There’s no doubt that the Saints have entered a higher dimension of the Lord’s prophetic counsel, even as the age of the kingdom oriented lifestyle dawns upon the earth. Indeed, this new era is drawing the line between two main camps. With the current global political agenda, there is hardly any middle ground or undecided territory left in the Church of the Lord.

There was a time in history where people could still sit on the fence with an onlooker attitude. However, such a time is long gone. The day of lukewarmness and apathy towards the things of God is rapidly becoming a thing of the past. You are either working towards the side of light, or you are working towards the side of darkness. With the current state of things in today’s society, remaining indifferent is no longer an option.

The forces of darkness are currently using every tool they have to try and pull the world and weak members of the Body of Christ over to their side for obvious reasons. All the resources and systems are being deployed to serve the interests of darkness.

Therefore, we need to wake up as the Church of Christ in this season, with the authority and power given to us by Christ to resist the forces of evil, as we continue to establish the reality of God’s presence and kingdom within hearts across society.

In the current reality, where the kingdom of darkness is pushing to frustrate the lives of humans by taking away their hope, the Father is awakening a new sense of spiritual urgency in his Body to be more resolute than ever before. As we move forward on the spiritual pathway of wisdom and revelation, we are slowly gaining a better understanding of the ways and will of the Father for us.

Even though the enemy is trying to convince the world of a false story, the Father’s prophetic desire and intention for this new day continue to grow and develop, due to the relentless prayer and intercession of the Saints.

To stay relevant in the divine activity of this season, one of the prophetic virtues we must always possess is the quality of our intercessory mandate. For some time now, we have been saying that the focus of intercession has shifted from what we were formerly accustomed to.

This is the third day of God’s prophetic activity. The way we approach the things of the kingdom in this hour is much more different from the way we understood them even just a few years ago. Therefore, it is imperative that we submit ourselves to the instruction and leadership of the Holy Spirit, so that we can be given the insight and wisdom we need to know the Lord and his ways better.

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