And every house is built by someone, but God is the builder of everything. 5 Now Moses was faithful as a servant in all God’s house, testifying to what would be spoken later.…

It is clear that our position of understanding and interpretation of our called assignment needs an update and upgrade to the current apostolic demand of the Third-Day kingdom initiative, particularly if we must effectively function and breakthrough within the godless environment of the 21st-century society.

The degree of deception we face today is so advanced that if our sense of truth is not aligned with Christ and the eternal objective for his ecclesia, we will fall into the trap of the deceiver. Hence, we need to allow the Holy Spirit to re-engineer the entire structure and philosophy of our spirituality.

2023 will lay for us another aspect or layer of truth we need to reclaim as members of the Body of Christ, called visionary watchmen, waiting for the return of the Lord. The Lord spoke and dealt with us in 2022 from a position of a shepherd with his rod and staff, and we believe He is not done speaking and dealing with us from this order of leadership spirit.

However, we believe the coming year will even be more profound in the instructions and prophetic guidelines, which will further push us towards that frontier of his ultimate appearance.

2023 will be a period in time when we must enter certain doors and frontiers opened for us, according to Revelation chapter 3. One of these open doors is connected to the spirit and leadership character of one of the most exemplary visionary leaders ever lived.

David is a divine pattern the Lord is drawing our attention to as a key to entering and benefiting from what is behind the door. The Lord desires to give us what is known as the key of David, so that we can fully access the next order of life prepared for us.

However, we need to readjust our hearts so that we can see and connect to the Spirit of truth again. Living through a divine order will require us to return to the place of the calibration or correction of our individual and corporate kingdom vision.

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