By Isaiah-Phillips Akintola

The current ongoing America election is far from the race of two strong democratic ideologies. Ideologies are shaped and influenced by a preferred philosophy. The policies that shapes and determine nations are designed to project certain belief system either good or bad. Any wise one tracking the current global affairs, we immediately realize the strong direction of the two main candidates running for the position of presidency in the White House. 

The battle over the seat of the White House has never been this personal and challenging in the history of America. It’s clear that people are now hungry for a new direction in the policy of governance while the other seeks to maintain and push for the policy of globalization. Whoever wins the seat of the White House will certainly determine the next direction in the fulfillment of global prophetic affairs, in terms of the ultimate collapse of the empire of the kings of the earth.


There’s no doubt that what is behind the force of election shapes the economic, political and spiritual climate of a region. While democracy is not the concept of God’s government. It is however, accepted as the best way of human government, and if we are in this world, our lives and that of our family will be influenced by the democratic government and leadership in place.


The scripture abundantly made clear that we respect and honor human government, for it is the lord himself who placed them in the position of authority.  Therefore, it will be naïve of any Christian to suggest that the political shift within nations, but in particular, the nation of America, carries no serious meaning or relevance to the ongoing emergence of the kingdom of God. It’s like saying that the political architecture of the Roman Empire has nothing to do will the prophetic unveiling and fulfillment of Christ redemptive purpose for his generation.


The world of Palestine and it’s then socioeconomic and political landscape was planned and arrange as a portal for the prophetic redemptive program of the father. Everyone, including the Roman occupation of Israel had a key role to play in that which the father designed to carry out in those days. Nothing happened habitually. Every movement, thought, action and decision were divinely designed to lead to what was has been planned in the fulfillment of God’s program. Jesus said to John at River Jordan, let it be so for the fulfillment of what has been written to become manifest. 


Prophecy doesn’t fulfill themselves. They must be carried, nurtured and birth within the setting of their ordained place of fulfillment. The prophetic desire of the father is shaped by a company of watchers, positioned as salt and light within a geographical region. These men and women track the movement of the Spirit for their nation and generation.


Hence, they know what to do within any given situation in their region of assignment. As gatekeepers, they track and follow the prophetic trajectories of the Spirit, even amongst the things we will count as ordinary and irrelevant. It is, therefore, critically important, we understand that even things like election and voting plays a huge role in the advanced fulfillment of divine intent.   


A shift in the prophetic trajectory of any generation requires the ecclesia to update again, it’s revelatory wisdom and insight into the mind and will of the father to accurately adjust the structure posture and direction of what we are building. This allows the church to perfectly align with agreement towards what the Spirit was saying and demanding for the next season.


 The ongoing shaken of the foundation of the nations will continue to the attention of the kings of the earth is drawn to the hand writing of the father on their walls. Only those who have been sealed on the forehead will be able to read and interpret the writings of the Lord. There’s now a specific writing of the Lord upon the walls of every nation, including the nation of America. Those who are designed to play key role in the acceleration of the fulfillment of God’s prophetic calendar are now being posited to their rightful place with authority to speak with authenticity and accuracy.

As we continue to live in the days of the last kingdom of Iron and clay, we need to change our prophetic lens to see and understand the role each of are called to play in bring forth the judgment counsel of the Lord upon Babylon. The battle against the tradition, ideology and ways things has been for decades are now coming to an end.


 As new formats of leadership arises with a nationalistic agenda, we will continue to see the battle of ideology play out on every front. A globalist mentality is now being challenged even from within the Europe. The architectural purpose of globalization is being tested as iron and clay cannot hold together.


It is clear that the globalization socioeconomic policy builds on the foundation of the western world concept of democracy is now falling apart as people begin to realize how they are losing their identity and economic security. Americans also tow the same line the British did a few months ago by leaving the European Union.  Yes, this new direction of the policy will change the economic direction of the nations for a while until new relationship and bilateral agreements are reached. Our position as the church of the Lord is to continue to hold the standard of the Lord within the [blindness] confusion of the heart of men.  We are called to be a light house; a city set on the hill that cannot be hidden. It’s time we update of the prophetic software for increased engagement with the nations and kings of the earth.  Let’s make disciples of all nation. 

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