The reality of the kingdom of God, even in the place of prayer, is becoming a powerful spiritual position we must revisit, understand, and embrace afresh. The nature of the days ahead of us requires that we are sure and confident in the truth that establishes our prayer culture. As we know, prayer is more than just communicating with God; it beyond our definition and expectation of petition and devotion. There are powerful spiritual keys that unlock our engagement in kingdom activity in a heartfelt prayer.

The intelligence and accuracy that inform our prayer and intercession play an essential role in Heaven’s counsel’s spiritual advancement in these last days. Therefore, we must allow the Holy Spirit to lead us again based on the present, ascended revealed truth.

We must allow the Spirit of revelation to teach us, instruct us, and direct our hearts to all the nitty gritty spiritual development in prayer so that our understanding in the place of prayer is holistic and comprehensive in execution.  As the beast and their horns rise to challenge our prophetic position carrying out the Heaven’s intention, we must raise an ecclesia who recognizes its location and position on its knees to defeat the scheme of the enemy.

As we know through the word of God, one of our spiritual identities and advantages is the fact that we are called the mountain of the Lord’s house, meaning that no matter what may be happening around to shake or move us, we remain stable for as long as we stay within the promise of what God has proclaimed. Our Lord Jesus Christ testifies of Peter after the revelation he has of Christ’s true identity within the false identification of who he is.

He said, you are Peter, and on this truth of [rock] revelation, I will build my ecclesia, called out ones, and the gates of hell will never prevail over her. Beloved followers of Christ, we are the Church that Christ is building in this hour, and this Church is forever increasing in height, in length, and in the breath, and nothing of the power of darkness will be able to stand against her.

This Church must become a massive spiritual system in prayer and intercession that fills every area of human life, as said in the book of Daniel. This Church must become that mountain cut without a human hand that feels the entire globe as the Lord continues to bring down the image of Nebuchadnezzar.

The Church Must arise and continually influence every sphere of human life. The Bible says the knowledge of the glory of God will cover the earth, even as the waters cover the sea. This is the time we start praying the kind of prayer and intercession that will see the manifestation of this scriptural truth in all facets of human existence.  So, as we proclaim the newness and the nearness of the kingdom of God through prayer and intercession, we declare that the kingdom of God and the Age of God’s glory has come to earth.

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