Preparing the ecclesia to step into 2015

2015, sounding the war cry of the Spirit

Preparing the ecclesia to step into 2015

Seasons and Gods prophetic activation

By Isaiah-Phillips Akintola

2015, engaging the four horns over the nations with the Spirit of the craftsmen, awakening the Spirit of the blacksmith

Various seasons of the Spirit carries different but unique architectural designed plan, ordained to further establish the unfolding restored intent of God’s truth, such that a generation is better prepared and ready to step into the next dimension of prophetic administration of heavens agenda.

There are certain words in the Spirit that are prophetically due for both manifestation and administration in various dimensions of human realm. These words will not come to view until a generation by the deliberate leading of the Spirit is precisely born and awakened to the spirit and life of the words.

Coming into what heavens desire to do in a generation require more than just an understanding of a sudden prophetic word. There has to be a state of divine intent and readiness to move from the known acceptable pattern of thinking and behavior to the next location of heavens speakings.

The manifestation of prophetic words describes the culmination of various spiritual seasons of sacrifice, prayers, intense intercession and a sense of death to the old. Stepping into 2015 is far beyond entering a new calendar year.

As spiritual being, our lives are not designed nor limited or bound to humanistic time chronology. Every dimension of our being is a reflection of Gods spoken word manifesting in their due seasons. Gabriel is today searching for a company within the church known to be virgins.

This company of people who have refused to defile themselves by the charlatan religious system of the day are being visited  across the globe with greetings of favor- blessed are you among women.

The subject of seasons is one that is very close to the heart beat of the Lord for several clear reasons. One primary reason is the fact that he uses season to determine our level of growth, commitment and faithfulness to his purposes.

  He sets seasons in place to reveal his eternal plan in time. Life is generally designed to function through the laws of season. These laws or principles are all perfectly interconnected to keep us healthy, functional, productive and unified with his prophetic agenda.

When God gave life to man, he did not compartment it as society today will have us belief. God gave us one very good life, which he expect us to adequately manage and be productive in terms of knowing what to do at various point of our development and relationships. Life can be very rewarding if we understand and precisely apply the principles that governs it.

Managing our life, meaning everything within the circle of our world, requires that we correctly understand the purpose of life and the reason why we are here in the now. Due to the ignorance of the essence of life, many have suffered defeat and are still being buffeted by the enemy.

One of the factors that help in the effective management of life is the ability to understand the meaning and purpose of each season of life. Migrating from one season into the next is a spiritually learned act.

You cannot assume or blindly walk into a season unprepared. Man will continue to repeat the same mistake year in year out if he refuses to learn to correct his past in the now.

 One of the beauties of having sound biblical foundation is that it helps us discern the importance of times and season in regards to development and maturity.  There is absolutely little or nothing one can achieve without the ability to know or read a change in season.

As we have seasons that guides our natural physical life, so we have well established spiritual laws that guides and regulates spiritual season.

A manifested Season can be defined as that period in time where humans come into an active awareness of Heavens designed intent for their generation.

The collaboration of dimensions of times and ( cairos) season, awakened by a spark of truth within the heart turns ordinary humans to become burdened and responsive to the voice of the Spirit such that their very lives becomes the portal by which heaven penetrates the earth of men.

If there is a true genuine desire and a passionate hunger to deeply search, know, understand, and apply heavens prescribed pattern for sound growth and development into Christ, we will certainly accelerate into the next position of maturity.

This understanding of process further enhances our opportunity and advantage for a perfected manhood, which further DEEPENS our spiritual and psychological reformation that enhances our redemptive relationship and capacity to accurately image and restores Christ to every dysfunctional sector of life.

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  1. Sheyijacs says:

    This are profound Revelation and prophetic patterns to build on and with.

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    1. Portalsgate says:

      Hi shayi. It’s been awhile. How are doing. can you pls send me your email so can forward you subsequent articles. Have wonderful evening.

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