control his emotional behavioral outburst outside the parameter of public eyes.

 It is an established fact that regardless of how a person is professionally trained to uphold certain ethical values, when humans are pressed to certain limit, those seemly uphold standards collapse.  Why, there is a huge gap difference between trying to abide by some set rules and regulations, designed to protect our selfish economic business interest from sincerely imparting the lives of men with unshakable character values, designed to regulate and ultimately transform humans inside out.

This explains the reason why we see people who look and sound highly professional from Monday to Thursday, only by Friday into the weekend are completely different set of humans who display almost a beast- like nature. The seemly excellent conduct humans’ display in their assigned position or career should never be assumed to be their real behavioral template. It’s amazing to see that those who have been trained and sandal with the core responsibility of policing and protecting the society are the very ones perpetuating criminal related activity on society more than ever before. This negative trend puts a question mark on the ideology and principle the world system have been using in trying to advance social transformation and coherence.

This negative fact, underscore a very important point I am trying to establish through this article, which is, crime and its related activity should be seen beyond a person breaking the law of the land, or violating others right. Crime, which is an aspect of the manifestation of the carnal, corrupt, fallen, selfish human nature can only be understood or dealt with effectively through the accurate impartation of the divine wisdom and nature of Christ into the human mind.

While we may have mechanism put in place through judicial system and process to check balance and prosecute criminals, it is however important to note that we cannot legislate laws in some parliamentary sitting over the corrupt condition of human heart without the direct intervention of the creators wisdom.  Crime is first a state of (thought) mind before it becomes a carried out action. If this point is true, it will therefore make sense to try to understand how the creator of man sees and defines him as a spiritual, psychologically and physically entity.


The human brain represents the bridge that connects the unseen realities of the mind to the outer realm of existence. The brain plays a major role in the definition of man’s personality through its ability to define man’s genetic formation and character. One of the reasons why the brain is important is due to the fact that it houses neurons that stores past incidents and experience. These experiences are converted and stored into memory bank, which can be recalled at any time. These realities play a key role in human outplay of character and behavior.

The foundation of our theory and ideology concerning human being has been one of the very limitation to precise development and advancement to social science.  The continual refusal to acknowledge the author of life and his architectural design for human interpersonal relationship and development has kept us in this perpetual state of blindness.

 The future victory over crime and other social mime-sis certainly depend on how fast humans are able to return to the divine philosophy, which acknowledges God as the creator of all things, including man who he designed for his own good pleasure. This acceptance gives us the headway into proper diagnosis of corruption and criminal template that seem to drive most human behavioral attitude.


However, we cannot establish right or wrong Character behavior without putting in place the required set standard of measurement within the structure of society. This is crucial to how life is designed to function. Either we like it or not, rules and regulation help a great deal to prevent indiscipline and anarchy.

From the rules set by parents, to the ones put in place by government and its institutions, all play a powerful function in keeping order, even though their impact maybe minimal in terms of transforming humans positively.  Every company has got there lay down vision and mission statement. These lay down regulations help them to establish a common standard, value and culture of operation within the company in other to prevent the invasion of some foreign ideology that might truncate their company.  As these cores principle helps the running of a business project smoothly, so it is with running the earth as Gods own business.


Adam, the first man was placed in charge of Gods real estate, through his disobedience, he lost his leadership legitimacy, he got fired. today, the church, as Christ board members have been put in charge of the same managerial position of governing the earth by maintaining a sanctity of truth and proper order of existence. The only difference is, Christ now lives in the heart of everyone in this membership board. However, the vision, mission objective, philosophy  and culture of God from the beginning has not changed and will never change. His commandment and pattern of existence for all human remains the same, and what is this core vision of God for all human?

Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind, and with all your strength.’ (Mark 12:30 GNT)

This scripture, which is the summary of all summaries of Gods laws and commandments, holds the key to human development and transformation. This is a law that cannot be imposed or forced on anyone; rather, each individual through the teaching and impartation of process must open the door of their heart and allow the miracle of this love to be rooted within them.

The key point here is, if a society will genuinely accept to love God with all their heart, soul, mind and strength, they will certainly selflessly love their neighbor as they love themselves. When these commands are kept through the imparted of divine grace, all the rest of the command, which says

“Honor your father and mother. Then you will live a long, full life in the land the Lord your God is giving you. “You must not murder. “You must not commit adultery. “You must not steal. “You must not testify falsely against your neighbor. “You must not covet your neighbor’s house. You must not covet your neighbor’s wife, male or female servant, ox or donkey, or anything else that belongs to your neighbor.” (Exodus 20:12-17 NLT)

 This eternal principle remains the guiding-light to any genuine human constitution that desire to see justice and other forms of socioeconomic development. Indeed, our position as members of the Body of Christ on earth is to keep pushing this vision of God’s love into every sector of human society so as to maintain peace, forgiveness and tranquility. The Church, as the representative of Gods light in the midst of darkness is to see that everyone have the opportunity to hear and receive the philosophy so they can make the necessary adjustment.

When humans adhere to this divine standard the issues we are trying to deal with in terms of the wickedness and destructive tendencies we are seeking today will become an issue of the past. However, modernization and so called humanistic ideology of self-worship movement are choosing to follow their own fallen perverted inclination, which releasing these destructive spirits across the earth.  Please read Romans 1:18-32


When Cain, the son of Adam decided to kill his brother {GEN 4 :3-9} due to the rejection of his offering, while that of his brother was accepted. Cain allowed himself to be the gateway of ushering hatred and the spirit of violation into human behavior and culture of existence. From that point on, man grew to hate not just his family or neighbor but also himself to the point of committing suicide. The upward movement of iniquity and moral decadence among earth dwellers continue to grow until the Lord put an end to the first generation of humans, except for Noah who found favor in the sight of God due to his testimony of righteousness.

These are all part of the result of disobeying the voice of the Lord in the garden, for the Lord had said to Adam “the day you eat of the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil you shall die“. Death here means the degrading (fall) of man’s spiritual and psychological connection to his creator, himself, his family and the larger community. When death sets into human life, every that man did or represent became contaminated. Man’s spirit, soul and body began to fall apart in rebellion to his original creation, which is divine by nature.

Death, instead of life became the very template of his perception, desire, motivation and purpose of existence. The very template of human mind seeks evil. This spirit (system) of death is a highly complex satanic mechanism operating within the hearts (minds and thought) of the sons of disobedience according to the word of God. (Col 3:5-8)

The fallen human nature has learned to disguise his true nature and character even from the most intimate person. Most of what we do or represent in our daily life are completely different from who we truly are on the inside.  This becomes even more difficult when we live in a society that promotes a life of cosmetics. Everything most just sounds and looks nice even if it smells and rots on the inside. The wrong values that are continually promoted by the world of media, fashion and entertainment have not made things easy for society, especially the youth.


The western humanistic culture have perfected the act of pretense, which has made it even more difficult for society to know or accept sound moral values  which should help in the necessary transition to the right order of lifestyle.  One cannot begin to comprehend the mouth Hollywood spends as annual budget on the business of perfecting the act of pretends also known as entertainment. A society that draws inspiration and motivation on what is projected by Hollywood or some ancient Greek mythology is a society built on lies and deception, which ultimately is a right ground for criminal related tendencies.

Humanity has never been more fragile than this present time when one consider the level of moral weakness {darkness} and ignorance influencing those in leadership and decision making capacity. The issues that tend to break us seem to be stronger than issues that bind us. From family values to business standards and ethics have all been threatened through the impact of crime. It appears that the power of the present system of darkness seem to be prevailing over our flicker of light.

The industries, mega structures and institutions we’ve built across the society are built on very weak and imbalance human philosophy. It is true that when the right pressure of crisis are set in motion over a protracted period of time, what we think we know in terms of what defines the philosophy of our life both external and internal starts collapsing without remedy.

The issues facing our society today are based on the condition of wrong, weak humanistic values ruling our lives. Until we start addressing these unseen but yet, powerful forces behind the collapse of our humanity, we are bound to get disappointed. False systems of thinking can never correct or stop crime unfortunately. 

However, as man continues to experience these vulnerabilities across regions of the earth, we can also be rest assured that we are living in some of the most exciting seasons in human history. This are days of great opportunities, advancement and excitement if we choose to develop positive attitude regarding the future. In order to turn man’s dysfunctional social crisis into a well of opportunity that can enhance and sustain unique development and transformation strategy across regions, we have to drastically address old embedded template of reasoning in handling social, political and economic issues.


The mufti-complex challenges of society demands a new dimension of insight, wisdom and understanding in terms of precise navigation of the current evolution and development of man and its society. History has witnessed all forms of evolution of philosophies and ideologies that has contributed to today’s escalation of violation. From the Dark Age of human slavery down to the days of the crusaders, where people were killed in the name of religion, down to the period of Nazism and communism.

The generally accepted disbandment of slave trade and other forms of racial and social injustice, has continually given humanity the quantum leap to break away from the perverted and distorted viewpoint of life and humanity; to the required position where the accurate footing for human development becomes achievable at all areas of existence.

All these gains in human development breakthroughs are almost being eclipsed by the present uncontrolled immoral behaviors, because they’ve been built on ignorance and false value standards. The spirit of greed and the get rich quick syndrome has captured and enslaved the modern human mind to do things that are unfathomable to his fellow humans. Our communities today are being invaded by an upgraded demonic activity, interfaced with destructive traditional values mandated to destroy the architectural pillars of family and society.

The attitude and view imbibed on any issue in life will always determine the final outcome. Our inability to see and prefer the right human and capital resources in fighting this social nemesis, has greatly contributed to the escalation of this evil, plaguing and crippling the nation of South Africa and the world at large. The development and growth of any society begins with the ability to identify and deal with the cause of crime from its root.

It will be an understatement to say that the crisis of our day calls for a different breed of leaders with a well-structured, internal behavioral pattern of existence. A nature of beings not controlled by the earthly vagaries. A life natured by God himself, the creator of all things! Meaning that the best of humans the way society currently present them do not have the required inner fortitude or governmental authority to lead man out of its seemly endless crisis.

Having a clear revelation into how man was (divinely) originally wired, crafted and designed to function gives us not just mere insight into the cause of the multidimensional problems hindering society today, but also offers us the precise wisdom-strategy and capacity in resolving  the seemly endless dysfunctional nature of man and its society


1 Corinthians 2:11-16

11 No one can know what anyone else is really thinking except that person alone and no one can know God’s thoughts except God’s own Spirit. 12 And God has actually given us his Spirit (not the world’s spirit) so we can know the wonderful things God has freely given us. 13 When we tell you this, we do not use words of human wisdom.

We speak words given to us by the Spirit, using the Spirit’s words to explain spiritual truths. 14 But people who aren’t Christians can’t understand these truths from God’s Spirit. It all sounds foolish to them because only those who have the Spirit can understand what the Spirit means. 15 We who have the Spirit understand these things, but others can’t understand us at all. 16 How could they? NLT

This scripture gives us the right footing into understanding the core operating system of man’s true design.  I guess those who are sincerely engaging in the issue of human development and transformation should carefully and prayerfully consider the insights within this scripture because they carry the master key to unlocking the answer to dealing with man’s restoration.

As we can see, this scripture clearly several points that outline how we should view man from divine standpoint. The scripture went further to how humanist template of thinking cannot relate with divine things.  The operation of the wisdom of God only works with those who have the Spirit of God. This basically means that certain aspect of embedded human behavior will not be known by secular conventional knowledge. The operation of the ministry of the Spirit is required in discerning and resolving the issues of man regarding his fallen corrupt nature. Another point we need to establish through this verse is; the wisdom of God and the wisdom of the world cannot coexist.

1 Corinthians 3:19-20

19 For this world’s wisdom is foolishness (absurdity and stupidity) with God, for it is written, He lays hold of the wise in their [own] craftiness; [Job 5:13.] 

20 And again, The Lord knows the thoughts and reasonings of the [humanly] wise and recognizes how futile they are. [Ps 94:11.]  AMP

 We can either choose to live by the instruction of Gods Spirit and enjoy his blissful promises over our community or continue in what we assume to be the right partway, which ultimately leads us to more isolation, confusion, frustration and destruction. offering solution to the multi-challenging problem of the society as i have earlier explained, require that we shift from the conventional philosophy that refuses to accept and follow the divine blueprint to understanding and dealing with man’s complex issue.

 The future destiny of our society indeed rests on what we’re precisely initiating in terms of understanding human and those who are developing criminal tendencies in our environment and community in general. There is no way we can truly handle the issues if crime plaguing and weakening our societies without first trying to understand how innocent children get influenced by wrong association.


The philosophy, culture and tradition that have been built around crime and criminals are not helping in solving the issue of socioeconomic battle. We can’t any longer pretend as though it’s not number scourge plague and draining the resource of every sector of the society including the Church who was designed to play a front role part in this crusade. Humans are designed to function inside out and not the other way around. Once the values of our lives are not built on the principle of Gods truth, designed to seat within man, it will certainly be difficult for any human to naturally offer or receive love from other without an embedded agenda. 

when the generally humanistic values discourages introspection in terms of accepting and submitting oneself to the divine order of God, which in turns lays the platform for each individual to love and respect others. What we gain in return is a society built on self- centeredness, indiscipline, pride which will lead to self- implosion.

 The level of darkness within human heart cannot be fully fathomed until man is sincere and ready to allow the Spirit truth to journey deep within the recess of his soul to expose him to himself. The human personality and his character lie within the soul realm, which is made up of the will, intellect, and the emotion.

 Man is made up of three different functioning faculties, designed to work in harmony: the Spirit, soul and the Body. These three human aspects carry out definite assigned functions; the spirit is man’s source of life, while the soul is the realm of his personality {trait} peculiarities, while the Body houses these two {spirit and soul} unseen realities.

 Therefore, to accurately define man, we need to understand that he is a spirit, with a soul who lives in a Body. Not to accept this concept of man’s creation is to continue to live life in the shadow of its true reality, which will continue to limit him from dealing with the complex challenges that befalls him. As powerful as the philosophy and ideologies that defines the very foundation of the society today, yet we continue to discover how weak, fragile and shallow these philosophies are in terms of accurately addressing the core issues of human character flaws and behaviors both at home and in the workplace.

 In trying to deal with crime, which is a manifestation of this inherent inner dysfunctionality without the precise knowledge and understanding in dealing with his corrupt human nature is a futile effort.  Crime is an act carried out by a corrupt or perverted human behavior. Crime is only a mere fruit compare to the real problem seating within the heart. The lies and deception that covers criminal true nature are part of the complex dysfunctional behavioral nature of the fallen man.

 There is no doubt that the gain and advance made in the field of clinical psychology and sociology has helped a great deal to shed light on the concept of human character and attitude, in regards to development and social coherence. Yet there are still countless challenges and setbacks that far reach what meets the eyes in these professions.


With the increase in fiscal spending on security and crime prevention, communities across the globe are still insecure. Why? Crime is far becoming more of a culture and philosophy of existence to most people, especially among the very poor and the disadvantaged of the society, since they regard crime as their legitimate right to fighting social inequality, marginalization and injustice.

Human and his Social dysfunctional threats are far beyond what can fathomed or understood in our psychology laboratory, especially where there is no clear meaning to what life means. Human ingenuity is just too weak in addressing the complexity of man’s character formation and behavior, without the knowledge and help of the creator himself. The reality and forms of all human abnormalities which include crime will only be dealt with when we truly start addressing the core issue of man’s internal fear, isolation, insecurity and prejudice.

The resource required in eradicating whatever social economic issue we may be facing as hindrance to the fulfillment of our purpose and destiny to development in our various cities, region is certainly located within the higher wisdom of God the giver of life. It’s highly important we establish that what we currently see as the generally acceptable pattern of human behavior, which further goes to define the spectrum to which we view and source answer and solution to our complex social challenges is just too weak to offer direction and light on the present darkness eclipsing our society.

This is one of the reasons why the Lord God equipped his church with what is known as the gift of the Spirit. Three out of the nine gifts according to 1 Corinthians 12 are designed to give us what is known as SUPERNATURAL KNOWLEDGE. The gift of word of wisdom, word of knowledge and discernment are all helpful in reaching way deep into the hearts and thought of men.

Our Lord Jesus Christ, during his earthly ministry made use of these powerful gifts to expose and silence his protractors. Since criminal tendency is seated within the fallen human nature, it takes the supernatural ability of the Spirit to locate and expose it. One of the natures of criminals is that they have the tendency to blend into our lives without anyone noticing, however, when we understand and chose to follow the guidance and leading of the Spirit of God, we can easily put to a stop the activity of the enemy within and around our society.

 Man has come a long way in the pursuit of trying to discover and understand himself with very little breakthrough when it comes to understanding both the soulish and spiritual behavior.   Whatever we invent, interns of fast-racking our development or easing the struggle of daily life, without the right discipline and a well-balanced human character, those seemly technological gains in no time will become tools and platform of opportunity in the hands of dysfunctional minds.

We might have been able to discover how the brain functions in relating to cognition and the distribution of our biological activities, yet it’s very important to know that there’s a complete difference between the brain and the human soul- the site of the mind, which ultimately defines human reality, behavior and personality traits.


Tracing the birth of human society is of great importance in solving the problem of violation and crime in society. Not understanding your core purpose and the whole essence of existence could cause a sense of dissolution and fear in a person, which could lead to rejection and rejection often, leads to self-protection and aggression which eventually blurs the right perception to relationship in most cases.

 It is these dysfuctionality already built on the fallen human nature that causes or should I say leads to crime. Crime is first a dysfuctionality of human {mental} personality. Most sane looking people around us might just be insane in their {coherent} thought structure. Unfortunately most humans first relate to what they see before they notice people’s unbalanced behaviors. The fact that our sensitivity ability is deadened puts us more in a vulnerable position. Most crime related issues could have been avoided if people were just a little sensitive to their instincts or intuition.

 The problem of identity crisis in the society today has reached a point where we need a desperate, but yet coherent and strategic approach in dealing with them. As long as the world continues to endorse and promote the philosophy of God’s exclusion from her affairs, I’m afraid; we will continue to witness increase in the degradation and total collapse of all form of human existence and its institution.

The formation and restoration of our society can only be carried out successfully through the author of life Himself.  Please don’t get me wrong, when I talk about the involvement of the creator in the dysfuctionality of man, I am not relating to religion or mere Church attendance, rather I am referring to a connection of relationship with the author of life who through his nature of love, grants us the right insight and capacity to identify and deal with those unseen inner crises that cripple our ability to function as sane humans.

 The required dynamics of relating to the resource needed for these social issues are presently being released to those who are ready and willing to pay the price of relating with their heavenly Father. The reward of fellowshipping with God and his called ones grants us unlimited resources and capacity to make our world a better place to live in.

God is not in the business of merely populating a local denomination, rather his desire and commission to those he called and sent is to go into the world system and be a light in their darkness, an answer in their unending questions and a salt that season. Dealing with crime in relating to societal development, requires understanding that goes beyond the corridors of political affiliation and cultural beliefs.


It is amazing to note that as one moves from region to region, you immediately discover that people through their various culture, beliefs and philosophy may regard crime to mean something completely different from other society. Some regard crime as an act of protecting their minority state, beliefs and values over the generally accepted standards. Others see crime as a pure act of legitimate revenge.

One of the greatest challenges society is faced with in dealing with criminals, is to understand how different society think and perceive others and the world in general. The complexity of crime requires a keen and a broader understanding of what life is and means. Our inner deformities and dysfuctionality can be hardly identified by the act we carry out on a daily basis, since humans have the capacity to pretend to be what they’re not.

 The advent of social freedom and the early industrial revolution has continued to shift human paradigms to the right position of thinking in relating to dignity, respect and love. As simple as this may sound, we all know that man is an emotional being with feelings and desire for love, care and security. All this makes up some part of his identity. In a case where these realities are not there, or taken from him, he acts and behaves also like a beast of the field. This is the root cause of most criminal act in the society.

It’s important to note that criminals are like every other human you see around daily at work or in the hall way of a movie theater. They go to shop in the same shopping malls we do our groceries. Some parents live with children who have developed criminal tendencies without their awareness; some guys have criminal friends without discerning them until they’re caught, while others are well informed about the criminal activity of their children or friend, but yet, decide to cover them. This is very dangerous position because you could be their next victim due to the selfish nature of criminals.

 The complexity of crime today is so high that even so-called developed nations and their governments are not exempted from the brutality of crime due to its embedded nature in values that drives their acceptable humanistic philosophy.  Crime is like {illness} disease living within human system {Body}, yet unaware of it until they start feeling sickly.

It seems the very foundation of our fallen human society is built to thrive on corruption, pride, disobedience and violation. Its starts with two kids fighting at school to prove their strength and supremacy, yet the battle is a clear reflection of an inner struggle for love, identity and security.

 Once the human mind cannot guarantee self-security or preservation, it must then react to its immediate environment in a negative way to keep other predators away. This is basically done to hide fear, timidity, insecurity, and confusion, lack of care, affirmation and love. This explains why adults and most teenagers especially in the so called ‘New South Africa’ are experimenting sex, alcohol, drugs, stealing, satanism cult, gangsterism and other forms of highly extreme adventures to hide these vulnerabilities.

Unfortunately, this inner struggle, when not properly dealt with by parents or caregivers, its follows teens to their adult life, which then leads to more complex dysfunctional attitude like arm obsession for things or people, depression, chronic lying, intimidation, blackmailing, witchcraft and suicidal tendencies and so forth.  This becomes the primary reason why many in later life become leaders; abuse their position of authority or office.

One of the reasons why bosses behave rudely to their staffs or clients can be traced down to the lack of proper foundational behavior, which is certainly built on love, care, security and positive self-independence. Many with dysfunctional behavior believed that if they can gain more power by moving up in the corporate ladder or make more money, they will find peace, love and security and acceptance. Unfortunately, the reserve is usually the case until they become harden criminal or eventually commits suicide.

This principle applies to the same politician who never desire to relinquish power, having rolled for decades until he is either dethrone or killed. it is same criminal mentality that drives a person who breaks into people’s homes to steal for its own selfish gain, that drive a politician who also steals and hides the taxpayers money in a foreign private account.

The commonality of these two is selfishness, corruption, insecurity and a heart desperately in need of genuine love and acceptance. When an insecure person feels their only source of influence and security is been taking, they will do whatever is within their power to retain such a position of influence and authority. When parents are not quick to notice their children’s fear, insecurity and loneliness, it can push them to find strength, security and power in criminally centered relationship, which ultimately impacts the society in a negative way.

 We must make it clear that there is some level for of false ‘power’ and ‘influence’ crime and harden criminal offers their victim to make up for those inner loneliness within their victims even though they are short lived. However,  when this falsehood lifestyle are not precisely tackled with the authority of THE TRUTH, it leads the society to a vulnerable part for these  inventors of evil to destroy innocence of our teen either in school or on social media sites.

 The creator wired man to live life within a certain atmosphere that must continue to create and produce love, care, security and respect for each other. When the perception of man became corrupt and perverted in the beginning of his creation, every form of evil became the breeding ground within the human heart. We will never be able to explain the mystery of Sin’s (crime or corruption) nature until we’re able to accurately address the issues of regeneration according to Gods concept. Human salvation is the answer to human crime and other forms of iniquity destroying the society.

Every human born into this world came with intact potential and capacity to excel and breakthrough in whatever field of interest. Though this might not be the case in most regions of the earth due to the promotion of what I call systematic poverty. The influence of social and religious culture still plays a major role in determining the factor of the destiny of the people. The colonized regions by the west and Europe are still governed by the capitalist economic culture and system of trade that only enriches a powerful few of the society. The dynamics of human existence from place to place ultimately defines and determines the biological structure of our eventual character and behavior.  Where you are or who you are at the moment means nothing compared to what you’ve been destined to be in life. The limitations that surround our birth or the present environment we’re in truly mean nothing to the divine plan and purpose of the Lord concerning a life determined to fulfill his plan here on earth. All you need is to understand and accept the concept of living the power of regeneration.

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