The mission of TGIC in Franschhoek

Isaiah 43:18-19

18 Remember ye not the former things, neither consider the things of old. 19 Behold, I will do a new thing; now shall it spring forth; shall ye not know it? I will even make a way in the wilderness, and rivers in the desert.ASV

The good news translation:

Isa 43:18 But the LORD says, “Do not cling to events of the past or dwell on what happened long ago.

19 Watch for the new thing I am going to do. It is happening already—you can see it now! I will make a road through the wilderness and give you streams of water there.

We welcome you to franschhoekimpact’. This site is multidimensional in its vision and expression in that it seeks to deal with the various spectrum of human existences within the context of sound spirituality. We clearly understand that life exist beyond the four walls of the local Church building and we also know that God is breaking every limitation caused by religion and obsolete church tradition all across the globe. The practicality of living life goes beyond professional skill. life is spiritual and to be able to perfectly interface your daily life with the divine order of God you need to be spiritually aware.

The blog site has been set aside to inform and accurately develop both the spiritual and socioeconomic realities of the community of Franschhoek and beyond. This we hope to achieve by creating the right spiritual and mental platform for a broad-based interchange of seminars, workshops and conferences with regards to kingdom based leadership initiatives within the various sectors of the community. This platform is also set aside to help us better express the life, nature and philosophy of Him {CHRIST} who sent us in the best and most clarified approach.

There was a time in history where Christianity was associated with sound educational background, technological breakthroughs, information, accurate governance and social freedom at all levels. Today, when people talk about the Christian faith, it is mostly associated with failure, illiteracy, poverty, crime, pride and disrespect for the elders. People’s mentality has been deformed by the infiltration of wrong values systems and culture being promoted today at all levels of society, all in the name of social freedom.

It’s highly important to acknowledge and realize that true freedom and liberty comes with a price. Recapturing the mind of Christ in relating to life and existence in general is a very important issue in our day, and we do believe without a shadow of doubt that this media platform will help bring accurate focus and re-alignment to the structure of human thinking. Each of us reflects who we are and what we perpetually think of. You can’t be better than the quality of your thought life.

We believe this platform will set the foundation and pillars to correct the spiritual blindness and socioeconomic imbalances of our community. The life and the power of the kingdom of God amongst believers is given to release not just individuals but also communities and cities from the powers that have kept men bound from finding and fulfilling their ordained destiny.

Here is the verdict of the message of we bring

Luke 4:18-19

The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, Because he anointed me to preach good tidings to the poor: He hath sent me to proclaim release to the captives, And recovering of sight to the blind, To set at liberty them that are bruised, To proclaim the acceptable year of the Lord.

There are quite a few impressive projects and initiatives that already have a powerful success story within the community, and we want to say a big thank you to those people who decided not to be part of the problem but a bridge to the solution. We pray the Lord will continue to give these wonderful gems the grace and initiative capacity to create continual resource centers to build the lives of those desperately in need of help in the community.

This blog site is the vision of The Gatekeeper’s International Centre Franschhoek. TGIC is a resource centre for human restoration and development within the global community. The gatekeeper’s intl centre is connected to other organ of Christ Body out there pursuing the same core vision and mandate of seeing Christ crowned Lord of the nations through the imprint of His life, nature and authority. We do believe that the revelation of Christ is the key to unlocking the power of the kingdom of God and the complete destruction of the power of this present darkness keeping communities and cities bound.

The scripture says in John 1: 4, in him was life; and the life was the light of men. ASV
For men to come out of their darkness they will have to acknowledge the power of Christ’s light in their lives or else they will continue in that darkness. The true definition of darkness means the absence of the illuminating power of God’s knowledge {revelation} in the heart of man.

It is our strong belief that man cannot maximize the available God-given resources and potential until there is a complete restoration of His lost image, dignity and glory. It is the vision of our mandate to bring accurate understanding of what life is all about. This primary knowledge of truth brings alignment to every other area of man’s confusion and frustration.

Just as individuals carry a precise destined purpose to be fulfilled so do communities and nations. The mission and assignment of a community is directly related to the passion and desires of the founding fathers. This legacy needs to be revamped in the heart of subsequent generations to keep it alive. To know more about TGIC please click on the resource file above.

Our vision:

The vision and burden of this blog site is to contribute directly or indirectly to the potentials and creative capacity of individual {youths and young professionals} pursuance of socioeconomic empowerment, development and transformation. The community of Franschhoek, especially in this present season of socioeconomic decline needs a clear voice of hope, direction and strategy planning for precise navigation to the next level of creative {thinking} wealth.

The power of applied knowledge:

Knowledge and Information is highly necessary for the actualization of personal and corporate deliverance and development in the 21st century community. And we do believe that what people need now is an inflow of directive revelation and accurate information that will help them on how to turn their ideas and initiatives into productive {ingenuity} realities.

This is one of the reasons why we have set this site aside as a platform for resource to the youth and other members of community who wish to take advantage of this season. We take this opportunity to encourage our youth to keep their head above the waters of confusion, depression and frustration and start doing something creative with their lives.Success is never a destination but a progressive development of one’s life call and purpose towards the preferred place in Christ. Finding who you are and what you’re here for is one of the most important discoveries you can make.

A little advice

It is highly important to let you know that you will not get the answer to your innermost challenges and questions in the wine bottle; neither are you going to get it by being abusive and violent to yourself or others around you. More than ever before, the enemy is fighting for the souls of {communities} Franschhoek and we are not ready to give up fighting, because the Lord has promised us victory in every area if we keep our eyes and faith on him. Creation has its root in God, and for there to be a fulfillment and prosperity in every area of human life there must first be a return to the source and creator of your life.

The Spirit of the Lord is speaking and giving direction concerning the present state of our lives and we have to pay attention to His prophetic direction, in order to navigate this season with capacity and opportunity to advance in life. Little or nothing will be achieved from a position of human strength in these last days without inviting the knowledge {revelation} and wisdom of God to direct and help us achieve. We believe that the accurate knowledge of God in an area is directly related to the measure of the community’s openness to the Father’s will, desire and purpose.

We can’t continue in our old paradigm of activity and expect to get a positive result. It’s time to hear afresh what the Lord is saying concerning your life, family, career and business. There is no area of your life that God is silent. When you learn to be stop dictating how your life should be run, you’ll then learn to start hearing the directives and desires of your Creator for your life.

The scripture says concerning Christ that he went everywhere doing good… the goodness of the Lord is a direct knowledge of his revelation given access into a home or geographical area. There were places Jesus went and he was not allowed to minister due to their unbelief. The Lord wants to saturate this community with power and authority and we have to open the gates and doors of our community for him.

Redefining community:

Everything in creation including people, cities and societies are all connected to Gods eternal plan and purpose for human redemption. The concept of emancipation and regeneration is extended to communities and nation willing to stretch their hands to the God of salvation. True salvation sees beyond race, culture, language and boundaries set by men.

It seeks to redefine and correct the wrong internal template and belief system that has confined minds, cultural and traditional perceptions of human civilization. In other words, true salvation doesn’t just give us a one-way ticket to heaven; it also sets us free from the limited deformed belief systems of our cultural view and traditional ethnic racial differences that stop us from seeing the overall destiny of people living within a society.

Today’s meaning of the word community has drastically changed in use and meaning from what it used to be in the past. Since the advent of the internet and the concept of globalization, our world has continually become more and more complex in definition and value. And if we’re going to anchor this change as it has to relate to our own community, we need to change our perceptions of handling and accepting change.

We need to learn how to maximize the potential and benefit of the 21st century globalized community. As much as we want this blog site to meet the needs of the people living in this community, the fact still remains that those who will be reading and using this blog will reach beyond the geographical boundaries of Franschhoek.

Keeping up with a changing world

Our world has changed and it will continue to change whether we’re prepared or not. The potential and capacity of the youth of the community must be channeled towards taking advantage of this borderless world. One of the core missions of the mandate of Christ centered Christianity is to see freedom, empowerment, development and transformation of communities that opens up to way, doctrine and teachings.

The scripture says the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. Do we truly desire to see the operation and manifestation of wisdom in our family, business and careers? We then need to open our hearts to the outpouring of Gods illuminating light coming to this community. We believe that faith in God is not complete until people start witnessing reformation and restoration in every area of life.

It is our passionate desire through this blog to create hope and assurance for those who have almost given up on life and themselves to see the well of opportunity waiting for them, if only they can just learn to dream and never give up on developing their potential. Everyone who has the capacity to dream also has the innate ability for success.

All we need at this point is to look inward to see what the Lord is busy crafting in each life. You and your family are success stories in the making so don’t give up your in faith. The Lord is sending his technocrats to redesign and rebuild your faith and capacity to break through every barrier and limitation you might presently be faced with. Franschhoek has the potential to become the hub of both spiritual and socioeconomic resource centers in the entire southern hemisphere.

Removing veils

The success story of any community is not complete until there is a total removal of both spiritual and psychological boundaries that separates the very poor from those who are more fortunate. We live in one of the most beautiful times in history that is pregnant with great opportunities for breakthroughs at all levels, yet these opportunities require well balanced sight to discern and respond to various issues of the cause of both mental and spiritual poverty.

The present global recession is having a major negative impact on people’s behavior and attitude to become more self-centred. The world is full of chaotic issues that desperately need the wisdom of God in dealing with them before they completely get out of hand. This season is governed by an unprecedented inflow of uncensored information ever threatening the lives of individuals, the community and global peace. Thanks to the world of the worldwide web! Information is highly essential for building communication, relationships and productivity. Yet millions today are basically abusing the use of this great {the internet} technology for their own selfish end.

We are in an undeniable season of continual change and this change will continue to impact and require adjustments in our daily existence and relationships both to individuals and communities at large. Our youth and community leaders, more than ever before need to be highly informed and developed in areas of responsibility and accountability of their choices and decisions. Capacity to meet the required standard of the new season requires that the moral values of Christian faith becomes the base of one’s life, lest you get carried away and deceived by the many voices begging for your attention. Precise knowledge to navigate life comes via divine awareness of the required demand for such season.

The challenge of the new season

New seasons are birthed through those who are able to transform trials, recessions and challenges into great opportunities for developing themselves and their communities. The ability to be creative and use the initiative given by God to each individual brings out the leadership capacity of people and we strongly believe that this is the time to stir the hearts of men and women again to look into their lives in order to bring forth the divine resource already provided for their productivity.

It is our strong belief that there can hardly be a major landmark of change or positive impact within any society, without first defining the common purpose, goal and objective of such community as it relates to constructive and comprehensive development of the people. Most times this is achieved by first identifying the visible value system reigning within such community.

The advancement and progression of any person, community or nation is built on the corporate vision and objective of its leaders’ capacity, solidly built on a foundation that can accurately carry and sustain the future of its children and youth. Understanding and continual articulation of such core vision and values within the system that runs the community from local to executive level gives precise direction for a better and a productive future.

Re-echoing history of the community

The history of this community still carries and echoes the very life and essence of what lasting freedom is and should reflect and represent within the hearts of millions both within and outside this beautiful valley. When the early settlers of this breathtaking valley first journeyed down here, they each carried within their heartbeat a vision and hope of seeing a future development of a community, becoming a home of freedom, rest and safety, not just for their families but also for anyone who sincerely desired and longed to find peace, tranquility, hope, restoration and social freedom from the land that enslaved them from expressing their faith, and worship the way they truly desired.

These Christian migrants found a place here that gave them the opportunity to see their dreams and visions come true, the freedom from their protagonists and oppressors gave them an opportunity here to rebuild and reinvent themselves to become a story of success. Yet all this great and wonderful history lies on the very core footing and foundation of the sound Christian moral standards and values they brought along with them.

Any form of faith, religion, institution or culture that seeks to enslave its people will definitely sooner or later face strong resistance. The peace and serenity of Franschhoek without doubt offers an immense opportunity to all members of the community to makes their desired vision and dream become reality. Today, Franschhoek is no doubt one of the best wine-producing communities and tourist destinations in the southern hemisphere. Yet there is still untapped great potential in this community that needs to be harnessed with the right spirit of understanding. The past and present success story of this community is directly connected to the values of self actualization, hard work, family unity, integrity, education, care and hospitality.

Today the Lord is doing something new as he reaches down to these biblical values that were laid with the foundation of this community. The destiny of this community is designed to help people identify and fulfill their ultimate purpose in life, and it is the core vision of this blog to provide resources for all our readers to fulfill just that. This blog is solidly founded on sound biblical doctrine and values in achieving its aims and objectives.

Our objective includes the following

• Community integration and development

• Leadership resource for social reform
• Restoration of sound family and marriage values
• Availability of resource for youth development
• Sound biblical spiritual development resource
• Counseling opportunity for addicts

Little back ground history of Franschhoek

It is said that the only thing man ever learn from history is that he never learned anything. The opportunity to correct the present religious, cultural and traditional errors has come, as we accurately look backs to the celebration of triumph of those men and women who stood to challenge and fight against the reign of tyrannical order of government in France.

“The Bastille was a fortress in Paris, built-in the Middle Ages. It had eight towers and was surrounded by a water-filled moat. In the 17th century it was converted into a prison. For many in France, it became a symbol of how kings oppressed the people. On July 14, 1789, a mob advanced on the Bastille, intending to seize gunpowder that was stored within. After a fierce fight, the revolutionaries captured the prison. They found only seven prisoners. But the power of the people had been made known, encouraging the fighters for liberty and equality. Bastille Day was first celebrated on July 14 the very next year, while the French Revolution was still in progress. Bastille Day did not become a French national holiday until 1880, long after the Bastille itself had been demolished by a revolutionary government”.

Awakening the spirit of Bastille

Hundreds, if not thousands every year gathered in Franschhoek for the celebration of Bastille {French revolution} festival. Yet how many people understand or respect the life, values and principles taught through the lives and action of these brave men and women who stood up against religious and institutional oppression in France? Millions gather every year to drink and party without a clue of what the festival is all about.

Thousands of these courageous Christians fought and completely demolished the Bastille prison stronghold. Over four hundred thousand of them later fled their homes and lands to find refuge in the other places where freedom and liberty is the right of all its citizens.

These faith driven saints fought with the revealed knowledge of biblical truth and values, in spirit of humility and freedom, they resisted the wickedness that ruled the hearts of their leaders. Today Bastille still lives in the hearts of those who share in the life and values brought to this great community of Franschhoek. As the spirit of the Lord begins to stir and connect our hearts together to fight against oppression of all types, we need to be fully armed with the power of the revelation of Christ who called us to go into all nations and make disciples of them.

Migration of hope

These great migrants brought both the seed of life {the word of God} and the seed of agricultural prosperity and wealth to the shores of Southern Africa but in particular the community of Franschhoek. This handwriting of agricultural breakthrough and prosperity can be seen all across the land of franschhoek as a community that prides herself as one of the best wine-producing communities in the world. This singular breakthrough opened up the entire nation of South Africa and in particular the community of Franschhoek as a tourist destination. Yet this great wealth and prosperity being witnessed today, either as a prosperous winery community or as a community that prides herself as one of the best French architectural building sites is still void of the manifestation of the second seed known as the word of God.

The seed of prosperity

Real estate business has to come to stay in this community and there is still room for infrastructural development and expansion that will ultimately benefit all residents and visitor of the valley. Thanks to those who journeyed down here with the vision and passion to bring out their best out of their worst pain and limitations. The prophetic purpose of God for Franschhoek must be accomplished by those who have gained sight into this sin of commission and omission. The Lord is sending His apostles and prophets to remind the community of Franschhoek about her ordained destiny, which is to be a citadel of refuge and restoration to the weak, hopeless and broken-hearted. This community is called to be a place of healing and joy to those who need transformation.

The purpose of the wine seed

The wealth and prosperity of this community should be accurately channeled to help hundreds of abuse teenagers and struggling men and women. We hear about one or two groups in the community trying to do their best in ensuring equilibrium of prosperity. Yet we do believe that more people need to get involved in this recovery process. When the blessing and wealth given by the Lord are not properly managed, they tend to become the very doom of the society.

This can be seen all across the world. Most of the wealthiest communities across the globe have all witnessed the most devastating civil wars. A new order of men and women must emerge with the right values and capacity to manage wealth both from community level to national and global levels. Prosperity is for development and not for a few rich ones. The beauty of wealth creation and prosperity is to create avenues to channel its revenues to the required areas in the lives of those in need of it. Beyond the good life we want from money, what else do we need money for? We have to invest in the lives of people around us. This is true and lasting investment.

The echo from the past

Beyond spiritual rhetoric, we need to wake up to the present challenge of kingdom advance within the poverty level of those living here in Franschhoek. We need to once again ask and scrutinize the values and standards of what we define to be Christianity today; lest we find ourselves in the same place these men and women found themselves until they revolted against who then was called instituted {state} religion.

The true meaning of the celebration

Remembering and celebrating the lives of these people who risked their lives through high seas, broke the dividing lines of cultural limitation and philosophical ideologies of race. If we neglect the other seed these men and women brought to plant in the soil of the human soul, history will not forgive us.

These men and women of great vision and nobility clearly understood what the scripture meant when it says, what shall it profit a man if he gains the entire world but loses his soul? Churches built by these men today have become a monument sight-seeing centre. We need to remind ourselves as a community founded on the values of true spiritual realities, if we are accurately representing the values and culture of peace, prosperity and shared life these great people brought to our shores?

Getting to know more TGIC Franschhoek

Our core vision as the gatekeeper’s international centre is to create through a world-class systematic engagement of wealth creation values system and principles, in building sustainable productive relationships and partnerships that gives us the leverage in offering the best quality service required for capacity and skills for human development.

This strategy, we believe in the long run will benefit the impoverished minorities of the community by giving them the right opportunity to dream and sustain such dream with informed productive activity until the day of its manifestation. The motivation to participate in self-development and actualization of a dreams becomes a major challenge in a world where people continually live out the vicious cycle of their past experience and disappointment on a daily basis.

Beyond religious structure

Therefore, one of our key objectives is the continual development and deployment of our trained team to visit and engage the community with our spiritual and psychological training program. This program helps in fighting the wrong templates and values that cripples and limits the creative capacity of the people from advancing. This will eventually equip each member of the community to become stakeholders and role models in the progressive transformation of their families and the general community.

The concept is to offer to each individual the necessary resource, skilled capacity and continual leadership mentoring ability that is focused on transferable capacity for the next generation. This we refer to as the community transformers and transistors of pure lasting values and skills. TGIC FRANSCHHOEK is set to restructure and redefine what the Church of Christ in the earth represents both to the kingdom of darkness and the general society in our time. This is Church without walls! The powers of racial, cultural and mental barriers are completely broken amongst our tribes. We are a community of a new race of people bound by one civilization called the kingdom of God. Our culture is Christ and our power is his revelation. We believe more than ever before that the world is desperately in need of a true and lasting visionary leadership community of people who transcends all secular humanistic ideologies and bureaucratic concepts of governance.

Preparing for the next move

The Spirit of the Lord is stirring and restoring the heart of Davidic governmental order back to the earth and we are going to be forcefully seeing the powerful move of the hands of God amongst the people like never before. Our duty is to announce and ‘midwife’ the inflow of the Spirit of the Lord into the community of Franschhoek just like in the days of Simon and Anna in the temple in Jerusalem. {Luke chapter 2}

Communities across the globe today are facing one of the darkest moments in human history that requires a desperate and precise step of action if we must prevent global crisis in respect to the lack of weak leadership. Survival instinct is becoming more of people’s second nature of reaction to all the issues at hand. Teenage pregnancy, school drop-outs are on the rise, drug and alcohol abuse, suicide, divorce and murder are all on the increase and have become norms in our community today. Our accepted democratic system of government is continually failing the people due to the corrupt human nature.

The fear of God and human respect has become a thing of the past both in homes, schools and the business community. Our local and executive leadership institutions need a total reform of nature and vision if we are going to see respect for public leadership positions again. The values and template of accurate biblical ethical standards and truth needs to be restored, starting from the home fronts in order to affect the template of change within the larger community. The Body of Christ is required to awake from her sleep and allow the Spirit of Christ to work in and through her again for the development and reformation of broken structures. The revelation of Christ in the hearts of men is the accurate answer to social reformation and community transformation if we open the gate of our community to the Lordship of Christ’s kingdom.

Here is a scripture to consider for your meditation

Good news translation

• John 1:1 In the beginning the Word already existed; the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

• John 1:2 From the very beginning the Word was with God.
• John 1:3 Through him God made all things; not one thing in all creation was made without him.
• John 1:4 The Word was the source of life, and this life brought light to people.
• John 1:5 The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has never put it out.

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