principle of kingdom network


It is very important to know that the church is not built on isolation or individualism. Right from the very start, God made each stone (church) to fit effortlessly into one another. This is for proper functioning and supply of gifts both to the local and universal church at large. 1 Cor. 12:14 For the body is not one member, but many.

Gen 1:26. Let us make man in our image and likeness…

This principle proves and shows that the father’s will for development and productivity of his church is laid on the very foundation of relationship and true unity. How each part is able to effectively supply gift for the building of others in the body will determine our collective understanding and maturity, success and impact. The effectiveness and efficiency of the 21st century church finds its hope, strength and expression on the principle of Networking and the power of the kingdom community in true covenant relationship. The community life is the combination of individual or corporate resource for the sole purpose of achieving a common principal goal.

It is the stripping off the individual ambition and agenda in other to serve each other for the common goal of kingdom advancement. Networking should be devoid of any ambitious undertone, since it is a vision of kingdom progression

This principle of Networking is not a new phenomenon in the church or in the world since it finds its origin from God Himself. The power of agreement in the ministry of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit is something we need to learn from as a people who desire to finish well in these last days.

We saw how the trinity promoted each others ministry without  trying to out shadow each other, john promoted the ministry of Christ as his four-runner later we saw Jesus also promoting the ministry of John the Baptist. There is no way the church can make a major impact in the present global terrain without a true combination of kingdom life, purpose and ministry gifts. We must synergies our faith, grace and resource in order to push the will of God’s Kingdom to the required finish. (Ecl 4:9-12, Lk11: 2)



Kingdoms and great empires in the past were known for their alliance with other greater nations in order to secure victories over their enemies. As strong as king David’s military strength and strategy was, he had alliance with other kings and kingdoms in order for them to help him fight his battles even though God was his greatest ally.  This could also be seen in the ministry of Joshua, after he had distributed the land to the children of Israel. Each of them had to trust and glide on the strength of their brothers in order to possess their place of rest until they had crossed over with the other nine (9) tribes in order to help them possess their territories. This has always been the principle of God in bringing his purpose to pass. They say one tree does not make a forest!



It was a general belief in the past that the western world was the greatest super powers, but that seems to be a philosophy that is gradually fading from the minds of millions of people today around the world. Coalitions and alliances are been formed today re-define peoples customs, religious and traditional opinion and strength. As strong as the western culture was in the early 50’s to the late 80’s we have seen the great impact, interface of that culture of thee Asian and the colored people of Africa. The people that used to believe and accept the ideologies and philosophy of the Leadership of the west are having a second thought today because of great alliances of the so-called 3rd world countries. No matter how strong and powerful an individual is, he cannot fight and win a coalition with a common goal and purpose to win! (Gen11: 3-4)

This principle is supposed to reflect the foundation of the Christian faith. I.e. the concept of true union with God; the power of one people tied by the blood of the Lamb, the faith and hope of one people baptized into one God; (1corinth10:1-4). Every true network or coalition must reflect the common goals, purpose vision, mission and individual uniqueness. There can never be a true and a lasting Kingdom network system without a proper interface of vision, purpose character and individual gifting and life. A proper understanding of the core value and objectives of the network’s philosophy must be crystals clear and guided by the parties involved. The network is the combination of individuals or corporate resources for the sole purpose of realizing the collective Kingdom mandate. (Act4: 33-37)


Kingdom network is the recognition, acceptance and the combination of ministry gifts for the very purpose of training, building and establishing of the saints in righteousness that they may recognize, accept and fulfill their God given assignments and ministry in time.



A true and a lasting Network are built on the covenant foundation of relationship. It thrives on the very foundation of total transparency with God, and the individuals. Looking at the scripture in Acts 13, the advancement of the Apostolic Church in Antioch was built on true Spiritual Fellowship with God and one another, brought to light by the Spirit. The combination of the ministry of Paul and Barnabas. It must be carefully understood that it was the Spirit who engineered and separated them for the work and not the idea of the apostle or Church. It was never built on ambition but on the vision of God’s purpose.  David and Jonathan are also two very good examples of what a true network should be in purpose and Philosophy. Even though they had two different backgrounds and ideologies yet their spirit were knitted together for the fulfillment of God’s purpose for Israel. They were there to cover, protect and provide for each other irrespective of their different biological state and   circumstances. (1Sam 20: 2-9)

Though Jonathan forfeited his position in the relationship by sentiment and lack of discipline to stick to what God has said to him.

In Luke 8: 19-21, Jesus made a very controversional statement to the people who were listening to him but quite revealing as to the mind of God concerning his purpose and plan for man. The main purpose of a true network from the mouth of Christ is that of those who are willing to connect themselves to God’s will and purpose irrespective of the challenges ahead of them.  I believe it will cost a great deal of time, wisdom, understanding and fellowship with each other in order to birth and integrate a true lasting Networking system because of the human Flaws and Selfish interest involve.


TIMING John 4: 55

To have an effective, efficient and vibrant coalition, one must understand the right timing and season of the spirit. Things cannot merely be done on good conscience without waiting to hear the voice and the direction of the Spirit. I have witnessed the formation and disentategration of many networks because the initiators lacked the understanding of spiritual timing and season of God.  In some cases they lack the leadership grace and capacity to discern people and their challenges in mutual relationship. While in other cases, it was set up to be used as a tool to leverage their own ministry and gifts.

The ability to hear the voice and the direction of God’s Spirit concerning what we feel are right cannot be over emphasized since we can be sincerely wrong. Eccl 3 ;1 proves that there is timing and a purpose to all assignment on the earth. This timing is not merely motivated by present need but by the commission and mandate of the Spirit. Spiritual integration and vision is not a mere joining or welding together of personalities and resources for building our own empires. It is making bear the condition of the heart to one another, it is humbling ourselves, acknowledging our flaws and receiving strength from each other in other to fulfill our individual calling and assignment. It cannot be negotiated by a round table talk neither must it be encourage by the greater {richer} and the laser syndrome, it is a coalition, meaning a combination, a netting of life, gift, grace and heart.   Everybody having some thing to offer no matter how rich or poor strong or weak, knowledge or not, each must jointed supply there grace of God upon their life without fare of favor. The place of dependability and accountability to each other in the network cannot be over emphasized.


To a large degree the purpose and relevance of the church has to do with ministering to God and solving the problems and needs of humanity through the grace available to us. This can be by creating a right and Godly atmosphere and pattern for living in the day to day activity of its community. With this truth in focus, it is essentially right to find the best and most proactive way in re-engineering the concept of the church, relevant in the midst of an unstable and ungodly society. In this light, we must take the capacity and purpose of the church away from its embryonic function of mere meetings, temporal and mundane needs and to a new matured level of global impact, by broadening the concept of what the church stands for and represent to the entire globe at large.


As every member of the church comes to this new level of understanding and are ready to join forces in kingdom coalition and advancement like the army of David, we would not only succeed in bringing out the people that the system of Pharaoh is using and destroying, but we would fill the entire globe with the knowledge of God’s glory this revelation will finally prove that no church is an Island, no ministry or individual gift is absolute for we are called to fit into (assisting) one another.  As we face the challenge of global shift and geopolitical philosophy, the church of the 21st century must combine all her spiritual, mental and financial resources to develop a formidable force and standard. This is for her  to remain and to and keep the banner of Christ high in the community of nations. We stand as the arrow head of God’s purpose in this prophetic season. The manifold wisdom of God will be made known by the Church to the principalities and powers…


(a)              Development and advancement of Kingdom mandate.

(b)              To regulate and guide doctrinal and revelation excesses.

(c)              To check and balance ministerial ethics.

(d)              To enhance and sustain true spiritual union and relationships.

(e)              Creation of room for individual growth and development (capacity building)

(f)               To enhance kingdom economy.

(g)              To create a place of rest and refuge for the wounded in ministry.

(h)              To provide spiritual, mental, material and financial resources for the less privileged in ministry.

{I}    Use and development of spiritual gifts.



If a network or coalition is not built on the solid foundation of Christ the rock, it will become a forum. For:

(a)               Impostors

(b)               The breeding of insecurity, fear and low self esteem among those that are less privileged.

(c)              It will end up being hijacked by these who have large resources  {spiritual, mental or financial.etc}

(d)              It will create division and bitterness among the coalition members.

(e)              Loss of vision and purpose by individual members

(f)               It will hamper the work of Kingdom advancement

(g)              It will become another tower of Babel, where rebellion thrives (a man-made empire)

(h)              It will deter and corrupt the true concept of networking in the minds of others that might likely want to join the coalition.


In as much as there is so much that God wants to do in our time and age, we must prayerfully and carefully identify the place of our spiritual expression. This is in order not to allow the enemies take advantage of our ignorance and   present need, as to sell our ministry to vision killers. Revelation and true Spiritual fellowship must become the very foundation. AGAPE should be the platform of our integration either with a person or group of people. Our gifts must be jealously guarded and be enhanced by those the Lord has placed before us with grace and wisdom to direct.  No man on his own can truly fulfill the call of God upon his life without the contribution of other people’s gift and grace. It must also be understood that no one should absolutely depend on others for the fulfillment of his ministry without having a direction from God. It is the Lord that networks the hearts of men.  It is my prayer that as many that comes across this piece of information would prayerfully read and study it with the eyes of the Spirit, in other not to make the same mistake of those who choose with their eyes and not by the insight of their hearts.


Let us learn from the prophecy of our master

(Isaiah 11:1)

Out of the stump of David’s family will grow a shoot—yes, a new Branch bearing fruit from the old root. And the Spirit of the Lord will rest on him—the Spirit of wisdom and understanding, the Spirit of counsel and might, the Spirit of knowledge and the fear of the Lord.  He will delight in obeying the Lord. He will never judge by appearance, false evidence, or hearsay.





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