We live in days of two profound activity, powerfully shaping both the current and future destiny of man and creation. The current groaning of the earth and creation are extreme pointer to the nearness of the kingdom of God and closeness of the day of redemption, and this simply means that there’s a need for a readjustment of our vision, wineskin, and prophetic posture.

To precisely build the preferred spiritual system, capable of bringing the Saints unto the mountain of representation and governmental authority, we need to keenly adhere to the present demand of the Spirit. How we perceive this new day or season will ultimately be determined by the sound, quality, spiritual update we’re able to effectively engage our spiritual structure. Wisdom is building a house that will now perfectly represent and reflect all the father’s prophetic agenda for creation.

The true objective of fasting, as it is captured in the book of Acts of the Apostle, underscores the power of community. It is said the brethren had all things in common. It is clear from what the Lord was emphasizing according to the prophetic writings of Isaiah that fasting is meant to assist the ecclesia to live and work in the Spirit of a common kingdom agenda.

Thus, the description in the entire chapter of Isaiah 58 was a clear testimony to how critical the matters of correct fasting means to God for the healing of his people. Matters of mutual faith, unity, service, compassion, and respect for each member as a society were high in God’s mind, rather than the attitude of selfishness, pride, oppression, feast fighting, and other forms of injustice seen among the Israelites.

Fasting to God’s people should foster faith and a covenanted lifestyle that should accelerate the purposes of the Father. Rather, what was described by the people of Israel was the complete opposite of what the Father desires to see among them. It is clear that there is more than one reason for fasting. Yet, the foundational value of fasting should not be mistaken for, or taken for granted, which is the call to heart circumcision that produces the fruit of righteousness.

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